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Sri Ram (Universal consciousness) is at far, even Adiseshu i.e.,Lakshmana representing  moolaadhara Sakti  is also at far,   Jataayu comes to the rescue of kundalinee sakti (Seeta Devi).  The situation is some thing like when big denomination currency is exhausted man will depend on lower and lower denomination currency.  Jataayu represents ojaha sakti distorted form of Cosmic Consciousness.  Jata means hair and aayu means sakti or life force (in head) in  Sanskrit.    When that   Ojaha sakti is also exhausted, kundalinee sakti (Seeta Devi) will be under the control of Ahamkaara.  Ahamkaara is  represented  here by Raavana.  Losing all hopes of rescuing, kundalinee sakti (Seeta Devi) will depend and wait for Sri Ram (Universal consciousness) to rescue her. This is the Seeta Apaharan katha in Ramaayana.  Apaharan means kidnapping.

Mandhara means man dhara i.e., the saadhaka who is under the control of wavering mind.  kaikeyi means embodiment of desires.  Sumitra means good friend.  Kausalya means good counseling.   Because of  Sumitra and Kausalya so far kaikeyi is contented.  But when kaikeyi comes under the spell of Mandhara(wavering mind) she does not care Dasaratha.  Dasaratha means the leader of 10 senses or imdriyaas i.e.,Buddhi(determination). So Buddhi(determination) dies.  So kaikeyi ( embodiment of desires ) wants power for Bharata(saadhaka) who is not yet ripe for getting power of Darsan of Sri Ram (Universal consciousness).  As per yuga dharma Sri Ram (Universal consciousness) goes away saying Bharata(saadhaka) has to wait for 14 years for his darsan. This is story of Sri Rama aranyawaasa.

Maya(Nature/SeetaDevi) for ordinary man does not die.   Continuous prolonged &intensive Yoga sadhana is required for janmaraahitya. Then only Nature dies for saadhaka.    To show that Nature does not die the Seeta Agni pravesa story is intended. Agni pravesa means to burn oneself in fire.  Fire brings out Seetaa(prakriti/ maya )   unscathed.  Seeta is Ayonija.  Ayonija means Seetha is not born out of ordinary yoni(vagina).   Seetha i.e., Maayaa is fully subservient & under the control of Paramaatma. Only under the control of paramaatma only Maaya works.

Sri Rama Padukaa Pattabhishekam/ Sri Rama Pattabhishekam
Ramayati iti Raamaha means due to his attraction power He attracts us.  That means Aatma Jyoti darsanam (the appearance of great effulegence) is very attractive.  Paaduka (a sort of shoe made with wood) is the replica of moolaadhara chakra.   Bharata (saadhaka) dedicates his prithivee tatwa to paramaatma.  In the beginning of  Dhyaana sadhana the crossing  of his initial ignorance (Prithivee tatwa) is called Sri Rama padukaa pattabhishekam.    Patta means spinal cord.

To dedicate the five vibratory elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) of the patta (spinal cord) for the Darsan of  Aatmajyoti  is represented by Sri Rama pattabhishekam.

Jaya & vijaya are the  Dwaara paalakaaas(sentries) of Sri Maha Vishnu.  This is considered to be the highest status in spiritual field.  Because of their ego even at that stage, the sages who come for the Darsan of  Sri Maha Vishnu get annoyed and fall from the the grace of Sri Maha Vishnu. This story shows the Saadhakaa (meditator) should be extra cautious of the ego that persists till the end of uniting with paramaatma.  They reunite with paramaatma after crossing all the three granthis as explained below in three incarnations i.e. Hiranyakasipu/Hiranyaaksha,Raavana &Kumbhakarna, Sisupaala/Dantaawaktra.

When saadhaka (Meditator) is burning with ego (self pride/ ahamkaara) then “you are not man, be a lion, and with a lion effort come out of the grip of this ego” is the message behind the Killing of Hiranyakasipu/Hiranyaaksha. i.e., the shedding of physical body/Brahma granthi. Saadhaka is completely submerged in water (samsaar). He (saadhaka) has to be brought out of this prithivee tatwa (mooladhara chakra)which is initial stage of meditation. So with the teeth of wisdom, the saadhaka is to be helped for his initial efforts to come out of this water (samsaar). Va (varishta or great) raaha (road to divinity) & Hiranyaaksha means eye on Sansaara. This is the idea behind Narasimha & varaaha Avataara

Ravana is the personification of lust & ego.  Kumbhakarna is is the personification of   over eating& over sleeping.  Killing of Raavana & Kumbhakarna represents shedding of subtle body/ rudra granthi  and make the meditator to go ahead for the ultimate of entering the kingdom of God. This is the idea behind Rama Avataara.

The left over or residual child-like doshaas (faults) are removed by shedding of Idea body/ shedding of subtle body/Vishnu granthi. This the idea behind Killing of Sisupaala/Dantaawaktra.  Sisu means child.  Danta means milk teeth.  So both sisu & danta represents the residual innocence of saadhaka t.e. obstrucyting him to achieve the kingdom of God. This is the idea behind Krishna Avataara.

Abhishekam Panchaamrita Snaanam

Water means Nature.  To dedicate this water i.e., Nature back to the almighty God i.e., Paramaatma is called Abhishekam in Sanskrit. That means the gifts of the giver is not greater.  To express this with humility Hindus perform this Abhishekam ceremony in the temples.

Unless one becomes a man of wisdom through yoga sadhana, the things of Nature of the giver i.e, Ether, air, fire, water and earth are five nectars only.  that means these five vibratory elements shall not die for an ordinary man. We bow to the God saying “salute to you left and right, upper and below, around you and everywhere “. This is the way of showing our respects to the giver of givers.  So we express this by dedicating these five vibratory elements to him.  The cow milk, ghee, curd, sugar and honey are the replicas of these five vibratory elements.

Be Hanuman. Hanu means killing and man means mind.  that means fix your mind. The lips of Hanuman are red.  That is Hanuman is personified with Cosmic Consciousness.  Like-wise fix your mind and meditate on God till you are personified with Cosmic Consciousness.

Saadhaka or meditating yogi should discard Ego, steady his restless mind, get rid of all the dross of Jeeva, so as to climb the ladder and reach Paramatma and merge with him. This is the essence of Maanava Janma. This is the meaning of birth as a human being.

                               Hari Om Tat Sat

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