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Animal —Man—Chakras

Animal ManChakras  
Life force exists in worms, trees, animals, and birds also. Chakras are located in humans only.  Man is made or manifested in the mould of God.  That is the reason to take birth of man, aspiring for salvation, and the visiting a Great Godly personalities is considered to be a boon or rarest of rare.  Even Gods have to take a birth of man for getting unity/merging with God.
Other than man all living beings are considered to be inferior. The person who commits mistakes/sins has to take the birth in the lower/lowest echelons like worm/tree/bird/animal. The lower/lowest beings like worm/tree/bird/animal etc are meant for experiencing the punishment. There will be no karma, or experiencing the results of their respective Karma, and  sins/virtues etc. for these lowest living beings. They are meant for experiencing punishment in order to fulfil their  results of karma. If a tiger kills and swallows any number of animals, it will not have/incur any sin.
The wrong doers will be punished. The punishment and the punishment jail term will be depending upon their crimes committed. The prisoner will not have any liberty. He must be bound to the four walls of his prison house. 
So getting this poverty ridden body, diseased body, blindness, lameness, getting the birth in the form of worm, tree, bird, and animal etc are the results of our sins only.
The convict in the jail shall do the work as per the order(s) of the jail authorities. As such he will be untouched by the karma that he does. The good and bad results of the karma will go to the Jail authorities.  But whatever karma the convict  does during his rest time shall be borne by him.  People like Mahatma Gandhi used to read auspicious books like Sri Bhagavadgita in his jail period during freedom struggle.  They used to write great books useful to the mankind.  The results of virtue will be accrued to Gandhiji only. Only man is having seven chakras within. This is called chakras in microcosm. There are seven chakras without. This is called chakras in macrocosm. They are given below in the table:

Microcosm(Vyashti loka)
Macrocosm(Samishti loka)
paataala(moolaadhaara chakra)
Mahaatala(swadhistaana chakra)
Talatala(Manipura chakra)
Rasatala(Anahata chakra)
Sutala(Visuddha chakra)
Vitala (Agna chakra)
Atala(Sahasraara chakra)

Man will make anything in good magnitude only. He will not and cannot  make one idli, one laadu, one biscuit etc.  In a way, he does create/produce the things in macrocosm/big magnitude. Then the concerned will take the required quantity. Likewise the manifestations of Parabrahman will be in microcosm and He shall not manifest things in singular number i.e., one man, one woman, one worm, one bird, one tree, or one animal.  Accordingly shabda (hearing power), sparsha(touch or feeling power), roopa (seeing power), Rasa (taste power), and gandha (smell power) are manifested in macrocosm, not in microcosm. We are microcosms of the same macrocosm. That is the reason tiger seen by you shall appear as the same or tiger only to me also. Similarly we will not get different tastes of the same fruit. Microcosm is dy/dx i.e.,  differentiation.  Macrocosm is integration. Macrocosm is Maya, and microcosm is Kundalinee. Ma=matter or padaarth, ya= is not yadaarth or real. Matter is not real.
Man has come out of macrocosm. So knowingly or unknowingly our journey is from microcosm to macrocosm only which is called development/evolution.  When we enter into a house of a friend or somebody, we will first get acquainted with microcosm or some place around, and then we see the whole or macrocosm as one. Likewise the meditating man or kriyayoga sadhak will first make his kundalinee to touch the microcosm world or vyashti loka(chakra)  within him and then see the macrocosmic world or Samishti loka without. Remember looking within and without is through third eye, kootastha, the place between the eye brows, only.  For example I will make my kundalinee to touch Mooladhara (patala loka) the microcosm within me  first and then bhooloka(earth) without.  We will eat a fruit by biting  a bit by bit and then the whole fruit. It is akin to it. We will  experience the microcosm first and then the macrocosm as a whole.  Every chakra is having a colour, petals, sound, and taste. We may experience one of these or all the four dimensions during our kriyayoga meditation. But these experiences become normal by and by. A man who indulges in bad things shall not find fault with them. They appear to be normal to him. Similarly, a man who does   good and godly things, shall not find them as great. Normally it takes 8 years to cultivate a good/bad thing. Then they become the samskaaraas/habits. It is very difficult to get rid of them. Only through long and intensive Kriyayoga sadhana he may get rid of bad habits. After learning, when you first time drive a car  all by yourself, then you may feel jubilant. By and by it becomes normal to you.
Annamaya kosam pertains to matter. Moving/immoving world will have this Annamaya kosa. Stones, and mountains pertains to only Annamayakosa. 
Next one is Pranamayakosa. All this flora (vanaspati) pertains to Pranamaya kosa. You can say this Flora is having both Annamaya and Pranamaya kosa.
Next one is Manomayakosa. This birds, and animals pertain to this Manomayakosa. You can say these are having both Annamaya, Pranamaya and  Manomaya kosas. The ones that are having shuklam (sperm), and sonitam (ova) only belong to this Manomayakosa.   The stones and trees do not contain shuklam (sperm), and sonitam (ova). Hence these things can be utilised by us literally limited to our needs without causing any harm to the mother nature. Over utilization of stones and trees unnecessarily may be detrimental to mother nature. 
The next one is vignaanamayakosa. This kosa is having Yuktayukta vichakshanaagnaan. That is the knowledge of ‘what is good and what is bad’ is to be known as Yuktayukta vichakshanaagnaan.
Annamaya kosa is called sthoola shareera(Physical body). 
Praanamaya, Manomaya, and vignaanamaya kosas all three together is known as sookshma shareera (subtle body).
The living beings that do not have sookshma shareera (subtle body) will not be having any karma.  The beings that live/stay in the higher echelons/worlds, are the astral beings that are having all these three kosas namely Praanamaya, Manomaya, and vignaanamaya kosas.  These astral beings do not carry any physical body or Annamaya kosa.  There these stones, worms, trees, birds, and animals do not exist. I have never seen them there. 
Anandamayakosa is the last and final fifth kosa. This is also Kaarana sareera (causal or Idea body). This will be in the vicinity of Parabrahman. The Godly people like Kriya yogis, yogis who did intensive meditation shall obtain this Anandamaya kosa. 
Man is having a complex mechanism. He will have several worms in his body doing different varieties of works. They do contain life force. There will not be any chakras in these worms. Every human being cannot attain designation of Prime Minister or President. Only man is having seven chakras. Likewise every living being cannot have chakras like humans.
There are many differences spiritual or otherwise between humans and animals and other living beings. For example:
Self confidence, admiring beauty, appreciation of humour, knowledge of  death, perception of time sense, knowledge of understanding, reading and writing words, language(s), knowledge of music, knowledge regarding meaning of life, knowledge of temperature, knowledge of seasonal differences, wearing of dress according to season, capacity to combat  the nature by building bridges, dams, etc, ability to build roads, construction of ships, aeroplanes, following certain rules & regulations in regard to marriage, ability to take decisions not as per instinct but by thinking, maintenance of love, affection, universal brotherhood, dress code knowledge, knowledge of taking food according to body conditions, to develop all sort of faculties, to pray God for the  well being of other fellow beings, etc., and so many.
Man should cross the stages of man of devilish nature, man of animal nature, man with selfish nature.   Man has to transform himself into God.  That should be his goal.  For this, Kriyayoga meditation is the only way.
When we touch a hot body, immediately we withdraw our hand from that. That is because the skin (touch) receptor receives the message and send it through sensory nerves to Cerebrum.  Then the cerebrum sends its order/signal to the respective/related organ to withdraw the hand through the motor nerves. Likewise sight, hearing, olfactory, and taste or gustatory sensory organs will send and receive the required orders/signals from sensory and motor nerves from cerebrum. In most of the cases we without experiencing the situation, without sending and getting orders to and from the cerebrum through sensory and motor nerves, we withdraw from the situation. For ex: not to touch fire, to keep away from the poisionous snakes, scorpium, etc., etc. This clearly indicates that man can get ideas/plans, think about them.  That means man undoubtedly is having causal, subtle, and physical minds.
All ideas/plans emanate from cerebrum. As such it is the replica of causal or super conscious mind. For execution of these plans/ideas man is having a energy mind i.e., cerebellum. As such it is the replica of sub conscious mind. For fulfillment of these ideas/plans man is having a practical physical primitive mind i.e., Brain stem.  As such it is the replica of conscious mind.
Intuition is the unique and unparalleled gift/boon bestowed to humans by God Almighty. We should not waste this/our human incarnation. So please come one and all. Let us learn Kriyayoga, the ancient science, given to us by our great Rishis or saints. Let us enjoy beatitude through this Kriyayoga sadhana. Let us merge with Almighty God which is our ultimate aim.  .

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