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What is Kriya yoga...?

What Is Kriyayoga…?

Kriyayoga is commingling of 1) Hatha Yoga(energisation exercises), 2) Layayoga(So Ham and Aum techniques), 3) karmayoga(service), 4)Mantrayoga(Beejaakshara chanting in Chakras), and 5)Rajayoga(Pranayama techniques). Kriyayoga is an aeroplane way of reaching God.

Hey man, awake from this ignorance. “Sat” means the absolute/eternal Truth, Nyaasa means the Quest. Doer of the quest for absolute/eternal Truth is Sanyasa. . With the practice of KriyaYoga get Samadhi.  Sama(equal or merge with) Adhi (Parabrahman, God the father),  Merge with God.
 God has given Will power to Man. Misery, Pleasure, Happiness of Sense/Action organs are finally enjoyed by Physical body at last.
Man will not get any punishment until he does not utilise his Physical body for any crime. There is a provision for a change/realization till the last moment and can escape from the crime.  
The outgoing force of life energy at the base of the spine in Moolaadhara(Coccygeal)Chakra is called Kundalinee. The Kundalinee serpent force runs down through a circular passage coiled 3½
turns like a snake into the nerves. Only by super Psycho-Physical methods like Kriya Yoga Practice, this Kundalinee can be awakened.
The Kundalinee passage is the Gate Way of the outgoing Life Force at the base of the spine. This gateway is responsible for flooding the life current from the soul region of the different senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing, including the earth bound, physical, creative force of sex. When this is ego oriented then it is called sleeping Kundalinee. When it is God oriented due to Kriya sadhana, it is called awakened Kundalinee.
If the battery is not charged in regular intervals In a Mobile cell Phone whenever required, it will be dead. Man will bring his Prarabdha karma out of his accumulated Sanchita Karma. The main thing the man brings along with his Prarabdha karma is Hamsa’s. One Hamsa=One breath-in and one breath-out. To have a healthy and energetic life at least, one has to awaken the Kundalinee life force by doing Kriyayoga Sadhana 30 minutes in the morning and evening.   This Kundalinee force is called Draupadi in Mahabharata.

Kriyayoga Is A Science:
We need to spend nearly 40 thousands of proteins daily for our energy needs. With the regular practice of Kriyayoga we can increase these proteins and can remove ageing and diseases. The
lack of coordination betweens organs like liver, heart and kidneys etc and Live cells are the main reason for ageing and diseases.
Genes only can make the sick cells healthy. The required amount of push up can be given to genes with KriyaYoga thus leading to the coordination betweens organs like liver, heart and kidneys etc.
Hydrogen Bomb is made on the pattern of fusion, External retention of life force is called Baahya kumbhakam in Sanskrit. This External retention of life force or Baahya kumbhakam is akin to Hydrogen bomb. You can reduce the diseased cells through this External retention of life force or Baahya kumbhakam. In this External retention of life force or Baahya kumbhakam, the living cells are
kept out and then energy is created. Atom Bomb is made on the pattern of fission, Internal retention of
life force is called Antah kumbhakam in Sanskrit. This Internal retention of life force or Antahkumbhakam is akin to Atom bomb.
You can reduce the diseased cells through this Internal retention of life force or Antaha kumbhakam. In this Internal retention of life force or Antaha kumbhakam, the living cells are kept in and then
energy is created.
Every live cell is the replica of human being. Live cell contains GENE, GENE contains  CHROMOZOME, CHROMOZOME contains DNA. DNA molecule is very important constituent part of Live cell.
Every live cell can produce protein, GENE and ENZYMES. GENE shall indicates hereditary qualities. HARMONES will provide the necessary fillip to these Genes and causes healthiness. Only 100 out of thousands of genes that cause ill health were so far found out. It may take number of years to find out the rest of the disease causing Genes. With Chakra Dhyana, Beejakshara Dhyana in the chakraas i.e., chanting of root word in the respective plexus, Kriya yoga etc., one can produce the required amount of 40-50 thousands of proteins for the health of the body, and hence can live with peace and tranquility without any ill health. By over indulging in senses man can not drink or experience the sweetness inherent in the living cell.
Every living cell contain six acids viz., Deoxy adenylic, guanylic,Ribosy, & citedylic acids, thymidylic & phosphoric acids and also sweetness. The meditator or the aspiring Yogi while doing Aum meditation and then settles in Sahasrara chakra in the top of the head with KHECHARI MUDRA (a particular Yogic posture) can definitely experience this sweetness. This sweetness enters through
Idea Body to Subtle and then to Physical body. Ida naadi is river Ganga, Pingala naadi is river Yamuna and Sushumna is river Saraswati. These three subtle naadis merge at Kootastha or Agna+chakra. This is called confluence of three rivers i.e., Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati. The life force or Jeewaatma in the Kootastha reaches Sahasraara through only Sushumna. This is called samaadhi state. The rest of the nadis i.e., Ida and Pingala remain at Kootastha only.
Physical exercises, self control and meditating on Aum are the constituents of Kriya yoga. Kriyayoga is a metaphysical procedure. The blood is decarbonizes and will invigorate with life force. The living cells in the head are having positive polarity. The cells in the remaining body are having negative polarity. The blood invigorated with life force shall reduce the cell decay. The heart gets relief. Stopping the breath is given much importance in Rajayoga. In KRIYAYOGA, life force is controlled, spinal cord is magnetized, life force is directed to Sahasraara chakra on the top centre of the head, so that the nerves in the head get relief and ability. Breath is having energy only but not awareness. Life force is having both energy and awareness.

If you inhale(poorakam) and fill the kootastha (the place between eye brows) with life force fully and then exhale (rechakam) life force fully out of Moolaadhara chakra then there will be generation of electro magnetic force. Surrendering Senses to GOD is called PRAYER.Surrendering Ida,pingala & sushumna and 5 life forces is called sacred water ablutions(Abhishekamu) to GOD,Surrendering antahkarana (Mind) is called lighting a candle before GOD. Surrendering all the six plexuses is called offering flowers to GOD, surrendering quality of fire in Manipura Chakra is called  burning incense stick before GOD, surrendering all your desires is called offering food (Naiwedyamu) to GOD. This is called Eeswara pranidhaanamu or complete surrender.
Utility of Kriyayoga Meditation:
The meditation in plexus(chakraas) removes cruelty, revengeful attitude & stealing quality in Mooladhara chakra, doubtfulness in Swadhisthaana, hatred and one upmanship in Manipura, passionate mind & I am superior to everybody type of quality in Anaahata, greediness & chatter box quality in Visuddha and pride& hastiness in aagna chakraas.
Tapaha swadhyaayeswara pranidhaanaani kriyayogaha.
The combination of Severe Penance, reading & understanding of scriptures, and total surrender to GOD is called Kriyayoga.Surrendering all the results of Karma to God is called Eeswara Pranidhaanam. Patanjali is a replica of reunion of Atman and Brahman.

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