Friday, 18 December 2015


Ego is pseudo Soul. Man is the unchangeable awareness. That unchangeable awareness is self or Soul. All activity takes place in this soul only. This soul gives breath to life. That Soul is not anywhere else, it is here in you. Your search for truth is through that Soul. You are what you are looking or searching for. Everything is that only. You don’t have any history. In that Soul only experiences and concepts appear. It is the heart, Atman, emptiness. It shines by itself, to itself, and in itself. Even if a finger moves then mind becomes fickle or chanchal. Be still and be free. Mindless mind is soul only. Give up all attachment then mind becomes still. If no thought arises then the mind becomes silent. Without soul nothing arises. Meditation effortlessly turn the mind towards that energy which energises mind. You are already free and falsely thinking that you are journeying for freedom. Don’t think that you and your body separate. You return to what you always were. You are inebriated and thinking that you were a pauper and not a prince. Come out of that drunken state and realise that you were, are, and will continue to be a prince. If you ask the mind about its existence it will simply disappear.  Thoughtlessness,  and mindlessness is purified mind. It is consciousness itself. It is self or Soul itself. Thoughts are impediments to realise yourself as Soul. Body and mind are bound by time and space but not your awareness. Put your awareness to work and not the mind. Awareness is timelessness. It is not limited by tenses, past, present, and future. Awareness is present continuous tense.  

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