Thursday, 16 October 2014


Ahalya was the wife of the Great sage (Rishi) Gautama, who is one amongst the Saptarishis. He is the author of Nyaya sastra, one of the six upangaas of Vedas. Gautama was preaching pure Gnaana/Spiritual knowledge to Ahalya. At the time of preaching the mind of  Ahalya was not steady. Her mind was turned towards worldly affairs. The reason for this disturbed mind was Indriyas/senses. The king of senses was Indra the mind. Finding her unsteady/not attentive  she has been warned by Gautama ‘na’ ‘halya’ i.e., not to move, be steady like a stone. That is the story of Gautama cursing Ahalya.  He also told his wife Ahalya to be in this state for a long time and do intensive KRIYAYOGA DHYANA. Spiritual knowledge can be gained only through intensive and long  KRIYAYOGA DHYANA with a one pointed steady mind. Unsteady mind can not grasp pure knowledge. Steadying the mind is Dhyana. In that state Ram i.e., the Cosmic energy will reach Mooladhara chakra and awaken the Kundalinee which was in sleeping state till that time. That is the psalm of life. The one who does not do meditation at all is equal to the animal with animal tendencies. Do the normal daily work. Then do sadhana alsoalong with it. Enter the kingdom of God. Then continue the sadhana with intensity for a long time with steady and one pointed mind without neglecting your day to day Karma. Be one with God the almighty.  


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