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Meditation in chakras--removal of diseases:

Meditation in chakras--removal of diseases:
The space between the eye brows is called ‘Kootastha’. Mooladhara chakra is nearer to Merudanda or Spinal cord near the anus. Underneath the Merudanda or spinal cord exists negative or south pole. Kootastha is positive or North pole. The merudanda is like a solenoid. The sushumna subtle nadi exists in this solenoid. On left side of Sushumna exists Ida. On right side of Sushumna Pingala subtle nadi exists. Now rotate the kundalinee life force from negative to positive, and positive to negative through this solenoid like spinal cord. make it an Antenna. Make spinal cord into an antenna. This is the essence of Kriyayoga. All the eddy currents are attracted towards this antenna. Some mudras and bandhams done with this will aid this. This will make this solenoid into a powerful magnet. It becomes a powerful source of energy. Hence it is called Kalpavruksha, Kamadhenu, and Vajrayudh, all meaning a powerful source of energy. Then these currents will be directed towards Sahasrara chakra underneath the Brahmarandhra in the middle of the skull. This Pranayam makes sadhak to experience indescribable bliss.
Oxygen is having energy only. Pranasakti or life force is having both energy and intelligence. Kriyayoga is a funeral of sorrows. See the following table:
Shaanti or amelioration
Sinus, cough, cold & catarrh, Diarrhoea, lymph system, Prostrate glands, bones, & mind.
Urino-genital system, spinal cord, appendix, tongue related problems, and anger.
Diadetes, paralysis, spleen, eye, anus, stomach, negative thinking, peace and tranquilty.
Asthama, respiratory diseases,mania, anxiety, heart diseases, in improving immunisation capacity, blodd purification, in eradicating hatred and criminal mind, improving love & affection.
Asthama, respiratory diseases,mania, allergic diseases, tuberculosis, rheumatism, arthritis, suicidal tendency,
Agna negative
Penal glands, nervousness, to improve semen count,  to improve mental weakness, good off spring.
Agna positive
Head aches, tension, cancer, depression, hatred, improves disease  removing capacity, to energige central nervous system.   
Energiging total nervous systems, improves semen count.  

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