Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Pineal gland: Gotra system:

Pineal gland:  
Pineal gland is a small gland  located in the middle of the brain. This gland is called House of the Soul. This pineal gland releases many substances that direct the pituitary in its function. Pineal gland produces melatonin which is a derivative of amino acid tryptophan, which has also other functions in the central Nervous system.  Melatonin production by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. So do Kriyayoga.

Gotra system:
Gow= Cow, Trahi= shed. Gotra means cow shed. Gotra is like a cow shed that protects male lineage. The Hindus identify male lineage/Gotra by considering to be descendents of 8 Great Rishis i.e., Sapta Rishis + Bharadwaj Rishi. All the other Gotras evolved from these only.
Human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes, one from father and one from mother. Amongst them one pair is ( X and Y ) sex chromosomes. This sex pair decides the gender of the child.
During conception if the resultant cell is XX chromosomes, then the child will be girl. If the resultant cell is is XY chromosomes, then the child will be male.  
In XY- X is from mother and Y is from father. In this Y is unique. Y does not mix. So in XY, Y will suppress the X and the son will get Y chromosome. Y is the only chromosome which gets passed down only between the male lineage (Father to son and to grand son).
Women never gets Y. So Y plays a crucial role in genetics in identifying the genealogy. Since women never get Y, the Gotra of women is said to be of her husband.
They are eight different chromosomes from 8 Rishis. If we are from the same Gotra then it means we are from the same root ancestor.
Marriages between same gotra will increase the risk of causing genetic disorders as same gotra Y chromosomes cannot have cross over and it will activate defective cells. If this continues, it will reduce the size and strength of Y chromosome which is crucial for the creation of male.
If no Y chromosome is present in this world, then it will cause males to become extinct. So Gotra system is a method to avoid genetic disorders and attempt to protect Y chromosome.

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