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kriyayogasadhana in English Part 1

God and His creation is not myth. It is reality. It is completely scientific.
A minimum of 15 – 20 years of continuous, strenuous study is required to become a good doctor, engineer or a scientist.  So, to understand Spirituality definitely certain years of continuous sadhana is required.  Simultaneously, Spiritual books are also required to be read.  So study of books and practice of sadhana should go hand in hand.
By showing a stone and magnifying it 10,000 times and calling it a mountain does not Satisfy the student.  If he is shown a mountain by taking him to one as such shall Satisfy him and he will properly and perfectly understand.  So is the case with esoteric knowledge.
 sss….  + Loka = Sloka.  So silence your inner world.  You will find God.  Too much of reading books shall confuse us and creates ego.  To realize the sweetness of a mango just eat it.  So God is.
Spirit & Jagat or Prakriti (nature) are inseparable.
An inert electronic gadget cannot work without the sentient electricity flowing into it.  Likewise this human body and its macro version that is total universe are inert without the sentient cosmic consciousness flowing into it.  How the tangible creation is manifested from intangible Spirit Paramatma?
Hydrogen atom and oxygen atom are not visible to the naked eye.  But the visible water molecules came into existence to quench our thirst and irrigational needs.  Likewise, the whole creation is manifested out of intangible Spirit.
The whole finite animated & in-animated universe has been manifested by Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient & all pervading Spirit through Maya.  Maya without Spirit is insentient or inert like immobile fan without electricity.  So Maya is responsible for creation.  And for this Maya needs Paramatma’s presence.  Head master may not do anything practically.  But his mere presence shall discipline the whole school. Same is the case with Paramatma in Maya.  His mere presence shall make the Maya disciplined.
While talking you cannot gulp and while gulping the grub you cannot talk.  Similarly for the yogi who is aware of the all pervasiveness of Spirit cannot apprehend Maya.  Likewise, an ordinary man cannot understand the Paramatma behind Maya as he recognizes Maya as such. 
Maya comprises three qualities.  Satva (+ve), Rajas (neutralizing) & tamas (-ve). These three qualities together are called Triputi.  Maya has several synonyms.  They are tamas, avidya, ignorance, prakriti, deluge & pradhanam etc.  The inert & insentient Maya becomes conscious with the presence of Paramatma.
If we put a Magnet on the table then there will be magnetic field around it.
Here the magnetic field is Maya.  Magnetic field is inert without the presence of magnet i.e., Paramatma. As mere presence of current is responsible for the rotation of electric fan indirectly but not directly as such. So the mere presence of Paramatma is responsible for Maya to start its creation programme. This faculty of Maya is having several synonyms.  They are Yoga Maya, Consort, Devi, Prakriti or Nature etc. Maya is energy. If you give a configuration concept it is called Devi.  Energy is neither male nor female.  As per the context we give the names, male plug or female plug.  It is same like that here.  Maya comprises of three qualities.  They are Satva, rajas & tamas.  So Maya in this
context is called avidya. In fact in Maya Satva is pre-dominant and the other two gunas (hitherto quality is called gunas) i.e., rajas, tamas are inactive. Then it is called Suddhasatwa maya.  When all the three gunas are active the same Maya is called avidya.  Certain type of clay is useful for making pots. Not the whole earth. Similarly the Maya with three gunas active, the integral part of Spirit, is utilized for the creation. Rather the creation came out of this Maya.  So the tangible Jagat or universe is the creation of avidya.  That is the reason this avidya is the root cause of creation.  It is as such called moola prakriti or moola agnanam or primordial nature or primordial ignorance. The water evaporated from water bodies finally merge with the water bodies through rains. So the creation which came out of Maya shall merge with Maya during deluge. 

“Paadosya viswa bhutani tripaadasya amritam divi”.
- - - - Vedam.

That is one part of Spirit is Maya or God in creation.  The rest of the three parts is Spirit or God beyond creation or Father.  This is formless and incorruptible.  It is some thing like a house divided into several rooms one for dining, one for drawing, bathroom & pooja room etc.
This universe is made of five vibratory elements hitherto called pancha maha bhootas.  They are ether (Akasa), air (vayu), fire (Agni), water (jalam or aapaha) & Earth (prithvi).  The potential of Spirit to create these five vibratory elements is called “Satta” of brahmam.  Brahmam, Father, Paramatma, Parabrahma are one and the same Spirit.
If the Satta (potential energy) is within Spirit is called Maya or suddha Satwa Maya.  This Maya, which is Satwa predominant, is mixed with rajas and tamas and all the three gunaas, Satwa, rajas & tamas are equally active is called avidya. This is responsible for creation.


Kaarana srishti, Idea Creation:
Ignorance, Avidya, became creative with the presence of Cosmic Consciousness. From Ignorance, Avidya, impregnated with Cosmic Consciousness, first Space(Sound), Akaas(Sabda), existed. Air(Touch), Vayu(Sparsh), came out of space. From Vayu came out Fire (Configuration), Agni(Roop). Water(Taste), Varuna (Rasa), came out from Agni. Lastly Earth(Smell), Prithvi(Gandha), came out of Varuna. These are called five electricities, Panchabhootaas. They are not having their own consciousness.
The iron nails will not have its own magnetism. They get magnetized due to the presence of a Natural magnet.  Likewise the cosmic consciousness gradually entered into Akasa(Space), Air(Vaayu), Fire(Agni), Water(Varuna) and Earth(Prithvi). These With the presence of Cosmic Consciousness become active and conscious.  These electricities are by themselves insentient but with the presence of Parabrahmam they become sentient.
Sound(Sabda), Touch(Sparsh), Configuration(Roopa), Taste(Rasa) and Smell(Gandha), five attributes, are called Pancha Tanmatras. Omkaar is the first and foremost Sound that came out of Ignorance or Primordial nature, Moola prakriti,
This whole Jagat, Creation, borne out of OMKAR. These subtle Panchamahabhootas shall have Satwa(Positive), Rajo(Neutral) and Tamo(Negative) Gunas, qualities. The Ignorance with three Gunas is called primordial ignorance, Moola Agnaanam,  Karana Srishti, Idea creation.
The idea body/creation is  is called Apancheekrita or  unttreated.vibratory electricities and is called Mahat.   
In half of untreated Samishti Satwa Guna Sookshma Pancha Mahabhootaas (Macro Positive predominant Subtle Five Electricities) Pancha Gnaanedriyas(Five Sense organs) gradually manifested.  That means Srotram(Ear) from Space(Akasa), Touch(Skin) from Air(Vayu), Chakshu(eye) from Fire(Agni), taste(tongue) from Water(Varuna), and Smell(Gandha) from Earth(Prithvi) manifested.  These Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nose are not Physical organs. They are the powers only. 
From the rest of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) five Electricities  Antahkarana manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Akasha (Space) Paramatma Himself entered. 
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Vayu(Air) Manas(Mind) manifested.               
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Agni(Fire) determinating Intellect (Nischayaatmaka Buddhi) manifested.               
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Varuna(Water) wavering Mind (Manas) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Positive (Satwa) Prithvi(Earth),  Ego(Ahamkaar) with I-ness manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Subtle Five Electricities) Pancha Karmendriyas(Five Action organs) gradually manifested.
n half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Akasha (Space) Speaking power(Vaak) i.e., Mouth manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Vayu(Air) skilled working power(kriyasakti) i.e., hands(paani) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Agni(Fire) walking power (Gamanasakti) i.e., feet(Paadam) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Varuna(Water) Eliminating Power (visarjanasakti) i.e., Paayuvu(Anus) manifested.
In half of untreated Macro Neutral (Rajas) Prithvi(Earth) Enjoying Power(Ananda Sakti) i.e., Phallus(Lingam)  manifested.
From the rest half of unreated subtle Rajo Guna(Neutral) Macro Pancha Mahabhootas (Five Electricities), Mukhyaprana(prime Chief Life force) manifested. This chief life force is devided gradually into Five Pranas(Pancha Pranas) because of the works it does.
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Akasha, Prana Vayu(location—Heart) manifested.
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Vayu, Apana Vayu(location—Anus) manifested. 
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Agni, Vyana Vayu(location—Whole body, Sarva Shareera) manifested. 
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Varuna, Udana Vayu(location—Gullet, Kantha) manifested. 
From untreated (Apancheekrita) Macro(Samishti) neutral subtle Prithvi, Samana Vayu(location—Navel, Nabhi) manifested.
For Subtle Creation, there will be reigning deities. To understand them the following table is given:      
Ignorance(Avidya) with its three qualities, Satwa, Rajo and Tamo, and Akasa,Vayu, Agni, Varuna & Prithvi, together is called Karana Srishti, Idea Creation.
From half of untreated Positive predominant five electricities, Antahkarana is manifested. From the remaining Positive predominant five electricities Sense organs manifested. These are not Physical organs. They are powers only.
Buddhi karmendriya prana panchkrai mana sadhiya
Sareeram saptadasabhihi sukshmam tat lingam luchyate!!
- - - - Vedata Panchadasi 1 – 23.

From half of untreated Neutral(RajoGuna) predominant five electricities, Sense organs are manifested. These are not Physical organs. They are powers only. From the remaining Neutral(RajoGuna) predominant five electricities Pancha Pranas manifested.
Subtle creation consists of 19 elements, Tatwas. They are 5 Sense Organs, Five Organs of Action, 5 Pranas, 4 Antahkaran.  This Subtle creation is not visible to the Naked eye. These sense organs are powers only as such each power is given a name of Goddess.  These powers are not organs made of flesh & blood.


  1. In the remaining half of Satwa guna akasa (ether)      - Paramatma or cosmic consciousness entered.
  2. In the remaining half of Satwa guna vayu (air) - lead to the manifestation of mind (manas).
  3. In the remaining half of Satwa guna Agni or fire – lead to the manifestation of buddhi or discriminative intelligence.
  4. In the remaining half of Satwa guna jalam or water - lead to the manifestation of Chitta or feeling which is not stable.
  5. In the remaining half of Satwa guna prithvi or Earth lead to ego or ahamkar.
Physical Creation or Pancheekaran:
Dwidha vidhaaya cha ekaikam
Chaturtha prathamam punah!
Swaswetara dwiteeyamsaihi
Yajanaath pancha panch te!!
                                    - - - - Vedanta Panchadasi    1 – 27.
The five Pancha Tanmatras combined in different proportions lead to Physical Creation, Sthoola Srishti. Half of the untreated Macro negative Electricities  gradually combines with 1/8 of the rest of the Mahabhootas to become physical Electricities, Panchamahabhootas.
The treated five electricities, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, are called as such henceforth.
The Positively predominant Subtle five Electricities is manifested from Primordial Ignorance, Avidya, Moola Prakriti, with three qualities i.e., Gunas, Satwa (positive), Rajo(Neutral) & Tamo(Negative).  These Positively predominant five electricities were each having only one attribute respectively.. That is Positively predominant  Akasha(Space) had Sabda(Sound), Vayu(Air) had Sparsha(Touch), Agni(Fire) had Roopa(Configuration), Varuna(Water) had Rasa(Taste) and Prithvi(Earth) had Gandha(Smell). These Sabda, Sparsha, Roopa, Rasa and Gandha are called Tanmatras(Powers) but not fleshy organs that are visible to naked eye. 
This Physical creation, Sthoola Sreishti, is not like this. Physical Akasha had Sabda,
Vayu had Sabda and Sparsha,
Agni had Sabda , Sparsha and Roopa,
Varuna had Sabda , Sparsha,  Roopa and Rasa,
Prithvi had Sabda , Sparsha,  Roopa, Rasa and Gandha.
Akasha=Space, Vayu=Air, Agni=Fire,
Varuna/ Jalam=Water and Prithvi=Earth.
Sabda=Sound, Sparsh=Touch, Roop=Configuration, Rasa= Taste,  and Gandha= Smell.
Sthoola/Bhautika=Physical, Sookshma=Subtle, Karana=Idea.    Chaitanyam= Consciousness
From these Five Physical  Electricities, the following manifested:
Jarayu= Animals with four legs,
Andajam= the beings that come out of eggs like birds, and  crawling creatures like snakes etc., 
Swedajam= mosquitoes, worms etc and
Udbhijam= trees and plants that cannot move and confined to a fixed place.
The physical antahkarana consisting of Mano(Mind), Buddhi(Intellect), Chitta and Ahamkaara (Ego) is manifested from Physical Five Electricities called Akasha Panchakam. Akasha menans Space, Pancha or Panchakam means Five. 
Sthoola(Physical) Pancha Pranas from Sthoola Vayu(Air) Panchakam, Sthoola Pancha Gnanendriyas (Five Physical Sense organs) from Sthoola Agni Panchakam, Sthoola Pancha Tanmatras(Five Physical Powers) from  Sthoola Jalapanchakam and last but not the least Sthoola Pancha Karmendriyas(Five Physical organs of action) are manifested.
Paramatma   or Cosmic Consciousness entered itself into half of Sthoola Akasha(Space).  Nothing is self effulgent. They effulge due to the presence of Cosmic Consciousness.
In the remaining half of Sthoola Akasha(Space) (1) Samishti Sthoola Ahamkaar(Macro Physical ego), samishti Sthoola Chittam(Macro Physical feeling), Samishti Sthoola Buddhi(Macro Physical determinating Intellect) and Samishti Sthoola Manas(Macro Physical wavering Mind with attractions and repulsions) were manifested. See the table given below which is self explanatory.
½  Samisti Sthoola Akasha (Macro Physical Space)  Antah karana = Cosmic  consciousness(Paramatma Chaitanya)
1/8 Physical Space(Sthoola Akasha)+1/8 Physical Earth (Sthoola Prithvi) = Physical Macro Ego(Sthoola Samishti Ahamkaar)
1/8 Physical Akasha +1/8 Water(Sthoola Varuna) = Sthoola(Physical Macro ) Samishti Chitta(feeling)
1/8 Physical Akasha +1/8 Sthoola Agni(Physical Fire) = Physical Macro Intellect( Sthoola Samishti Buddhi)
 1/8 Physical Akasha +1/8 Physical Air(Sthoola Vayu) = Physical Macro Mind(Sthoola Samishti Manas)
Physical Airs(5 Pranas):Half of Samisti Sthoola Vayu(Macro Physical Air) is manifested as Samishti(Macro) Vyanavayu.
 In the remaining half Sthoola Vayu(Physical Air) the rest of the Samishti(Macro) Physical airs, Sthoola Samishti Samana, Udana, Apana and Prana , manifested. Vyana is the catalyst for Prana and Apana Vayu to make them flow wherever required. See the table given below which is self explanatory. 
½ Samishti Sthoola Vayu(Macro Physical Air) = Samishti Sthoola (Macro Physical) VyanaVayu      
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Akasha = Samishti Sthoola (Macro Physical) Samana Vayu
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Agni = Samishti Sthoola(Macro Physical) Udana
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Varuna=  Samishti Sthoola(Macro Physical) Prana
1/8 Sthoola Vayu +1/8 Sthoola Prithvi = Samishti Sthoola (Macro Physical) Apana
Physical Gnaanendrias(5 sense organs)::
Half of Samisti Sthoola Agni(Macro Physical Fire) is manifested as Eye(Seeing power/Optical).
 In the remaining half Samisti Sthoola Agni(Macro Physical Fire) the rest of the Physical Sense organs, Samishti Srotra(Macro Hearing Power/Auditory), Twak (Macro Power of touch/Tactual), Samishti Rasa (Power of Touch/Tactual) and Samishti Ghrana (Macro Smelling/ Olfactory Power) manifested.   See the table given below which is self explanatory.  
½ Sthoola(Macro Physical) Agni(Fire)= Samishti Sthoola Netramu(Macro PhysicalEye)
1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Akaash(Space) = Sthoola Samishti Sravanam(Macro Physical Ear)
1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Vayu(Air) = Sthoola Samishti Charmam(Macro Physical Skin)
1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Varuna(Wter) = Sthoola Samishti Jihva(Macro Physical Tongue)
 1/8 Sthoola Agni +1/8 Sthoola Prithvi(Earth) = Sthoola Samishti Ghramnam(Macro Physical Nose)

Physical 5 Tanmatras:
Half of Samishti Sthoola Varuna(Macro Physical Water) is manifested as Samishti Rasa(Power of Macro Taste/Gustatory).
 In the remaining half Samishti Sthoola Varuna(Macro Physical Water) the rest of the Samishti Sthoola Tanmatras(Macro Physical Powers) viz., Samishti Sthoola Sabda (Macro Physical Sound ), Samishti Sthoola Sparsha (Macro Physical Touch), Samishti Sthoola Roopa(Macro Physical Seeing) and Samishti Sthoola Gandha (Macro Physical Smell)manifested.   See the table given below which is self explanatory.  

½ Samishti Sthoola Varuna(Physical Water)= Samishti Sthoola Rasa Tatwa(Macro Physical)
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Akasha = Samishti Sthoola Sabda (Macro Physical Sound--ear )   
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Vayu = Samishti Sthoola Sparsha (Macro Physical Touch--skin)   
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Agni = Samishti Sthoola Roopa(Macro Physical Seeing--eye)  
1/8 Sthoola Varuna +1/8 Sthoola Prithvi = Samishti Sthoola Gandha (Macro Physical Smell—nose)   

5 Karmendriyas (Organs of Action):
Half of Samishti Sthoola Prithvi(Macro Physical Earth) is manifested as Sthoola Samishti Paayu(Macro Physical Anus/Excrete).
In the remaining half Samishti Sthoola Prithvi(Macro Physical Earth) the rest of the Karmendriyas, Organs of Action, viz., Sthoola Samishti Macro Physical Mouth (Vaakk /Talk), Sthoola Samishti Paani(Macro Physical Hands/Exercise Manual skill or Kriyasakti), Sthoola Samishti Paadam(Macro Physical Feet/Walk or gamanasakti) and Sthoola Samishti Upastha/Sishnam (Macro Physical Phallus /Procreate or Ananda sakti), manifested.    See the table given below which is self explanatory.  

½ Samisti Sthoola Prithvi(Macro Physical Earth)= Sthoola Samishti Paayu(Macro Physical Anus/Excrete)
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 Sthoola Aakash= Sthoola Samishti Macro Physical Mouth/talk (Vaakk)
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 SthoolaVayu = Sthoola Samishti Paani. (Macro Physical Hands/Exercise Manual skill)
1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 Sthoola Agni = Sthoola Samishti Paadam(Macro Physical Feet/walk)
 1/8 Sthoola Prithvi +1/8 Sthoola Varuna =Sthoola Samishti Upastha/Sishnam(Macro Physical Phallus /Procreate or Anandasakti)
The Physical Creation consists of 24 Elements/ tatwas. They are 5 Sense organs(Gnanendriyas), 5 organs of Action, (Karmendriyas), 5 Pranas, 5 Tanmatras(Powers) and 4 Antahkaran(Manas/Mind, Buddhi/Intellect, Chitta/Feeling and Ahamkaara/Ego) 
Initially when the vibratory elements were manifested, each vibratory (untainted/untreated) element was having only one attribute.  That is untainted/untreated ether (akasa) vibratory element contains sabda or sound only.
Air (Vayu)        – touch or sparsa only.
Fire (Agni)       – roopa or contour only.
Water (Jala)    – rasa or taste only.
Earth (Prithvi) – gandha or smell only.
But, when they are treated/tainted the resultant of these are called sthoola panchakas or tangible vibratory elements.  Each inherited the quality of the vibratory element from where it was manifested.


Cosmic consciousness is manifested as Eeswara in macro level called Maya and as jeeva in micro level called avidya.  The reflection in a mirror does not have consciousness.  But the reflection of Paramatma in us is having consciousness.  So, the reflection of Paramatma is real and consistent and sentient in us.  Without Him we are inert and nothing whether animated or in-animated (chara & achara) exists.  
Cosmic energy enters into each & every living being through head and makes the inert body into a sentient being. 
Ekam Sat vipra bahuda vadanti!
One becoming many is creation.  In nutshell big bang theory is same.  Many becoming one is deluge or pralayam.  Universe is the result of noumena (cause) & phenomena (effect).  Kaarya karana roopameva srishtihi.
The potter made the pot-- Efficient cause(Nimitta Karanam)
The potter made the pot with mud--- Materialcause(Dravya or Upadana karanam)
The potter made the pot with the help of machine-- instrumental cause(sadhana Karanam)

God manifested creation-- Efficient cause(Nimitta Karanam)
God manifested creationfrom God only—Materialcause (Dravya or Upadana karanam)
God manifested creation With Maya in him—Instrumental cause(sadhana Karanam)
Here in case of Jagat (universe) God is everything that is efficient, material & instrumental causes. All causes are Paramatma only.
The Consciousness/Energy that comes out of Parabrahman is termed as SriKrishna Consciousness or the God in Creation.
The God in Creation has devided itself into six types of Consciousness.
These six consciousnesses and SriKrishna Consciousness totaling seven  consciousnesses are not to be seen with ordinary eye.  These are visible to only enlightened yogi.
If an object is to be seen then the sun rays are to fall on that obect and then to be get reflected.  This is Abhasachaitanya or reflected ego. If the ego is not reflected out and contained within to see the God within then it will lose its sheen and it will lose its negative traits fully. The eighth reflected ego i.e., the one that one expressed by manifestation of senses outwardly is  only visible to the naked eyes. This reflected ego is impregnated with negative traits fully i.e., TamoGuna.
The visible and reflected water is one of the treated and tainted Pancha Mahabhootas. This water is the replica of Ganga. Bheeshma represents Abhasa chaitanya or reflected Ego.
Ganga throws seven sons into the river. sons are the the seven consciousnesses that are not visible to the naked eye.
Spider makes a net through its own saliva and settles in it.  Like-wise parabrahma made this Jagat through his Maya (total ignorance or delusion) and settled in it. 
A jewel made out of gold does not lose its quality of gold.  Likewise the Jagat with naama (name) & roopa (configuration) that came out of Paramatma does not lose the sight of Sat Chit Ananda roopam  i.e., ever truthful, ever conscious & ever joyful Paramatma in it. 

     Three Bodies & Five Sheaths (Kosams)

The universe (macro) is made of these three bodies.  That is creation. The human body is made in the image of God.  Aatmawy putranaamaasi.            (sriti)
As such the miniature universe that is human body is also made of three bodies. They are:
1.               Causal or idea body (karana sareera)
2.               Astral or subtle or linga body (sukshma sareera)
3.               physical body (sthula sareera)
All these three bodies or worlds are sub divided into five sheaths.  They are
            1.         Annamaya kosam - physical world/body

            2.         Pranamaya kosam
            3.         Manomaya kosam           Astral world/body
            4.         Vignanamaya kosam  

            5.         Anandamaya kosam-Causal/Idea world/body

Three bodies are further explained.
1. Causal or Idea Body (Karana Sareera):
Causal body is the root cause of creation.  This comprises three gunas viz., Satwa (+ve) rajas (Neutral) & tamas (-ve).  This body is called moola agnanam (primordial ignorance), moha swaroopam (body of delusion) and hence it is called avidya kavacham & armour of ignorance.  The untainted/untreated intangible five vibratory elements ie., ether, air, fire, water & earth are manifested due to this armour of ignorance.  These vibratory elements are the root cause of creation. This is Anandamaya Kosam.
2. Subtle Body or Sukshma Sareera
Five sense organs (ear, nose, skin, tongue& eye), five organs of action (feet, hands, mouth phallus & anus), five pranas (prana, apaana, vyana, samaana & udaana), four antahkarana (mind, intellect, feeling & ego).  These nineteen elements together are called subtle body. Subtle body comprise three sheaths or kosams. They are Vignanamaya, Manomaya & praanaMaya kosas.
3. Physical Body or Sthoola Sareera:
Initial five vibratory elements of tamo guna (-ve) that were untreated/untainted were tainted/treated and hence become tangible.  With these tangible vibratory elements the following principles of physical body were manifested.
Five sense organs, five organs of action, five pranas, five tanmatras & antah karana total 24 principles were manifested.  This is annamaya kosa.  All these inert three bodies i.e., causal, subtle & physical bodies become sentient due to the entrance of cosmic consciousness. 
Subtle body is responsible for the sustenance of physical body.  Causal body is responsible for the sustenance of subtle body.
1. Annamaya Kosam: Annamaya kosam is manifested from the tainted / treated tangible 24 principles of physical body are called annamaya kosa.  That is antah karana (4), sense organs (5), action organs (5), five pranas; tanmatras (5) together form the annamaya kosa.  So, the visible world of 24 principles is called annamaya or inanimate sheath or kingdom.
2. Pranamaya Kosam:
Pancha Pranas (Prana, apana, samaana, udana & vyana).  5 organs of action (vakku, paani, paadam, paayu, upastha) (mouth, hands, feet, anus & phallus).  These 10 principles together are called Pranamaya kosa or vegetable kingdom or sheath.  These 10 principles are part and parcel of subtle body.
3. Manomaya Kosam:
Five Sense Organs (eyes, nose, ears, skin & tongue) (Chakshu, ghraana, sravana, twak & rasana), mind and feeling (manas & Chittam).  All these seven together are called Manomaya kosa (or) animal kingdom.  These seven principles are part & parcel of subtle body.
4. Vignanamaya Kosa:
Five sense organs ego & intellect (ahamkara or buddhi). These seven principles are called vignaMaya kosam.  This is the sheath of mankind.  These seven principles are part & parcel of subtle body.  So Pranamaya, Manomaya & Vignanamaya kosams all together known as subtle body.
5. Anandamaya kosam:
Comprising three gunas, Satwa (+ve), rajas (neutral) & tamas (-ve), armoured with primordial ignorance, subjective to illusion/delusion is called Anandamaya kosam.  This is nothing but causal body or karana sareeram.  This is the sheath of angels.

                   Levels or states

1. Conscious, Sub conscious and Super conscious are the three levels.
When God is creating He is called God in creation. This God in creation is called Krishna Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. This is also called suddha Satwa Maya.
2. Super Conscious Level or Sushupti Avastha.         In deep sleep when the inert and without any senses, the causal body which is the embodiment of ignorance is merged with cosmic consciousness is called super consciousness.  Normal man does go through this level unconsciously or unknowingly.  But a true yogi can attain this super-consciousness level consciously or knowingly.  The other two bodies, subtle & physical are not active.
3. Sub Conscious Level or Swapna or Nidraavastha.When causal and subtle bodies become sentient or activated due to the presence of cosmic consciousness while the physical body becomes inactive is called sub conscious level.
4. Conscious Level or Jagrata Avastha.          When cosmic consciousness enters physical body through causal & subtle bodies and activates the physical body is called conscious level.  So in conscious level all the three bodies are activated.
The God in creation (Krishna/Christ consciousness) manifests itself in six consciousnesses (three in micro level and three in macro level) and thus manifesting in seven consciousnesses including Krishna / Christ consciousness.  Krishna Consciousness: Micro Physical Consciousness&Macro Physical Consciousness, Micro Subtle Consciousness&Macro Subtle Consciousness, Micro super Consciousness&Macro super Consciousness

Idam sareeram kaunteya kshetramityabhi dheeyate.
- - - - Bhagavat Geetha: 13 -2.

This Jagat or universe or aparaprakriti is manifested out of Maya is called kshetram.  The cosmic consciousness or paraprakriti in this Jagat or body is called kshetragna.  The ignorance (Maya) that is manifested due to the presence of cosmic consciousness is called nature or prakriti.         The Jagat is having name (s) (naama) and configuration(s) (roopam).  This came out of nature or prakriti and is called vikriti.  This body is the combination of prakriti & vikriti. This is called kootam.  So this body is kootam.  The cosmic consciousness or Brahma chaitanyam in this body is called kootastha.  The indestructible ever present kootastha is the akshara.  In micro level this kootastha is called soul (aatma, pratyagatma).  In macro level this kootastha is called Spirit, father beyond creation.     Maya or avidya that is delusion/illusion is subservient to cosmic consciousness that is Spirit.  The one that is having avidya is called jeeva.  Jeeva without this avidya is pure soul.  Pure soul and Spirit are one and the same. 
The cosmic consciousness in us is not like a reflection in a mirror or a reflection of one sun in several pots.  If the soul is reflection it cannot make the inert body sentient.  The reflection in a mirror or pots cannot be sentient.  So the soul in inert body is nothing but God in creation only.  Every jeeva or human being is given a free will.  With free will we can cross the human bondage and merge with our father the Spirit.

          Mala, Vikshepana & Aavarana Doshas

Mala, Vikshepana
Due to tamoguna (-ve) causal body will have mala & vikshepana Doshas.
Due to rajoguna (neutral) causal body will have avarana dosha.
Dosha means faux pas or fault.
Tamoguna Doshaas:
Mala means soiled.  This fault comes due to ego.  This can be removed by practicing Nishkama karma yoga.  That is doing our duties without expecting the result.
Karmanyeva adhikaaraste.
- - - - Bhagavad Geeta 2 – 47.
Avarana dosha means the true configuration is camouflaged and shown as a different configuration.  Here the soul is made to appear as a limited one due to the effect of tamoguna.
Rajoguna Doshas:
Due to vikshepana dosha of rajoguna in Maya the whole creation is subjected to

  1. Arishadvargaas – kama (desire), krodha (anger), lobha (Greediness), moha (delusion), mada (Pride) & maatsarya (envy).
  2. Attachment (raga), Repulsion (dwesha), happiness (sukh) & misery (dukh).
  3. Selfishness, love affection, kindness, pleasure, Satisfaction, disSatisfaction etc.
Due to these mala, vikshepana, avarana doshaas the causal body will have:

  1. Attachment to body (dehavasana), kartritvam (I am doing), Bhoktritvam (I am to enjoy), eeshana trayam i.e., dhaneshana (attachment to material pleasure like owning land, money & vehicles etc; daareshana (this is my wife, I should Satisfy her at the cost of others) and putreshana (attachment to his progeny or offspring) and interest in fame.
  2. Attachment to reading of books and writing of books (shastra vaasana).
  3. Attachment to his environmental living (loka vaasana).
Due to the above, one will have

1.     Ignorance (avidya),
2.     Asmita (fear or ego)
3.     Attachment (raga)
4.     repulsion (dwesha) and
5.     Body bound inclination and fear of death    (both are called abhinivesa.  These five things are called five miseries or pancha kleshaas.

Sri Rama & Sri Krishna are great souls.  They are called kaaranjanma or maha purusha category.  Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi, timeless Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswara Swamy, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, Sri Sri Parama Hansa YogAnanda, Swamy VivekAnanda etc in modern times also belong to the said category of karana janma & maha purusha.  In them the mala, vikshepana and avarana doshas will have no place.


When a product comes out a sound is generated.  Likewise, when cosmic generator is on a sound is generated.  So when creator started creation a cosmic sound came out.  This sound came out of first vibratory element ether.  The sound so generated is OHM.  If we follow the sound and walk in that direction of sound the source will be revealed to us.  Similarly, if we follow that and merge into OHM sound we will know the source “God”.
Ohm ityekaksharam Brahma”.
- - - - Bhagavad Geeta 8 – 13.
Ohm is divine sound that emanated from eternal Brahmam.  This divine sound is the combination of commingling of Akaara (physical body), ukaara (subtle body) and Makaara (causal or idea body).
This universe is the commingling of physical subtle & causal creation.  And this universe is the image of this divine sound only.  So the combination of macro, physical, subtle and causal worlds that is universe is nothing but this sound Omkaaram only and this Omkaaram is the God only.

                    Deluge (Pralayam)

Each and every night while sleeping, physical and subtle bodies are merged into causal body.  This causal body is the embodiment of ignorance.  This is merged with cosmic consciousness and is called super consciousness.  At this time of sleep both physical and subtle bodies almost become inert or dormant.  This is called Nityapralaya.  Every being by night is an angel and by day is devil.  Nitya Pralaya that is this eternal deluge is happening every day by night.

Four Yugas     =          1 maha yuga  
Time period of one Manu  =  71 X 4
       = 284 yugas
          Or 71 mahayugas

One day of Brahma     = 14 time periods of Manu
 = 14 X 71 mahayugas
 =  994 yugas
 = 4,320,000,000 years

One night of Brahma   = 4,320,000,000 years

Kaliyuga             =   4,32,000 years
Dwapara yuga  =    8,64,000 years
Treta yuga         =   12,96,000 years
Krita yuga         =   17,28,000 years
Yuga in English is Yeon

The deluge that exists between one Yuga and another Yuga is called Avaantara Pralaya (deluge).  The deluge that exists between one manu and another manu is called Nymittika Pralayam (deluge).

The deluge that exists between one-day time of Brahma and another day of Brahma is called Dynandina Pralayam (Deluge).  This Pralayam (deluge) which comes during night time of Brahma is of 994 yugas duration.  This Brahma is called Kaarya Brahma or working Brahma.

So one complete day of Brahma   = 1 day + 1 night
                                                       =  8,640,000,000 years.

The total time period of this working or kaarya Brahma
                                    =  100 X  365  X 8,640,000,000 years
                                                            =  100 Brahma years.

If this acting or working Brahma dies, it is called Brahma Pralayam.
What Happens During Deluge?
In any deluge only subtle and physical bodies are destroyed.  The causal or idea body is not destroyed.  In deluge, physical Earth element shall merge into physical water element, physical water element into fire element, fire element into air element and finally physical air element is merged into physical ether element. 
Now this physical “Ether” element is merged into subtle Earth element (Macro ego, or Macro Ahamkaara), subtle Earth (Macro ego) element into  subtle water element (Macro feeling or Macro chittam), subtle water element (Macro feeling) into subtle fire (Macro Intellect  or Macro buddhi), subtle fire (Macro Intellect) is merged into subtle Air element (Macro mind or Macro manas).
This macro subtle mind is called mahat tatwam.   This mahat tatwam or primordial nature or ignorance or causal body that remains is called deluge.  Due to the grace of Gurudeva, that is Satguru, the Saadhaka’s karana or causal body is also destroyed.  He will be merged into cosmic consciousness.  This is called janma raahityam or statelessness.   As long as this karana sareera or causal/idea body, karma phalams  (result of one’s actions), vassanaas (habits that come by birth due to one’s past unfulfilled desires) remain, jeeva will have re-incarnation or punarjanma.
Matter is indestructible.  Matter may be metamorphosised and hence atoms or matter is eternal between kalpam and kalpam. During deluge atoms or matter gets dissolved in subtle way and un-manifested way.  When universe is again manifested with myriad names & configurations their respective results of karma etc also come into effect again.  It is analogous to gold existing in the Golden jewellery.  It is the expansion of Gold element in golden jewellery.  Likewise, the existence or expansion of Paramatma, or cosmic consciousness, makes us to believe the universe or Jagat as a separate identity.  In fact, Jagat appeared to be separate due to Maya which is an integral part of Paramatma. So Maya and Brahmam (Spirit) are inseparable and the Jagat appeared to be separate is creation or srishti.

JA   GATI   =  JA (along with)  GATI (Displacement)

If there is no displacement then there will not be any PRA     GATI (development).  Stagnant water stenches.  In infancy we will crawl.  In childhood, one will fauxpas.  Learning starts.  Even after becoming a grown up child, if one crawls then one is not developed.  So moving ahead is a must for development.  So, the creation filled with cosmic consciousness is called Brahma Vyvartam.  This cosmic consciousness is the “I” in every animated & in-animated object in this universe. 
This physical body is manifested to experience external worldly affairs and results of one’s own karma, good or bad.  The cosmic consciousness is supplied to the physical body through subtle body.  This body of flesh & blood becomes activated due to the cosmic consciousness that enters physical mind (antahkarana) through subtle mind (sukshma antahkarana).
The physical body is the instrument through which the subtle body carries out its experiences of joy and grief (sukh & dukh) that has been accrued or accruing to it from time immemorial.  Through Brahmanaadi of Sushumna cosmic consciousness enters the limbless causal body from there cosmic consciousness enters subtle body through antahkarana of subtle body and activates the subtle body.
Kartritwa  =  I am doing
Bhoktritwa  =  I am enjoying
Vaasana = Thinking style or procedure and habits due to unfulfilled desires.
The kartritwa and bhoktritwa vaasanas are the duties of subtle mind (sukshma antahkarana).  The soul witnesses / experiences joy and grief through subtle mind only.  Note that mind is interchangeably used in place of subtle antahkarana quite often.  Out of four parts of Brahmam (Spirit) one part became Jagat.  The remaiing three parts of Brahmam entered into this inert Jagat and made it sentient.  The macro is called Maya.  Micro body is called jeeva or pratyagaatma or avidya. 
So, the soul covered with ignorance is jeeva.  The limbless causal or idea body with the help of subtle & physical bodies shall be experiencing results of karma (action permormed) incarnation after incarnation with soul as witnesses (sakshi).  This karana sareera with the coverings of subtle & physical bodies is called jeeva or corrupted soul though soul itself is not corruptive as already explained.
Jeeva’s aaavarana dosha exists due to tamoguna (-ve) of karana sareera.  Due to this avarana dosha, jeeva feels that he is limited by his body and behaves as such.  This is called vyavahaarika.  This state is called conscious level or jaagrataavastha.  Vyavahaarika means the truth at that period of time. 
Jeeva’s vikshepana dosha occurs due to rajoguna (neutral) of causal body.  Raga, dwesha (attachment & repulsion), arishadwargaas (kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and maatsarya), cold and heat, joy and grief, kindness etc are experienced due to this vikshepana dosha of karana sareera’s rajoguna.
When jeeva works through mind with the help of pratibhaasika is known as sub-conscious level or swapna avastha.   When a thing is superimposed by something else and appeared to be truth is called praatibhasika.  Swapna means sub-conscious level.  When jeeva works through avidya or ignorance and attached to karana sareera (causal / idea body) is called sushupti awastha or super conscious level. Here the jeeva is known as paaramarthika.  Paaramarthika means all time truth.  This state of happiness is called Anandamaya sthithi.  In deep slumber one’s mind (anthahkarana), physical & subtle both, is almost dissolved in karana or causal/idea body.   Here in this sushipti avastha we say the mind is dissolved in causal body and works or exists in a mere root configuration level or Bija Maatra Roopam. 

                  Jeeva – Journey

When jeeva (soul) travels from one incarnation to another incarnation it will be tagged with:

1.     Causal/idea body (ignorance)
2.     Desire (kaama)
3.     Karma
4.     five vibratory elements
5.     results of karma
6.     vaasanaas.

This soul with tag travels through ether/space, air, fog, white cloud, and paddy/wheat vreehyadi) and becomes food.  When one eats that food, the soul enters into his body.  Through spermatozoan of male organ the soul shall unite with ovum that comes out of female organ. 
The jeeva (soul) shall travel eternally with the 19 principles of subtle body, tainted/treated physical vibratory elements, results of good and bad karma (actions/works), vaasanas (unfulfilled desires), and causal body comprising three gunas viz., Satwa (+ve) rajas (neutral) and tamas (-ve).  Karana or causal body and subtle body both are eternal travels till the soul merges with Spirit.
The spermatozoan merge with ovum in one of the nights.  After 5 days, the merger of spermatozoa and ovum leads to zygote.  After ten days, the zygote looks like an egg.  After 30 days it becomes solid with head formation.  After two months, legs and hands, after three months abdomen (stomach), after four months sides, after five months fingers of feet & hands, after six months nose, ears, eyes & organs having holes are formed.  In seventh month soul enters the foetus.  In seventh month the face of the foetus will be facing up.  There will be a nerve with a small hole from the navel to its Brahma Randhra situated in the head.  This foetus will have a protective covering that will insulate it from the pungent acids in the stomach of the mother.
The foetus shall be breathing through the mother till the soul enters the foetus in the seventh month.  So, the baby in the womb shall depend on its mother’s breath for its sustenance.
Just like paddy is sifted out of rice, soul / jeeva of baby that is sifted out of mother enters foetus.  Along with the soul enters life force + subtle & causal bodies + results of karma, vaasanaas (unfulfilled desires) etc also enter foetus in the seventh month. 
In eighth and ninth months the foetus will have the knowledge/memory of previous births. The foetus has its face / head upside down.  In the end of ninth month or in the beginning of 10th month, the foetus will be ejected out from the mother’s womb due to the pressure of apana vayu of mother and prana vayu of the foetus. 
Taking bath (ablutions), doing job for livelihood, eating food for sustenance are called loukika karmas (actions of worldly affairs).  Seeking results for the actions performed are called kaamya karmas.  Ablutions, sandhya vandanam with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra, japam, meditation, worshipping God, sacrifice (homam/yagnam) are nitya karmas.  Owning any work is bondage or Bandham.  Doing any good work like digging a well for thirsty people etc and not owning and expecting results is called Nishkaama Karma. 

  Sanchita, Praarabdha & Aagaami Karmas

Karma is again subdivided into three types.  Sanchita means past results of action that were accrued to the soul incarnation after incarnation from time immemorial.  This past karma or Sanchita karma may be of good or bad action done by the individual.  It is something like fixed deposit in the bank account.  Sanchita means past.  It is not possible to experience all the Sanchita karma in one lifetime.  As such, a part of it is brought in the present life for experiencing.  This part that is brought is called Prarabdha Karma. While experiencing or undergoing praarabdha and doing new karmas is called aagaami karma. This karma will be added to the Sanchita karma.  Suppose you are getting a salary of Rs.10,000/- per month.  If you spend less than this amount then the saved amount will be / can be utilised for future.  If you spend all, then there will be zero amounts.  If you spend more than Rs. 10,000/- then minus ie., loan or –ve karma or bad karma will be added to your future life.  This added karma in the present life while experiencing praabdha is aagaami karma.
“Praabdham Bogate Bunjaat”.
That means everbody will have to experience praabdha whether good or bad.  Sanchita (past) & aagami (future) can be avoided by acquiring wisdom through meditation.  The wisdom acquired through meditation shall ameliorate the praabdha karma to certain extent.  Like a surgery done with anaesthesia shall make the patient ignorant of the pain.
There is a saying
The dead yesterday, unborn tomorrow why bother.  Present is a gift.  So do praarabdha with good works.  It will take care of the future automatically.
Gnaanaagni sarvakarmaani Bhashasaat Kuruterjuna”.
            - - - - Bhagavad Gita  4 – 37.
If sanjay reads medicine he is called Doctor Sanjay.  If Sanjay reads engineering, he is called Engineer Sanjay.
“Brahmavid Brahma Eva Bhavati”.
So, the one who knows Brahma Vidya is called Brahma only.
When one does/follows Nishkaama Karma he is known as Brahmavida.  Nishkaama karma means doing one’s duty / work without expecting results. 
When one is always in the state of Brahma state he is called Brahmavidwara.
When one is in savikalpa samaadhi state he is known as Brahmavidwareeya.
A meditating yogi withdraws all the currents of his body into the spinal cord.  The withdrawn currents are passed through three subtle/luminous nadis of the spine of astral body. They are sushumna, inside of sushumna exists vajra nadi, inside vajranadi exists Chitra nadi and inside Chitra exists Brahmanadi.
In fact when Brahma Chetana or cosmic consciousness is descending in it comes down through this Brahma Nadi and latter enters into Chitra first, then into vajra and then into sushumna.   From   sushumna  only  the  cosmic conscious- ness enters into physical/grosser nerves and cells of the physical body.
While ascending, the consciousness of meditating yogi takes the same root i.e., the withdrawn currents pass through Brahmanadi enters sahasrara chakra.  This stage of knowing God during meditation is called savikalpa Samadhi.  In this state of savikalpa Samadhi the yogi is known as Brahmavadwareeya. 
In the ultimate state of Samadhi that is in the Nirvikalpa Samadhi yogi is known as Brahmavadwaristh.  In this state the yogi is completely liberated from the bondage.

                Five Sacrifices (Yagnaas)

Every human being does mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly.  To get rid of the sins the following sacrifices are required to be done.
1.               Deva Yagnam (poojas etc)
2.               Pitru Yagnaas (sraaddha karma, tarpanams).  These are meant for the departed souls.
3.               Nara Yagnam (entertaining the guests, doing dutiful service i.e., athidhiseva)
4.               Brahma Yagnam (studying vedaas & sastraas)
5.               Bhoota Yagnam (giving alms to living beings)
Bhakti is of nine types:
  1. Sravanam                    :Listening God Almighty
                                           in different names.
  1. Keertanam                   :Praising God Almighty.

  1. Smaranam                   :Remembering God always.

  1. Paada Sevanam          :Surrendering at the feet
                                            of God.
  1. Archanam                    :Worshipping God incessantly.

  1. Vandanam                   :Bowing before God
                                                 with folded hands.
  1. Daasyam                     :Serving God as the
                                            soul master.
  1. Sakhyam                     :Treating God as the friend.

  1. Atmaarpanam              :Uniting our soul with Spirit.

Eight types of Flowers DearER to God

Ahimsa pradhamo pushpah.  Pushpam Indriya Nigrahaha!

Sarva bhoota dayapushpam kshama pushpam viseshatah!!

Santipushpam tapah pushpam dhyana pushpam tathivacha!

Satyam asthavidham pushpam vishnoh preetikaram bhavet
Non-violence of all kinds.  Even one should not hurt someone’s            sentiment.
Indriya Nigraham
Control of senses.
Sarva Bhoota Daya
Kindness to all

Satyam brooyat Priyam brooyat
Priyam cha nanritam brooyaat
Naa brooyaat Satyam
Apriyam etat dharma sanaatanama
- - - Sriti
Speak truth.  Speak pleasantly.  But not untruth.  But truth should not be spoken unpleasantly.  This is called Sanatana Dharma.

                  Apprehension of God

Every thought comes from without.  Intuition comes from within.
Every thought, action & contemplation is the result of prarabdha karma only.  Not only results of karma but also unfulfilled desires in the shape of vaasanaas or samskaaraas also follow jeeva life after life.
Due to Brahmagnanam, Sanchita Karma is destroyed.  Agaami is destroyed due to Nishkaama Karma or akartritwam.  Akartritwam means doing one’s own duties without aspiring for the results. Experiencing it shall destroy Praarabdham. 
Man is the image of God.
Sarvam khalu idam Brahma
- - - Sriti
Except Brahma nothing else exists.  The whole animated and inanimated world is permeated by one and only one brahma.  The world(s) is/are created by Cosmic conscious -ness.  This omnipotent power shakti is known as Anandam,.  It is also known as NityAnandam.  To recognize the Jagat or universe that is manifested out of this Shakti or Maya an omniscient feeling is required.  That universal feeling is called CHIT.  Brahmam only is pervading through out cosmos.  This is called Sat.  So the Spirit is SAT i.e. omnipresent or all pervading sarvavyaapi. CHIT - Omniscient or all knowing. Ananda - Omnipotent or all-powerful or sarva shaktiman.  So Spirit is Sat, Chit, Ananda.
Even if nothing exists Spirit exists.  The unlimited Spirit cannot be recognised by these limited senses with limited duties.  If you want to see distant celestial bodies we need telescope.  To see too subtle things a micro scope is required.
“Anoraneeyan mahato maheeyan”.
                                                            - - - - Sriti.
Spirit is greatest amongst greatest things and subtlest amongst subtlest things.  To understand such Spirit, meditation is required.  Through Spiritual eye only He can be visualised.  The yogi who is elevated only can understand Spirit. 
“Tasmaat Yogi Bhavaarjuna”.  
-    Bhagavad Geeta  6  --  46.
That is why be a Yogi.

Home coming

One will get pleasure when one returns to one’s home after so much of travelling.  Likewise, soul gets pleasure in uniting with Spirit.  Till united with Spirit the jeeva (soul) has to give up its dross completely with sadhana that is meditation.  Kriya Yoga constitutes combination or conglamoration of all yogas. They are:
Hatha Yoga :
containing certain body discipline exercises like yoga asanaas etc.
Laya Yoga :
Listening to ‘OHM”’ sound & getting merged with Ohm.
Karma Yoga :
Nishkaama karma (or) doing karma without expecting profit of the result of karma.
Mantra Yoga :
Chanting ( merging with the root of the sound or word) to unite soul and Spirit
Raaja Yoga :
Patanjali sage had established Asthanga yoga or eight fold procedures. BY following these procedures the life force will be controlled.

To utilize breath as a weapon is science. The natural attraction towards soul is called BHAKTI YOGA or SURRENDER TO GOD.
With the help of Kriya yoga one will be able to see soul of thumb size in Kootastha, the space between eyebrows.
The Practice of Kriya makes the spine magnetized. The magnetized spine is like an antenna. This antenna draws the currents from all the plexuses. The drawn currents are sent through sensorium i.e., Sushumna nadi to sahasrara chakra on / in the top of  head. Due to this the mind (Antah Karana) will be interiorized. The state of statelessness of three Gunaas (Satwa, Rajas & Tamas) & Nishkaama is the result of practise of Kriya regularly without fail. The Kriya done in the six plexuses is called VEDAVIDHI. Veda means listen, Vidhi means one’s duty. Doing regularly Pranayama or control of Prana is KARMA YOGA. Without Karma or Pranayama or life force control no one can attain the state of natural attraction towards soul. Through wisdom one should achieve Gneyam, the one which is to be known / experienced.
Control Praana or life force then the unstable life force will become stable. When life force is stable there will not be Satwa, Rajas & Tamas. The absence of these three Gunas lead to non-existance of IDA (Chandra Nadi) & PINGALA (Surya Nadi). This status is called state beyond Kriya or Kriya Paraavastha. Without the onset of total surrender to God (Ananya Bhakti) wisdom (Gnaanam) cannot be got.
The end of Gnaanam or Wisdom is known as VEDANTAM. At this stage there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose.
Karma, Bhakti & Gnaana Yoga as in Bhagavad-Gita are not independent of each other. They are like legs of a tripod. They are the tools of SAADHANA or YOGA MEDITATION. Every sinner is having a future. Every saint had a past. So don’t get disheartened. Do saadhana  for liberation. This world is full of misery. Some one cries for a male child, some one for money, some one for health & some one for food etc. Alas nobody is crying for the God, the giver of all gifts. God almighty is eagerly waiting for your love. Do saadhana and get back to Father.
The unstable Prana is assigned fixity by sending it to Kootastha or Agna +ve chakra from Mooladhara chakra. That means the unstable Prana becoming stable in Kootastha is called OORDHWA RETASSU.


Soul is Life Force, Intellect (Buddhi), Mind, Eyes. Soul only looks through these things. Soul only looks at the Sansara Jagat. When this Jeeva (Soul) leaves this Sansaara Jagat and alters his gaze (Drishthi) and start looking through Kootastha, then he will be entering the kingdom of Spirit.
Nothing exists suddenly. The sum total of 17-20 years of reading & industry is the way for one to become a doctor or an engineer or a scientist. Likewise the accruing of karmas of several births and the net result of those karmas lead jeeva to experience pleasure or pain, life after life.
No doubt God power is the greatest power. But one has to experience Karma otherwise nothing can be gained. God cannot be accessed by intelligence. Soul cannot be benefited without Praana Karma (Pranayamam) or Life Force control. Doing Karma with the desire is JEEVA’S VYAPTAVASTHA or JEEVITAVASTHA or state of LIFE. God also is an integral part of Karma. This soul (Jeeva) when it does karma with desire less desire the sacrifice of life is called SAMAADHI or AVYAKTAASTHA.
EESWARA  -- EE (Coming from Eyes)
        -- SWARA (Breath)
That means the soul power that is shining when one does Pranayama is called EESWARA.
Unperturbed Brahma’s initial restlessness state is called AADYASHAKTI. Duality starts from here. When yogi during meditation does pranayama and when life force becomes steady, he will be seeing MAHAMAYA, AADYASAKTI, PARASAKTI or MAHADYONI. All these are the synonyms of AADYASHAKTI only.
The yogi shall see a triangle in Kootastha during deep meditation. This triangle is called MAHATYONI or PARASAKTI. The soul in the form of Prana shall enter that central part of Yoni (Nucleus)  as a Dot (Bindu). That dot gradually expands and shall get limbs. This way from the Mahatyoni all beings that come out shall acquire more & more restlessness and shall lead to Myriad yonees and from these yonees (outlets) Myriad configurations come out.
Mahat Brahma is the sobriquet for Brahmayoni. The whole animated & inanimated objects come out from this Mahat Yoni only. The undivided Brahma is Mahatyoni. That is the place of mother. The yoni exists in Kootastha in the form of a triangle. The dot or bindu existing in this triangle is also Brahma, the father only. So father and mother both are Brahma only. The dot gets expanded due to restlessness. Myriads of configurations come out due to the media of more & more restlessness. These manifestations of different configurations are nothing but Brahma only. Thus Father, Mother & Son all are existing out of one and only one Brahma.
All the four Vedas, all Gods & Goddesses, the Triumvirate BRAHMA, VISHNU & MAHESWARA (Creative, Preservative & Dissolving states) are all coming out of one and only one cosmic nature, Mother of all vibrations is PARASAKTI.
Parasakti is the first & initial restlessness (Prathama Chanchalatwam) of steady Brahma and this Parasakti is pure Satvam (+ve). More & more restlessness leads to Rajas(Neutral) & Tamas (-ve). The unending OHMKARAM is Adi vedam, Moola vedam, Moola gnanam.


Everything came out from the soul or Aatma Surya. The accrual of karma from the life after life or samisthi karma or total past karma is called DEVA or GOD or VIDHI or FATE. No God or Vidhi exists without karma. But karma exists without God.
“ Buddhihi karmaanu saarini “
- - - -   Sriti
Adristham means luck. Naa dristham adristham. That means the one not visible or cannot be seen is called adristham. This adristham or luck or buddi follows past karma. The past SANCHITA KARMAS cannot be seen. Only the results of past karma one experiences in this present life. Two people may be having same qualification, ability and intelligence.
With same qualification, ability & intelligence one may be suffering where as the other may be enjoying life. For your pleasure or pain the part of past karma that has been brought as prarabdha karma in this birth is responsible. The karma that has been brought from past births is called PRAARABDHA KARMA.
In villages they will be putting paddy after winnowing into a granary basket. There will be an outlet & inlet. Through inlet they (farmers) will go on adding the winnowed paddy / wheat into this granary. This added one is AAGAAMI. The one already there in the basket is SANCHITA. The one we are taking out from the outlet is called PRAARABDHA KARMA. This PRAARABDHA KARMA may be good paddy or bad paddy or the mixed one. This PRAARABDHA KARMA one has to experience.If it is bad one should make it amenable while silently enduring it. If not the AAGAMI KARMA shall be added to your future karma, that becomes SANCHITA again.
If one is leading a miserable life, it is due to the bad PRAARABDHA KARMA brought from his past SANCHITA KARMA. So one should be very careful not to add future bad AAGAMI KARMA while undergoing PRAARABDHA KARMA.
If you get a cut on your body with a blade, blood comes out at once. The onset of a disease will also have an incubation period of say 7, 14 or 21 days. A seed takes some time for sprouting and for a plant or tree to come out of it. So what are you experiencing is not the karma done by you in the present incarnation. It is the PRAARABDHA KARMA. If you do not have SANCHITA at all, then what you sow so you reep immediately.


The one that is not having physical body (Sthoola sareera) is called DEVI, DEVATA, DEVA or DEVIL. That is the reason the one that is not seen by our naked eye is called by us as DEVI, DEVATA, DEVA, DEVIL or GOBLIN. If it is bad, we call it as DEVIL. If it is good, we call it as DEVI, DEVATA or DEVA. The sky, air, fire, water, earth, mind, intellect, Chittam (feeling) etc. everything is DEVI, DEVATA, DEVA (Angle) for us. So for our misery, pain or pleasure, opulence etc. our karma is responsible. “ TWAMEVA AHAM ”. What you are now is due to karma only.

               NISHKAAMA KARMA

Nishkaama Karma means doing karma without expecting any result, good or bad. Suppose Rajesh digs a well. He expects that people should eulogize him for the good work done by him. Because, by digging the well, he is quenching the thirst of passers by. But at the same time he must bear the bad results of digging a well like if some animal may fall into that well and may die, somebody may commit sucide by jumping into the well. 


Punarjanma means reincarnation. One should not expect to have a knowledge of the memoirs / memories of the past birth(s). Suppose, one among the couple had a past memory in which she/he was murdered by him/her. Then they will not be able to live together peacefully. Hence the memoirs/memories of pase birth(s) is undesirable.

            How to get rid of KARMA?

Do NISHKAAMA KARMA. Visualizing the AAGAAMI KARMA, experiencing the PRAARABDHA KARMA with SAHISHNUTA (Endurance), do good karma in the present birth with FREE WILL and not expecting results. Do meditation regularly under the guidance of a SATGURU. Meditate on NIRGUNA BRAHMA. Acquire Wisdom (Gnaana), and get rid of SANCHITA & AAGAMI. With enlightenment even PRAARABDHA will be ameliorated like surgery with local anesthesia shall make the patient not knowing the pain. So karma is main. Accumulation of karma beyond incarnations is VIDHI (FATE) or GOD. If karma exists, God exists. Here God means not the PARAMAATMA or PARABRAHMA or SPIRIT. This PARAMAATMA exists with or without karma. God means God in creation. God in creation means is nothing but SUDDHA SATWA MAYA. This Maya is an integral part of Spirit. So if karma   exists, then Maya or God exists.


Kaarana sareera or causal/idea body is nothing but five vibratory elements (Pancha Maha Bhootas) in the beginning. This visible world came out of these primordial five vibratory elements only. Spirit exists in each and everything. It is highly impossible to search God (Spirit) in this colossal totality. So the saadhana or the practicing Meditator or Yogi should also become a Bahuroopi or should have many contours like God. Then only he shall be able to search God.
“ Kootastha akshara uchyate “
  - - - Geeta 15 –16
 “ Kootastha vijitendriyaha ”
- - - Geeta 6 – 8

God advised saadhaka to search him in Kootastha. Kootastham (the space between eye brows) where the God dwells is indestructible.
From the initial wave of restlessness or prana at the beginning of creation to the last wave of solid or solidification is present tense only for God. As per their limitations 33 crores of DEVEES & DEVATAAS are existing within their boundaries or with peripheries. We can Satisfy these angles with prayers & chanting (Prarthana & Sthuthi) as they are limited by their qualities (Gunaas). Prana is manifested from the initial wave of restlessness. To go beyond all these waves of restlessness and merge with Nirguna Niramaya Brahma is our duty. For this only this control of PRANA SAADHANA or PRANAYAMA KARMA simply PRANA KARMA is done. The soul sun appears as a dot sometimes. Sometimes soul appears as a limitless infinite illumination and sometime as pure great vaccum.
NIRGUNA = without any attribute,
NIRAMAYA = limitless
Illumination is Vaccum (Sunyam).
Merging is great Vaccum (Maha Sunyam)
“ Dyava Prithivyorida Mantaram Hi ”
    - - - Geeta 11 - 20
The space between MOOLADHARA & SAHASRARA is known as ANTARIKSHAM.
What is Maya in Macro (Samisthi) level is called KUNDALINI IN MICRO (VYASTHI) LEVEL.
The outgoing life force exists at the base of the spine is called the KUNDALINI SHAKTI. This coiled 3½ turns kundalini is like a sleeping snake. This is awakened through meditation.

God advised saadhaka to search Him in kootastha.  Kootastham (the space between eye brows) where the God dwells is indestructible as kootastha i.e., God is.
From the initial wave of restlessness of prana at the beginning of creation to the last wave of solid or solidification is present tense only for God.  As per their limitations 33 crores of Devis and Devataas are existing with/within their boundaries/peripheries.  We can Satisfy these angels with prayers & chantings (prarthana & stuthi) as they are limited by their qualities (gunas).  Prana is manifested from the initial wave of restlessness.  To go beyond all these waves of restlessness and merge with steady Brahma is our duty.       For   this only  control   of  prana sadhana  or  pranayama karma (prana karma) is done.  The soul Sun appears as a dot some times.  Sometimes soul appears as a limitless infinite illumination & some times as pure great vaccum.  Illumination is vaccum (sunyam).  Merging is great vaccum (sunyam).
The space between mooladharam & sahasrara is known as antariksham.
What is Maya in macro (samisthi) level is called kundalini in micro (vyasthi) level.  The outgoing life force exists at the base of the spine is called the kundalini shakti.  This is coiled 3½ turns like a sleeping snake.  This is awakened through meditation. The meditating yogi awakens kundalini and sends it back to the brain through pranayama procedures learnt through Satguru.

There are 72,000 subtle nadis existing in each and every human being. Three subtle nadis viz., Ida, pingala and sushumna are very very important for yogi.  In the centre of spinal cord exists sushumna nadi. On both sides of it exist ida/Chandra nadi (left) (-ve) & pingala/surya nadi (right) (+ve). 
Inside sushumna exists vajra nadi.  Inside Vajra exists Chitra nadi.  Inside Chitra exists Brahma nadi.
Sushumna extends from Muladhara to Sahasrara.  Vajra provides the required energy for the subtle body for its movements, contractions & expansions. Vajra extends from swadhisthana to shaasrara. Chitra extends from swadhisthana to sahasrara. All Spiritual activities or activities of consciousness in regard to Spiritual side are under the control of Chitra. 
All these subtle spinal cords that is, sushumna, vajra & Chitra shall work through subtle brain in Sahasrara.  Physical body is made of flesh & blood.  Astral body is filled with intelligent light or prana.  Causal body is full of consciousness or ideas.  Causal body consists of Spiritual brain and shall have a causal spine known as Brahma nadi.  This Spiritual spine consists of strong currents of consciousness.  Subtle body shall provide the energy required for the physical body.  Causal body provides the thoughts, recognition, perception, will power required by the subtle body. 
Kundali kutilaakaara sarpavat parikeertita
Mulaakantham phanaagrena danstra kamala kandavat!!
 - - - -Vaamakeswara tantram.
This kundalini is having zig zag (unsteady) motion. Its contour is not straight.  Hence, it is described as serpent like. The end of the mooladhara is caught by the hood of the kundalini like a stem of a lotus. Its energy is extended upto Brahma Randhram. Now, let us discuss about the Chakraas (plexux).
In micro level  it is called Pataala and in macro level it is called Bhoolokam. Mooladhara Chakra exists two inches above anus in the spinal cord. The root word is ‘LAM’. Earth vibration manifestation.  Responsible for smell (gandha). Life force is called hansa. In this plexus there will be 600 hansas (breathing in – breathing out) in 96 minutes. A normal man does 21,600 times breathing in – breathing out in 24 hours. This comes to 15 hansas per minute for a healthy man. 
MOOLADHARA is the replica for will power.  (Icchaa Shakti).  Sri Ganesh is the reigning Deity of this plexus.  Feeling  of Sweet juice taste occurs.  Bumblebee sound can be heard through right ear.  Yellow colour with four rays or petals can be seen.  Kundalini power with a 3½ turns coiled snake like shall be sleeping in Mooladhara Chakra covering sushumna in astral spine and hence closing Brahma Dwara.  It is our duty to awaken this sleeping Kundalini and direct it to Brahma Randhra in Sahasrara Chakra through the plexuses.  Kundalini power is described as Draupadi in Mahabharata (The Great Effulgence), Sita Devi in Ramayana & Sri Padmavati amma in Sri Venkateswara (Tirupati) Swami charitra.  All roads lead to Rome.  All Saadhanaas are meant for awakening this sleeping Kundalini and direct it to Sahasrara through the plexuses.

Whenever some one is preparing for war one has to prepare the logistics.  Likewise, in Mahabarata the saadhaka is comparing his +ve forces with opposite –ve forces within & without him. The Pandavas viz., Yudhisthira, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula & Sahadeva are the +ve forces that help the saadhaka (meditator) and Duryodhana (desire), dussaasana(anger), sakuni(delusion), Salya (pride) etc are negative forces that are obstructing his consciousness to reach Sahasrara.  Sahadeva in Mahabharata, Seshadri (since Mooladhara contains serpent like kundalini) in Sri Balaji Mahatyam is Moola Dhara Chakra only.  Meditation in Mooladhara improves will power (Icha shakti).  Dedicate your result of meditation to Ganeshji here. This Linga is called Adhara Lingam. 


This Kundalini power is called Vasuki. This spinal cord is known as Meru Parvatam.  Churning of Meru Parvatam is nothing but to use swaasa (breath) as astra (weapon) through sushumna in astral spinal cord and sending the breath up & down the spinal cord. So doing, the vasuki snake that is emitting poison in this sansaar is being tamed. When this kundalini power that is vasuki snake goes through these plexuses, it will inherit the opposite / good qualities of these five plexuses. They are Gandha (smell), Ruchi (taste), Roopa (contour), sparsa (touch) and Sabda (sound). As such the Kundalini will become a five-hooded snake. This five hooded snake reach kootastham first. From there this snake or five-hooded hydra shall reach Sahasrara. There the poison shall be shedded and completely tamed. Here the poison means all the doshaas of antahkarana. They are Arishadvargaas like Kama (desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (Greediness), Moha (delusion), Mada (pride), Matsarya (envy) and Vikshepana & avarana doshaas as explained earlier. A complete yogi emerges out of man / saadhaka. This is called Kaaliya Mardanam.


The importance of Yoga Sadhana is explained in our shastras every now and then. Some times directly and some times indirectly. Whether it is directly or indirectly but the importance is always explained. In Shiva temples, a Nandi is established opposite to Shiva Lingam in the Sanctum Sanctorum (garbha gudi). We normally see Shiva Lingam by rubbing the anus of Nandi statue with left hand and by catching the two horns with the right hand. Then we see the Shiva Linga through these horns. The Nandi’s (sacred bull that is the steed of shiva) spinal cord is straight. The two horns are Ida & Pingala. The spinal cord is sushumna. Rubbing anus is exciting the Kundalini situated at Mooladhara near Anus. Shiva Linga is Sahasrara Chakra. So, in the temple the devotee is alerted / reminded to do yoga sadhana by exciting Kundalini situated in Mooladhara Chakra about anus. Rubbing indicates to Straighten your spinal cord like the spinal cord of sacred bull by sitting erect and direct your kundalini through sushumna situated between Ida & Pingala. Reach Sahasrara (Shiva Lingam). Get liberated. This is the meaning behind this.
In micro level it is called Mahatala and in macro level it is called Bhuvarlokam or ordinary vaccum or Sunya Lokam.
SWADHISTHANA CHAKRAM is located behind Phallus in the spinal cord. Bijaksharam or root word is ‘VAM’. It is of white colour, six rays, light bitter taste. Flute sound can be heard. Water element manifestation responsible for Rasa (Taste). Swadhisthana represents Nakula in Mahabharata & Vedadri in Sri Tirupati Balaji Charitra. When sadhaka (meditating yogi) directs his kundalini through sushumna and reaches swadhisthana with his consciousness he shall hear the sound of flute. Then his propelled heart becomes steady due to this hearing of auspicious flute sound. Since the sadhaka hears an auspicious flute sound, the swadhisthan is called VEDA (hearing) DRI. 6000 hansa is done in 144 minutes in this chakra. Meditation in swadhisthan improves kriya shakti. Brahma is reiging deity. Dedicate your result of meditation to Brahmaji here. This lingam is called Guru Lingam here.
It is TALATALA in Micro level and it is SWARLOKA or GREAT VACCUM in Macro level.
MANIPURA CHAKRA is located behind navel in the Astral Spine. It is replica for GNANA SHAKTI (Power of Wisdom). Sri VISHNU is the reigning deity. Result of meditation is to be dedicated to Him. 6000 HANSA in 240 minutes out of 24 hours is done in this chakra. “RAM” is the root word or bijaksharam. This is the replica for fire element manifestation. Represents ROOPA (contour). Red colour, 10 rays, veena sound & bitter taste are the features of this plexus. Arjuna in MahaBharata represents this plexus. It is called GARUDADRI in Sri Tirupathi Balaji Charitra. Here the steady heart becomes devoted heart after hearing the sound of auspicious veena sound. Here the lingam is called SIVA LINGAM.

It is called RASATALA in Micro level and it is called MAHALOKA in Macro level.
ANAHATA CHAKRA is located behind heart in the Astral Spine. RUDRA is the reigning deity. The dhyanaphal or result of meditation should be dedicated to RUDRA as such. 6000 HANSA in 288 minutes out of 24 hours is done in this chakra. “YAM” is the root word or bijaksharam. Blue colour, 12 rays, sour taste & church bell sound can be heard through right ear. Bhima in MahaBharata represents this plexus. Saadhaka gets levitating feeling here and so it is called ANJANAADRI in Sri Tirupathi Balaji Charitra. Air element manifestation represents SPARSA (Touch). Here the devoted heart becomes clear heart. Here the lingam is called CHARA LINGAM.
In Micro level it is called SUTALA and  Macro level it is called JANALOKA.
VISHUDDA CHAKRA is located in the neck of the Astral Spine. SOUL is the reigning diety. The dhyanaphal or result of meditation is to be dedicated to SOUL. 1000 HANSA in 384 minutes out of 24 hours is done in this chakra. “HAM” is the root word or bijaksharam. White cloud colour, 16 rays, running stream sound, very very bitter taste are its features. Ether element manifestation. Sabda (sound) representation. Yudhisthira in MahaBharata represents this plexus. Here saadhaka gets a feeling of getting liberated like a free bull.  So it is called VRISHABHADRI in Sri Tirupathi Balaji Charitra. It is the place of ADISAKTI. Here the lingam is called PRASADA LINGAM.
In Micro level it is called VITALA and in Macro level  it is called TAPOLOKA.
The AJNA CHAKRA is locatedi n the space between the eyebrows on the forehead, . EESWARA is the reigning deity as such the dhyanaphal or result of meditation is to be dedicated to EESWARA. 1000 Hansa in 48 minutes out of 24 hours is done in this chakra. “OHM” is the root word or bijaksharam. Ajna consists of two rays. This chakra is of Sri Krishna. Duality starts from here. This is the place of PARASAKTI or SARVA SRISHTI STHANAM. Here the lingam is called MAHA LINGAM.
In Micro level it is ATALA and in Macro level  it is called SATYALOKAM.
SAHASRARA CHAKRA is located in BRAHMA RANDHRA on the top of the head. SRI GURU MURTHY is the regning deity as such the dhyanaphal is to be dedicated to SRI GURU MURTHY. 1000 HANSA in 240 minutes out of 24 hours is done in this chakra. “RAAM” is the root word or bijaksharam. Here the lingam is called OHMKARA LINGAM.

 “BIJAKSHAR” uttering shall vibrate that particular chakra.

When no meditation is being done, the KUNDALINI is considered to be sleeping. The PETALS/RAYS of chakras shall be downward. While doing meditation the KUNDALINI is awakened. Hence it is called WAKING KUNDALINI.
The PETALS/RAYS of chakras will be upward. To excite KUNDALINI, the SEAT/ASANA is to be located at a neat & clean place.
The seat should not be too high or too low. The sadhaka should spread DHARBHASAN (A mat made of a particular grass) on the seat. Spread a tiger skin/deer skin/woolen blanket on this. Spread a silken cloth on this. He/ she should sit erect and in a relaxed position. The sadhaka or yogi should eat limited food, limited sleep & should not move unlimitedly. Then with the instructions of SATGURU, he / she should practice meditation following proper/regular timings.
If one does 12 long pranayamas one may get interiorization or pratyaahaara. 144 long pranayamas lead to concentration or dhaarana. 1728 long pranayama lead to meditation or dhyaana. 20,736 long pranayamas lead to Samaadhi.
Prior to this, one should practice YAMA, NIYAMA. That is following moral disciplines and stability in ASANA. Control of life force is desirable. This body is the Chariot, Soul is the Charioteer, Intellect is the Driver (Saarathi) of this Chariot. Mind is the Reigns. Senses are the Horses.
So many myriads of subtle nadis are connected to IDA on left side and with Pingala on right side. These myriads of subtle nadis are spreaded into both the sideways of IDA & PINGALA. For normal man, the soul may take any path of these myriads of subtle naadis.
To the eyehole on left side GANDHARI & to the eyehole on right side HASTI JIHVA. To the earhole on left side POOSHA and to the ear hole on right side ALAMPOOSHA. In the Urinal (Phallus) hole CINEEVAALI and in the anus hole KUHUNADI. --- Are some of subtle nadis that are spread sideways. They are connected to IDA & PINGALA. In death one sheds only physical body. In fact the death is akin to shedding of soiled clothes and wearing new clothes.

The Jeeva comes back to earth to experience his / her karma sesham i.e., part of remaining karma. Depending on the karma i.e., good or bad, the soul takes the form of solids (stone, steel, etc), trees, sheep, animals & birds or human beings. To get this the soul takes the route of ether, air, fog, cloud & rain. So meditation is highly desirable.
“Sraddhaya brahma charyena tapasaa vidyaya aatmaanam anvisheth “              - - - - Prasnopanishad
That means one should do meditation with dedication, celibacy, penance & Brahmavidya.
“Chaturveda paro vipro yadi yogam na vindati veda bhaaraih avisrantaih savai brahmana gardhabhah “
The one who does not practice yoga dhyana sadhana is akin to a Brahmin donkey carrying four Vedas.


Sri vidya means kundalini yoga only. One has to follow five conditions for sri vidya.
The conditions are:1) AAHARA Niyamam (Food formality)( One should not take whatever food he likes. He should take Saatwikahaaram.
“Aayu ssatwaa Balaarogya”  -- Geeta 17 – 8
2) AATMA Niyamam-- Maintenance of “Self control”.
3) NIVASA Niyamam-- Dwelling should be selective
4) PRAVARTANA Niyamam-- For the sake of earning money one should not indulge in each & odd work. One should be selective in work.
5) SANSARGA Niyamam-- Even friendship/Acquaintance should be selective. One should not make friendship with evil people.
There are 72,000 subtle nadis (sukshmanaadis) are there in human body. Three sukshmanaadis viz, IDA, PINGALA & SUSHUMNA are very important sukshma naadis out of these 72,000 sukshma naadis.

               SUSHUMNA or BRAHMA NAADI

Sushumna contains vajri and inside vajri Chitri exists. Inside Chitri is brahmanaadi. This is extended from Mooladhara to Brahmarandhra. Saints, Sages Jnaanees & Jeevan Muktaas shall go through (exit) this way. Sushmna is also called SARASWATI.

                              IDA NAADI

IDA is extended from Mooladhara to left side Nostril of the Nose. Due to more distortion of cosmic consciousness the life currents flowing through this naadi are cool like moon. Hence it is called CHANDRANAADI. IDA is also called GANGA. This NAADI is also called PITRUYAANA or KRISHNAYAANA NAADI. Krishna means Darkness  & Yaana means Journey. That means soul exit through darkness. Aatmagnaana sunyaas or men without any knowledge of SOUL/ SPIRIT/GOD and those who aspire for the results of their karma shall go through this left nostril of the nose at the time of death.
                             PINGALA NAADI
Pingala naadi extends from Mooladhara to right side nostril of nose. Due to more flow of cosmic consciousness the life currents flowing through this naadi are hot like sun. Hence it is called SURYANAADI. This is also called DEVEYAANA NAADI or SUKLAYAANA NAADI. Sukla means white. Yaana means travelling. Deva means divine. Those who do NISHKAAMA KARMA and does work useful to the society like digging wells, doing yagnaas for Viswa Santhi, Vastradaan(distribution of clothes for poor people),    Annadaan(distribution of food to the hungry)&Griha daanam( construction of Charity choultries etc.) shall exit through right nostril of the nose. This Pingala Naadi is called YAMUNA.
These three Naadis IDA, PINGALA & SUSHUMNA are together extended upto KOOTASTHA. From KOOTASTHA only SARASWATHI NAADI i.e. sushmna only is extended up to sahasraara.
Triputi that is DHYATA (Meditator), DHYANAM (Meditation) & DHYEYAM(Object of Meditation) all three become one.  
Soul exits through either IDA or PINGALA as per Karma. The exit may be any hole from anus to nostrils of nose. It can be anus, phallus, navel, mouth, nose, eyes & ears. Only gnaani or yogi or liberated one exit through sushumna i.e. Brahma Randhra. In normal man’s case he may exit through any Nadi of the IDA & PINGALA that are connected to subtle nadis sideways.


The ancient sages (rishis) found the eternal truths that rule the Spiritual world. Vedas are not the books. At different times during meditation the revered sages found the eternal truths regarding Spirituality and gravitational attraction force principles. The findings were documented on taalapatraas (palm tree leaves). These eternal truths are the sacred Vedas. Vedas are not developed all at once. Veda means to hear. They are gradually developed by degrees. That is why the sages have christened the things as such.
TRI KONAM ITI is Trigonometry. Measurement of three angles is TRIKONAMITI.
JA (A long with) GATI (Displacement). If the world is not born with displacement tendency then there is no PRAGATI (progress in development).
When man is born, he does fauxpas in infant stage. Gradually he learns talking, walking & mannerisms, etc. Even after becoming grown up if he continues to be in the infant stage and behaves as such, then there is no progress in him. So movement / displacement is the psalm of life.
Hence there are six Bhavaas and six Stages of requirement.
SHADOORMIES / Six Stages of Requirement:
Old age
In the infant stage, due to the memories/memoirs of past birth(s), the jeeva will be crawling stupine in the excreta left by him. Sometimes he will smell that stench. This is the result of the accumulations of past vaasanaas.
At the time of final exit, the senses will merge with Antahkarana. Antahkarana will merge with life force. Life force merges with soul. Along with this, vaasanas & Results of karma shall be added unto this.
The UDAN VAYU existing in the gullet shall be the carrier of this Jeeva(Soul). This UDAN VAYU shall organize to send Jeeva to its proper YONI as per its good, bad, mixed karmaphal.
This body consists of eleven holes. They are:
1)     Brahma Randhram : Existing on the top of the head. This can be seen / visualized in the infant stage. The palpitations in the center of the head are vividly visualized-----------One Hole
2)     Nostrils    ----   Two Holes
3)     Eyes        ----   Two Holes
4)     Ears         ----   Two Holes
5)     Mouth      ----   One Hole
6)     Anus        ----   One Hole
7)     Phallus    ----   One Hole
8)     Navel       ----   One Hole
            Total        ----    11 Holes

KUNDALINI (contd.)

3½ turns coiled serpent like, sleeping outgoing life force in mooladhara chakra is called KUNDALINI. Its head will be upside down located in the Anus.
All the chakras (plexus) are called KULAS (Castes). Each chakra is called KULA. Kula means caste. The Kundalini force is called KULA –KUNDALINI. The one who is not meditating is called SUDRA. When he starts meditation, he is called KSHATRIYA or WARRIOR class who is fighting inner enemies. During meditation when one reaches the swadisthaana chakra, he is called DWIJA (twice born)or Vaisya(cultivator). When saadhaka’s Kundalini reaches Manipura chakra, he is called VIPRA. When Kundalini raises upto Annahata chakra, then he is called BRAHMANA. This is how the castes came into existence.

“Janmanaa Jaayate Sudraha
 Karmana Jaayate Brahmanaha.”

Chaatur Varnyam Mayaa Sristham
Guna Karma Vibhaagasaha
     - - - - Geeta – 4 – 13.

In the brain there is a great force called OJAH SAKTI or COSMIC ENERGY. A man’s creativity is proportional to this OJAH SAKTI. The more the OJAH SAKTI the more the strength, vitality & creativity. Mental power and health are the direct result of this cosmic energy.
One should get initiated into Kriya Yoga through a Satguru or Satguru established organizations like YSS / SRF. With the practice of Kriya Yoga saadhana, one will be able to concentrate on the Kundalini lying in sleeping stage. The sleeping Kundalini in Mooladhara is then awakened. The Kundalini power excited by Pranayama techniques shall enter the Sushumna Nadi. Then it will start its upward movement passing through Mooladhara & Swadhisthana. The crossing of Swadhisthana is called BRAHMA GRANDHI CHEDANA i.e. destruction of Brahma Grandhi. After crossing Manipura & Annahata, the Kundalini is said to be crossed Rudra Grandhi. This is called RUDRA GRANDHI CHEDANA. Chedana means destruction. When Kundalini crosses Vishuddha & Agna Chakras, the destruction of VISHNU GRANDHI occurs. Then the saadhaka shall be able to destroy the gap between You & I i.e., Soul (Jeevatma) & Paramatma (Spirit). This differentiation of “You & I” occurs due to these three Grandhis only.

The life force is the only link between this inert body & Spirit. Unless one makes this restless life force to a steady one through Satguru given Pranayama techniques, the liberation from this bondage of sansar Jagat is not possible. This destruction of Grandhis is a part & parcel of yoga saadhana.



BRAHMA GRANDHI destruction means destruction of physical body through Satguru given Pranayama technique (sadhana). We must first forget “Iam the body”. The body bound inclination should be shed. The replica of Prana “PARA WORD” should cross Swadhisthana. So that, the “Iam the body” factor or Annamaya kosam(inanimate kingdom) is shed. This is called “AADI BHAUTICA SANTI”.
The RUDRA GRANDHI represents sukshma sareera or subtle body. Subtle body consists of Pranamaya Kosam (Vegetable Kingdom), Manomaya Kosam (Animal Kingdom) & JnanaMaya Kosam (Man Kind). The one that does not have physical body & consisting of the other two bodies viz., Subtle & Idea body is called DEVATA. The replica of life force that is “PASYANTI WORD” crossing Manipura & Annahata is called RUDRA GRANDHI CHEDANA. The restless mind becomes steady upto large extent due to the destruction of Rudra Grandhi. This is called “ADHI DAIVIKA SANTI”. When life force is in gullet, it is called “UPAANSU”.
VISHNU GRANDHI represents Causal body. This is Anandamaya Kosam. Here the restless life force becomes steady. Then this steady prana shall reach Sahasrara by crossing Vishnu Grandhi. The destruction of Vishnu Grandhi shall make the life force reach sahasrara by giving up IDA & PINGALA and passing through SUSHUMNA. IDA is sacred river Ganga, Pingala is Yamuna and Sushumna is Saraswati. When this stage/state occurs man is liberated and he himself shall become BRAHMA. “UPANSU” means Prana sakti taking the form of a bindu or dot. This prana is called PRIYA. This Priya becomes “VAIKHARI” that is steady Prana. This steady prana reaching sahasrara is called VISHNU GRANDHI destruction. This is called Adhyatmika Santi.
Eyes are the media of mind. That is mind sees through eyes. Intellect is the media for life force. Life force is the media for soul. So soul only sees this Jagat sansar through life force, intellect, mind & eyes.
MA   à NOT        NAVA   à NEW
So manava means you exist yesterday, today & tomorrow. When this Jeeva (soul) renounces this Jagat sansar and reaches kutastha and sees through kutastha, then only the Spiritual world will be known to it. What Jeeva experiences is the result of accumulated karma of past incarnations. The Jeeva brings prarabdha karma out of this past karma. Nothing in this life happens all of a sudden. Hence it is the bounden duty of the sadhaka to awaken kundalini and direct it to sahasraara. This sadhana is called ASTAANGA YOGA SAADHANA.


1) YAMA-- Morality of self control, 2) NIYAMA-- Certain religious rules such as keeping body & mind clean. 3) AASANA--- To keep the body fit for sitting erect in meditation posture comfortably, 4) PRANAYAMA-- To control life force, 5) PRATYAHAR-- Interiorization of attention, 6) DHARANA-- To make the restless mind steady(concentration), 7) DHYANA-- To concentrate on God only (Meditation), 8) SAMAADHI-- To merge with Paramatma (Ecstatic union with God)

Each & every living being wants happiness. Everybody endeavours for profit only. He wanted to be happy and live longer. To use breath (swaasa) as Astra (weapon) is known as sastra. Every healthy man breaths for 21,600 hansaas in 24 hours. This amounts to 15 hansaas in one minute. If one does more than 15 hansaas, he is called patient (Rogi). If one does less than 15 hansaas, he is yogi. Every human being brings prarabdha karma for the present life. Along with this, he brings so many hansaas as his time of living in that life. If he does pranayama karma with will power and controls his breath to less than 15 hansaas in a minute, then he has saved some hansaas. It is something like the money we saved and put in bank for future. The money will be exhausted proportionate to your spending. If you spend more quickly, it will be exhausted quickly. So is the case with the savings of breath. The tortoise takes breath very few times in a day. As such it lives quite a longer time. Hence meditation is not only a funeral to all the sorrows, but also makes the life beautiful, healthy and longer.
Only man can do meditation.
1. MANAVA JANMA – to born as man
2. MUMUKSHATVAM – aspiring liberation
3. MAHAPURUSHA DARSANAM – to get the appearance of great souls.
are the three difficult things.



Gaja means elephant. Elephant is a very intelligent animal. Elephant gaze is very powerful. Elephant can pick up even a small grape lying on the floor with its trunk in spite of having very small eyes at a very height. Hence that gaze is called GAZA DRISHTI. Gaza swimmer means great swimmer. So Gaza indicates greatness. Likewise Gaza Indriya means great Indriya i.e. mind. So Gazendra moksham means the liberation (moksham) of mind (Gaza Indriya). Mind is the greatest amongst all senses(Indriyas).
Mind is key factor for liberatin or bondage from the Jagat Sansar. Sahasrara Chakram is the Su (good) Darshana (Seeable) chakra.


SRI means Spider. Spider builds its nest with its own saliva. Then it resides in it itself. Likewise every Jeevi or living being builds its own nest / living place. This is called spider’s nest. KALA means snake. The snakes are like Indriyaas (senses). To control senses is akin to control snakes. HASTI means Elephant. Elephant is having powerful Gaze/sight. Thinnadu is the innocent hunter. Siva Lingam means Sahasrara chakram.
Srikalahasti is a holy place near Tirupathi. In Srikalahasthi charitra, Thinnadu, the hunter, plucks both his eyes and paste them on the Siva Lingam as the eyes of the Siva Lingam were bleeding. Elephant daily puts water on the Siva Lingam and cleans it daily. This means cleaning of your body & mind. Have a proper sight (understanding). Controlling senses is the meaning behind snake putting its hood on the Lingam. With control of senses & mind, one should come out of this spider nest like Jagat Sansar. Put / Concentrate your Gaze on the Sahasrara (Siva Lingam). Gaze fixation means both eyes should be on Sahasrara. This is the meaning of plucking one’s eyes. Control the senses & mind. Fix the gaze on the Sahasraara and mediate. Then one shall get liberated.


Siva wearing snake round his neck is the indication to sadhaka to control the senses. The senses are like snakes. Ganga (water) means to come out of nature. Ash indicates this Jagat Sansar is unreal. Trisulam indicates to come out of three gunaas. Third eye in kutastham indicates one should develop fixed Gaze (eeka drishti). Siva means MANGAL SWAROOP.
So chanting OHM and doing pranaayama, meditate on Kutastha. Control the senses.  Come out of the senses; go beyond nature (Maya). Have fixed Gaze. Visualize the unreality of Jagat. Merge with Paramatma and become Mangal Swaroopa.
Pure wisdom is EESWARA. This universe is inert and made of stones & sand etc. So the insentient and inert matter cannot be the cause for pure wisdom. So it is not justified to make EESWARA, the cause of inert matter. Pure wisdom is Purusha.


This pure wisdom is formless NIRGUNA BRAHMA. You cannot divide the space that is not physical. Everyone is undivided Spirit only not its part like a sun shining in 10000 pots. The soul in each & every being is Spirit only. That Spirit only appears to be many. This misery is due to this ignorance only. You may be taking Ganga water in several places. But the stream is of Ganga only. Every soul is having centre but no periphery.
Acquire four treasures of sadhana and then enquire/aspire for Brahma Sthithi. These four treasures of sadhana or sadhana chatusthayasampannata are:
a) NITYANITYA VASTU VIVEKAM: Soul is eternal. Jagat is not eternal.

b) IHAMUTRA PHALA BHOGA VIRAGAM: Cessation (vairagya) or dispassionation of material things.


i) SAMAM: Indifferent to worldly affairs & material gains. Developing control of mind.
ii) DAMAM: Control of senses from external things.
iii) UPARATI: Fixation of mind on Nirguna Brahma.
iv) THITHIKSHA: Endurance in heat & cold, hunger & thirstiness, praise & insult and no restlessness towards material affairs.
v) SHRADDHA: Respect on saastra & teachings of Satguru & to have reverence of practicing those teachings.
vi) SAMADHAANAM: To fix mind on the contemplated thing.

d) MUMUKSHATWAM: To have a strong desire of liberation from this Jagat Sansaar.
Meditation, dispassionation of worldly affairs are desired and with control of mind pure wisdom is to be obtained.
Anything can wait but your search for God cannot wait.
Know “WHO AM I”!
Everyone should
1) HITA BHUK  è  Do good
2) RITA BHUK  è  Earn & eat
3) MITA BHUK  è  Do limited eating

Some Important Things

The food to become Spermatozoan, seven changes exists. They are:
(1) Food (2) Blood (3) Meat (Flesh) (4) Nerves (Snaayuvu)  
(5) Bone (Asthi) (6) Bone Marrow (Majja) and
(7) Spermatozoan (Shuklam).

That  is how 7 days in a week came into existance. The following are the complete details:

è ANNAM (food) becomes fluid (rasam) due to acids (fires) in the stomach. This takes 360 minutes. So to become rasam it takes 6 hours.

è RASAM to become normal blood it takes a fortnight (15 days).

è NORMAL BLOOD to transfer into pure blood it takes 27 days. (Stars – Aswani, Bharani etc are 27).

è PURE BLOOD to transfer into flesh it takes 41(mandalam days). For any Mantra Siddhi it takes mandalam days. Mantra Siddhi means getting the result of any mantra to one’s fullest Satisfaction.

è FLESH takes 52 days (Alphabets of Sanskrit are 52) to transform into Nerves (Snaayuvu).

è NERVES takes 64 days (64 types of education or kalasaastraas) to become bones.

è BONES takes 84 days (84 lakhs types of living beings) to transform into bone marrow.

è BONE MARROW takes 96 days (this body consists of 96 principles as per sankhya philosophy) to become spermatozoan.

è SPERMATAZOAN takes 108 days (Asthothara) to transfer into COSMIC ENERGY (OHJAS).



Spiritual heredity is an organized from AADI SANKARA in particular and from time immemorial in general. The branches of swamy cult are 10 types.

Every Swamy uses a tag “AANANDA” in general. AANANDA means to aspire liberation through a divine peculiarity or divine excellence.
YOGANANDA, the one who excels in yoga meditation.
è ICHA SAKTI (will power) = Creation is contemplated = Bindu = Idea / Causal (Kaarana) = SARASWATI.
è JNAANA SAKTI = Order of Creation = Kala = Subtle(Sukshma) = LAKSHMI.
è KRIYA SAKTI = Creation taking form (Kriya Roopam) = NAADA = Physical (Sthoola) = DURGA




There are 14 Manus as per Hindu philosophy. They are:
1)Swayambhuva(2)Swaarochisha(3)Uttama(4)Thaamana (5) Raivata(6) Chaakshusha       (7) Vaivaswata(8) Saavarni
(9) Raksha Saavarni   (10) Brahma Saavarni (11)Dharma Saavarni (12) Rudra Saavarni(13) Deva Saavarni(14) Indra Saavarni

One time period of Manu = 71 Maha Yugas (Great Yeons)
4 Yugas (Yeons) = One Maha Yuga.
Presently 7th time period of Manu, vaivaswata Manvantaram, is existing.
Therefore 7 x 71 x 4 = 1988 Yugas completed.
50 / 52 Sundays are there in one year. Likewise in 1988 Yugaas, 497 Dwaapara yugaas exist. So the question arises as to which Dwaapara Yuga this Krishna belongs to?
So from this it can be easily inferred that Krishna is a status in Spirituality. It is a status like Prime minister, President, Chancellor, Chief Minister or Chief / Principal Secretary etc in political field. The Krishna status or Christ status is the highest Spiritual status. Yaadav became Krishna. Jesus became Christ.
One should not say “God is akin to Rajesh”. The correct version is “Rajesh is like God”. Say “God like Rajesh” but not “Rajesh like God”. Similarly like Paramatma like Sri Krishna is correct. But not like Sri Krishna like Paramatma which is not correct.
Prime minister cannot become Suresh. But Suresh can become Prime minister. So the status of Sri Krishna can be attained by anyone who endeavors for it steadfastly with incessant sadhana. The status of Sri Krishna is the highest and is the only one highest Spiritual status. But so many can enter into that the highest Spiritual status with sadhana.

The status of Prime minister/President is the only one in any country. So many may enter and can enjoy the status of Prime minister/President of that respective country at different times. This political or otherwise status is temporary. But the highest status of Sri Krishna is eternal. Once one enters into that highest Spiritual status shall be in that state eternally. This Krishna status is not the monopoly of any one. Everyone should make sincere and effective saadhana and achieve that highest Spiritual state. It is just like everybody’s dream of becoming Prime minister/ President of one’s respective country. But these designations are temporary and once retired he will be forgotten with the passage of time.
KRISHNA = Aakarshayati iti Krishna. The one who attracts everybody.
RAMA = RaMayati iti Rama. He makes you happy with his play.
SRI = The holy or pavitra.
TIRUPATHI = Tiru (Pavitra) Pati (Leader / Husband


The Kundalini power in Mooladhara chakra is Sita Devi. It is customary to Christine the sakti as female one in Hindu philosophy. Sri Rama, Paramatma, exists in Sahasrara chakra in Brahma Randhram. For a normal non-meditating human being the required life force is drawn from Sahasrara to Mooladhara. Sahasrara is the reservoir of cosmic energy. From Sahasrara life force (distorted form of cosmic energy) is supplied to Kundalini in Mooladhara. As long as the life force from Sahasrara is uninterruptedly supplied then the normal human being does not suffer. He will be happy. But the opposite negative forces in Manipura chakra like fear, greediness, hate & moods etc. shall oppose / interrupt the inflow of life force from Sahasrara to reach Kundalini in Mooladhara. Deceases takes place proportional to this opposition from Manipura negative forces. This leads to spoiling / damage of organs (lever, heart, and kidney) one after another. Then the immunization capacity declines.  The opposite force(s) in Manipura chakra is the cause of this interruption of life force from Sahasraara chakra.
The Manipura chakra is of red colour with 10 rays. So this is also called RAVANA CHAKRA. Then the human being cries for help calling “RAMA” loudly. Then Rama i.e. Paramatma in the Sahasrara understands the trouble through Annahata chakra. This chakra is also called VAYU CHAKRA since it is the place of air element. Anjaneya is the son of Vayu. A gland viz., Thymus gland is responsible for immunization (roga nirodhaka sakti). Through this gland “RAM” in Sahasrara understands the obstruction in Manipura chakra with the help of Anjaneya. This whole procedure is done through VAGUS nerve. This is known as CHOODAAMANI. This is the reason that one should do pranayaama, if wanted to be healthy. By doing pranayaama the obstructive force at Manipura (behind navel) is destroyed to pave the way for free flow of life force from Sahasrara. Man gains his health. This is what is called SRIRAMA destroying/cauterizing/ drying the amritabhandam in the stomach of Ravana. Amrita (Nectar) Bhandam (Utensil).  Obstructive forces are eternal like nectar to a normal man.
(1) NAAGA = Exists in the throat. Cause of Belching
(2) KOORMA = for movement of eyelids.
(3) KRIKARA = for sneezing.
(4) DEVADATTA = for yawning.
(5) DHANANJAYA = It spreads all over the body. It lasts till death and up to 10 minutes  after death. It keeps the dead body warm for 10 minutes.


Mudraas will enable the life force that is flowing in our chakras to flow into physical nerves and make the body healthy. They will keep the balance of body, mind & soul. One ounce of practice is better than one tonne of theory. So every human being must make use of human life by practicing yoga meditation.
KHECHARI: Fixing the gaze on the kootastha, by closing or opening the eyes, putting the tongue in the gullet & then doing pranayama taught by Satguru.
BHOOCHARI: With half closed eyes fixing the gaze on the nose.
MADHYAMA: Fixing the gaze on kootastha and then seeing the horizon while doing pranayama.
SHANMUKHI: Nostrils, both eyes, ears & mouth are to be closed. Then to retain life force in kootastha and do internal retention.
SAAMBHAVI: Doing meditation with spine erect, looking straight, and while retaining the life force in Padma or Sukha Aasana.


The thing of truth that always exists or eternal is called sriti. The truth appropriate to that period of time is called smriti. In Sanskrit truth is called SATYAM. This is the reason truth is of 3 types.
(1) Vyavaharika Satyam
(2) Praatibhasika Satyam
(3) Paramaarthika Satyam
Example: (a) During the period of 2 or 3 hours whatever is happening in that cinema is Vyavahaarika Satyam. In fact nobody is beaten / dying as displayed in that cinema.
(b) Sun rises in the east is Vyavahaarika Satyam. Because sun does not move. Due to the revolution of earth around sun it appears as though the sun is moving.
It did not exist before. But the present existence is superimposed on the thing that did not exist before. In dim light, a rope may appear like a snake from the distance. This is called RAJJU SARPA BHRANTI in Saastraas. This is called Pratibhasika Satyam.

The thing that is all times truth is Paramaarthika Satyam.
Example: The cinema screen is always white only. It was white before cinema, during cinema and after cinema.
There are 44 types of Smritis. They are moral rules books introduced by sages appropriate to that period for the well being of the people. MANU Smriti, YAAGNA VALKYA Smriti, PARAASARA Smriti etc. are such Smritis.
In Kaliyuga Paraasara Smriti is followed.

In Manu Smriti

“Na stree swaatantraya marhati”

The lady cannot have freedom is the meaning. In childhood parents have to protect her. After marriage, her husband has to protect her. During old age, her son should protect her. Normally ladies are biologically weak. This Smriti vaakya (principle) is applicable when a lady cannot stand on her own legs due to lack of education & cannot earn herself. Even children & old people also have to depend on their parents & children respectively. So the real meaning is ladies, children & old people are to be given a helping hand. Not that a lady should be confined to the home only always. So the Smriti vaakyaas are to be understood properly.
Arthanaareswara means half male & half female. God Siva is said to be Arthanaareswara as per Hindu philosophy. Every human being whether male or female contains X-chromosomes and Y-chromosomes. As such everybody is half male and half female and hence everybody is arthanaareswara only.
“APUTRASYA GATIRNAASTHI” means the one who does not have a male offspring shall have to exit through a bad way or undesirable way at the time of death and after death. As per science male is responsible for the birth of male and female child since the donor of seed is male one. But the female is tortured for not giving a male child.
Great souls like Adisankara, Sri Vivekananda or Paramahansa Sri Yogananda were not at all married and maintained strict celibacy and do not have any children, male or female. But they are considerd to be Gods.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa is married, but did not have any offspring. His marriage is not consummated. He maintained very strict celibacy. But Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Param Pujaneeya Sri Sarada Devi are worshipped throughout the world in spite of their exit long ago.
Offspring is/cannot (be) the yardstick for one’s greatness. Aatmagnana Sunyata (No knowledge of soul science) is the main reason behind this.
PANCHA = Five, AMRITA = Eternal.

When we respect God, we prostrate before him saying “Namaskaram to you God, up & down, left & right, north & south, east & west etc.” Pancha Maha Bhootaas or five vibratory elements viz., Ether (Aakaasa), Air (Vaayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jalam) & Earth (Prithvi) are five eternal elements or Panchaamritaas. They are the root cause of creation. So we are respecting God by saying/doing ablutions of God with these five eternal vibratory elements. The five elements viz., cow milk; curd, ghee, honey and sugar are the symbols of the five vibratory elements.


Energy can neither be created nor can be destroyed. One form of energy can be converted to another form of energy. The mechanism that converts one form of energy into another form of energy is called Transducing and the instrument is called Transducer. Loudspeaker, ceiling fan and turbines etc. are such transducers.
Small energies merge with big energies. That is why the saying “big fish eating small fish” means big energy absorbing small energy. Everything is energy only. At last even the carbon or crude oil etc. are once living beings. The carbon or crude oil etc. are called fossil fuel as such.
“Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu”.
Everyone may live happily. There is only one ether, one air, one fire element, one water element & one earth element. For our convenience we are dividing these elements saying that “the earth, sky, water, etc. up to this is mine. Do not enter into my territory without my permission”.
Fragrance/stench shall spread equally on all sides. Whether one likes it or not the fragrance of incense stick (agarbathi) in one’s room spreads on all sides. Wherever may be the epicenter of earthquake or hurricane, the results of that natural calamities effect the whole humanity directly or indirectly. Not only that, if any celestial body is destroyed, its effect will be felt by the whole universe. Likewise mind is part of universe. Any evil or good thoughts will definitely affect the whole universe. Earthquake like thoughts, typhoons like evil doings are responsible for the suffering of humanity directly or remotely. This is called “Ecological Imbalance”. Therefore our thinking should be proper and should help the humanity.
“Ayam Nijaha Paroveti Ganana Laghu Chetasaam”
“Udaara Charitaanaam Tu Vasudhika Kutumbakam”
You – me, yours – mine, is of small minds. For great minds this whole universe is their family. No one can live in isolation. No one should think for oneself. Thinking should be broad and universal.
This universe(s) are existing due to mutual attraction. Due to mutual attraction only the celestial bodies are revolving in their respective orbits. Each and everything is the embodiment of energy. The energy is responsible for attraction / repulsion. We are all the myrids of energy bodies. We are the different energies coming out of one great sakti. This great sakti is called MAYA. Maya is the integral part of Paramaatma. Life is nothing but the dance macabre of nature and Spirit. There is no male fire and female fire. No male water and female water. Likewise there is only one God. No male or female. If you think God is Father, then He is the Father. If you think He is the Mother God is Mother,
 God is not having any configuration, quality, attribute or gender. He is Sat Chit Ananda Murty.


One needs food when one is hungry. Likewise for proper balance of body, mind and soul, meditation is essential. Meditation is desirable to each and everyone, boy – girl, woman – man, young – old, without any gender difference. No expenditure, pomp and show, ablutions, caste, creed and race etc is involved. Allot sometime in the morning and evening for meditation. Segregate some place specifically for meditation purpose in your room / house  / building etc. sit erect, facing east or north. Follow the path ordained by Sat Guru.  
One to become many is creation.
Diversity in Unity. – Unity in Diversity. – Big bang theory is akin to this.
Many to become one is deluge. Boat (individual) may be in the sansaar (water). But water (sansaar) should not be in the boat (individual).
The servant maid pampers the child of her master. She will perambulate the child daily. Once her salary or pay bill is cut down, she may not continue to work under her master. She will abandon the child of her master and go to some other master who pays her more. Then where is her attachment to the child? She was pampering and perambulating daily. So live in this world without attachment. Take the life as a game and play it. Life is a dream. Realize this. Lead the life with pure love. Love somebody for the sake of love only.

Everything is GOD only

“Yagnantakrit Yagna Guhyam Annaha Annaada Evacha”
- - - - Vishnu Sahasranamam 130

“I am the food. I am the eater of the food.” God says. This means food is the energy. Eater is also energy. So everything is God only.
The weight of a body differs from planet to planet. The standards of education also depend on time / period / place. Even mindset, thinking style, meditation procedures etc. depends on yuga dharma.
Example: One is well versed with music, cycling, motor driving etc. at a tender age of 7 to 8 years. This is due to past samskaaraas (habits etc.). So past samskaaraas are responsible for one’s opulence, poverty, dexterity etc. in this life.
If one stone requires 20 strokes of hitting for breaking, one has left it after hitting with 18 hammer strokes. Someone may come and do the remaining two hammer strokes and the stone is broken. This is not the greatness of second one. The stone got the required 20 hammer strokes and so it got broken.
Likewise the one who had done his homework well in his past births may lead this life happily. So the one who had not done his home work well in his past births, can come up in this life with unflinching utility of his will power provided by God.
With will power one can overcome the past Sanchita karma. Karma cannot be seen by the naked eye. Karma for this reason is called God.
“Buddhihi Karmaanu Saarini”
That is why the learned say “intellect also follows past karma”. In tretayuga one used to do meditation for 14 years by being far from the madding crowd. In dwapara yuga 13 years of meditation is suggested. In kaliyuga one has to allot a fixed convenient time in morning, afternoon, evening or night. Minimum period of 30 minutes is to be allotted for meditation whenever one gets time. This will pave the way for proper growth of body, mind and soul harmoniously. It is all the more required in these present tumultuous times. Start your day with meditation atleast 15 minutes in the morning. End your day with atleast 15 minutes meditation before going to bed. Involve God in each and every work you do, whether it is eating, working or running etc. Live for God. Die for God. Make consciousness of God and meditation on God as your theme of life. Time spent for God is worth while. Rest everything is useless. Eat God, drink God and always be in God.


When the gaze is fixed in Kootastha, the third eye is opened for meditator,.then the yogi will have a darshan of atma jyothi in Kootastha or he may hear the sound “OHM” of cosmic generator in right ear.
Sound travels at the rate of 1140 feet per second. Light travels at the rate of 3x106 meters per second. If the saadhaka hears the sound of OHM. He should merge with sound. The OHM shall take the saadhaka to the source. If saadhaka sees the light, he should follow the light. Since light is faster than sound, so following the light is desirable.


Maha Bharatam means great effulgence. For steady meditation so many forces within and without will be obstructing. By going to places of mountains, forests and solitude one cannot get/do good meditations.  The thoughts will be hunting the saadhaka even in those places. The restless prana should get steady. The steady (sthira praana) prana leads to steady mind. Steady mind leads to jeevanmukti (liberation). So everyone should become Hanuman. Hanu means killing, man means mind. So to make the restless mind into steady mind is Hanumaan. So all the arishadwargaas, ego, fear and sanskaaraas must be totally eradicated. The roles / actors of Mahabharata are the replica / sobriquet of internal enemies. Arjuna is the aspiring yogi. The yogi should get rid of Bhishma (fear) within him.

A student should courageously pursue his studies not bothering about employment opportunities. A laborious player will not fear to attack opponents in sports and athletics.
The next thing a saadhaka should kill in him is the sanskaaraas (unfulfilled desires that is Drona). The sanskaaraas may be good or bad. But both are undesirable. Good sanskaaraas are like golden shackles. Bad sanskaaraas are like iron shackles. So both will bind the man to the Jagat sansaar. Both will obstruct the liberation.
Lastly the saadkaka should kill attachment (raaga) and repulsion / hatred (dwesha) represented by karna. If someone dies in somebody’s house we will not bother much, where as if this incident happens in our own house we bother much. So the cause for grief is not the death but the attachment. Likewise we are very much jelous about someone else’s opulence and we start hating him where as if our own son or daughter is happy we will not feel jealously and hence will not hate him / her. So the cause for hatred is repulsion. The raga and dwesha are represented by karna.
So the saadhaka should kill (1) Fear (Bhisma) (2) Sanskaaraas (Drona) and then (3)  Attachment and repulsion (Karna) In him.
After this the restlessness of mind is removed and saadhaka’s mind becomes steady. With steady mind the saadhaka shall be able to see the Atmajyothi. Light is faster than sound. So the saadhaka shall realize and gets liberated if he merges / absorbs with the light.
A mother will bring up her children with milk and saatwikaahaaram but not with ghutka, tobacco or drinks (liquor) etc., because these foods are not natural and harmful.
Likewise to follow the duties (orders) of senses is like serving some other master than his own master. Following the orders of your own soul Is like serving your own master. One can utilize a knife for cutting vegetables and also for cutting somebody’s neck. Cutting vegetables is dharma. Cutting someone’s neck is adharma. So senses are not meant to utilize them for dharma only. If the senses are not utilized for dharma only then one has to face the consequences for misutilization of senses for ages, life after life. If you follow atmadharma(soul dharma) will yield good results. If you follow Indriya dharma (senses dharma), you will face bad results. So atmadharma or swadharma is to be followed and desirable. Indriya dharma or paradharma should be discarded as undesirable.


Digambaropivaapicha Saambarovaapi Chidambarasthaha  |
Unmattavadwaapicha Baalavadwaa Pisaachavadwaapi Charatyavanyaam ||
- - - - Viveka Choodamani 541
Great souls are embodiment of wisdom. They may be exising like this on this earth.
1. Some may be wearing sides as their clothes.
2. Some may be wearing their skin as their clothes.
3. Some may be relaxing in their minds.
4. Some may be behaving like insane people.
5. Some may be wandering like children.
6. Some may be like pisaachaas (devils)


Para Pasyanti Priya Vaikhari
Sasikala Sri Manjula Madhyama  |
Karuna Kataaksha Lahari Kaatyaayani Bhaarati
Sri Durgamba Navakoti Sahita Maampahi Maaheswari  ||

Paraavak Mola Chakra Staha Pasyanti Naabhi Samsthitha  |
Hridistaa Madhyamaagneyaa Vaikhari Kantha Desagaa ||

PARA word is located in Mooladhara,
PASYANTI is located in Manipura,
MADHYAMA (Priya) is located in Annahata and
VAIKHARI word is located in Visuddha chakra.


“Asango Sabdo Sareero Sparsascha Mahaan Suchihi”  ||
He is limbless, He is attributeless, He is the subtlest amongst subtlests, He is beyond logic.
Bhaga means opulence, strength (potentiality), fame, wealth wisdom, dispassionation are the six qualities superimposed on God. Hence he is called Bhagavan.
Andhe Thamasi Majjanti Pasubhirye Yajantite  |
Hinsaanaama Bhaveddharmo Na Bhooto Na Bhaavishyati  ||

If anybody sacrifices animals and do balipuja karmas, he will fall in darkest hell. Killing animals is adharma at any time, i.e. past, future or present .

Some SPIRITUAL Inner Meanings

1. ASWATTHAMA: ASWA = Horse, THAAMA = Abode. The slave of senses
2.VAIKUNTHA: The one that is potential enough to commingle all five vibratory elements.
3. MOOSHIKA VAAHANA: MOOSHIKA = Rat, VAAHANA = Steed. Put pressure on your dark (taamasa guna) qualities and remove them from within.
4. Vyaaghra VAAHANA: Vyaaghra = Tiger, VAAHANA = Steed. Supress EGO (Tiger) within and give it up.
5. NANDI VAAHANA: Symbol for wisdom (Gnaana).
6. HANSA: As a Swan differentiates milk and water, give up bad and imbue good. Life force is also called Hansa.
7. GARUDA: Be an embodiment of pure wisdom.
8. BHAGAVATAM:  BHA = Bhakti, GA = Pure wisdom, VA = Dispassion, TA = Tatwagnana (I am the God Aham Brahmaasmi), M….MMM… = When one is adorned with the above then one gets liberation.
9. LION: Lion mates once in three years. So control lust.
10. ELEPHANT: Powerful sight in spite of small eyes at a height. Pure vegetarian animal.

11.NAARADA: NAARAM GNAANAM DADAATI ITI NAARADAHA. The one who provides infinite pure wisdom.



 Black & white are a must in the eye. If the whole eye is black one cannot see. If the whole eye is white, then also one cannot see. Likewise in Jagat Sansaar Black (Pain) & White (Pleasure) both are required. This drama will go on as long as there is black & white.
“Yogena Naabhim Drishtwa”  = Surya looks at the navel
- - - - Maha Bharatam

In Maha Bharata sage Durvasa (n spite of being a sage, he was obsessed with an evil quality of anger) preaches a mantra to Kunti, dispassion personified.

Kunti wanted to test the verasity of this mantra. By this, her dispassion is distorted and hence passion emerged. So Surya (Cosmic energy) comes down and puts his gaze on Kunti’s navel (Manipura chakra). Then the self-control in Manipura chakra got disturbed with the passion of Saadhaka. This resulted in the birth of Karna i.e. Raaga and Dwesha (attraction and repulsion) when passion with disturbed self control combines under the catalyst of cosmic energy, then the result is Raaga and Dwesha. Saadhaka should be aware of this.


Thoughts come without. Intuition comes within. When someone is absorbed in reading, the three things become one i.e., (1) The book, (2) The book reader and (3) The thing in the book. At the time of absorption in reading, one may not know who is coming into the room and going out of the room.
Great souls shall attribute everything they do to paramaatma only. They never identify themselves as separate identities. Rather they cannot think of anything substituting Paramatma. Yogaavataar Sri Lahari mahasaya was a pure vegetarian. Once he was served fish by an ardent devotee. He takes it without knowing, as he was attuned with SPIRIT.

Taking it as a que some other ardent devotee also serves him food in his home. Sri Lahari Mahaysaya gets annoyed and admonish the devotee saying that in spite of knowing him as a vegetarian how dare the devotee could serve fish to him.
In our epic stories such incidents are many. Some devotee poet will not find a suitable word to write in half finished verse of his. When he comes back from airing or ablutions, he will find that half finished verse was already completed. When his close people like daughter, son or wife tells him that he himself has written that uncompleted verse, he surprises. Absorbed in thoughts of sprit he comprises the verse intuitively. He surprises to find that he himself has written it as he is not aware of it since he is so much absorbed in sprit. As such he may not be having physical sense. So intuition is the highest. The law of gravity by Newton and theory of relativity by Einstein are the children/are born out of intuition only.


“Bhoomi raapo nalo vaayu kham mano buddhi reva cha”
- - - - Geeta 7-4.
 Five vibratory elements viz., earth, water, fire, air and ether, (6) mind, (7) intellect and (8) ego are the eight types of nature of God.
Only ego is visible to the naked eye out of these above eight principles. These eight principles are called ASTHA VASUVUUS. Only eighth vasuvu called Bhishma is visible. Ganga means water. Water means nature. So Ganga is nothing but nature.  The seven principles viz., five vibratory elements, mind and intellect are kept or hidden by Nature.. This is the meaning of Ganga immersing/drowning seven children of Shantanu in water. Ego only is visible to the naked eye. Here visible means one can feel its presence.


“Athisthaanam thatha kartaa karanam cha prithak vitham”
- - - - Geeta 18-14.
1)Body 2)Jeeva (karta)3)Senses4)Acts and5)God 
are the five reasons for doing karma. So for every work man does is due to his own contemplation only. God is the last cause for karma deliberation of human beings. No karma is added/subtracted to animals and below. No one can cook without light. No work can be done without light. Light may not be put in the cooking. But without that nothing can be done. Same is the case with God. For everything one does is with God as witnessee only. So God is a causeless cause. Human effort is the main reason for any work. God is the last reasonless reason for any work.
Jeeva’s dwelling places are the three above mentioned.


1)Paramatma Vyuham à Vasudeva, 2)Jeeva à Sankarshana, 3)Pradyumna à Mind, and 4)Ainiruddha à Ego


In Maha Bharata (great illumination) war, Abhimanyu (Sadhaka) is surrounded by his arch rivals viz.,
Duryodhana (Kaama or Desire)
Dussasana (Krodha or Anger)
Karna (Greediness or Lobha)
Sakuni (Delusion or Moha)
Shalya (Pride or Mada)
Krita verma (Envy & personal attachment or Matsarya) and
Drona (unfulfilled desires or samskaaraas)

He defeats all these metaphysical enemies of mind (Padmavyuha) victoriously by shedding physical, astral & causal bodies. So by mastering the restless mind saadhaka (Abhimanyu) shines with samyak samaadhi. So Abhimanyu means the one who masters the mind, and hence shining with samyama i.e. Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi. After getting samyak samadhi, he had no place in this material world. So Abhimanyu, the self mastery, left this material world.


Sri Ram (Universal consciousness) is at far, even Adiseshu i.e.,Lakshmana representing  moolaadhara Sakti  is also at far,   Jataayu comes to the rescue of kundalinee sakti (Seeta Devi).  The situation is some thing like when big denomination currency is exhausted man will depend on lower and lower denomination currency.  Jataayu represents ojaha sakti distorted form of Cosmic Consciousness.  Jata means hair and aayu means sakti or life force (in head) in  Sanskrit.    When that   Ojaha sakti is also exhausted, kundalinee sakti (Seeta Devi) will be under the control of Ahamkaara.  Ahamkaara is  represented  here by Raavana.  Losing all hopes of rescuing, kundalinee sakti (Seeta Devi) will depend and wait for Sri Ram (Universal consciousness) to rescue her. This is the Seeta Apaharan katha in Ramaayana.  Apaharan means kidnapping.
Mandhara means man dhara i.e., the saadhaka who is under the control of wavering mind.  kaikeyi means embodiment of desires.  Sumitra means good friend.  Kausalya means good counseling.   Because of  Sumitra and Kausalya so far kaikeyi is contented.  But when kaikeyi comes under the spell of Mandhara(wavering mind) she does not care Dasaratha.  Dasaratha means the leader of 10 senses or imdriyaas i.e.,Buddhi(determination). So Buddhi(determination) dies.  So kaikeyi ( embodiment of desires ) wants power for Bharata(saadhaka) who is not yet ripe for getting power of Darsan of Sri Ram (Universal consciousness).  As per yuga dharma Sri Ram (Universal consciousness) goes away saying Bharata(saadhaka) has to wait for 14 years for his darsan. This is story of Sri Rama aranyawaasa.
Maya(Nature/SeetaDevi) for ordinary man does not die.   Continuous prolonged &intensive Yoga sadhana is required for janmaraahitya. Then only Nature dies for saadhaka.    To show that Nature does not die the Seeta Agni pravesa story is intended. Agni pravesa means to burn oneself in fire.  Fire brings out Seetaa(prakriti/ maya )   unscathed.  Seeta is Ayonija.  Ayonija means Seetha is not born out of ordinary yoni(vagina).   Seetha i.e., Maayaa is fully subservient & under the control of Paramaatma. Only under the control of paramaatma only Maaya works.

Sri Rama Padukaa Pattabhishekam/ Sri Rama Pattabhishekam
Ramayati iti Raamaha means due to his attraction power He attracts us.  That means Aatma Jyoti darsanam (the appearance of great effulegence) is very attractive.  Paaduka (a sort of shoe made with wood) is the replica of moolaadhara chakra.   Bharata (saadhaka) dedicates his prithivee tatwa to paramaatma.  In the beginning of  Dhyaana sadhana the crossing  of his initial ignorance (Prithivee tatwa) is called Sri Rama padukaa pattabhishekam.    Patta means spinal cord.

To dedicate the five vibratory elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) of the patta (spinal cord) for the Darsan of  Aatmajyoti  is represented by Sri Rama pattabhishekam.

Jaya Vijaya

Jaya & vijaya are the  Dwaara paalakaaas(sentries) of Sri Maha Vishnu.  This is considered to be the highest status in spiritual field.  Because of their ego even at that stage, the sages who come for the Darsan of  Sri Maha Vishnu get annoyed and fall from the the grace of Sri Maha Vishnu. This story shows the Saadhakaa (meditator) should be extra cautious of the ego that persists till the end of uniting with paramaatma.  They reunite with paramaatma after crossing all the three granthis as explained below in three incarnations i.e. Hiranyakasipu/Hiranyaaksha,Raavana &Kumbhakarna, Sisupaala/Dantaawaktra.


When saadhaka (Meditator) is burning with ego (self pride/ ahamkaara) then “you are not man, be a lion, and with a lion effort come out of the grip of this ego” is the message behind the Killing of Hiranyakasipu/Hiranyaaksha. i.e., the shedding of physical body/Brahma granthi. Saadhaka is completely submerged in water (samsaar). He (saadhaka) has to be brought out of this prithivee tatwa (mooladhara chakra)which is initial stage of meditation. So with the teeth of wisdom, the saadhaka is to be helped for his initial efforts to come out of this water (samsaar). Va (varishta or great) raaha (road to divinity) & Hiranyaaksha means eye on Sansaara. This is the idea behind Narasimha & varaaha Avataara
Ravana is the personification of lust & ego.  Kumbhakarna is is the personification of   over eating& over sleeping.  Killing of Raavana & Kumbhakarna represents shedding of subtle body/ rudra granthi  and make the meditator to go ahead for the ultimate of entering the kingdom of God. This is the idea behind Rama Avataara.
The left over or residual child-like doshaas (faults) are removed by shedding of Idea body/ shedding of subtle body/Vishnu granthi. This the idea behind Killing of Sisupaala/Dantaawaktra.  Sisu means child.  Danta means milk teeth.  So both sisu & danta represents the residual innocence of saadhaka t.e. obstrucyting him to achieve the kingdom of God. This is the idea behind Krishna Avataara.
Abhishekam Panchaamrita Snaanam

Water means Nature.  To dedicate this water i.e., Nature back to the almighty God i.e., Paramaatma is called Abhishekam in Sanskrit. That means the gifts of the giver is not greater.  To express this with humility Hindus perform this Abhishekam ceremony in the temples.
Unless one becomes a man of wisdom through yoga sadhana, the things of Nature of the giver i.e, Ether, air, fire, water and earth are five nectars only.  that means these five vibratory elements shall not die for an ordinary man. We bow to the God saying “salute to you left and right, upper and below, around you and everywhere “. This is the way of showing our respects to the giver of givers.  So we express this by dedicating these five vibratory elements to him.  The cow milk, ghee, curd, sugar and honey are the replicas of these five vibratory elements.
Be Hanuman. Hanu means killing and man means mind.  that means fix your mind. The lips of Hanuman are red.  That is Hanuman is personified with Cosmic Consciousness.  Like-wise fix your mind and meditate on God till you are personified with Cosmic Consciousness.

Saadhaka or meditating yogi should discard Ego, steady his restless mind, get rid of all the dross of Jeeva, so as to climb the ladder and reach Paramatma and merge with him. This is the essence of Maanava Janma. This is the meaning of birth as a human being.
                    Hari Om Tat Sat

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