Saturday, 23 July 2016

Foreword--Anatomy- Kriyayoga


This Anatomy- Kriyayoga is a wonderful book relating Human anatomy with Kriyayoga, the ancient science of uniting Soul with Spirit. The rendition of Kowta Markandeya Sastry, is unique, unparallel, with straight forward expression. Human Anatomy is a very tough subject to reckon with.  With his splendid and lucid explanation, Guruji has made the understanding of this subject easy, amenable, and interesting. I am confident that once we start reading this book, we will not put this book aside without finishing it till the end. This is a very valuable, and useful book, to professionals and others alike. I strongly and whole heartedly recommend each and everybody to read this book.
Dr. Meda Adisesha reddy,                                                  
Formerly Registrar, SVIMS University, Tirupathy.
Balaji Hospital, Kummari Street, Gudur—524101.

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