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Human anatomy-kriyayoga part 2

Parabrahman or Paramatma or Spirit is the first male. It contains Paraprakriti i.e., Primordial Power. Paraprakriti is Radha. Each and every Soul which appears to be separate is Paramatma only.
Sat means ever existing. Chith means ever conscious. And Ananda means ever happy. Birth comes due to Karma. Planets align themselves as per the Karma at the time of Birth. Then the astral body enters the female vagina or yoni and will become the cause of physical body.  Death means the separation of Physical and astral or subtle bodies due to the completion of  Prarabdha karma which is the root cause of birth.
If man can consciously separate the Soul from the body when he is alive, then death cannot cause any pain or misery. But to reach this state, incessant and disciplined kriyayoga meditation is required. With the grace of Sadguru, the sadhaka or meditating man shall be able to cleanse the spinal chord consisting of Moolaadhara, Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, and Agna Chakras. By cleansing so, the sadhana shall excite or exemplify or awaken the natural Kundalini shakti.
When Kundalini awakens it will lead to 1) appearance of third eye or Jyoti Darshan, 2) hearing of OMKAR, and 3)Trance vibration. The awakend Kundalini shall rotate in chakras and reach the brain. The sadhaka or meditating man becomes divine.
Kriyayoga consist of Mahamudra, Jyotimudra, Haun saw & Om techniques.
Mahamudra will be quite useful in correcting and magnifying the spinal chord.
With controlled diet and in healthy state, the energy and mental changes or maturity that one gets in one whole year, can be got by the sadhakas or meditating people with one kriya and rotates the life force from Mooladhaara to Agna chakra, and from Agna chakra to Mooladhara chakra.      
Jyoti Mudra is useful in obtaining the appearance of third eye or  Jyoti darshan when we concentrate on kootastha.
Hatha yoga means the union of Ida and Pingala nadis. This is also called union of Prana and Apana vayus.
There will be Pranayama techniques, postures, Bandhams & Mudras in Hathayoga by which the body is kept healthy.
Yama, niyama, asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and Samadhi are eight limbs of Rajayoga. Practicing them with  discipline,  heart vibrations, nerve vibrations, mind and life force will be automatically controlled.
The sounds or chantings in Mantra yoga are useful for the union of soul and spirit.
To concentrate on one and only one thing is called Laya Yoga.
In one of the techniques of Kriyayoga, mind will be united or merged into OM Sabda.
Japa or chanting of Mantra is also included in Kriyayoga.
Kriyayoga is the commingling of all yogas.
Kriyayoga consists of Body exercises of Hatha yoga, Pranayama, Dharana &  Meditations techniques of Rajayoga, essence of Layayoga and Japayoga.
KriyayogaIts importance:
For functioning of Thymus gland in Heart, Kriyayoga is required. Blood circulation is improved by Kriyayoga meditation. Each and every cell shall get oxygen.  Then both sympathetic, and para sympathetic nerves shall work in coordination. 
Brain consists of three types of neuro hormones which are responsible for waata (gas), pitta (heat) and sleshmam (phlegm).  These three are to be balanced for proper health.
For proper health one should have strong immune system.  For this Mitochondria in the cells is to be improved.  Mitochondria  is a power generator which exists in each living cell. 
If the breathing system is improper then the system of removing carbon in the blood and adding oxygen in the lungs shall be in peril.  This system of oxygenating blood is done by lungs.
The path of blood from the heart is actually very complex but the general path is.......that after the deoxygenated blood enters the right atrium through superior and inferior vane cava it enters the right ventricles after contraction of the right atrium with the help of tricuspid valves. Then the deoxygenated blood goes to the lungs for oxygenation via pulmonary artery. After oxygenation the oxygenated blood enters the left atrium through pulmonary veins. After contraction of left atrium the blood goes to left ventricle and then through aorta (the largest artery) the oxygenated blood reaches to different parts of the body by veins and capillaries.  The same process is repeated again.
The rate at which heart beats is pulse rate. Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per unit of time—typically expressed as beats per minute (bpm).
The ideal heart rate is between 60—100 beats per minute (bpm).  If bpm is more than 100, it is called tachycardia. If bpm is less than 60, it is called bradycardia.
As the blood moves around our body, it pushes against the sides of blood vessles. The force of this pushing is blood pressure.
Diastolic blood pressure is the minimum pressure in the arteries which occurs near the beginning of the cardiac cycle when ventricles are filled with blood. 
 Systolic pressure is the peak pressure in the arteries, which occurs near the end of the cardiac cycle when ventricles are contracting.
Normal blood pressure is 120/80. The two numbers represent pressure in units of mmHg when your heart is contracting and resting.
70<Normal<90 mm Hg Diastolic,
120<Normal<100 mm Hg Systolic
35% of Oxygen was available in the nature 100 years ago.  Presently it is reduced to 19%.  But oxygen is very much required for healthy living. So only Kriyayogi can withstand this deficiency due to his techniques of Pranayama i.e., proper breathing techniques.  
The stage has come to getting Oxygen from commercial Oxygen selling saloons in  countries like Japan making Oxygen  Even the birds of nature are not available due to emission of Radio waves from microwave towers etc..
One can increase his pulse rate by practicing Antah kumbhaka Pranayama breathing  techniques.   One can decrease his pulse rate by practicing Bahya kumbhaka Pranayama breathing  techniques.
Autonomous nervous system—ANS: This ANS is also a part of PNS. It contains involuntary efferent neurons. These are called motor neurons. Autonomous nervous system--ANS controls subconscious effectors. Ex: visceral muscle tissue, cardiac muscle tissue, and glandular tissue.
Pranayama breathing techniques consist of controlling autanomous nervous system, immunization capacity.  If one can hear divine sound OM then he can rejuvenate the diseased  parts.  With the increase of KUNDALINI power his life force will increase and hence he remains healthy and happy.
Intuition intellect:
  Normally Yogi gets answers to his queries in his Samadhi state.  How he gets answers is beyond logic.  This is called intuition.  Don’t confuse intuition with intellect.  Intellectual observations may be right or wrong but intuitional ideas cannot be wrong. 
10 lakhs years of healthy life is required for removal of accumulated Karma. Then only animal man becomes man, from man he will be transformed into divine man and from there to God, the father.  This is possible only through practice of AstaangaYoga of Sage Patanjali.
Illiterate shall utilize his intellect up to 5%,
learned up to 8%, 
and the Yogi utilizes  the total 100% intelligence through Astaanga Yoga.  
To  impart  the benefits of Yoga to the mankind  is the bounden duty of Yogi.  Then it is up to the people to practice Yoga Meditation i.e., Dhyana or not.  One cannot find unlimited happiness in the limited world.  It is something like searching water in the mirages.  Yogi only can find happiness in meditation.  So one should excite the sleeping Kundalini in Mooladhara chakra and wake it up and then the awakened Kundalini should be guided through Kriyayoga techniques to reach Sahasrara chakra in the head.  Then only one will travel from inertia to divinity.
Chandra naadi exists in the left nostril and Surya naadi exists in the right nostril.  That is if the life force enters  through left nostril then it is called Chandra naadi.  If the life force  enters  through right nostril then it is called Surya naadi.  In Sanskrit these naadis are also called swaraas.
One should maintain soorya naadi i.e., breathing is to be done through right nostril on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (full moon to new moon i.e., Krishna paksha) and Saturday morning. Similarly one should maintain Chandra naadi i.e., breathing is to be done through left nostril on Monday, wednesday, Thursday (new moon to full moon i.e., shukla paksha), Friday and Saturday night. Otherwise one will face negative tendencies like conflicts in the house, personal works will be spoiled, unnecessary travels and ill health. By putting a wooden arms rest in the armpits and pressing it tightly or by lying on the left arm on  even wooden flank/ floor shall  make the life force to enter through the right nostril (soorya naadi) and vice versa.

In micro level it is called Kundalini power. The same Kundalini is called MAYA in macro level.  The ancient sages have found out that Kundalini power is the root cause of creation, existence and destruction.  Kundalini power exists in animated and inanimated things.
Each living cell consists of life force in the form of genes.  This gene exists in chromosome.  The genes containing life force are the carriers of hereditary qualities.  The gene contains very important DNA molecule.  These are fundamental.  Gene is genetic material. Without this there is no life. These Genes will control/regulate all these fundamental units in all cell.  All the constructive works will be decided by these genes.  DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid.
The information in DNA is stored as a code made up of four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T).  There will be approximately 3 billion bases inhuman DNA.  99% of these basic pairs are common amongst humans. The order, or sequence, of these bases determines the information available for building and maintaining an organism, similar to the way in which letters of the alphabet appear in a certain order to form words and sentences.
Adenine (A) is always paired with thymine (T). Likewise cytosine (C) is paired with guanine (G). If we can balance these chemical bases of DNA we can get rid of old age & diseases.  Each and ever human is having 99% of  similar genes.  The remaining   1% of genes makes the difference amongst the humans with different colour, quality & nature.
 We need to spend nearly 40 thousands of proteins daily for our energy needs.  With the regular practice of Kriyayoga we can increase these proteins and can remove ageing and diseases. The lack of coordination betweens organs like lever, heart and kidneys etc and  live cells  are the main  reason for ageing and diseases.  Genes only can make the sick cells healthy.  The required amount of push up can be given to genes with Kriyayoga thus leading to the coordination betweens organs like lever, heart and kidneys etc. 
Every live cell is the replica of human being.  Live cell contains GENE, Gene contains Chromozome, Chromozome contains DNA.  DNA molecule is very important constituent part of live cell.  Every live cell can produce protein, GENE and ENZYMES. GENE shall tell hereditary qualities. 
HARMONES  will provide the necessary fillip to these Genes and causes healthiness. Every human is estimated to have 20,000 to 25,000 genes. So far only 3% genes could be found it.  There is no clarity regarding the rest of 97%.
Only few genes that cause ill health were so far found out.  It may take number of years to find out  the rest of the disease causing Genes. 
With  chakra dhyana, beejakshara dhyana in the chakraas i.e., chanting of root word in the respective plexus, kriya yoga etc., one can produce the required amount of  40-50 thousands of proteins for the health of the body, and hence can live  with peace and tranquility without any ill health.  By over indulging in senses, man can not drink or experience the sweetness inherent in the living cell. 
Every living cell contain sweetness.  The meditating sadhak or the aspiring Kriyayogi while doing OM meditation settles in Sahasrara chakra on the top of the head with KHECHARI  MUDRA (a particular Yogic posture) can definitely experience this sweetness.  This sweetness enters through idea body to subtle and then to  physical body. 
Ida naadi is river Ganga, Pingala naadi is river Yamuna and Sushumna is river Saraswati.  These three subtle naadis merge at Kootastha or AAgna + chakra.  This is called confluence of three rivers i.e., Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati.  The life force or Jeewaatma in the Kootastha reaches Sahasraara through only Sushumna. This is called samaadhi state.  The rest of the nadis i.e., Ida and Pingala remain at Kootastha only.
If you inhale(poorakam) and fill the kootastha (the place between eye brows) with life force fully and then exhale (rechakam) life force fully out of Moolaadhara chakra then there will be generation of electro magnetic force.
Surrendering Senses  to  God is called or prayer.
Surrendering Ida, pingala & sushumna and 5 life forces  is called sacred water ablutions (Abhishekamu) to GOD,
Surrendering antahkarana (Mind) is called lighting candle before GOD,
Surrendering all the six plexuses is called offering flowers to GOD,
Surrendering quality of fire in Manipura Chakra is called burning incense stick before GOD,
Surrendering all your desires is called offering food (naiwedyamu) to GOD. This is called Eeswara pranidhaanamu or complete surrender.  
The meditation in plexus(chakraas) removes cruelty, revengeful attitude & stealing quality in Mooladhara chakra, doubtfulness in Swadhisthaana, hatred and one upmanship in Manipura, passionate mind & I am superior to everybody type of quality in Anaahata, greediness & chatter box quality in Visuddha  and  pride and hastiness in agna chakraas.
Na tasya rogo na zara na mrityu praaptasya yogagnimayam sareeram
Shedding mortality, ageing and disease, the person doing meditation shall be burning with Yoga fire.  Beatitude is obtained by people who do meditation and turn his mind inwards not outwards.
Glands produce hormones which work on kidneys, heart etc., to make these organs to do the required work for us and to keep the body healthy. 
Meditation on Swaadhisthaana chakra helps us to maintain good health so that there will not be kidney stones, frequent urination.  
Pancreas releases two hormones (1) Insulin hormone for maintaining blood glucose levels failing which leads to Diabetes Mellitus.  (2) Glucagon hormone is secreted when glucose levels are low to act on liver.  The meditation on Manipura chakra helps to maintain these hormones thereby helping us to be healthy.
The need of Meditation:
The dream of Parabrahman is Maya. By opening his eyes man can get rid of nightmarish dream. Maya, The dream of  ParaBrahman, God the Father, can be understood only through practice of essential KriyaYoga Sadhana.
The evil forces, Kauravas, shall always be troubling the meditator during his sadhana and deviate him from Meditation.
To weaken these evil forces and regain  the kingdom of God is Mahabharata. The internal war with these evil forces by the Meditator is kriyayogasadhana.
Sadguru Srikrishna in Agna Chakra shall help the Meditating sadhak with intuition during Sadhana to become triumphant that is to merge with Para Brahma.
In kriyayoga Sadhana, Sadhak shall face East or North, fixing the gaze in Kootastha, Spinal cord(Gaandeev Dhanush) erect and should sit in a fixed posture(Aasana). Sadhak will utilize Swaasa(breath) as Astra(weapon) during Pranayama(control of Life force).
A man can not be 100% cruel. He may be having 1% Good quality or thinking. That 1% Goodness shall lead him to think ‘Who am I, where from I have come?, what is my destination?, what I am doing is right or wrong?’   That leads him to do Kurukhetra war. Then with his Will Power he will try to overcome his Karma. That endeavour is called  Sadhana. Paramatman is our real home. We are all living on this earth which is like rented house or home of others. Our real home is Paramatman.  Our goal is to reach  Home, Paramatman. This  is the meaning of  Sadhana.
Pure Mind, Pure Intellect and Pure Self are one and the same.
Moolaadhara(Coccygeal), Swaadhisthana(Sacral), and Manipura
(Lumbar)  plexus are Kurukshetra.
Manipura, Anahata(Dorsal) and Visuddha(Cervical) Chakras are Kurukshetra – Dharmakshetra.
Visuddha, Agna, and Sahasrara are Dharmakshetra.
The outgoing force of life energy at the base of the spine in Moolaadhara (Coccygeal) is called Kundalinee. The Kundalinee serpent force runs down through a circular passage coiled 3½  turns like a snake into the nerves. Only by super Psycho-Physical methods like Kriya Yoga Practice, this Kundalinee can be awakened.
The Kundalinee passage is the Gate Way of the out going Life Force at the base of the spine. This gateway is responsible for flooding the life current from the soul region of the different senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing, including the earth bound, physical, creative force of sex. When this is ego oriented then it is called sleeping Kundalinee. When it is God oriented due to Kriya sadhana, it called awakened Kundalinee.

If the battery is not charged in regular intervals in a Mobile cell Phone whenever required, it will be dead. Man will bring his Prarabdha karma out of his accumulated Sanchita Karma. The main thing the man brings along with his Prarabdha karma is Hansas. One Hansa=one breath-in, and one breath-out. To have a healthy and energetic life, one has to awaken the Kundalinee life force by doing Kriyayoga Sadhana 30 minutes in the morning and evening.
Sperm, wavering mind that is desirous of physical pleasure, Breath and Life Force are inter related.   
Sama means Equal/merge, Adhi means Parabrahman. To merge with Parabrahman is Samadhi.
Sadhak and Parabrahman both becoming Unity is Samadhi.
Sadhak, the Meditator or kriyayoga sadhak confronts three steps during his Sadhana. They are 1)Adibhautika, Physical, 2) Adidaivika, Subtle, and 3) Adhyatmika, Spiritual.
1)Adibhautika, Physical: —Bodily pains etc.,
2) Adidaivika, Subtle: — Mind related problems like thoughts, sub thoughts etc.,
3) Adhyatmika, Spiritual: — Sadhana related problems like Sleep, lazyness etc.
These are called Mala, Aavarana and Vikshepana Doshas, faults.  Sadhak, Kriyayogi, seeing unity with Parabrahman, shall be cautious about these things. To make mind steady one has to annihilate these three faulty steps. One should pray God to make his Sadhana a success by keeping these three falts away from him.   Everything is God and so everything is under His control.  God is tangible and also intangible. So He Himself will come in some incarnation or Avatar, form, and helps the ardent Meditator or kriyayoga sadhak in his Sadhana.  
Sadhak shall find his own replica in a miniature form measuring upto his thumb in Kootastha, the space between the eye brows on the forehead during the intensity of Sadhana. This miniature form is Vamana. 
Bali means to do away the wants with dispassion. 
Chakra means thought Circles. Varti means business/ profession. Chakravarti means the mind professed with wants and thought circles. Bali Chakravarti means to do away the mind professed by wants and thought circle with dispassion.
Four things play a vital role in sadhana. they are: Mind, breath, sperm, and life force.
There are 72,000 subtle nadis in our body out of which three subtle nadis viz., Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are very important.
Ida is on the left side of the spinal chord.
Sushumna is  in the middle  of  the Ida and Pingala and in the middle  of the spinal chord.
Pingala is on the right side of the spinal chord.
Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna start from Mooladhara and travel upto kootastha. Kootastha is the space between the eye brows. Sushumna proceeds further upto Sahasrara chakra underneath the Brahmarandhra in the middle top of the head.

The Kundalinee, illusion, the individualized Maya, delusion, is called Draupadi. Kundalinee, the outgoing life force, is like a snake. Its tail is in the upper chakras and hood is near the Mooladhara chakra. When man does not do any kriyayoga sadhana then it is in sleeping state and hence called Sleeping Kundalinee. It is awakened with the Sadhana. The tamed or awakened Kundalinee is sent through middle Sushumna subtle nadi. This then travels through Mooladhara, Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agna negative and Positive  and then reach Brahmarandhra through Sahasrara.
        Mooladhara, Swadhistaana and Manipura Chakras are called Mundane Chakras. This field is called Kurukshetra. Man confined to this field does not do any good, spitual Sadhana and always self centered. This field is also called Brahma Granthi, a knot.
Manipura, Anahata and Visuddha, Chakras are called Mundane—Spiritual Chakras. This field is called Kurukshetra—Dharmakshetra. Man confined to this field does have mixed mundane and  spiritual feelings. Even though self centered he does think about spiritual Sadhana.  This field is also called Rudra Granthi, a second  knot.
Visuddha, Agna negative and Posite  and  Sahasrara.Chakras are called Spiritual or Divine Chakras. This field is called Dharma kshetra. Man confined to this field does only good, Spiritual Sadhana and always God centered. This field is also called Vishnu Granthi, a third and last  knot.
The conflicts of subtle  positive and negative forces in regard to Sadhana is called the Great war of Mahabharat.
The crossing of  Mooladhara, Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata and Visuddha by Kundalinee force, is called marrying five husbands by Draupadi.
Each and Every Chakra has got colour, rays, taste and sound. Sadhak hears during his sadhana are the sounds of the conflicts between the positive and negative forces. They are the sounds of Conch shells that are blown by Pandavas and kauravas in the beginning of Mahabharata war.  Positive forces shall aid meditation or kriyayoga sadhana. Negative forces oppose the meditation or kriyayoga sadhana.  
Parabrahman and Paramatma is one and the same. Brahmam pervaded through Ignorance. Its result is Creation. If the Brahmam is supposed as four parts then one part is Jagat, creation, having Name and Configuration.This is called Vyakta Brahmam or vyaakrita Brahmam. This is visible to the senses. This is God in Creation.
The remaining three parts of the Brahmam is Avyakta Brahmam, Nirakara or Avyaakrita Brahmam. This is not visible to the senses. This is beyond Creation.  This is ‘Sat’, Chit and Anand. This is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. This is truth, goodness and beauty.
Man will have two types of wisdom from the inception of birth. 
1)Logic power that arises from senses.This is called Manava chetana or human consciousness,
2) Cosmic power that comes from Parabbrahman. This is called Paramatma chetana or Cosmic consciousness.
The castes viz., Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Sudra, are formed or determined according to the qualities but not as per the biological birth.
Man is having three bodies.  The outer body that is with flesh and blood is called the inert Physical body. This is called Sthoola Sareera.
 In side that exists an energetic Subtle body. This is called Sookshma Sareera.
In side that exists an Idea  body. This is called Karana Sareera.
For the existace of these three Physical, Subtle and Idea bodies, man will have individual Soul or Vyashtaatma.
The physical, health and social principles are applicable to the visible Physical body/Sthoola Sareera.
Morals, Meta physical things, traits of past karma, desires, thoughts, etc are applicable to the invisible Subtle body/Sookshma Sareera. 
Spiritual, divine and principles pertaining to merger with Parabrahman/God the father are applicable to the invisible Idea body/Karana Sareera.
Idea body/Karana Sareera is very very nearer to Parabrahman, the remaing Subtle and Physical bodies will get the required energy for their existence from Ideabody. The sequence is from Idea to Subtle, and from Subtle to Physical body. For merger with God Man has to prepare his Physical, Subtle and then Idea bodies sequentially.
 God has given Will power to Man. Misery, Pleasure, Happiness of Sense/Action organs are  experienced by Physical body after all.
Man will not get any punishment until he does not utilise his Physical body for any crime. There is a provision for a change/realization till the last moment and can escape from the crime.
Man who is a slave of senses, doer of hard work, or dependent on Physical body is called Sudra. 
When a man makes efforts for wisdom, removal of ignorance, and turn towards Spirituality, is called Vaisya.
A man who resists his inner enemies, improves self confidence, and inclined towards Spirituality, is called kshatriya.
A man who makes contact with Parabrahman with intense Meditation is called Brahman.
Like a tortoise withdraws its limbs inwards, when a yogi completely withdraws his senses from sense objects from everywhere, then his wisdom is said to be highly settled.
Mind only sees, tastes, talks, smells, and thinks. Mind is the main instrument behind everything. Mind has to be conjoined with life force to get any work done.
If the mind of Sadhak is combined with the life force on Mooladharachakra (Prithvee tatwa) then smell can be grasped. Then as per the choice of individuls one will have likings for cosmetic smells, and food aromas etc.
If the mind of Sadhak is combined with the life force on Swadhistaanachakra (Jalatatwa) then one will have likings or attachments for tastes.
If the mind of Sadhak is combined with the life force on Manipurachakra (Agnitatwa) then one will have likings or attachments for panoramic things like cinema etc.
If the mind of Sadhak is combined with the life force on Anaahatachakra (Vayutatwa) then one will have likings or attachments for women etc.
If the mind of Sadhak is combined with the life force on Visuddhachakra (Aakaasatatwa) then one will have likings or attachments for songs, Music etc.
 A person with diabetes disease should not take sweets even if he wanted. But how to control his weakness? With Pranayama techniques he can withdraw his mind and life force from Swadhistaanachakra so that he can wean his mind away from sweets.
Mooladharachakra represents nose, Swadhistaana represents tongue, Manipura represents eye, Anahata represents skin,  and Visuddha represents Ear.
As long as mind works in tandem with these senses man cannot find the true happiness. When mind is diverted from these senses and made to go within with Kriyayoga sadhana, and getting nearer to God, then man completely realizes what is real happiness and what he has lost.
The string between Physical body and senses is Life force only.
The Sadhak withdraws his mind and life force from the senses in Kriyayoga. Withdrawing means controlling with dispassion.
When breath is controlled, heart and life force will be controlled by themselves automatically. The controlled heart shall lead to controlled senses.  It is like a Mathematical equation.
Breath should not be controlled with unscientific methods. The Kriyayoga techniques of controlling the breath have to be learnt in person from a Sadguru, the illumined one.
To control mind through mental meditation shall take quite a long time. Kriyayoga is an Aeroplane way of controlling breath and hence mind. This lead to make the mind steady and help the sadhak to go within quickly.
Kidneys: They remove/decant the toxins and chemicals from the impure blood. 
Heart: This will pump the oxygenated blood  through out the body through the nerves. In return path it will take the dexygenated blood. The Oxygenless blood will be sent to lungs for Oxygen. Here in lungs the Carbon dioxide is removed and Oxygen is added. This oxygen added blood is returned to Heart again.
Lungs: They will absorb the breath in and removes the Carbon dioxide. Taking the breath in and removing the Carbon dioxide is called breathing in and breathing out.
To control mind 1) Reducing of Carbon dioxide in the blood by taking more and more fruits as food substitue and 2) Regular kriyayoga Practice, are required.
With the above things, blood gets purified and the need of sending carbonized blood to Heart will be lessened. Hence the burden of Heart will be lessened.  Gradually the heart becomes steady and gets rest. Life force will be withdrawn from the senses. The mind in the cerebellum will not get any signals. Mind becomes steady and concentrates on God.
Like tortoise, the Sadhak will with draw the senses that help the mind.
Sadhak has to do Kriyayoga Sadhana as ordained by scriptures.  One may not become an accomplished Master of Kriya yoga practice. It is ok. In Sadhana, the body will be steady, stable and immovable like a Rock. That does not mean that he has sacrificed Karma or not doing any Karma. Sadhak will be working intensely with mind during Meditation. He withdraws his mind from senses and directs his subtle forces inwardly to unite with God. This is real Karma yoga. 
Cosmic Consciousness—thoughts—effulgence—Life force —Electrons, Protons—Molecules—Nature—Earth—Man. 
This is the Chain.
If you do Om chanting in Chakras with dedication, then the subtle forces in those chakras shall aid the Kriyayoga Sadhana.
With the practice of KriyaYoga Sadhana, the outgoing life force from the Indriyas will not be wasted. All those outgoing forces will be directed back to Cerebrum through the Spinal Cord. Then the body of the Sadhak and the atoms in the cerebrum shall become filled with electro magnetic  Energy and then the atoms will be transformed into Spiritual Elixir.
Even for a small development of the Atoms in the cerebrum,  12 years of Healthy life is required.  For complete transformation, 10 lakhs years of Healthy life is required.  Kriyayoga will make it easy for us.
Doing Kriyayoga sadhana (Yagna) and then eating food is the work of men of virtue.
Life force is the divine force for Physical body.When mental intelligence force and the outgoing life force, both are integrated with physical matter, the physical lifetrons shall depend upon and food and breath.This mental intelligent life force when manifested as vibratory force in the Physical body, then it will be making continuous efforts to bring metamorphosis in the Physical lifetrons which is important. Physical body depends upon food and breath for its existence. Till the final liberation the cycle of births and deaths are inevitable.
Life force mentally thrusting its Soul message to lifetrons and conveying liberation is the psalm of life. However amount of healthy principles we follow scrupulously, death is inevitable.
 The Great souls like Mahavatar Babaji who depend on only  Cosmic Consciousness can live in the Physical body house with the strength of Yogic Force. They will be transforming their physical body frequently and remain eternally youthful.
Moola prakriti or source nature:
Moola Prakriti is the one that is not visible to the naked eyes. In accordance with individual Karma, as per the directions of Parabrahman, intelligent OM vibration that are responsiblr for Creation are generated. This is called Moola Prakriti or source nature.
Cosmic Consciousness is inherent in Paramatma.  MoolaPrakriti is with many faceted forms, configurations, and formations of Shrishti, Creation format is delivered out of this.
Parabrahman is to be perceived in two ways. 1) Cosmic Consciousness, and 2) OM vibratory force.
Cosmic Consciousness can be perceived as the dream of Parabrahman. This is a dream of Karana, sookshma, and Sthoola. This a dream of Idea, Subtle, and Physical, combined together.
Physical body is a combination of Electromagnetic waves in reality. Even man also beholds the characters of Idea, Subtle, and Physical in his human dream. That is why man is said to be the replica of Parabrahman.
Food and changes:
The food will take seven changes to become semen ultimately.
1)Food, 2)Blood, 3)Flesh), 4)Nerves, 5)Bones, 6)Bone marrow, and 7)Semen. 
Food takes 15 (Fortnight) days to transform into Blood.
The Blood will take 27(Asterics or stars) days to become useful blood.
This blood takes 41(Mantrasiddhi) days to transform into flesh.
Flesh takes 52 (Sanskrit Alphabets) days to transform into nerves.
Nerves take 64 (Types of Arts) days to transform into Bones. Bones take 84 (Types of living veings 84 lakhs) days to transform into Bone marrow.
Bone marrow take 96 (This body is made of 96 elements or ideas as per SankhyaSastra) days to transform into Semen.
 Semen takes 108 (Hindu Ashtottara satanaamaavali) days to transform into Ojahsakti.
With Kriyayoga Sadhana the human consciousness will be united with Cosmic Consciousness through Spinal cord. The wheel of Creation will thus be moving or manifesting through spinal cord.
The consciousness of worldy man normally confined to Moolaadhara, Swadhistaana, and Manipura chakras and works as a slave to senses and their objects.
 The consciousness of Poets will be working through Anahata Chakra.
The consciousness of Yogi who is having peace, tranquility, and steady mind shall be working through Visuddha Chakra.
The yogi who has obtained a state of ATMASAKSHATKAR (self realization) or Savikalpa Samadhi shall see himself as a Vamana (Dwarf) in Kootastha. That means his Consciousness will be working through AgnaChakra.
The consciousness of Yogi who has obtained Nirvikalpa Samadhi shall be working through Sahasrarachakra.
Life force and Mind are the tools for Physical Karma. Cleanliness, required food and worldly behaviour is Physical Karma. Meditation does not require Mind and life force. In fact they have to be withdrawn. Sadhak should continue to do his sadhana without expecting any fruits. 
Sadhak who does sadhana to unite with Parabrahman has got nothing to do with these three worlds.
Sookshma (Subtle world) Jagat gets its energy from Karana (Idea world). Sthoola (Physical) Jagat will get its energy from subtle world.
The main source of Energy for Matter is Cosmic Consciousness only. Consciousness means Mind.
Electron +Intelligence=Consciousness.
Mind, Energy, and Matter are three facets of Parabrahman.
Super conscious, Conscious, and Sub conscious states:
Pineal gland:  
This gland is of peanut mass in appearance. It is like a nerve layer. Its stalk is located and enjoined with the third ventricle of brain.  It is located deep within the two cerebral hemispheres, behind the skull, and just below the corpus callosum. 
Pineal gland produces melatonin. This melatonin regulates the Pitutary gland. Pineal is related to biological clock of mankind.  Melatonin is produced in darkness and inhibited by light. The receptors in brain react to this harmone. This makes the body ready according to day or night during 24 hours. In that process, the brain will have perception of whether it is day or night. This melatonin comes out of serotonin. This melatonin works with serotonin and regulates sleep cycle.
Melatonin helps in Conversion of Nervous System Signals to Endocrine Signals, and Influences Sexual Development.  
When the meditating sadhak is acquiring divine nature he shall hear the auspicious sound of OM.  This means his Kundalini is awakening.  This awakened KundalinI further will be hastened by Diensephalan.
Thalamus and hypothalamus together are called Diencephalon. They are located deep within cerebrum,  and in between Cerebrum and midbrain..  Hypothalamus is of the size of a pearl. Thalamus is located near the Hypothalamus.  There are four ventricles in the brain. They are cavities filled with fluids.  They are connected or adjoined to each other. Cerebro spinal fluid – CSF is made by them. This fluid will reduce the strain or pressure. 
Hypothalamus contols our body temperature, blood sugar, hunger, and harmones.
Thalamus controls our sensory signals. It specially controls the signals that enter the higher fore brain  and Cerebral cortex. Thalamus controls motor signals and will not allow to get Cerebral cortex heated up more than required. There will be several pathways that connects brainstem with the motor centres below and with higher ones in the forebrain. 
The Cerebrum & pineal gland are responsible for super conscious state. This super conscious state in Sanskrit is called Aadhyaatmika Kendra. This pineal gland start drying up from the age of seventh year.  This leads to destruction of constructive attitude. 
Limbic system:
This will help to manifest Intimate behaviours, emotions, hunger, and aggressive behaviour. It will display all the sensory information like  a cinema on the Cerebral cortex. Cerebral cortex is located deep within temporal lobe.  Limbic system in the brain is responsible for mental behaviour/subtle body. This mental state in Sanskrit is called Aadhidaiwika Kendra.
Pituitary gland is behind the kootastha i.e., the place behind the eyes in the Aagna+chakra.
This Aagna+chakra commands the physical body issuing instructions. This physical state in Sanskrit is called Aadi bhowtika Kendra.
Cerebellum is the coordinator of physical (Aadibhowtika) and super conscious (Aadhyaatmika) states.
The excitation of Pineal gland  is imperative for constructive ideas.  For this the third eye between two eye brows is required to be excited. For this kriyayoga and the chanting of Gayatri mantra is essential.  Using the Kriya yoga methods for opening of third eye shall lead to mental as well as physical happiness and hence healthiness.
 Melatonium is the chemical required for sound sleep.  If this chemical is active for 1½ hour it is enough for sound sleep. This Melatonium is organized by Pineal gland.  Because of the drying up of Pineal gland we will not get proper sleep and hence restlessness.
3rd eye—physical eye—Consciousness:
When a sadhak is settled in Yoga, then he will behold 3rd eye in Kootastha, the place between Eyebrows in the fore head. He will hear the auspicious sound of OM.
Sound travels at a speed of  344 meters per second at 220. 
Light travels at a speed of   3x108  meters per second.
The first manifestation of Parabrahman is His effulgence i.e., Cosmic Consciousness. This is Omnipotent. This is called Soorya, Sun. This 3rd eye appears in Kootastha when the Sadhak concentrates his human consciousness and dual electricities in his two eyes with intense meditation.  This is called Vyashtatma (individual Soul) or Atma Soorya, Sun. The omnipotent Cosmic Consciousness also he will behold as a 5 pointed siver star in 3rd eye. 
From this 3rd eye only, the omnipotent Cosmic Consciousness shall enter into nerve centres and nerves through Chakras, from there to body, and transforms into Human consciousness.
The physical eye consists of white, Iris, and pupil.
Behind that in the subtle wisdom natured 3rd eye, there will be Golden ring in place of Physical white.
There will be Blue ring inside Golden ring. This Blue ring represents Iris.
There will be 5 pointed Silver star inside Blue ring. This 5 pointed Silver star represents Pupil.
The extended hands to the sides, head, and two feet in standing position of a man, represents the star. Head represents Akaas, the extended hands representVayu and Agni, two feet represent  Jal and Prithvi.

This human consciousness will be entangled with Chitta (feelings), Ahamkar (Ego), Man (wavering mind), and Buddhi (discriminating intelligence).
 The human consciousness will perform its function in four different ways:
1)   performing the work within the frame work of Senses, 2) performing the functions with determination, integrating with Buddhi(Intellect), 3) manifesting desire with the association of senses, and 4) to give up or move away from Parabrahman with the wrong conception of Maya, delusion, as real.
The limited human consciousness in the Physical Antahkarana cannot grasp unlimited Cosmic Consciousness. It is possible only with the practice of Kriyayoga sadhana.
Mind is manifested from Atmasurya, Vyashtaatma. Hence the son of Atma Surya (Soul son) is Karana chetana or Idea mind. So Idea mind is the sun of vaivaswata (Sun).  Vaivaswata Manu is Idea mind.
Cosmic Consciousness (Sun or Vaivaswata) is the source of  Life force. Through mind only this life force is manifested in the subtle body. Mind and Life force are interdependent or complimentary to each other in the human body. Hence if mind is stabilized, then Life force becomes stabilized and vice versa. 
3rd eye in Kootastha is the Gate way to transform the Cosmic Consciousness into human consciousness and life force.
3rd eye is the source for the manifestation of both the Idea (Karana) and Subtle (sookshma) bodies. 
The 3rd eye of Idea body is the source for 3rd eye of Subtle body.

Ideabody will have its own Idea spinal cord, and Subtle body will have its own subtle spinalcord.
Sushumna subtle nadi pertains to subtle body spinal cord.
Vajra in Sushumna, chitri in Vajra, and Brahmanadi in Chitri pertain to Idea spinal cord.
The Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic energy, both will initially enter into 3rd eye of Idea body, and from there into Idea spinal cord as Idea Consciousness and Idea life force.  From Idea spinal cord they will enter into subtle body 3rd eye and from there into Subtle Spinal cord. Here they will transform into subtle consciousness and subtle life foce.
This subtle body 3rd is called ‘Ikshwaaku.’  Iksh means eye.
Manu means Ikshwaaku,  the son of Idea consciousness.
Senses of Physical body is not the source of ego for Ikshwaaku state. The ego in Ikshwaku state comes from Soul. This comes from Soul as such it is called Sahajaavabodhana or Intuition.
The Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic energy, both will  enter into spinal cord of Physical body through the spinal cord of subtle body as Human Consciousness and life force. From there they will enter into Physical senses having sense objects which work in coordination/conjunction with Karmendriyas, organs of Action. This state of Physical and karmendriyas is called Rajarshi state. In that Rajarshi state, man will forget Yoga Sadhana and does not do sadhana.
Praana= life force,  Yaama= controlling.
The controlling of life force is called Pranayama.  Control of breath is not Pranayama. The whole universe is filled with Life force.
We stepdown the 24000volts electricity into 240v with cascaded step down transformers so as to be useful for us.
River water is brought to us through huge water pipes. Then it will be made to pass through small pipes so that they will be useful to us.   Likewise the distorted Cosmic Consciousness is transformed into Life Force so that it will be useful for us in Micro level and the same life force is spread in the whole universe in Macro level.  This life force only is making this universe existent. This life force is called Paraprakriti.

This life force only is manifested in different ways in this universe as creatures, plants, birds, animals, and mankind. The mechanical power that make the lungs, Heart, liver, and kidneys etc., to function is this life force only.
The Soul in the body is the master, and life force is its servant. The commands of self are executed by life force through the medium of Ego.  Life force is intelligent but will not have any spiritual consciousness.  Pure soul can survive without life force but the life force cannot survive without Soul.
Paramatma is one.  HE became many. To become many is his dream. The movement of dream is done in the head of man while the rest of the body is not having any movement.
The matter for all the things in the dream is supplied by the dreamer himself.  Likewise the supplier of matter for the dream of Paramatma is Himself only.
If the physical eye is opened then the dream of man will melt away. But the dream of Paramatma will vanish if the third in the kootastha is opened with Kriyayoga Meditation by man.
Chief life force or Mukhya Pranasakti—Five airs:
The life force is supplied to all the living beings in a required manner. The life force that is supplied to the man in a required manner and magnitude is called Chief life force or Mukhya Pranasakti.
This Mukhya Pranasakti enters the embriyo along with Jeevatma or self. It will remain with that being till death pertinent to his Karma.
Food will depend upon life force. Apart from this, this chief life force enters from the Universe as a cosmic consciousness into Cerebrum through Medulla oblongata. From there it will be distributed to the remaining Chakras proportionately.
Oxygen will have energy only. The life force will have both Consciousness and Energy. Life force will be available throughout the body. It will be doing different works in different organs/parts of the body and hence it will have different names pertinent to its function. 
In the name of Pranavayu, it does Crystallization. Crystallization means manifestation of several functions.

In the name of Apanavayu, it does elimination. Elimination of all waste products.
In the name of Samanavayu, it does assimilation. Assimilation means digesting the food and then distributing the proteins required by different organs and helps in production of new cells in place of dead cells.
In the name of Udaanavayu, it does Metabolizing. Hair growth, flesh, and skin requires different cells for nourishment and different equations will be happening for this. This is called Metabolizing.
Praana and Apaana are two important electricities in our body.
Apaana currents will travel from kootastha to to Anus through Agna, Visuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhistaana, and Moolaadhara via spinal cord and from there it goes out through the anus. This is not steady and hence make the man slave to senses and sense objects.
The Pranavayu travels from Anus to Kootastha via Mooladhara, Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, and Agna chakras upto Kootastha. This is peaceful.  It will unite self with Paramatma during sleep and Yogadhyana.
Apana pulls the consciousness of man to worldly things, and Prana pulls it towards Parabrahman.  So one current pulls without and another pulls within. For Sadhana, going within is very essential. This is called making the sadhak inward or Antarmukh.  This makes the unision with Parabrahman easier.   Making the consciouness inwards to get united with God is called Kriyayoga. 
 When Mukhyaprana in the guise of Apanavayu goes out of anus, energy will be spent for cells, tandons, for transmiting the messages to the brain and from the brain to the reqired organ through the sensor and motor nerves, and for mental thinkings etc. In this process several waste products will be left in the blood.  Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one such waste product.  That impure blood has to be cleansed immediately failing which the physical death occurs.  To restore the spent energy and rejuvenation,  Mukhyaprana is required with the pulls of Praana and Apaana, quite opposite in nature, in Spinal cord, the breathing process exists.

When the life force goes up, it will carry life force consisting of Pranavayu into the lungs and there the Carbon dioxide is removed. This is called breathing.  To purify the liquid and solid things in the stomach, more time is required. That cleansed/purified energy is pumped into the cells  is this life force only.  This purified life energy will be reinvigorating the chakras in spinal cord, kootastha, and Cerebrum.  The residual energy from the Breath is carried to all parts of the body by the blood.  Then Panchapranas (Five airs) shall be utilizing that life energy in a required fashion.
Description of three bodies:
The physical body consists of Physical spinal cord, Physical brain, and Physical places for chakras.
Subtle body has subtle spinal cord, subtle brain, subtle locations for chakras,and subtle nervous system.
Subtle nerves are called sookshmanadis. Nerve is a physical term which is tangible, and subtle i.e., sookshmanadis are not tangible. 
The energy needed for Panchakarmendriyas, and Pancha Gnanendriyas of the physical body is supplied by Subtle body. Subtle body supplies the required energy to Panchapranas through subtle nadis. The sushumna’s outer effulgence coverage of lifetrons, seven chakras, the lifetrons of subtlenadis of panchabhootas, are controlled by subtle body.
Sushumna subtle nadi spreads from mooladharachakra to Sahasraarachakra adjacent to Brahmarandhra of Cerebrum.
The four rows of peripheral nervous system existing on either side of Physical spinal cord resembles subtle spinal cord.  Ida, pingala, and the Sushumna subtle nadis constitutes one row. Vajra in side Sushumna is second row. Chitri in Vajra nadi is third row of subtle nerves. The outer cover of Brahmanadi in side chitri is the fourth row.
This Brahmanadi is the spinal cord of Karanasareer, Idea body.
33 beeds are there in the physical spinal cord. They are for the protection of four rows of nervous system.
The outermost nerves  consist of Dura matter membrane filled with lymph. In side this nerves Arachnoid membrane exists that protects the liquid that comes out from brain. In side this Pia matter exists consisting of white & gray matter which itself is surrounded by Vascular membrane. This consists of Afferent & efferent nerves. This is the media by which Cerebrum, membranes, sense organs, action organs and other important organs  are connected. There will be subtle canal in white & grey matter.

There are 72,000 subtle nadis existing in our body. Ida on left, Pingala on Right, and Sushumna subtle nadi in their centre are very important. 
Effulgence is the outer cover of Sushumna subtle nadi. This will control the physical works of subtle lifetrons of the subtle body. Ida and Pingala will organize the  nervous system in Physical body.
Sushumna extends upto Sahasrara from Moolaadhara.
The Vajra in Sookshmanadi extends upto Sahasrara from Swadhistaana. This will supply energy for Contractions and rarefactions of Subtle body and for all the movements.
Chitri nadi in vajra extends upto Sahasrara from Manipura.  This will coordinates the spiritual or consciousness related works of subtle body.  
The works of Sushumna, Vajra, and chitri nadis are chiefly controlled by Sahasrara. 
Sahasraara is the brain of Subtle body. The effulgent rays of this Sahasrara are supplying the energy required for Sahasrara and other six chakras. Physical Brain, the Physical locations of chakras, nerve centres, from there to nerves for their respective Physical works get energy from Sahasrara only. 
Physical body is made of flesh and blood.
Subtle body is made of lifetrons or pure Gnana effulgence.
Idea body or Karanasareera is filled with only Consciousness or thouhtrons. 
Karanasareera is the source for the existence of Human consciousness. Karanasareera has brain of pure wisdom, and a spinal cord viz., Spiritual Brahmanadi. This will be enveloped in Chitri subtle nadi. Chitri is of only Consciousness personified.
Sthoolasareera, Physical body, has physical Chakra locations. Likewise Subtlebody, has Subtle Chakra locations. Likewise Ideabody, has Idea Chakra locations. They are all mutually juxtaposed.
Ideabody has seven Idea chakras.

Physical Chakra locations, Physical Brain, Subtle Chakras, Subtle brain, Idea Chakras, and Idea brain work together. 
In nutshell, all Physical, Subtle, and Idea bodies work together as a whole unit.
Physical, and Subtle bodies both are like tools and will  cooperate with Ideabody in respect of recognition, desire, and experience.
The brain of Ideabody is a reservoir of Cosmic consciousness that is filled with eternal energy, eternal consciousness, and eternal Happiness. 
The manifestation of Spirit or Paramatama is Vyashtaatma, individual soul. When Cosmic consciousness is entering into Idea body Chakras, then it will express itself as pure wisdom in the Idea cerebrum, intuition in Medulla, Peace and tranquility in Idea Visuddha chakra, as controller of Life force in Idea Anahata, self-controller in Idea Manipura, as fortitude in Idea Swadhistana, and as power of resistance as well as epicenter of incessant thoughts in Idea Mooladhara chakra.
Gopyam and Rahasyam are very important words in Sanskrit.
Gopyam = the concealed.  Rahasyam= ra+hasyam= rahita haasyam= not to be laughed of.
Sadhana is not to be laughed of, it is a very serious business.
Thoughts are not visible outwardly, they are invisible and concealed. Savam (dead body) will not have any thoughts. Sivam (living one) is auspicious one. Sivam has thoughts. Thoughts are the rays of consciousness.
Kavita (Poetry) comes out of Kavi (Poet).  Likewise Gopika has come out of Guptam. So all Gopikas are nothing but different  thoughts. So each thought, good or bad, is an embodiment of consciousness.
Sarvam khalu idam Brahma. The Consciousness exists everywhere. It is all penetrating/all pervasive. Sun and sunrays are not two different things. Likewise Srikrishnaparamatma and Srikrishna Consciousness are not two different things.

Srikrishnaparamatma or Srikrishna Consciousness are not limited and tangible things.
Yogi will have only one Thought i.e., Paramatma thought.
Ordinary man will have several thoughts, say 16,000 thoughts. No body can count the unlimited thoughts that are emanated out of the mind. Just for the sake of it, it was mentioned as 16,000 thoughts. In a huge gathering, one cannot count the number of people attended. They give the  approximate numbers. Here is the same case in respect of 16,000 thoughts mentioned.  16,000 Gopikas are in fact 16,000 thoughts. So there is Cosmic consciousness (Srikrishnaparamatma) behind each and every thought/Gopika. This is inner meaning of Srikrishna is having  16,000 Gopikas.
Five airs:
Pranavayu protects decay of body.
Vyanavayu protects the body from anaemia, and low and high blood pressures.
Samanavayu protects the body from weak digestion.
The organs, muscles, tandons, and membrenes  etc. should not grow more than required. Udaanavayu protects this.
Apanavayu protects the body from the growth of toxins, Gastric problems, tumors, the growth of Cancer cells and piles problems. 
When the Cosmic consciousness enters Idea body, it is transformed into Idea Consciousness. When this Idea Consciousness enters into Subtle body it is transformed into Subtle Consciousness. When this Subtle Consciousness enters into Physical body, then this Subtle Consciousness is transformed into Physical Consciousness. The spirituality of Cosmic Consciousness will be getting distorted due to these transformations. The Physical Consciousness is the lowest amongst all the consciounesses, Physical, Subtle, and Idea.
The pure wisdom is manifested as discriminating intelligence (Buddhi).  That Buddhi is manifested as Blind mind, the slave of senses.  Lastly that mind is manifested as inert physical body. 
Sadguru—Guru preceptor:
The sadhak may worship Sadguru in three ways with affection.
1) he can submit himself or surrender himself totally to Sadguru.
2) he can remove his doubts by questioning the Sadguru with meaningful questions.
3)  by serving Guru with dedication he may please sadguru.
The sadhak should practice his Sadhana regularly on daily basis and should behold his Sadguru in Kootastha with love and affection and then get rid of his doubts.
Kriyayoga sadhana:
The lotus leaf will be untouched by water in spite of dwelling in the water. Likewise who dedicates all his actions to Parabrahman and remains in dispassion will not be touched by any sin. 
The Kriyayoga Sadhak withdraws his life force, ego, and Consciousness into his spinal cord. He will direct them as a single stream of electicity into Chitri sookshmanadi surrounded by Vajra and Sushumna.  That stream of electricity shall be sent to Parabrahman in ascending order through Brahmanadi residing in side of Chitri subtle nadi. In descending order, the Parabrahman shall be entering into this inert body through spinal cord as Soul, Life force, and Consciousness gradually. And then making this inert body active.
Agni means Kundalinee life force. Sadhak has to achieve the control of life force. The sadhak who achieved this control of life force, his course of travel will be light or Cosmic consciousness i.e., he will travel towards Sahasrarachakra. This path is called Sukla (white) Yaanam (travel).  Here day means the third eye the sadhak beholds in his Kootastha. Six  months Uttaraayan means the six chakras, Moolaadhaara, Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anaahata, Visuddha, and Agna Chakras. North (Uttara) is Sahasraara chakra. In these the sadhak will experience six different types of experiences. 
This way, the life force and consciousness of Sadhak will travel towards North. It will cross three spinal cords, Sushumna, Vajra, and Chitri. Finally it will cross the most subtle spinal cord, Brahmanadi in Karanasareera, gets united with God, the Parabrahman. He will get rid of circuit of mundane existence.
In ordinary people, the life and consciousness will travel downwards i.e., dark path, Krishnaayaana maarg.
Smoke means Ignorance, night means the state of ignorance, six months Dakshinaayanam means the life force and consciousness travels down from Aagnaa, Visuddha, Anaahata, Manipura, Swaadhistaana, and Moolaadhaara chakraas. So travelling, the cosmic consciousness degraded into utter human consciousness and entangles in this circuit of mundane existence firmly without any moor.   Moolaadhaara chakra is South.
When jeeva transmigrates from one body into another body, he will carry his subtle body along with Ignorant Kaaranasareera (Ideabody), desires, actions (Karma), and pancha mahatatwas (Five electricities). 
The Ideabody will have top secret invisible chip called Chitragupta chittaa. It contains all data about the Jeeva.
Jeeva means the impure soul containing the above said traits.
Jeeva will travel through ether, Air, smoke, the rainy clouds. Then through grains he becomes food and enters the man who consumes that food. That form is called Annaswaroopa.
From that body of man who has taken the food, he will enter into vagina of lady with whom this man has done intercourse as Shukla, sperm.  There he will combine with Sonitam, ovum, of Lady. 
The subtle body, the subtle portions of tainted panchabhootatatwaas, the results of good and bad actions, desires in the form of traits,  and three Gunaas(satwa-positive, Rajas-neutral, and tamas-negative) are cotravellers till one gets liberated.
After the fall of physical body, senses will merge with Antahkarana, Antahkarana into Praana along with the results of actions etc will merge with Jeeva-impure soul, for yogi or ordinary man, in the same process.
The Udaana vaayu in the Visuddha will send the Jeeva to higher or lower echelon worlds pertinent to the results of good or bad actions (Karma).
There are eleven outlets in our body.
Brahmarandhra—1, nostril outlets—2, eye outlets/holes—2, ear holes—2, Mouth—one hole, Phallus—one hole, anus—one hole, navel—one hole.
Every human is having 72,000 subtle nadis. Ida(left), Pingala(right) and Sushumna subtle nadi in the spinal cord are very important three subtle nadis amongst them. 
Sushumna starts from Moolaadhara chakra and ends in Sahasrarachakra underneath the Brahmarandhra travelling through spinal cord. Men of pure wisdom, yogis, Jeevanmuktaas, shall go through this path while leaving this physical sack.
Ida extends upto left side of the nostril from Mooladhara through spinal cord. This is called Chandranadi, Pitruyaananadi, or Krishnapaksha Nadi.  The men of ignorance, the seekers of Karmaphal (results of actions), will travel through this path.
Pingala extends upto Right side of the nostril from Mooladhara through spinal cord. This is called Suryanadi, Devayaananadi, or Shuklayana Nadi.  The men of wisdom, the sacrificers of Karmaphal (results of actions), will travel through this path.
Jeevanmukta will be only witnessing this world without any attachment.
The meditating sadhak, the meditation, and the subject of meditation together are called TRIPUTI. 
After the fall of physical sack the Jeeva can travel through any nadi or any hole mentioned above 11 holes, pertinent or proportional to his Karma.
Kundalinee saadhana is called Srividya. In this five important things are to be followed scrupulously.  They are:
Aahaaraniyamam (Food conditions): To eat saatwik food.
Aatmaniyamam (Self conditions): To control the senses.
Nivaasa niyamam (Dwelling conditions): Not to stay in unwanted places.
Pravartana niyamam (Character pattern): Not to use undesirable means to earn money.
Samsarga niyamam (friendship conditions): Not to do unwanted friendship.
To go within:
After following Yama, Niyama, AAsana, and Pratyaahaara, if the sadhak does 12 good Praanaayaamaas, then he will go within. This is called Pratyaahaar or Antarmukhatwam. 
If the he cannot go within with this, then the sadhak should go on adding multiples 12 Pranayaamas till he goes within.
If the sadhak does 144 good Praanaayaamaas, then he will get Dhaarana i.e., concentration of mind.
If the sadhak cannot get Dhaarana with this, then he should go on adding multiples 12 Pranayaamas till he gets concentration of mind.
If the sadhak does good Praanaayaamaas of 1728 or more, then his meditation will be stabilized.
In one sitting, in one posture, if the sadhak does 20736 good Praanaayaamaas, then he will get Samaadhi, the ecstatic union with God, at that time of that day.
This body is Rath, Chariot. Soul/self is Rathika, the charioteer.
Intellect is the Driver.Mind is the reins.Senses are Horses.
 The sadhak who attains salvation shall enter Parabrahman and shall never get the miserable and transient mundane existence.
If the Kundalinee power of sadhak is settled in Sahasraara Chakra, then he will get Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the highest state of ecstatic union with God.
The next stage is Mahasamadhi, the eternal unision with God, the Parabrahman. For him there is no further mundane existence. In case such sadhak takes birth, it is only for the welfare of mankind.
Parabrahman and Paramatma is one and the same. Brahmam pervaded through Ignorance. Its result is Creation. If the Brahmam is supposed as four parts then one part is Jagat, creation, having Name and form. This is called Vyakta Brahmam or vyaakrita Brahmam. This is visible to the senses. This is God in Creation.
The remaining three parts of the Brahmam is Avyakta Brahmam, Nirakara or Avyaakrita Brahmam. This is not visible to the senses. This is beyond Creation.  This is Sat, Chit, and Anand. This is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. This is truth, goodness and beauty.  
Ateetam: Suppose you sat in a room. The room is in you as well as beyond you. This is called Ateetam. But you cannot be beyond room. Likewise God is in you and beyond you.  An electronic gadget requires Electrical energy to make it work. Likewise our body requires Cosmic Energy to become conscious.
Hydrogen and oxygen are not visible to the naked eye. These two invisible airs combine together to become visible water. Sun is having effulgence which is inherent. Likewise this inert Creation, born out of ignorance is called MAYA. Ma not true, Ya means true.    Maya is inherent of Parabrahman, the  Cosmic Energy.  The very basis or its existence is due to Parabrahman.
The Yogi who has fully recognized Parabrahman in everything cannot find Maya. Likewise man imbued with Maya cannot recognize all pervasive Paramatman.
Inert Maya, Ignorance, is the  cause of Creation but not the steady Brahmam. This Maya is called Yogamaya.
Yogamaya consisting of Satwa-positive, Rajo-Neutral, and Tamo- negative, Gunas, qualities, is called Chit Sakti, Mahamaya, or Moolaprakriti, the root cause of creation.
Kaarana srishti—Idea Creation:
Ignorance, Avidya, became creative with the presence of Cosmic Consciousness.
From Ignorance, Avidya, impregnated with Cosmic Consciousness manifested.
 Then Space-Sound, or Akaas-Sabda, manifested.  Then air-touch, or Vayu-sparsh, manifested out of Space. Then Fire-form, or Agni-roop, manifested out of  Vayu-sparsh.  Then water-taste, or aapah(jal)-rasa(ruchi), manifested out of Agni-roop. Then finally earth-smell, or Prithvi-gandha, manifested out of aapah(jal)-rasa.
The iron nails will not have its own magnetism. They get magnetized due to the presence of a Natural magnet.  Likewise the cosmic consciousness gradually entered into Akasa(Space), Air(Vaayu), Fire(Agni), Water(Varuna) and Earth(Prithvi). These With the presence of Cosmic Consciousness became active and conscious.  These electricities are by themselves insentient but with the presence of Parabrahmam they become sentient.
Sound(Sabda), Touch(Sparsh), Form(Roopa), Taste(Ruchi) and Smell(Gandha), five attributes, are called Pancha Tanmatras. Omkaar is the first and foremost Sound that came out of Ignorance or Primordial nature, Moola prakriti.
This whole Jagat, Creation, borne out of OMKAR. These subtle Panchamahabhootas shall have Satwa(Positive), Rajo(Neutral) and Tamo(Negative) Gunas, qualities. The Ignorance with three Gunas is called primordial ignorance, Moola Agnaanam, Karana Srishti, Idea creation.
The idea body/creation is called Apancheekrita or  untreated vibratory electricities, and is called Mahat. 
Subtle creation:
In half of untreated Samishti Satwa Guna Sookshma Pancha Mahabhootaas (Macro Positive predominant Subtle Five Electricities) Pancha Gnaanedriyas(Five Sense organs) gradually manifested.  That means Shrotram(Ear) from Space(Akasa), sparsh(Skin) from Air(Vayu), Chakshu(eye) from Fire(Agni), rasa(tongue) from Water(Varuna), and Gandha (Smell) from Prithvi (Earth) manifested.  These Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nose are not Physical organs. They are the powers only. 
From the rest of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) five Electricities  Antahkarana manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Akasha (Space) Paramatma Himself entered.
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Vayu(Air) Manas(Mind) manifested.  
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Agni(Fire) determinating Intellect (Nischayaatmaka Buddhi) manifested.  
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Varuna(Water) wavering Mind (Manas) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Prithvi(Earth),  Ego(Ahamkaar) with I-ness manifested.

In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Subtle Five Electricities) Pancha Karmendriyas(Five Action organs) gradually manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Akasha (Space) Speaking power(Vaak) i.e., Mouth manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Vayu(Air) skilled working power(kriyasakti) i.e., hands(paani) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Agni(Fire) walking power (Gamanasakti) i.e., feet(Paadam) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Varuna(Water) Eliminating Power (visarjanasakti) i.e., Paayuvu(Anus) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Prithvi(Earth) Enjoying Power(Ananda Sakti) i.e., Phallus-penis(Lingam)  manifested.

From the rest half of untreated subtle Rajo Guna(Neutral) Macro Pancha Mahabhootas (Five Electricities), Mukhyaprana(prime Chief Life force) manifested. This chief life force is divided gradually into Five Pranas(Pancha Pranas) because of the works it does.
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Akasha, Prana Vayu(location—Heart) manifested.

From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Vayu, Apana Vayu(location—Anus) manifested. 
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Agni, Vyana Vayu(location—Whole body, Sarva Shareera) manifested. 
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Varuna, Udana Vayu(location—Gullet, Kantha) manifested. 
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Prithvi, Samana Vayu(location—Navel, Nabhi) manifested.

Subtle Creation

For Subtle Creation, there will be reigning deities. To understand them the following table is given: 

          Srikrishna Consciousness (God in Parabrahman)
                                 Ignorance (Avidya)          
                   Karana Srishti(Idea Creation)
     ( Roopa)
  Taste      (Ruchi)
    Smell  (Gandha)

Ignorance(Avidya) with its three qualities, Satwa, Rajo and Tamo, and Akasa, Vayu, Agni, Varuna, and Prithvi, together is called Karana Srishti, Idea Creation.
From half of untreated Positive predominant five electricities, Antahkarana is manifested. From the remaining Positive predominant five electricities Sense organs manifested. These are not Physical organs. They are powers only.
Half of positive satwaguna 5 electricities                            Half of positive satwaguna 5 electricities (pancha Maha bhootas)                                                                    (pancha Maha bhootas)
Reigning deity

Sense organs
Reigning deity
½  Akasa (Cosmic consciousness)
½  akasa
Ear (shrotram)
½ vayu (wavering mind)
Moon (Chandra)
½ vayu
½ Agni
 (determinating intellect, Buddhi)
½ Agni
Eyes (chakshu)
Sun or surya
½water-varuna (feeling-chittam)
½earth-Prithvi (Ahamkar)
Atasswini Dev

From half of untreated Neutral (RajoGuna) predominant five electricities, Sense organs are manifested. These are not Physical organs. They are powers only. From the remaining Neutral(RajoGuna) predominant five electricities Pancha Pranas manifested.
Half of Neutral(Rajo guna) 5 electricities                            Half of Neutral(Rajo guna) 5 electricities   (pancha Mahabhootas)                                                                      (pancha Mahabhootas)
(5 electricities)
(action organ)
 Reigning deity
Five airs
( pranas)
Five pranas
Reigning deity
½ Akasa (space)
(talking power)
Agni (fire)
½Akasa (space)
½ vayu
Kriya shakti
½ vayu
½ agni
Walking power
½ agni
Vyana (whole body)
½ varuna
Elimination power ( anus)
½ varuna
Udana (throat)
½ prithvi
Enjoying power
½ prithvi
Samaana (navel)

Subtle creation consists of 19 elements, Tatwas. They are 5 Sense Organs, Five Organs of Action, 5 Pranas, 4 Antahkaran.  This Subtle creation is not visible to the Naked eye.

5 Sense Organs
Five Organs of Action
5 Pranas
4 Antahkaran
19 Elements.

The five Pancha Tanmatras combined in different proportions lead to Physical Creation, Sthoola Srishti. Half of the untreated Macro negative Electricities  gradually combines with 1/8 of the rest of the Mahabhootas to become physical Electricities, Panchamahabhootas. Please see the table given below:
Space, Akaasha
Air, Vayu
Fire, Agni
Water, Varuna
Earth, Prithvi
Space, Akaasa
Air, Vayu
Fire, Agni
Water, Varuna
Earth, Prithvi

The treated five electricities, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, are called as such henceforth.
The Positively predominant Subtle five Electricities is manifested from Primordial Ignorance, Avidya, Moola Prakriti, with three qualities i.e., Gunas, Satwa (positive), Rajo(Neutral) and Tamo(Negative).  These Positively predominant five electricities were each having only one attribute respectively. That is Positively predominant  Akasha(Space) had Sabda (Sound), Vayu(Air) had Sparsha(Touch), Agni(Fire) had Roopa(Form), Varuna(Water) had Rasa(Taste) and Prithvi(Earth) had Gandha(Smell). These Sabda, Sparsha, Roopa, Rasa and Gandha are called Tanmatras(Powers) but not fleshy organs that are visible to naked eye. 

This Physical creation, Sthoola Srishti, is not like this. Physical Akasha had Sabda,
Vayu had Sabda and Sparsha,
Agni had Sabda , Sparsha and Roopa,
Varuna had Sabda , Sparsha,  Roopa and Rasa,
Prithvi had Sabda , Sparsha,  Roopa, Rasa and Gandha.
Akasha=Space, Vayu=Air, Agni=Fire,
Varuna/ Jalam=Water and Prithvi=Earth.
Sabda=Sound, Sparsh=Touch, Roop=Configuration, Rasa= Taste,  and Gandha= Smell.
Sthoola/Bhautika=Physical, Sookshma=Subtle, Karana=Idea.    Chaitanyam= Consciousness
From these Five Physical Electricities, the following manifested:
Jarayu= Animals with four legs,
Andajam= the beings that come out of eggs like birds, and  crawling creatures like snakes etc., 
Swedajam= mosquitoes, worms etc and
Udbhijam= trees and plants that cannot move and confined to a fixed place.

The physical antahkarana consisting of Mano(Mind), Buddhi (Intellect), Chitta and Ahamkaara (Ego) is manifested from Physical Five Electricities called Akasha Panchakam. Akasha menans Space, Pancha or Panchakam means Five. 

Sthoola(Physical) Pancha Pranas from Sthoola Vayu(Air) Panchakam, Sthoola Pancha Gnanendriyas (Five Physical Sense organs) from Sthoola Agni Panchakam, Sthoola Pancha Tanmatras(Five Physical Powers) from  Sthoola Jalapanchakam and last but not the least sthoola Pancha Karmendriyas(Five Physical organs of action) from sthoola prithvi panchakam are manifested.
Paramatma   or Cosmic Consciousness entered Himself/itself into half of Sthoola Akasha(Space).  Nothing is self effulgent. They effulge due to the presence of Cosmic Consciousness.
In the remaining half of Sthoola Akasha(Space) (1) Samishti Sthoola Ahamkaar(Macro Physical ego), samishti Sthoola Chittam(Macro Physical feeling), Samishti Sthoola Buddhi(Macro Physical determinating Intellect) and Samishti Sthoola Manas(Macro Physical wavering Mind with attractions and repulsions) were manifested. See the table given below which is self explanatory.

½Samisti Sthoola Akasha (Macro Physical Space)  Antah karana
Cosmic Consciousness (Paramatma Chaitanya)
1/8 Physical Space(Sthoola Akasha)+1/8 Physical Earth (Sthoola Prithvi)
Physical Macro Ego (Sthoola Samishti Ahamkaar)
1/8 Physical Akasha +1/8 Water(Sthoola Varuna)
Sthoola (Physical Macro) Samishti Chitta(feeling)
1/8 Physical Akasha +1/8 Sthoola Agni(Physical Fire)
Physical Macro Intellect
(Sthoola Samishti Buddhi)
1/8 Physical Akasha +1/8 Physical Air(Sthoola Vayu)
Physical Macro Mind (Sthoola Samishti Manas)

Physical Airs(5 Pranas):
Half of Samisti Sthoola Vayu(Macro Physical Air) is manifested as Samishti(Macro) Vyanavayu.
In the remaining half Sthoola Vayu(Physical Air) the rest of the Samishti(Macro) Physical airs, Sthoola Samishti Samana, Udana, Apana and Prana , manifested. Vyana is the catalyst for Prana and Apana Vayu to make them flow wherever required. See the table given below which is self explanatory.
½ Samishti Sthoola Vayu(Macro Physical Air)
Samishti Sthoola (Macro Physical) Vyana Vayu
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Akasha
Samishti Sthoola (Macro Physical) Samana Vayu
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Agni
Samishti Sthoola(Macro Physical) Udana vayu
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Varuna
Samishti Sthoola(Macro Physical) Prana vayu
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Prithvi
Samishti Sthoola (Macro Physical) Apana vayu

Physical Gnaanendrias(5 sense organs):

Half of Samisti Sthoola Agni(Macro Physical Fire) is manifested as Eye(Seeing power/Optical).
In the remaining half Samisti Sthoola Agni(Macro Physical Fire),  the rest of the Physical Sense organs, Samishti Srotra(Macro Hearing Power/Auditory), Twak (Macro Power of touch/Tactual), Samishti Rasa (Power of Touch/Tactual) and Samishti Ghrana (Macro Smelling/ Olfactory Power) manifested.   See the table given below which is self explanatory. 
½ Sthoola(Macro Physical) Agni (Fire)
Samishti Sthoola Netramu(Macro PhysicalEye)
1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Akaash(Space)
Sthoola Samishti Sravanam (Macro Physical Ear)
1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Vayu(Air)
Sthoola Samishti Charmam (Macro Physical Skin)
1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Varuna(Water)
Sthoola Samishti Jihva(Macro Physical Tongue)
1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Prithvi (Earth)
Sthoola Samishti Ghramnam (Macro Physical Nose)

Physical 5 Tanmatras:
Half of Samishti Sthoola Varuna(Macro Physical Water) is manifested as Samishti Rasa(Power of Macro Taste/Gustatory).
In the remaining half Samishti Sthoola Varuna(Macro Physical Water), the rest of the Samishti Sthoola Tanmatras(Macro Physical Powers) viz., Samishti Sthoola Sabda (Macro Physical Sound ), Samishti Sthoola Sparsha (Macro Physical Touch), Samishti Sthoola Roopa(Macro Physical Seeing) and Samishti Sthoola Gandha (Macro Physical Smell)manifested.   See the table given below which is self explanatory. 

½ Samishti Sthoola Varuna (Physical Water)
Samishti Sthoola Rasa Tatwa (Macro Physical)
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Akasha
Samishti Sthoola Sabda (Macro Physical Sound--ear ) 
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Vayu
Samishti Sthoola Sparsha (Macro Physical Touch--skin)
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Agni
Samishti Sthoola Roopa(Macro Physical Seeing--eye)
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Prithvi
Samishti Sthoola Gandha (Macro Physical Smell—nose)

5 Karmendriyas (Organs of Action):
Half of Samishti Sthoola Prithvi(Macro Physical Earth) is manifested as Sthoola Samishti Paayu(Macro Physical Anus/Excrete).
 In the remaining half Samishti Sthoola Prithvi(Macro Physical Earth), the rest of the Karmendriyas, Organs of Action, viz., Sthoola Samishti Macro Physical Mouth (Vaakk /Talk), Sthoola Samishti Paani(Macro Physical Hands/Exercise Manual skill or Kriyasakti), Sthoola Samishti Paadam(Macro Physical Feet/Walk or gamanasakti) and Sthoola Samishti Upastha/Sishnam (Macro Physical Phallus /Procreate or Ananda sakti), manifested.    See the table given below which is self explanatory. 

½ Samisti Sthoola Prithvi(Macro Physical Earth)
Sthoola Samishti Paayu(Macro Physical Anus/Excrete)
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 Sthoola Aakash
Sthoola Samishti Macro Physical Mouth/talk (Vaakk)
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi+1/8 Sthoola Vayu
Sthoola Samishti Paani. (Macro Physical Hands/Exercise Manual skill)
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 Sthoola Agni
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 Sthoola Agni = Sthoola Samishti Paadam(Macro Physical Feet/walk)
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 Sthoola Varuna
Sthoola Samishti Upastha/Sishnam (Macro Physical Phallus/Procreate or Anandasakti)

The Physical Creation consists of 24 Elements/Tatwas. They are 5 Sense organs(Gnanendriyas), 5 organs of Action, (Karmendriyas), 5 Pranas, 5 Tanmatras(Powers) and 4 Antahkaran(Manas/Mind, Buddhi/Intellect, Chitta/Feeling and Ahamkaara/Ego).

5 Sense organs
5 organs of Action, (Karmendriyas)
5 Pranas
5 Tanmatras
4 Antahkaran (Manas/ Mind, Buddhi/ Intellect, Chitta/Feeling and Ahamkaara/Ego)
Total 24 elements.

Five Pranas and five Subtle vibratory Electricities/Sookshma Mahabhootas, inform all matter in Solids, Liquids, fiery, gaseous and etheric form.
Five sense organs, five Action organs, five Five Tanmatras, Five Pranas, and Antahkarana, together are called Kulam(Caste). The castes and their rites are given below:
Five sense organs: Ear, Skin, Eye, Tongue and Nose.
Five Action Organs: Mouth, Feet, Palms, Phallus(penis) and Anus.
Five Tanmatras: Hearing power, Touching power, Seeing power, Tasting power and Smelling power.
Five Pranas: Prana(Crystallization),
                     Apana (Elimination),
                     Vyaana (Circulation),
                     Samana (Assimilation),     and
                     Udana (Metabalization)

They are:--
Physical (Sthoola), Subtle (Sookshma), and Idea (Karana) bodies.
Idea body has 51 initial feelings.
8 amongst them pertain to Idea body.  They are five Pancha mahabhootas, and three Gunas viz., Satwa, Rajas, and Tamo.
19 amongst them pertain to Subtle body.  They are untreated Five Karmendriyas (Action organs), Five Gnanendriyas (Sense organs), Five Pranas (Airs), and Mano (Wavering mind), Buddhi (discriminating Intellect), Chitta (Sphere of thinking) and Ahamkaar (Ego), called Antahkarana.
24 ideas pertain to Physical (Sthoola) body. They are:--
Treated Five Gnanendriyas (Sense organs), Five Pranas (Airs), Five Tanmatras (Forces) and Mano (Wavering mind), Buddhi (discriminating Intellect), Chitta (Sphere of thinking) and Ahamkaar (Ego), called Antahkarana.
                Physical Body
      Subtle Body
Idea Body

If water is frozen then it becomes Ice.  Likewise Physical Body is nothing but solidified vibrating force only.The vibrations of energy and mind is subtle body. The pure vibratory Cosmic Energy is Idea Body.
Physical Body is Food depandant, Subtle body is dependant on Cosmic Energy, will power and Thinking magnitudes, and Idea body is dependant on Pure wisdom and beatitude.
When a product comes out of a factory, it produces sound initially. Likewise when Creation is manifested out of Maya, Cosmic Sound i.e., OM is produced. This OM is the combination of  Akaar, Ukaar and Makaar. The macro Physical, Subtle and Idea worlds constitutes this Universe which is replica of OMKAR only.
Karana sareera(Idea body):
Anandamaya kosa (Blissful sheath) is Karanasareera. It comprises three Gunas, Satwa, Rajas, and Tamas, the primordial ignorance, form of delusion.  It is an armour of ignorance.  This is the origin of Subtle five Electricities, Aakaasa (Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), and Prithvi (Earth).  This is root cause of Creation.

Sookshmasareera (Subtle body):
Vignaanamaya, (wisdom sheath), Manomaya(mind sheath), and Pranamaya (Life force sheath), together comprises Sookshma sareera. 
Untainted Panchamahabhootas(Five electricities),  Pancha karmendriyas(Five Action organs), Pancha Gnanendriyas (powers of hearing, touch,seeing, taste, and smell), Five Pranas, and Antahkarana(Mind, Intellect, Feelings, and Ego). 
Sthoola sareera(Physical body):
The physical body is made of tainted negative traits(Tamo Guna).  It comprises five physical Panchamahabhootaas, Pancha Gnaanendriyas(Sense organs) made of these physical Pancha mahabhootaas, Pancha Karmendriyas(Action organs),  Pancha Praanaas(Five Airs) and Antahkarana.
They are of three types, Jagrata, Swapna, and Sushupti.
Jagrataavastha(Waking State):
The Cosmic consciousness initially enters into Kaarana (Idea body) sareera, then to sookshma (Subtle body) sareera, and from there it enters into Sthoola (Physical) sareera, by which all the three bodies become active and conscious.
Swapnavastha, Avachetanaavastha or Nidravastha (Sleeping state):
Karana (Idea body) sareera and Sookshma (Subtle body) sareera, and  both the bodies become active and conscious. Physical body will be inactive and sleepy.
Sushupti or Adhichetanaavastha (Super conscious level):
In deep sleep and deep meditation both subtle and physical bodies will be inactive. The senseless ignorant form of Karanasareera is merged with Cosmic consciousness and the rest subtle and Physical will be inactive.

MUDRAAS and Bandhams
Mudraas will enable the life force that is flowing in our chakras to flow into Physical nerves and make the body healthy. They will keep the balance of body, mind & Soul. One ounce of practice is better than one tonne of theory. So every human being must make use of human life by practicing yoga meditation.
KHECHARI: Fixing the gaze on the Kootastha, by closing or opening the eyes, putting the tongue in the gullet & then doing pranayama taught by Satguru.
BHOOCHARI: With half closed eyes fixing the gaze on the nose.
MADHYAMA: Fixing the gaze on Kootastha and then seeing the horizon while doing pranayama.
SHANMUKHI: Nostrils, both eyes, ears & mouth are to be closed. Then to retain life force in Kootastha and do internal retention.
SAAMBHAVI: Doing meditation with spine erect, looking straight, and while retaining the life force in Padma or Sukha Aasana.
Face East or Noth. Spinal cord should be erect. Keep the Neck straight. Sit in Vajrasan, Padmasan, Sukhaasan, or Armless chair. Sit in Gnaanamudra or Lingamudra. Sit a bit relaxed. Fix the gaze in Kootastha, the place between eye brows. Apply Khecharee Mudra. 

Replica, tatwa
Disease /removal
Thumb/ angushta
Brahman, Agni.

Index/ tarjani 
Soul and vaayu(touch)
Skin, Parkinson
Lack of immunization capacity, weakness, nose problems

All the Mudras must be done with both the hands.
Except Abhaya mudra, all mudras can be practiced for 20 minutes for best results.
Dhyana Mudras provide mental peace and tranquility, glow in the face and awakens the sleeping Kundalinee force.
Procedure & Benefit
Both palms should be kept nearer to the chest with wide open.
With this the masters will display their blessings.
Fold the thumb as shown and cover it with the rest of fingers making it into fist.
Lungs will be filled with Life force fully so that blood will be purified. Good for Heart.

Fold and press all the four fingers as   shown, keeping the thumb erect.
Gives strength to the spinal cord. Ameliorates lumbago.
Raise your both hands pressing together and putting Namaskarams as shown up above your head.
Removes throat pains.

Keep your middle erect and fold the rest of fingers.
Good for concentration and eye problems.

Apaana vaayu Mudra:
Press top of index finger with the root of the thumb and press top of ring and middle fingers with top of thumb. The little finger should be erect.
Very good for people with Weak hearts. Removes gas in the stomach. Good for Asthma and vhigh blood pressure,heart problems, high bloodpressure, it is good to apply this mudra
while going up stairson the steps.
Press kanishta with the root of the thumb.  Keep the rest of the fingers straight.
Running nose, diarrhoea, obesity.
Keep the thumb of second palm between the ring finger and little finger of the first hand. Now press the thumb of first palm and the ring finger of second palm.
Good for Kidneys, and liver diseases

Little finger and ring finger should be bent and press. Now press the nailed portions of the other three fingers up and straight as shown.
Strengthens the ligaments in Lower abdomen. Removes
menstrual problems.
Sunya Mudra:
Press middle finger with root of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight.
Removes all types of ENT problems. Also removes thyroid related problems. Strengthens weak Gums.
Surya/Agni Mudra:
Press the top of ring finger with the root of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight.
Removes obesity, body tension, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Liver-relatedproblems. Improves heat in the body.
Vayu Mudra:
Press top of index finger with root of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight.
Removes gastric problems,paralysis,Sciatica, joint pains,
Arthritis, Rheumatism, neck pains, back pains and Parkinson's disease.
Varuna Mudra:
Press top of little finger with top of thumb and keep
the rest of the fingers straight.
Removes dry skin, skin becomes soft and shiny.
Removes skin diseases,purifies blood, removes
Acne, pimples etc., Removes Anaemia and frequent- urination problems.
Prithvi Mudra:
Press top of ring finger with top of thumb and keep the
rest of the fingers straight.
Removes weakness, Improves weight, life force improves, improves digestion, improves positive and
constructive qualities, improves health, peace of mind and yoga sadhana.
Left hand palm middle of Thumb should be pressed with index finger nailed part.  Rest of the fingers should be straight.
Right palm thumb, nailed part of middle and little fingers should be pressed.  Rest of the fingers should be straight.
Very good for lumbago.

Gnana Mudra:
Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the
rest of the fingers straight.
Improves memory power, wisdom, and interest in reading and yoga saadhana. Strengthens brain nerves. Removes headaches,sleeplessness and anger.

Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the
rest of the fingers straight. Put it on the knees as shown.
Good for Blood pressure, Positive thoughts, oedema, blood
Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the
rest of the fingers should be bent and press the palm and close it as shown. Put it on the knees as shown.
Good for Blood purification,  good for heart.  Strengthens the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Bend the thumb. Cover it with other fingers and press it. Do it for both hands. Now both the fists as shown. Put it near the navel.
Good for Blood purification, heart. Strengthens the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Put the right palm on the left palm and vice versa.
Good for Blood purification, heart. Strengthens the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Buddhi mudra:
Press the index finger with the root of the thumb. Rest of the fingers straight. Both the palms should press each other underneath the navel.
Good for Blood purification, good for heart.  Strengthens
the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Right palm should be kept on the  Left palm.  Both thumbs should touch each other.
Good for Blood purification,good for heart. Strengthens the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Press nailed portions of index fingers and thumbs of both the hands.  Keep the rest of the fingers woven together as shown. The nailed portions of thumbs should press the navel.
Good for Blood purification, good for heart.  Strengthens
the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.

Kundalinee mudra:
Both fists should be kept one above the other pressing the navel.
Blood purification,good for heart. Strengthens the
ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Garuda mudra:
Both palms should be wide open. Knot both the thumbs.
Good for paralysis, and
 breathing problems.
Gomukha mudra:
One palm should cover the other. Thumbs should be knotted.
Removes madness, hysteria,Removes laziness, anger,
and depression. Improves concentration. 
This is Dhyanamudra.
Kailaasa mudra:
Put namaskar up above the head touching the head.
Improves concentration. This is Dhyanamudra.
Khecharee mudra:
Bend the tongue back and keep it in the gullet underneath the small tongue.
Removes madness, hysteria,Removes laziness, anger,
and depression. Improves concentration. 
This is Dhyanamudra.
Kumbha mudra:
Fingers of both palms should be woven. The thumbs should be kept straight and touched to each other.
Blood purification, good for heart. Strengthens
the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Naaga mudra:
One palm should be kept on another palm. Both thumbs should be kept crossed like scissors.
Blood purification, good for heart. Strengthens the ligaments.This is Dhyaanamudra.
Praana Mudra:
Press top of little and
ring fingers with top of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight.
Removes nervous weakness, tiredness and body odor. Has disease-removing power. Improves peace of mind, immunization, vitamin deficiency,blood circulation and
life force. Makes body and  eyes shine.
Apaan Mudra:
Press  top of ring and middle fingers with top of thumb. Rest of the fingers straight.
Removes Constipation, and piles

Vaayan/vaatakaaraka mudra:
The nailed portions of index, middle, and thumb fingers should be pressed together. The rest of the fingers should be kept straight.
Good for Heat stroke, Diarrhoea, and obesity.
Pooshuni mudra

The triune—apaana, vaayana, and praana mudra—together is called pooshuni mudra. Do each mudra for 10 minutes by turns.
This removes all types of diseases.
Saambhavi mudra:
Fix the gaze in kootastha, then do meditation.
Improves concentration.  This is Dhyanamudra.
Cover one palm with another palm.  Both thumbs should touch each other, one above the other.
Removes madness, hysteria,Removes laziness, anger,
and depression. Improves concentration. 
This is Dhyanamudra.

Bhoocharee :

Fix the gaze on the tip of te nose below.
Improves concentration. This is Dhyanamudra.

Linga Mudra:
Join the fingers of both hands and press them in. Erect one thumb as shown.
Improves heat in the body.Removes Cough,Cold, Catarrh, Coryza and sinus problems. Very good remedy for low Blood Pressure and Asthma. 


Contrast the anus.
Removes Constipation,  piles,Asthma, joint pains,
Bronchitis, easy Offspring Delivery.
Aswani mudra
You must contrast and open the anus it. Do at least  100 times.
Removes Constipation,  piles,Asthma, joint pains,
Bronchitis, easy Offspring Delivery.

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