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Omkaar in English


When a product comes out a sound is generated.  Likewise, when cosmic generator is on a sound is generated.  So when creator started creation a cosmic sound came out.  This sound came out of first vibratory element ether.  The sound so generated is OHM.  If we follow the sound and walk in that direction of sound the source will be revealed to us.  Similarly, if we follow that and merge into OHM sound we will know the source “God”.

Ohm ityekaksharam Brahma”.
- - - - Bhagavad Geeta 8 – 13.

Ohm is divine sound that emanated from eternal Brahmam.  This divine sound is the combination of commingling of Akaara (physical body), ukaara (subtle body) and Makaara (causal or idea body).

This universe is the commingling of physical subtle & causal creation.  And this universe is the image of this divine sound only.  So the combination of macro, physical, subtle and causal worlds that is universe is nothing but this sound Omkaaram only and this Omkaaram is the God only.

OM is a sound as well as its replica also. It is a combination of 3 syllables viz.,  Akaara ukaara and makaara. It represents the colossus of Universe. The whole physical Cosmos came out of Big Bang. This is called Manifested Brahman.
OMkaram Bindusamyuktam nityam gayanti yoginaha
Kaamadam mokshamchaiva omkaaraaya namonamaha
OM in Binduroopaa i.e.,as ’Akaara’ it is a point source of Creative Energy, shrushti(Creation) or BRAHMA.
Ukaara is sthiti (Vishnu) i.e., Maintenance.
Makaara is laya(Maheswara) i.e., destruction.
Soul is more subtler than Electron and more than Cosmos in magnitude.
The OM sound that is heard by meditating yogi shall bind him to the Paramatma.
The whole purpose of Vedas is to hear OMKAR.
Viswa Taijasa Praagna, Viraat, Hiranyagarbha, Avyaakruta and Paramaatam are ITS eight Parts.  
Akaara Ukaara Makaara and Arthamaatra are ITS four feet.
Jaagrata Swapna and Sushupti are ITS three states.
Brahma Vishnu Rudra Sadaasiva and Maheswara are the Five Devatas IT contains. Without knowing and experiencing them one will not get liberated.
Hraswam dahati paapaani deergho mokshapradaayakaha
Adhyaanaha plutovaapi trividhochchaaranenatuhu
OM can chanted in three ways. Short(Hraswam), bit longer(deergham) and more longer(Plutam).
Short(Hraswam) chanting will eradicate all the sins.
Bit longer(deergham)chanting will fulfill the right desires.
More longer(Plutam) chanting shall liberate the sadhaka.  
Audible(Sthoola) chanting of OM loudly is called VAACHAKAM(Naadam).
Chanting of OM in the throat(Sookshma or subtle) is called UPAAMSU(Bindu).
Soundless(Kaarana or Idea) or mental chanting is called Maanasikam(Kala).
Uttamaha tatwachintanam madhyamam saastrachintanam
Athamaa mantrachintanam teerthabhraanti athamaathamaa
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