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Om Sri Yogananda Guru Parabrahmane namaha

Kriyayoga is a wonderful ancient Pranayama Technique.
With the practice of Kriyayoga man can get rid of faults that come along with birth. Get a Zodiac drawn by an expert  astrologer. Man can avoid these faults with the practice of Kriyayoga techniques that are given in this book.    
A smile costs nothing but gives much it enriches those who receive without making proper ‘ those who give it takes a moment but a memory of it sometimes lasts forever. 
Gayatri Mantra
Gaayantam traayate iti gaayatri.
The more one chants Gayatri the more one gets protection.
Na maataa paradaivam na gaayatree paramantram.
There is no substitute for mother. Likewise no other Mantra is a substitute for Gayatri Mantra.
Ohm Bhoorbhuvassuvaha
Tat savitarvarenyam
Bhargodevasya dheemahi
Dheeyoyonah prachodayaat.
Ohm = Brahma,                 Bhooh = embodiment of Pranava,
Bhuvaha = eradicates sorrow, Swaha = embodiment of Happiness,   tat = (with) that ,    savituhu = effulgence,  Devasya = of God,    Varenyam =  the best & greatest, Bhargaha = that effulgence which is the destroyer of our sins,  Dheemahi =  we pray,    yaha = which, naha = our(s), dhiyaha = intellect, prachodayaat = provoke. 
Oh Brahma, you are the embodiment of Pranava, You are the eradicator of Sorrow, you are the embodiment of Happines, we pray  that  effulgence of God, the best & greatest, which is the destroyer of our sins, so as to enhance our intellect for doing good deeds.
Jyotishya – vaastu – kriyayoga

The twelve constellations together is called zodiac.  Zodiac is a circle of light.  It knows no beginning and end.  In order to measure the distance an astronomical point is required  i.e., the first point of measure. Zodiac is marked by 27 Asterics or nakshatras. 

This Zodiac is made up of 360 degrees.  Each constellation is given 30degrees. Giving 30 degrees to each constellation the 12 constellations together constitute 360 degrees.  
Each constellation is called Houses.  The Planets stay in these houses.  Each Planet may have a fixed house or may not have a fixed house.
This zodiac starts with Aeries and ends with Pisces. Aswani asteric (nakshtra) and ends with Revati. 
They are 1)Aswani, 2) Bharani, 3)krittika, 4) Rohini, 5) Mrigasira, 6) Arudra, 7) Punarvasu, 8) Pushyami, 9) Aslesha, 10) Makha, 11) Poorvafalguni, 12) Uttara, 13) Hasta, 14) Chitta, 15)Swaati, 16) Visaakha, 17) Anooradha, 18) Jyeshtha, 19) Moola, 20) Poorvaashaadha, 21)Uttaraashaadha, 22) Sravanam, 23) Dhanishtha, 24) Satabhisham, 25) Poorvaabhaadra, 26) Uttaraabhaadra & 27) Revati.
Each Nakshatra is divided into Four parts.  27 Nakshatraas are divided into 27x4=108 Parts. 
These 108 parts are distributed equally amongst 12 constellations or Rasis.  As such each constellation or Rasi consists 9 parts. 
Planets (grahas) and Constellations ( Rasis) are having mutual relationships  such as good, bad, mixture of good & bad, friendship, enmity & neutrality. Constellations are ruled by Planets.  
(Sign)(Constellation)             Astreic ( Nakshatra)                                              
1) Aeries(Mesha)-----Aswani, Bharani, krittika(First part)

2) Taurus( Vrishabha)----- krittika(2,3&4 parts), Rohini, Mrigasira(1&2 parts)

3) Gemini( Mithuna)----- Mrigasira(3&4 parts), Aarudra & Punarvasu (1,2 & 3 Parts)

4) Cancer (Kataka)--- Punarvasu (4th Part), Pushyami & Aslesha

5) Leo( simha)------Makha, Poorva Falhuni) or Pubba, Uttara )(1st part)

6) Virgo( Kanya)---Uttara (2,3&4 parts), Hasta, Chitta (1&2 parts)

7) Libra(Tula)------Chitta (3&4 parts), Swaati & Visakha (1,2 & 3 Parts)
 8)Scorpio(Vrishchikam)------Visakha(4thpart), Anooradha, Jyeshta

9)Saggitarus (Dhanussu)----moola, Poorvashaadha, Uttaraashaadha ( First part)
10) Capricorn (Makara)...... Uttaraashaadha(2,3&4 parts), Sravanam, Dhanishtha (1&2 parts)

11) Aquarius(Kumbha)---- Dhanishtha (3&4parts), Satabhisha & Poorvabhaadra(1,2 & 3 Parts)

12) Pisces (Meena)----- Poorvabhaadra (4th art), Uttarabhaadra & Revati.
The things given below shall be useful to provide the behavioral and mental patterns of a Jataka i.e., Man/woman or Boy or girl.
 The counting of these Rasis or constellations begin as 1,2,3 & so on with Lagna of Birth Time or Janmalagna.

1) 1,4,7 & 10 together are called Quadrants or Centres or chatusthayaas.
2) 1,5 &9 together are called trines or Konas.

3) Aeries (Mesha), Cancer (Kataka), Libra(Tula) & Capricorn (Makara) Constellations or Rasis are called Chara (moving or Mobile) Rasis
 4)Taurus(Vrishabha),Leo(Simha),Scorpio(Vrishchikam), Aquarius(Kumbha )  are called Sthira Rasis or fixed Constellations.

5) Gemini( Mithuna), Virgo( Kanya), )Saggitarus (Dhanussu), Pis.isces (Meena) are called Moola Ras


1)   Middle of March—Middle of April, Middle of April—middle of May-------Spring
2)   Middle of May—Midle of June),  (Middle of June—Middle of July ----------------Summer
3)   Middle of July—Middle of August,  Middle of August—Middle of September -----Rainy
4)   Middle of September—Middle of October, Middle of October—Middle of November----Autuman
5)   Middle of November—Middle of December, Middle of December —Middle of January----------Winter
6)   Middle of January —Middle of February, Middle of February —Middle of March -----Winter.

Sun travels/enters regularly into each Constellation once in every month. This is called Sankramanam. That means there are 12 Surya Sankramanams  at the rate of one sankramanam for each Constellation.  
 Two  Sankramanams  out of these 12 Surya Sankramanams are very important. They are called Uttarayana Sankramanam or Northern Solistice & Dakshinayana Sankramanam. or Southern Solistice.
Uttarayana Sankramanam or Northern Solistice  starts from entering of Sun into Capricorn (Makara) Constellation or Rasi. This is called Makara Sankranti. This starts from January 15th. From January 15th onwards Sun starts his journey towards South.
Dakshinayana Sankramanam. or Southern Solistice  starts from entering of Sun into Cancer (Kataka) Constellation or Rasi. This starts from around July 15th . From around July 15th onwards Sun starts his journey towards North.

Fortnight or Paksham means 15 days.  There are Two fortnights or pakshas in a month. They are  called Shukla or Suddha (growing moon) Paksha and Krishna or Bahula (waning moon) Paksha.

New Moon to Full Moon is called Shukla or Suddha Paksha.
Full Moon to New Moon is called Bahula or Krishna Paksha. 
                Constellations ---- Leader Planets

Constellations or Rasis work under the influence of Planets or Grahas. 
Total  Constellations are twelve.  Initially these 12 Constellations or Rasis were equally distributed amongst Sun and Moon.
Then Cancer ( Kataka) was given to Sun and Leo (Simha) was given to Moon.  That means Sun and Moon each was given One Constellation each. 
The rest of the five planets were given ten at the rate of two constellations per each planet.    
The shadow planets viz., Rahu & Ketu were not given any constellation specially. But these two planets in whichever house/Rasi they reside shall give the appropriate result with the combination of  the planet in that house.   These Rahu & Ketu were not self effulgent.

Constellation(Rasi)                                House owner

(1)Aeries(Mesha)&                                  Mars(Kuja)
(8) Scorpio(Vrischika)                  

(2) Tarus (Vrishabha                           Venus (Sukra)
(7) Libra (Tula)

(3) Gemini (Mithuna)                      Mercury(Budha)
(6) Virgo (Kanya)

(4) Cancer (Kataka)                         Moon (Chandra)

(5) Leo (Simha)                                       Sun (Surya)

(12) Pisces(Meena)                              Jupiter (Guru)
(9) Saggitarus)
(10) Capricorn ( Makara)                      Saturn (sani)
(11) Aquarius(Kumbha)

Planets are two types. They are 1) Good and 2) bad.

Jupiter, Venus(Sukra), growing Moon, well associated  Mercury(Budha) are Virtuous/Good.

Sun, Saturn, Mars(Kuja), Raahu, Ketu, Waning Moon, Badly associated Mercury(Budha) are vice/bad planets.

8th day from New Moon to 8 days  after Full Moon Moon is considered to be strong.

8th day from Full  Moon to 8 days  after new Moon, Moon is considered to be weak.

Constellations or Rasis are also two types viz., cruel and soft natured.

(1) Aeries(Mesha), (3) Gemini (Mithuna), (5) Leo(simha), (7) Libra(Tula), (9)Saggitarus (Dhanussu) & (11) Aquarius (Kumbha) are of Cruel type.
 (2)Taurus (Vrishabha), (4) Cancer(Kataka), (6) Virgo(Kanya), (8) Scorpio (Vrishchika), (10) Capricorn (Makara) & (12) Pisces(Meena) are of soft natured type.   
When any constellation or Rasi is in the control of virtuous Planet it cannot be cruel. Likewise any constellation or Rasi is in the control of Cruel Planet it cannot be virtuous. It will  automatically deemed to be  Cruel. 

         Planets --  Classification --- Qualities
Jupiter, Venus (Sukra) ---------                  Brahmins
Sun, Mars (Kuja)-----------------                Kshatriyas
Moon, Mercury( Budha)---------                    Vaisyas
Saturn ( Sani)----------------------                     Shudra

Sun, Mars(Kuja), Jupiter---------                         Men
Moon, Venus (Sukra) ---------                         Ladies
Mercury( Budha), Saturn (Sani)---      Trans genders 

Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Guru---  Saatwikaas(positive)
Mercury( Budha), Venus (Sukra)---Rajasas(Neutral)
Mars(Kuja), Saturn(Sani)-------Taamasaas(negative)

Sun -----------------------                                       Soul
Moon --------------------                                      Mind  
Mars(Kuja) -------------                         Bold & Valor
Mercury( Budha)-------                  Trade & Business  
Jupiter--------        Wisdom, Happiness, Education &
Venus (Sukra)-------                       Courage (Veerya)                 
 Saturn (Sani) -------   Cruel Vision, Cause of misery
Sun, Moon -----------                                         Kings
Mars(Kuja)-----------                     Army commander
Mercury( Budha)---                                          Prince
Jupiter(Guru), Venus (Sukra) -----              Ministers
Saturn -------                                                   Servant
Raahu & Ketu --------------                            Soldiers

The rise of Constellation (Rasi) is called lagna. The constellation which is rising at the time of birth of a person is lagna.  That means the constellation which is looking at East at the time of birth of a person is lagna.  Planets provide good or bad results due to the influence of Lagna.
The order of planets will be as follows:
Sun>Mercury(Budha)>Venus(Sukra)>Earth(Prithvi)>Mars(Kuja)>Jupiter(Guru)>Saturn (Sani)
Rahu & Ketu are Shadow Planets.
 If Mars (Kuja) is in  the houses of 2,4,7,8 or 12 at the time of Janma lagna i.e., birth lagna then it is called Kuja Dosha.  
If one is having Kujadosha  one should marry the person with Kujadosha only. If one of the spouses is having Kujadosha that affects one’s counterpart in respect of longuevity. As such both should have Kujadosha so that one fault (Dosha) shall nullify the effect of the other. 

If Mars (Kuja) is having Gurudrishti or Chandra dhrishti then Kujadosha is not harmful. 
All the constellations or rasis will not yield  the same results in respect of Kujadosha.
For Aeries (Mesha) & Scorpio (Vrishchika) if  Kuja is  in fourth house does not yield any bad result.
For Taurus (Vrishabha) & Libra (Tula) Vyaya Kuja does not yield any bad result.
For Gemini (Mithuna) & Virgo(Kanya) Kuja in 2nd  house does not yield any bad result.
For Capricorn (Makara) & Cancer(Kataka) Kuja in 7th   house does not yield any bad result.
For Saggitarus (Dhanussu) & Pisces(Meena) Kuja in 8th house does not yield any bad result.
Similarly for Aquarius (Kumbha) & Leo (Simha) Kuja in any house does not yield any bad result.


If Rahu & Ketu are having existence in  the constellations or Rasis beginning with Aeris (Mesha) and if all the other planets lie  within these two Rahu & Ketu shadow planets, it is called Kalasarpadosha.
If Rahu & Ketu are having existence in  the constellations or Rasis beginning with Pisces(Meena) and if all the other planets lie  within these two Rahu & Ketu shadow planets, it is called vipareeta Kalasarpadosha.
This Kalasarpa dosha is also called Kalasarpayoga.
This Kalasarpa dosha or fault can be completely removed in the following ways:
1)Tense Sahasrara chakra. Chant the Beejakshara Raaaaaam in that Chakra. 2)Or Do the fission and fusion praanaayaama techniques.  3)Or do long Praanaayaamaas by fixing the gaze in kutastha, the place between eye brows. 4)Or tense Sahasraara chakra and then Chant long ohms  108 times in Sahasrara chakra. 
Jupiter, Venus (Sukra), Mercury (Budha) & Moon are good planets.  If these planets are in the Centre,  they will yield ordinary results.
If  Jupiter & Venus (Sukra) are the owners of the same house then they will yield extraordinary bad results.
If  Mercury (Budha) & Moon are the owners of the same house then they will yield  ordinary bad results.
If  Jupiter & Venus (Sukra) are the owners of the same house and if they settle or exist in some other Centre/House also  then they will yield extreme   worst results.

If Saturn (Sani) is in 7th or 8th house from Lagnarasi, he is considered to be very cruel or mahapaapi.
If Saturn (Sani) is in 4th  house from Lagnarasi, he is called Ardhaasthamasani.
If Saturn (Sani) is in 8th  house from Lagnarasi, he is called A sthamasani.
One has encounter several problems like indebtedness, family disputes etc.
Movement of Saturn in  12, 1 and 2nd Houses with respect to Birth constellation or JanmaRasi is called 7 ½  years Saturn period.  Saturn moves 2 ½ years in 12th House, 2 ½ years in First Hous and 2 ½ years in 2nd House. This total period is called Sanidosha. Poverty, conflicts in the family, difficulties, loss of reputation and problems in court affairs are the results of this SaniDosha.
Important things.         
If  good planet is sandwiched between two bad planets or if Lagnam is sandwiched between two bad planets, it is called Paapakartari.
If  bad planet is sandwiched between two good planets or if Lagnam is sandwiched between two good planets, it is called subhakartari.

                                    Sun (Ravi)

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Mercury (Budha) Agnaa
Saggitarus (Dhanussu)
Venus (Sukra)
Capricorn (Makara)
Libra (Tula)
Scorpio (Vrishchika)
Leo (Simha)
Saturn (Sani)
Taurus (Vrishabha)

From Mooladhara in the anus to Agnaa positive in the Kootasha (the place between the eye brows)  two Constellations or Rasis at the rate one Rasi on each side of the Chakra exist.
In Kriyayoga, the meditator or sadhaka rotates the life force in these Six Constellations or Rasis from Mooladhara to Kootastha and Kootastha to Mooladhara.   
So doing he visualizes Soul Sun (aatma surya) in the 12 constellations or Rasis that are existing on either side of the Spinal chord (Merudanda). 
The movement of Sun in 12 constellations or Rasis amounts to a period of one year. As such the Kriya yogi for each rotation he completes or burns one year Karma. Burning of Karma is very fast in Kriya yoga like covering a long distance through an aeroplane. That is why Kriyayoga is an aeroplane way of burning Karma.
Kriyayoga consists of 1) Hathayoga (Energisation exercises) 2)Layayoga (Haun saa)  3) Karmayoga (Service) 4) Mantrayoga &5) Rajayoga (praanayama techniques).
 No one  is a toy in the hands of  his/her past is the meaning of his planetary position at the time of his birth. Meditation is a tool  with which he can overcome his past Karma. One should get rid of each and every bondage is the purpose of  Kriyayoga. 
For self realization whosoever does Sadhana as per Ashtaanga yoga, married or unmarried, Bachelor, renuncient or not, is a yogi.  with strict disciplinary sadhana Yogi keeps his body & mind under his control and so doing gets himself liberated from  bondage of life and death.       
 Our lives depend upon will power and past karmas. We choose a thing utilizing will power. After choosing we will do kriya. Our deeds are not solely responsible for the ups and downs of our lives.
The past karmas will play a major and some times unimaginable role in our lives.  So our lives not only depend upon free will   but also on Past Karmas.
Nine planets will play a statutory or major role as per their existence of the respective places.
Through the use of our free will, we make choices. And based on our choices, we act. But our actions alone cannot fully account for all that happens to us in life.
Many unexpected events take place that can only be explained by the doctrine of karma. We are all born with good and bad karmas from prior lives. These karmas, together with karmas from this life, eventually yield their fruits, affecting our lives. Therefore, our lives are shaped not only by actions born of our free will, but also by our karma.
the position of the nine grahas provide clues which can be used to predict the particular karmas that will affect us at a particular time.

For example, the position of Shani, Saturn, can predict an accumulation of bad karmas that will bring difficulties into our lives. It is inaccurate to say that the navagrahas influence our lives because it is actually our karmas that influence our lives. Yet, the positions of the nine grahas can predict the effects of those karmas.

But it takes a skillful astrologer to accurately interpret the positions of the navagrahas. No matter how accurate the system of astrology might be, its usefulness is ultimately determined by the accuracy of the individual astrologers who interpret your birth chart
Sun in Vedic astrology represents God and God-related aspects such as temples. To understand planetary influences, we treat Sun as simply God.
Mercury, which is nearest to sun, represents intuition, creativity (God in creation?). Since it is closer to God (Sun) than we are, it represents wisdom or intelligence that is beyond reason. Subjects such as meditation are the field of Mercury, and hence meditation is the super highway to God.
Venus represents all arts including music which we try to learn but which is still beyond complete human comprehension. Hence music and art are also considered highways to God
Earth represents us as individuals.
Mars represents logic and reasoning which is completely comprehensible to human beings. Here since Mars is farther away from Sun than Earth, logic can be commanded by earthly humans.
Jupiter represents knowledge. While knowledge is considered  incomprehensible, Jupiter represents knowledge that has already been comprehended by humans, and which can be shared to others through teaching.
Saturn represents mechanical work. Since it is far away from Sun, it represents mechanical work easily comprehended by people.
Moon revolves around Earth. It represents human mind. Since it resolves around Earth, our mind also goes through emotions which may change even within seconds.
Rahu and Ketu are two points which are not planets, but points in the solar system. Since they are not real planets, they represent unrealistic things such as irrational and supernatural thinking.
Planets – Benign and Malign?
Planets are classified by ancient astrologers as benefic (benevolent) and malefic (malevolent). The classification is purely done to indicate a general feeling of good and evil at mundane level and is not supposed to be treated as such. So long as we exist in this duality, every element of nature, micro and macro cosmos is subject to the same duality. Hence in a purer sense, planetary influences also are dualistic, i.e. no planet may be treated as purely benefic or malefic and are judged based on the result being sought. However, all planets deliver the destined prarabdha karma (good or evil). Negative effects are caused, from an astrological perspective, not because the planets are just bad or weak, but because of their placements, associations, aspects, etc. In effect the planets gives the results according to our past karmas by placing themselves in appropriate places during the time of birth time.
8 ½  hours = 1000 kriyas.= 1000 years development.
8 ½hours x 365 days = 3,65,000 years development.
So 10 lakhs years’ development can be got within 3 years and get liberated from this bondage.

Life  in Physical or astral body is predestined  as per one’ karma.  The life of developed Kriyayogi depends not on his already predestined life but on his soul guidance.
 The whole world  strictly work within the perview of Polarities. Any science or Sastry will naturally consists  pro and opposite views.
 Son of the God is Kootastha Chaitanya or Christ/Krishna consciousness, the place between the eye brows.
Gangadhar means the controller of river life force in spinal chord.     

 There are three bodies viz., Physical, Astral & Causal.
Qualities are three.  They are satwa i.e., Gnaana or wisdom, Rajas i.e., shakti or energy and Tamas i.e., matter.
Four Castes:
1) Tamas i.e., Ignorance (agnaan),
2) Tamas-Rajas i.e., Ignorance + workmanship( Kriyasheelata),
3) Rajas-Satwa i.e., Good work and gnaana,
4) Satwa i.e., Only Gnaana.

Biological birth is not required to be included in any caste .  The caste is like a designation that has to be acquired. One with determination and natural abilities can reach the goal of his will. 
Kaama means desire.  To lead an unskilled life within the absolute  control of physical senses is the state of Sudra caste.   
To earn money while controlling senses is the state of Vaisya (tradesman) caste.
Leading a life with self effort, responsibility & satkarma(Positive work) is the state of Kshatriya caste.
Liberty means freedom from bondage. Leading a life with liberty and preaching religious scriptures etc. is the state of Brahmana caste.    
Body, mind, will power & Soul are are the tools for the service of these four castes of mankind.
Whatever the ancient Rishis spoke about Maya has been confirmed by the modern discoveries.  For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction is  the third law of Newton.  This confirms the sayings of our Rishis that there cannot be single force or result. There will be pro & opposite forces. 
Causal or Ideal cosmos is the universe of ideas which is called Anandamayaloka. This is many times larger than Astral world or sukshma loka.
Hiranyaloka is next to Causal or Ideal cosmos.  It is the world of sadhakas, meditators & yogis. The devotees, meditators etc burn their respective karma.
Next to Hiranyaloka is Astral world or sukshma loka. The just deceased souls & the souls who left their earthly abode in the past live in this Astral world. In accordance with their respective qualitative Karma these souls shall live in different layers/fields. The liberty to roam in different fields depends upon their respective Karma.  The more virtuous souls can roam in others’ fields but not vice versa.   
Astral dwellers live on light. The departed souls take 2 to 5 thousand years to be born on the earth.
Living beings on the earth depend on life force. Astral world is many times larger than the Physical world. That means more number of Solar & star worlds will be present in Astral world than those of Physical world. Astral people, old or new, can recognize each other. Old means the souls that left the bodies in the past. New means the souls that left the bodies just now. The days & nights in the Astral fields are longer than the earth.
 God created this earth as an idea. He expedited it. Energy & matter came into existence latter. HE materialized this Physical world by mingling with earth related Atoms. This Physical universe will remain in this form as long as HIS Idea exists. The existence of the Physical form will be destroyed or  dematerialized  once HE withdraws HIS Idea.  So the existence or nonexistence of this Physical world depends  solely on HIS Idea. The dematerialized   Atoms will be converted into Energy. Then Physical sense will disappear and Energy will merge into its Original source that is BRAHMAN.
Similarly Man also follows God’s Ideal inadvertently in creating  his dream universes.
The one who is completely liberated is Siddha. The one who gets liberated while living in this body is Jeevanmukta.

Some verses(slokas)

Jyotishaamapi tatjyotihi
tamasaha paramuchyate
Gnaanam gneyam gnaanagamyam
Hrudi sarvasya vishthitam             Gita  13—17
The Cosmic immanence of Spirit is the light of all lights, beyond darkness, Knowledge itself, the thing that is to be known and the goal of learning.  HE dwells in all the hearts.
Adityaanaam aham vishnuhu
Jyotishaamravi ramsumaan
Mareechir marutaamasmi
Nakshatraanaam aham sasi             Gita  10—21
Iam Vishnu amongst all the Adityaas i.e., effulgent beings, Iam the radiating Sun amongst luminaries, Iam the Marichi amongst wind Gods, I am the Moon amongst the stars.
Yadaatityagatam tejo
Yachchaandramasi yachchaagnau
Tattejoviddhimamakam                Gita 15 -- 12

  The light of the Sun that illumines the whole world, the light from the moon, and the light in fire ---know this radiance to be mine.
Sooyate sacharaacharam
Hetunaanena kaunteya
Jagadwiparivartate.                    Gita  9----- 10

Oh! Arjuna, it is solely My impregnating presence that causes Mother Nature to give birth to the animate and the inanimate.  Because of Me (through Prakriti) the worlds revolve in alternating cycles(of creation and dissolution).
Parabrahman or Paramatma or Spirit is the first male. HE contains Paraprakriti i.e., Primordial Power. Paraprakriti is Radha. Each and every soul which appears to be separate is Paramatma only.
Sat means ever existing, Chit means ever conscious and Ananda means ever happy.  Birth comes due to Karma.  Planets align themselves as per the Karma at the time of birth.  Then the astral body enters the female vagina and will become the cause of physical body. Death means the separation of Physical and subtle bodies due to the completion of Prabdhakarma which is the root cause of birth.
If man can consciously separate the soul from the body when he is alive, then death cannot cause any pain or misery. But to reach this state incessant and disciplined meditation is required. With the grace of sadguru the sadhaka or meditator shall be able to cleanse the spinal chord consisting of Mooladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anaahata, visuddha and agna chakras. By cleansing so, the sadhana shall excite or exemplify or awaken the natural  Kundalini shakti.
When Kundalini awakens it will lead to (1) appearance of third eye or Jyoti Darshan (2) hearing of OMKAR & (3) Trance vibration. The awakened Kundalini shall rotate in the chakras(plexuses) and reach the brain. Then the sadhaka or meditator becomes divine.
Kriyayoga consists of mahamudra, Kriya  Jyotimudra, Haun saw & Om techniques. 
Mahamudra will be quite useful in correcting and magnifying  the spinal chord. With controlled diet and in healthy state, the energy and mental changes or maturity  that one gets in one whole year, can be got by the sadhaka with one Kriya that rotates the life force from mooladhara to Agna and from Agna chakra to Mooladhara chakra.
There are 72,000 subtle nadis in our body out of which three subtle nadis viz., Ida,Pingala & Sushumna are very important.  Ida is on the left side of the spinal chord. Pingala is on the right side of the the spinal chord. Sushumna is in the middle of the spinal chord. Ida,Pingala & Sushumna start from mooladhara and travel up to Kootastha, the space between eye brows. Jyoti mudra is useful in obtaining the appearance of Third eye or jyoti darshan when we concentrate on kootastha.
Hatha yoga means the union of ida or surya nadi & Pingala or Chandra nadi. This is also called the union of Prana vayu & apana vayu. There will be Pranayama techniques, Postures, Bandhams & mudras in Hatha yoga by which the body is kept healthy.
  Yama, Niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana & Samadhi of Ashtaanga yoga are the main things or 8 limbs in Rajayoga. With these disciplines heart vibrations, nerve vibrations, mind and life force will be automatically controlled.
The sounds or chantings in Mantra yoga are useful for the union of soul and spirit.
To concentrate completely on one and only one thing is called Layayoga.
In one of the techniques of Kriyayoga, mind will be united or merged into OM sabda. Japa or chanting of mantra is also included in Kriya yoga. So Kriyayoga is the essence of all Yogas.
That means it is a combination of certain Body exercises of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, dharana & meditation techniques of Rajayoga, essence of Layayoga and Japayoga.
 The negativity or darkness that is dormant in the Chakras due to the effects of position of planets and stars shall be released or removed and lead to the way of positivity with the practice of Kriyayoga.
There are three knots or Granthis in our spinal chord.  They are Brahma Grandhi, Vishnu Grandhi & Rudra Grandhi.
Brahma Grandhi is spread from mooladhara to Manipura. This Grandhi is related Physical aspects of Human relations.  
Vishnu Grandhi is spread from Manipura to Pitutary gland. This Grandhi makes the organs of senses to indulge in physical things.  As such mind shall not get the experience of God.
Rudra grandhi is spread from Pitutary gland to medulla.  The concentration on this gland shall witness the God in Kutastha, the place between eye brows.    
The formlessness in the jibe of man can be made known with the practice of Kriyayoga.
By practicing Kriyayoga, one can get rid of nervous weaknss, lassitude, tiredness, anger, grief, fear, untimely death. He will be able to have a perception of divinity.
In kriyayoga, one will be able to make the spinal chord into an Antenna.  The energy that is being dissipated through the chakras will be made to recycle it and make it to reach sahasraara chakra through Sushumna nadi. 
Aapasthambha sutra    
Varnashramaashcha .swakarmanishthaaha
Pretya karmaphalam anubhooyatataha Seshena visishta desajatikularoopaayuhusruti vrutta
vitta sukhamedhaso janma pratipadyante

 The Brahmins who are well versed in vedakarmas and Brahmacharees who maintain celibacy, shall reborn with remaining sanchita or residual karma, after finishing most of their karma in subtle lokas or sukshmalokas, with good education, beauty /handsomeness, longuivity, wealth,good intellect, caste and happiness.
Praanaayaamau deheddoshaan
Dhaaranaabhischa kilibhisham
Pratyaahaarena sansargaan
Dhyaanenaan eeswaraan gunaan…………manu
One should burn the faults/dross  of chitta like attachment & hatred with Praanaayaama, one’s sins with dhaarana or concentration, the attributes of senses with pratyaahaara, traits of aneeswara i.e., the attributes that do not belong to Soul like greediness etc with meditation.
So one should do srauta and smaarta karmas as ordained by Vedas.
Srauta means fire ceremonies, smaarta means abhisheka or oblations etc.

Meditation shall indicate us the presence or existence  of God in two ways.
1)   Each and every atom in our body feels the limitless or unlimited happiness. 
2)   HIS incessant guiding in each and every difficulty of us.
There are four stages in Meditation.
1)The concentration on the logic of truth & search for truth shall lead to happiness & pure thoughts.
2) The relief and peace one gets due to the cessation of thoughts of logic of truth & search for truth.
3) To get liberation or detachment from Physical body easily with vairaagya,
4) Pure equanimity & Pure wisdom that leads to nirvana.
Pure equanimity & Pure wisdom is Nirvana.
The liberation from duality is nirvana..
Nirvana is not committing suicide. 
To murder or annihilate illusive ego is Nirvana. Leave the   egoistic & impure soul.  Merge with Eternal God the Father so as to get liberation from the cycle of death & birth. This should be the goal of life or Manava Janma. To merge with ever conscious, ever present, ever existing, ever happy, all pervading, omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient  God should be the goal of this life.  


Vaastu is the science of rules & regulations that are to be followed in regard to construction of house, dams and any civil construction work.
While constructing three things are to be kept in mind. The three basic realms of life i.e., air, light & water are allowed to be provided sufficiently at the time of construction of a house.
The kitchen should be  located in South East (Agneya, Toilet in South West (nairuti), garden in North West (vaayavya) & tap or well in North Eastt (eeshaanya).
Window & Doors  should in even numbers. But that does no mean that they should not end with zero i.e., number of Window & Doors  should  be 2,4,6,8,12 etc but not 10,20 &30 etc.
The entrance to the house from west or south is better for all people. Head should be kept  in South, East or West while sleeping. Head should not be kept  in North while sleeping.
Our body is like a magnet. Our head is north pole, feet are south pole. If head is kept in North while sleeping, our body north pole and Geographical North pole will repel each other.
We will get head aches, bad dreams, blood pressure problems etc occuri.
Weights like Rice bags etc.,  should be kept in South & west sides of the rooms. So cup boards etc should be made on South & west sides of the rooms.
The wall on west should be higher than east side.
There should be a pooja or meditation room, big or small. The idols should face west or south so that when we sit opposite to those idols while doing Pooja or meditation, we should be facing East or North
Let there be any number of rooms, those many number of people at the rate of at least one number per room should eat in that house failing which there will be lack of peace in that house. So either let them out or feed those many people daily.  They can be your servants or needy poor people.                 

North West
 ( Kubera)
 North east



South west
( Nairuti)


  South east
( Aagneyam)


Removing Faults of Horoscpe through Praanayama techniques---
Horoscope faults will be normally like this:
1) Gurudosha: Dosha in Sanskrit is fault in English. Guru means Jupiter. Due to this fault the Jataka or person may have to face problems in regard to education & marriage. One need not worry much about this fault.  Sadguru is far superior Planet Guru. With the blessings of Sadguru, tense Swadhisthana chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’VAM’’ 6,12,18 etc or multiples of 6  in that Chakra till the problem cedes. Also with fission & fusion techniques and Long Praanaayaama breathing techniques these problems can be mitigated permanently.
2) Shukradosha: Shukra means Venus. Due to this fault the Jataka or person may have to face problems in regard to lack of or not getting offspring, difficulties, disputes & conflicts in domestic affairs and lack of semen etc.  One need not worry about this. With the blessings of Sadguru, tense Visuddha chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’HAM’’ 16,32 etc or multiples of 16 in that Chakra till the problem cedes. Also with fission & fusion techniques and Long Praanaayaama breathing techniques these problems can be mitigated permanently.
Earth will be revolving in elliptical order in its orbit around Sun. when earth is nearer to sun then it is summer, where as when earth is farther to sun then it is winter.
The direction & distance  of earth in regard to sun shall form the seasons.
At the time of birth, which ever house or Rasi or constellation sun resides that Rasi becomes Lagnarasi.  At the time of birth, the life of Jataka will be definitely effected due to the position of Lagnarasi as well as the planets that reside at the either side of House of lagnarasi. Sun rays take eight minutes to touch the earth. The sun rays shall be touching before or after in that part of earth compared to other parts of the earth  as per the place of birth. That time of arrival of sun rays in that place might be a fraction of second this way or that way. But that difference in the arrival of sun rays can decide the fate of the Jataka. So the place of birth will decide the planetary position of Jataka at that time of birth. This planetary position shall decide our Karmaphal or fate.

3) Chandra Dosh: Chandra means Moon. Due to this fault the Jataka or person may have to face problems in regard to mental, business & work or duty. One need not worry about this. With the blessings of Sadguru, tense Anahata chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’YAM’’ 12,24 etc or multiples of 12 in that Chakra till the problem cedes. Also with fission & fusion techniques and Long Praanaayaama breathing techniques these problems can be mitigated permanently.

4) shani dosha: Shani means saturn. Due to this fault the Jataka or person may have to face problems in regard to poverty, household problems & daily affairs. One need not worry about this. With the blessings of Sadguru, tense Mooladhara chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’LAM’’ 4,8 etc or multiples of 4 in that Chakra till the problem cedes. Also with fission & fusion techniques and Long Praanaayaama breathing techniques these problems can be mitigated permanently.

5) Kujadosha: Kuja means Mars. Due to this fault the Jataka or person may have to face problems in regard to enemies & the self created mistakes. One need not worry about this. With the blessings of Sadguru, tense Manipura chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’RAM’’ 10,20 etc or multiples of 10 in that Chakra till the problem cedes. Also with fission & fusion techniques and Long Praanaayaama breathing techniques these problems can be mitigated permanently.

6) Budhadosha: Budha means Mercury. Due to this fault the Jataka or person may have to face problems in regard to business, education & the problems created by himself due to unwanted talks or prattling. One need not worry about this. With the blessings of Sadguru, tense Agna negative chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’OM’’ 18,36 etc or multiples of 18 in that Chakra. And also tense Agna Positive chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’OM’’ 20,40 etc or multiples of 20 in that Chakra till the problem cedes. Also with fission & fusion techniques and Long Praanaayaama breathing techniques these problems can be mitigated permanently.

7) Ravi dosha: Ravi means Sun. Due to this fault the Jataka or person may have to face problems in regard to education, lack of spiritual awakening &financial problems. One need not worry about this. With the blessings of Sadguru, tense Sahasraara chakra, utter or chant Root word ‘’RAAAM’’ 21,42 etc or multiples of 21 in that Chakra till the problem cedes. Also with fission & fusion techniques and Long Praanaayaama breathing techniques these problems can be mitigated permanently.

prachandam kasyapatmajam

 Salutations to Bhagavan Surya who rides on seven horses (seven chakras or plexuses), well disciplined, removes our ignorance, son of Kashyapa, God the father & the one with white lotus i.e., replica of gnaana. Ravi or Surya or Sun is the replica of Soul. Ravi’s place is Sahasraara chakra.
Swetaaswa samaaroodham
Keyura makutojwalam
Tam chandram pranamaamyaham
 Salutations to Chandra deva or moon  who rides the mind, director of ideas, dweller of soul in kootastha. Chandra’s place is Anaahata.   

Dharaneegarbha sambootam
Vidyutkanti samaaprabham
Kumaaram saktihastam
Tam mangalam pranamaamyaham.

Mars is the son of earth. Place of Mars is Manipura chakra. Manipura chakra will be shining with  electric effulgence. He is ever youthful, energetic and good doer. Salutations to Kujadeva i.e., Mars. Meditation in Manipura chakra shall give us the energy and hence we will be youthful. Due to energy we do and finish our works with active participation.
Roopena pratimam budham
Saumyam saumyagunopetam
Tam budham pranamaamyaham
Salutations to Budhadeva. Budha means Mercury. The place of Budha is Agna chakra. His colour is Black or light black. He is beautiful. Budha is responsible for Business.  Sadhaka must pray Him for upliftment of spiritual business.
Devaanaamcha risheenaamcha
Gurukaanchana sannibham
Buddhipootam trilokesam
Tam gurum pranamaamyaham.

Salutations to Gurudeva. Guru means Jupiter. Guru is like gold to devatas( Gods & Goddesses)  and Rishis( saints & sages).  Guru is an embodiment of Buddhi, the intellect. He is respected in all the worlds. The place of Guru is Swadhisthana chakra.  Guru is the replica of satwika(positive) guna, gnaana, tatwa (Philosophy), education and ananda I,e,, happiness.
Himakunda mrunaalaabham
Daityaanaam paramam gurum
Tam sukram pranamaamyaham

Salutations to Sukradeva i.e.,Venus. He is of white colour, guru to Rakshasas i.e., demons, and master of learning. However due to ego problems and producer of semen, HE makes the people to entangle in life cycle. This is called attachment. The place of Venus is Visuddha chakra.       
neelaanjana samaabhootam
raviputram yamaagrajam
chaayaamaartaanda sambhootam
tam sanim pranamaamyaham 

Salutations to Sanideva. Sani is Saturn. He is the Son of Ravi i.e., Sun (Cosmic energy) & Chaayadevi i.e., ignorance or darkness. He is the elder brother of Lord Yama, the death God. There are three types of faults. They are called mala, vikshepana & avarana doshas. Because of these doshas one will not be able to recognize oneself. This is called ignorance. Saturn is symbolic for Tamasa guna or negative quality. Due to this negative quality Sani is the cause of misery and is called dukhada. The place of saturn is Mooladhara chakra.

Arthakaayam mahaveeryam
Chandraditya vimardhanam
Simhikagarbha sambhootam
Tam raahum pranamaamyaham

Salutations to Rahudeva. Rahu has half body only. He is very courageous. He devours  Sun and Moon. Sun is Soul and Moon is Mind. So Rahu torments both Jeeva and mind. He is the sun of Simhika i.e., ego. Man due to his ego spoils himself mentally and hence spiritually.     
Palaasa pushpa sankaasam
Taarakaagraha mastakam
Raudram radraatmakam ghoram
Tam ketum pranamaamyaham.

Salutations to Ketudeva. He is of violent  nature, son of Rudra i.e., negative quality or Taamasa guna & cruel by nature. In fact by annihilating our materialistic desires He leads us to Moksha i.e., liberation.
Every chakra is the replica of one planet. Rahu and ketu are shadow planets. As such they are not allotted any chakra.  

Sahasraara Chakra:  Ravi or Sun
Agnaa Chakra       :  Budha or Mercury
Visuddha Chakra   :  Sukra or Venus
Anaahata Chakra   :  Chandra or Moon
Manipura Chakra   :  Kuja or Mars
Swadhisthaana chakra: Guru or Jupiter
Moolaadhara chakra   : Sani or Saturn

There are 72,000 subtle nadis exist in our body. Amongst them three subtle nadis are very important. They are Ida, Pingala & Sushumna. Ida is on the left side of Spinal chord, Pingala is on the right side of Spinal chord & Sushumna is in the middle of Spinal chord.
Ida, Pingala & Sushumna, all three subtle nadis travel together from Mooladhara to Agnaa positive in the Kootastha, the space between the eye brows. From Agnaa positive chakra Sushumna only travels up to Shasrara chakra.
Ida is for negativity, Pingala is for positivity and Sushumna is for Neutrality.
The goal of Sadhaka or meditator is to bring the Kundalini power from Moolaadhara chakra to the Sahasraara chakra through sushumna with his sadhana. This is called Vedavidhi. Contrary to this the Kundalini power should not be directed to left side (Ida) or Right side(Pingala) of the spinal chord. It should be directed to reach Sahasrara through Sushumna. If directed like that the sadhaka will get the preposterous results. For example if Kundalini is directed to left side of spinal chord in Anahata chakra, the sadhaka will have feeling of hatred.  If Kundalini is directed to right side of spinal chord in Anahata chakra, the sadhaka will have feeling of attachment. If the same Kundalini power is directed to middle of spinal chord in Anahata chakra, the sadhaka will have no attachment and hatred.
Om chanting, Root word chanting in all seven chakras & by doing all the 12 kriyas given in my book “KRISHNA KRIYA KAIVALYA Samadhi sarvaroga nivarinee kriyas”, one will be able to uproot the doshas or problems that one has to face otherwise due to position of navagrahas or nine planets at birth time viz., Ravi or Sun,  Budha or Mercury, Sukra or Venu, Chandra or Moon, Kuja or Mars,
Guru or Jupiter, Sani or Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.
These Kriyas can be learnt very easily. These 12 kriyas are given in my book “KRISHNA KRIYA KAIVALYA Samadhi sarvaroga nivarinee kriyas” & 150 minutes’ Audio, video DVD “Samadhi sarvaroga nivarinee kriyas”.
 The healthy  man is called Bhogi in Sanskrit. He does 21,600 breaths in & breaths out per day. One breath in & breath out is called one Hansa in Sanskrit. This amounts to 15 Hansas per minute.
Man brings as many number of Hansas as per his Prarabdha Karma at the time of his birth. With the practice of Pranayama techniques he can control his Hansas i.e., breaths in & breaths out, and can minimize his Hansas as much as possible with his vigorous sadhana. By doing this, he can extend his life span also. Markandeya Maharshi became a chiranjeevi with control of breath.
Man can organize his life according to his will power with the practice of Pranayama techniques. Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda could nullify two marriages that are to be solemnized as per His horoscope.  Instead He became a great yogi adorable to one and all.
One should take this inspiration as guiding force and motivate their lives to achieve kingdom of God. So practice Kriyayoga to know and reach God, the father.

Hari Om Tat Sat.  Jaiguru. 

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