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The divine conversation between Bhagavan Srikrishna & Arjuna is Shrimad Bhagavadgeeta simply called Gita. This was kindly given to the humanity by the Great illumined Sage Vedavyasa. The essence of 4 vedasa, 108 Upanishads and 6 systems of  learning Veda together constitute Gita
 Maha Bharata apparent meaning:
Dhritarashtra and king Pandu are brothers. Dhritarashtra is blind by birth. Blind man is not entitled to rule. So Pandu got the kingdom to rule.
Pandu had two wives, Kunti and Madri. Their offsprings are called Pandavas.  The offsprings of Dhritarashtra are called Kauravas.
The worm jealousy entered the mind of Duryodhana. He defeated the Pandavas deceitedly with the help of cunning Sakuni in ‘ the game of dice’, gambling. As per the conditions of this game, the Pandavas has to give kingdom   to  Duryodhana and they are to spend their life in  forest for 12 years and one year ‘in disguise’.
Pandavas  fulfilled the two conditions and returned to ask Duryodhana to give back their kingdom. They will send Srikrishna as an ambassador to Kauravas for negotiations but of no use. Duryodhana will not agree to give  even a space of needle. Kurukshetra war became inevitable.
Kurukshetra is Dharmakshetra, place of virtue. The armies of both sides, Pandavas and Kauravas, were lined up on either side face to face. Shree Krishna will install the chariot in between the armies at a vantage point as per the desire of  Arjuna who wanted to see the warriors of both sides. Seeing the close relatives like fathers, fathers-in-law, Maternal and paternal grand fathers, uncles, Teachers, brothers etc., Arjuna started wailing and asks Shree Krishna as to how can he kill these close relations for the sake of  material kingdom. He feels that it is a great sin. So he asks Krishna to preach him the Kartavyam, the duty. The result is Gita.

This Macro (Nature) is divided into three bodies viz., Sthoola(Physical), Sookshma(Subtle) & Karana(Causal) bodies. Man (Micro Prakriti) is made in the mould of Macro Prakriti. The deities that supervise these Macro & Micro Prakrities are given below:
Macro Sthoola Prakriti----Virat             Micro Sthoola Prakriti----Viswa.
Macro Sookshma Prakriti----Hiranyagarbha    Micro Sookshma Prakriti----Thaijasa
Macro Karana Prakriti---- Eeswara       Micro Karana Prakriti--- Pragna.
In Mahabharata Bhagavan Sri Krishna goes to Kauravas as an ambassador to negotiate for peace so as to avoid Kurukshetra War. The intolerant Kauravas tried to bind Sri Krishna with ropes. Then Sri Krishna shows his Viswaroopam to these Kauravas. Here Kauravas means negative forces that are acting within us to distract us from doing KRIYAYOGA SADHANA. So Sri krishna means the divine wisdom or Atmabodha or intuition.  Here the word used is Viswaroopam. The  word viratroopam is not used. Viswa pertains to Micro and the word Virat pertains to Macro.  That means one has to struggle hard oneself with the Guru given KRIYAYOGASADHANA to weed out negative forces like Duryodhana(desires-Kaama), Dussasana(Anger--Krodha), Karna(Greed—Lobha)), Sakuni(illusion--Moha), Salya(Pride--Mada), Kritaverma(Jealousy--Maatsarya) and 100 other Kauravaas which are within himself only not anywhere else..
It also means the Intuition cannot be bound by negative forces and this Intuition helps the Sadhak Arjun to continue KRIYAYOGA SADHANA without any fear. Any amount of negotiation(s) with negative force is of no use.   
In Bhagavadgita of Mahabharata there is a chapter called Viswaroopa sandarsana yogamu. This is Chapter number 11. In Sanskrit it is called Ekaadasa Adhyaayamu of Bhagavadgita. Eka= one Dasa=to see. Ultimately the purpose of Spirituality is to see God as one and be one with him.

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