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VASUDEVAKRIYA 1&2 in English

                  Om Shree yogananda Guruparabrahmane namaha
Sit erect in Padmasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana.. Fix your gaze in Kootastha. Face north or east. Apply Khecharee Mudra.


Apply Khecharee Mudra and inhale deeply. Clasp both the hands. Put them underneath the lower abdomen.
Gradually press with both the hands the lower abdomen while inhaling. While pressing concentrate in that chakra and say  
Om’’ in Mooladhara Chakra, “Na’’ in Swadhistaana Chakra, “’mo’’ in Manipura Chakra, “’Bha’’ in Anahata Chakra,  “’Ga’’ in Visuddha Chakra and“’Va’’ in Agna Positive Chakra skipping Agna negative Chakra in ascending order. 
Exhale now.  While descending slowly release the pressure gradually in lower abdomen. While releasing concentrate in that chakra and say
“Te’’in Agna negative Chakra, “’Vaa’’ in Visuddha Chakra, “’su’’ in Anahata Chakra, “’De’’ in Manipura Chakra, “Va’’ in Swadhistaana Chakra, and“’Ya’’.
While saying “’ Te’’ in Agna negative Chakra concentrate in that chakra, move/rotate the neck to left side and say “’Vaa’’ in Visuddha Chakra without losing concentration, bring back the neck to normal straight position and bend it downwards and say “’Su’’ in Anahata Chakra without losing concentration.
Fixing of mind & gaze in a particular chakra is called concentration.  
Agna Positive Chakra “’Va’’     D       D    Agna negative Chakra “Te’’    

Visuddha Chakra       “’Ga’’     N       E     Visuddha Chakra      “’Vaa’’

Anahata Chakra        “’Bha’’    E        S    Anahata Chakra        “’Su’’  

Manipura Chakra       “’mo’’    C        C     Manipura Chakra      “’De’’

Swadhistaana Chakra “Na’’     S        N    Swadhistaana Chakra “Vaa’’

Mooladhara Chakra    “Om’’    A        D    Mooladhara Chakra    “Ya’’  

The Beejaksharaa to be uttered in Chakras in Ascending and Descending order is given above.
Going from Moolaadhara to Agna positive, and from Agna positive to Mooladhara uttering appropriate Beejaksharaa is  one Kriya.
Like this 12 kriyas  are permitted. 


Procedure to be adopted in VASUDEVAKRIYA 2 is same. The only difference is rotating or moving the head. We rotate only one time  in VASUDEVAKRIYA 1 while saying “Te’’, “’Vaa’’ and “’Su’’ respectively in Agna negative Chakra, Visuddha Chakra and Anahata Chakra.
In VASUDEVAKRIYA 2 we can rotate/move the head maximum up to 24 in one Kriya.  Like this 12 kriyas are permitted. 
The purpose is to obtain Samadhi, the oneness with God the Father.  In fact the Sadhaka in withdrawing the Breath, the life currents and Consciousness to the Christ Center. The Sadhaka is in fact making the Head into a Magnet. While doing this, all straying currents through out the nervous system is drawn towards the spinal cord and sent upwards through the Six plexus/Chakras. These withdrawn currents are focused in Pineal glands. Medulla and Cerebrum. Then this focussed currents are passed into the Spirit. The rotation of Head will make the Head into a Magnet. The Sadhaka will enter into Samadhi. In this Samadhi the light of the body merges with the light of the Spirit. When this happens the Sadhaka(Meditater)(Dhyaata) Meditation(Dhyaanam), and the object of Meditation(Paramaatma)(Dhyeyam) becomes one.      


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