Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kriyayogasadhana-pracise it- English

Jaiguru, The past is dead, tomorrow is unborn, why bother about it? Bother about the present. Present is Gift.
We always praise the glory of Mahatmas in the past. We always save for the future. We may not be able to eat much due to diseases, meditate due to old age problems, and may not be able to put to use the money(colorful currency papers which may sometimes may be eaten away by termites etc).  We always say Anasuya/Ahalya/Arundhati etc is a great lady of chastity and praise their glory. Are our ladies not women of chastity working day & night sacrificing everything for the well being of us/our children? One simple pat will put them on the Himalayas. We always  praise the glory of Vashista, Viswamitra, Vivekananda, Yogananda. They are of the past. OK, what about you? Are you trying to become like them, following them in letter and spirit? Then what use of it by mere praising them?  Do Kriya Yoga & be happy.
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