Thursday, 4 September 2014

ONAM in English

Sri Mahavishnu comes in the guise of a dwarf, Vamana Avatar, and requests Emperor of Demons, Bali, to donate three feet/steps of land.  In spite of denial by Shukracharya, the Guru preceptor  of Rakshasas, the Demons, Bali donates three feet of land as promised.
The Vamana, Shree Mahavishnu, magically grows his foot /step infinitely. He keeps first foot/step of infinite measurement covering the whole earth, second foot/step covering the whole Space. HE asks Bali as to where to keep His third foot /step. As desired by Bali Shree Mahavishnu keeps His third foot /step on MahaBali, the Great emperor, and pushes him to Patala, the abiss. Patala is the region underneath the earth.
Yogic Interpretation:
VA  means Varishta, the great or steady, MANA means Mind.  Vamana means the steady Mind. For steady mind three feet/steps are required.
Sadhak, the Meditator confronts three steps during his Sadhana. They are 1)Adibhautika, Physical, 2) Adidaivika, Subtle, and 3) Adhyatmika, Spiritual.
1)Adibhautika, Physical: —Bodily pains etc.,
2) Adidaivika, Subtle: — Mind related problems like thoughts, sub thoughts etc.,
3) Adhyatmika, Spiritual: — Sadhana related problems like Sleep, lazyness etc.
These are called Mala, Aavarana and Vikshepana Doshas, faults.  Sadhak, Kriyayogi, seeing unity with Parabrahman, shall be cautious about these things. To make mind steady one has to annihilate these three faulty steps. One should pray God to make his Sadhana a success by keeping these three faults away from him.   Everything is God and so everything is under His control.  God is tangible and also intangible. So He Himself will come in some Avatar, form, and helps the ardent Meditator in his Sadhana by asking him to part with these three faults. 
Sadhak shall find the his own replica in a miniature form measuring upto his thumb in Kootastha, the space between the eye brows on the forehead during the intensity of Sadhana. This miniature form is Vamana. 
Bali means to do away  the wants with dispassion.  
Chakra means thought Circles. Varti means business/ profession. Chakravarti means the mind professed with wants and thought circles. Bali Chakravarti means to do away the mind professed by wants and thought circle with dispassion.. 
Sukracharya means the follower of Ego. It is the source of  Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsarya. Sacrificing these is BALI. The Sadhak has to grow beyond these vices in him. To keep them within ourselves without following them is pushing them into the Abiss, Patala. Patala is not anywhere else. It is in us only.  To grow beyond these sense wants with dispassion is what is required.