Thursday, 16 October 2014



GO(Cow) lok means the world(Lok) of Senses(Indriyas). The king of Senses is INDRA the mind. Mind will shower several rains of thoughts. The works of senses or the thoughts are known as GO(Cow)s. GOPALs or Cowherds are the ones who will nurture these thoughts.  If you do not control these thoughts that emanate from the mind then the businesses of senses will raise like a mountain(GOVARDHANAGIRI PARVAT).  Uncontrolled or unsteady mind will continue to rain with thoughts. Agna chakra or Kootastha, the place between eyebrows, is called the abode of Shri Krishna or Shri Krishna chaitanya or Consciousness. The meditating yogi who does intensive sadhana for a long time shall attain the state of Shri Krishna chaitanya or Consciousness. That is he attain the state of thougtlessness state or KRIYAPARAAVASTHA. Such Sadhak can control the rain of thoughts. This is akin to raising a mountain(GOVARDHANAGIRI PARVAT) on his little finger by Sri Krishna.. That is that much easier for him.  

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