Thursday, 9 June 2016

Learn kriyayoga

Learn kriyayoga
There are many differences spiritual or otherwise between humans and animals and other living beings. For example:
Self confidence, admiring beauty, appreciation of humour, knowledge of  death, perception of time sense, knowledge of understanding, reading and writing words, language(s), knowledge of music, knowledge regarding meaning of life, knowledge of temperature, knowledge of seasonal differences, wearing of dress according to season,capacity to combat  the nature by building bridges, dams, etc, ability to build roads, construction of ships, aeroplanes, following certain rules & regulations in regard to marriage, abilty to take decisions not as per instinct but by thinking, maintenance of love, affection, universal brotherhood, dress code knowledge, knowledge of taking food according to body conditions, to develop all sort of faculties, to pray God for the  well being of other fellow beings, etc., and so many.
Man should cross the stages of maanava demon, maanava animal, maanava maanava, and become maanava God. Man to transform into God Kriyayoga meditation is the only way.
When we touch a hot body, immediately we withdraw our hand from that. That is because the skin (touch) receptor receives the message and send it through sensory nerves to Cerebrum.  Then the cerebrum sends its order/signal to the respective/related organ to withdraw the hand through the motor nerves. Likewise sight, hearing, olfactory, and taste or gustatory sensory organs will send and receive the required orders/signals from sensory and motor nerves from cerebrum. In most of the cases we without experiencing the situation, without sending and getting orders to and from the cerebrum through sensory and motor nerves, we withdraw from the situation. For ex: not to touch fire, to keep away from the poisionous snakes, scorpium,etc., etc. This clearly indicates that man can get ideas/plans, think about them.  That means man undoubtedly is having causal, subtle, and physical minds.
All ideas/plans emanate from cerebrum. As such it is the replica of causal or super conscious mind. For execution of these plans/ideas man is having a energy mind i.e., cerebellum. As such it is the replica of sub conscious mind. For fulfillment of these ideas/plans man is having a practical physical primitive mind i.e., Brain stem.  As such it is the replica of conscious mind.
Intuition is the unique and unparalleled gift/boon bestowed to humans by God Almighty. We should not waste this/our human incarnation. So please come one and all. Let us learn Kriyayoga, the ancient science, given to us by our great Rishis. Let us enjoy beatitude through this Kriyayoga sadhana. Let us merge with Almighty God which is our ultimate aim.  .   

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