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Kriyayoga –Third eye- (Full book)

                                                                 Kriyayoga –Third eye
                                                 Inspiration: Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda
                                                            Kowta Markandeya Sastry

                                        Om Sri Yogananda GuruParabrahmanenamah

Steady Heart, lungs, blood circulation, movement of membranes, silence, calmness and relaxed body leads to mental peace and tranquillity. This avoids  unnecessary wasteful expenditure of ENERGY. Such body helps the man in his pursuit of spiritual uplift.  The saadhak or the meditater who learns relaxing his body shall improve his concentration. He will consciously withdraw energy from his body and directs it through his spinal cord and into head. We must keep the body away from  all movements.  The unsteady body shall not lead to spiritual uplift.

For some the body seems to be apparently healthy but they remain tense partially.  The feet hands Penis Anus mouth are  called KARMENDRIYAS or Organs of action. Eye nose ear tongue tongue and skin are called GNANENDRIYAS or organs of senses. KARMENDRIYAS or Organs of action seem to be peaceful but the GNANENDRIYAS or organs of senses are not relaxed. Such bodies will be partially unsteady  and hence gradually get tired.

Long breath in(Antahkumbhak) and breath out(Baahyakumbhak) shall lead to tension free lungs and Diaphragm.  Silence, tensionless breath shall regularize the Heart and also lead to steady heart vibrations.  Such a body is said to be in  the state of complete Equilibrium. 

When man is in deep sleep then his consciousness and life force both automatically gets withdrawn from Senses, Membranes, Nerves, Lungs, Diaphragm,  and Heart etc.  This is called Unconscious liberated state.

With the regular practice of Kriyayoga Pranayama Techniques one can consciously withdraw his consciousness and life force both  from Senses, Membranes, Nerves, Lungs, Diaphragm,  and Heart etc.

 When the Bulb in a Dynamo is broken or wires are broken then the electricity in the Bulb enters Dynamo.  Likewise the life force and consciousness in a dead body enters the Dynamo Paramatma  of Cosmic Energy and  Cosmic Consciousness.  If we can replace the broken Bulb or wires in a Dynamo with a new ones then that will work again. If the wires are beyond repairs then that Dynamo will not work even if the broken bulb is replaced with a new one. That Electricity will remain in that Dynamo. Dead body is like a broken Bulb. The human consciousness and Life force are akin to Dynamo. These have come out from Dynamo of Parabrahman only.  That means the wires viz., human consciousness and Life force cannot get liberated till such time they are in the ambit of earthly attractions. The wires viz., human consciousness and Life force will go on getting one good bulb after another good bulb till such time they are liberated. Here bulb means Human body. So death is not merely the end of wants. It is like a broken bulb(s) i.e., if one body goes another body comes.

Man should consciously earn peaceful state through the practice of Kriyayoga Sadhana, the ancient science. At will he should get freedom from membranes, lungs, Kidneys, and Heart.

During running the body bulb will illuminate with more effulgence.  The effulgence is proportional to way we utilize the body. During meditation this bulb will illuminate with less effulgence.  Depending on the stages of Trance(Samadhi) the consciousness will leave the body. It will again enters into the body as per his will. This is what is called the victory over the death by the meditating man. 

Mind and life force will bind the man to the body. Mind and life force will work together on the work we do.  We should withdraw thoughts and life force with effort.  Consciousness and life force both are a knotty affair to the man. Till this knot is freed one cannot get unison with God the Father.

When Organs and membranes are put to rest then the cell destruction will be minimized.  Destroyed cells can be rejuvenated with Kriyaayoga Sadhana  meditation techniques.

We should close our eyes, release breath slowly and fully. We must withdraw energy from senses.  With our will power we must make the Heart and blood circulation free fro tension. Likewise the all the organs can be made tension free with our will power.  If we wanted to make any painful part from tension then we should tense that part,  say mentally ‘Om Namah sivaaya or Om namo bhagavate vaasudevaaya’  four times on that  and relax it.  Likewise the whole body should be tensed and relax the whole body. This way the whole body get relaxed.  When we are not well then the tense and relax technique should be done slowly and steadily.

The things that are disturbing our thoughts and concentration are to be kept away from the mind.  Keep the mind and gaze in kootastha, the centre between the eye brows.while chanting ‘OM’ mentally slowly slips into slumber..   This you must make it into a habit gradually. This way you must be able to sleep at will. Whatever may be your problems you must have unflinching faith in God the Father. This leads to mental peace.

However restless he may be in life, he will be able to control his mind rather rule his mind through KRIYAYOGA SADHANA.  Not only this he will attain SAMADHI.  Sama= equal with  Adhi= God the Father. The sadhak who gets into SAMADHI at will shall be able to lead a wonderful life with peace and tranquility at all times. The Sadhak  who is not having a modicum of restlessness shall be able to get liberated from all mundane things and will attain Complete Steady State. Such a Sadhak will be freed from Body consciousness, Wealth,  spouse, Offspring, Caste, Creed and Nationality,  Place, Raga and Dwesha(Attachment and aversion), Kaama(lust), Krodha(Anger), Lobha(greediness), Moha(Illusion), Mada(Pride and privy to defection), Matsarya(Jealousy, one upmanship), mano(Mind), Buddhi(Intellect), Chitta(Feeling) and Ahamkar(I-ness) etc.

The negative traits in the man are the causes or responsible  to the diseases of Physical Mental & Spiritual, fear, poverty, sorrow, and defeat etc. How to negate tame and control these negative traits are discovered bu our ancient Rishis.

Two ways:

Man will have to face two ways in his life. The first one is pitiful life consisting of unsteady  thoughts with tension, diseases, and sorrow.   The second one is a wonder tensionless life consisting of happiness, steadiness and  Peace & tranquillity. This has to be achieved with regular practice of KRIYAYOGA SADHANA.

You observe space and time. The difficulties and entanglements that come along with it. Sorrow will not have any aim. Its intensity is proportional to the traits of the man who is experiencing it. The light comes out of darkness only. The happiness comes from sorrow only.  The sorrows unhappiness and difficulties etc can not touch the man who could control his mind. The man who is slave to mind only will suffer from all these.  One must be triumphant over his mind. Don’t expect anything from life. You do your duty. Enjoy the moment. Don’t worry or brood about the past present or future. Do KRIYAYOGA SADHANA. Every moment will be automatically taken care of.

READ THE BOOKS WITH SIMPLE LANGUAGE which you can easily understand.. Make it a habit to listen with humility to experienced elders. Go to a Sadguru or experienced Kriyayoga sadhak. Learn Kriyayoga. Learn ENERGISATION EXERCISES. Then awaken the hero i.e., Intuition within you. Do sadhana regularly without fail. Enjoy the bliss. Ignorant person or a gullible shall not listen to anybody.  Don’t curse your self with phrases like ‘my fate, I had to suffer”.  That leads to defeat and ultimately it leads to a very very pathetic disease proned life. Anger is a disease.  That leads to jealousy and hatred, revengeful attitude and destroying nature. This will lead to Brain haammerage and insanity.  Whenever you get anger Chant ‘OM” 108 times in Kootastha.  Fear is another dreaded disease. One will have a fear to work, or ‘whether the contemplated work will be successful or not’ type of fear. Likewise there are different forms of fear. Timid fellow is foe to himself.  In fact such a man of doubtful nature is implanting a seed of ‘unsucessfulness’ himself. Negative traits like Fear psychosis  Anger etc can be uprooted with the assistance of KRIYAYOGA SADHANA. One can improve Courage faith and determination with KRIYAYOGA SADHANA. Be away from the people who will impregnate you with timidity fear and doubt.  Trust Parabrahman with unflinching faith, stock barrel and gun, Manasa Vaacha and Karmana. You will be getting Divine in some form or the other at times of need(s).

One lion cub accidentally mixed with herd of Goats. It was grown up along with those goats. One day a lion who was hunting these goats surprised to see this lion cub howling ‘mey mey’ and fleeing alongwith them.  Then it caught hold of that cub, took it to a pond, and shown and made it to understand its real form.  Then this grown up lion cub started roaring like a lion. Similarly man is by nature courageous but he gets fear by seeing the men around him and learns timidity. So make good friendship and be happy.  Do Kriyayoga Dhyana 30 minutes before sleep and30 minutes after getting up from sleep by fixing gaze in Kootastha, the place between the eye brows. Meditate only on God the Parabrahman. This leads to successful life.  

The meaning of Samskaar is habit.  They may be good or bad.  They play leading role in our life. We feel like doing good deeds sometimes. The inherent bad habits in us shall not allow us to do the good deeds.  Like wise the inherent good habits in us shall not allow us to do the bad deeds. We are indestructible divine Soul incarnations.  Good and bad samskaarams i.e., both good and bad, are not the traits of ATMAN(Soul).  Man who is a Soul incarnation should work in the guidance of ATMAN. 

Health Success and wisdom depend on the victory between Good and Bad Habits.  We should be in good company from childhood itself.People who  dependend  on Money cars lust etc  shall be attracted to people of such interest only.  People with traits of bad habits shall never fulfil their promises. People who are interested in religious or Spiritual things  shall visit Temples or Godmen or World Teachers from their childhood.  

One may get temperory pleasure due to bad habits. If one is habituated to these bad habits then one has to face unforeseen circumstances at a latter stage and will have to go through a sorrowful physical mental and spiritual diseases.  Man wilfully do not commit mistakes. Most of the mistakes are commited due to past samskaaras or habits.  Parabrahman has given us will power. Do Kriyayoga Dhyana, use will power, and then lead a sinless life.  


The meaning of Samskaar is habit.  They may be good or bad.  They play leading role in our life. We feel like doing good deeds sometimes. The inherent bad habits in us shall not allow us to do the good deeds.  Like wise the inherent good habits in us shall not allow us to do the bad deeds. We are indestructible divine Soul incarnations.  Good and bad samskaarams i.e., both good and bad, are not the traits of ATMAN(Soul).  Man who is a Soul incarnation should work in the guidance of ATMAN. 

Health Success and wisdom depend on the victory between Good and Bad Habits.  We should be in good company from childhood itself.People who  dependend  on Money cars lust etc  shall be attracted to people of such interest only.  People with traits of bad habits shall never fulfil their promises. People who are interested in religious or Spiritual things  shall visit Temples or Godmen or World Spiritual Teachers from their childhood. 

Samskaaras,  good or bad, are nurtured by us only. We must cultivate our mind with discipline and bow good samskaara seeds in that mind field.  We must weed out the waste plants with patience from that field now and then whenever they crop up. The temperoray pleasures that emanate from senses should compare with discrimination and percept the eternal bliss of Atman.

Spirituality cannot be bought from the market.  It is possible to unite with God the Father with continuous uninterrupted Kriyayoga only. It cannot be attained in Icy caves, walking or sitting in the midst of Fire, or by listening to fiery speeches.  In sadhana, Intensity and longuity, both are required. First you enter into the kingdom of God then everything will be added unto you.  We are all the offsprings of Parabrahman. Every ony is an Incarnation only i.e., the one who has come down from eternity. Parabrhman can be attained only in silence. So do sadhana by applying brakes to all unnecessary thoughts. 

This physical body consists of myriad internal vibrations. Each internal vibration consists of innumerable vibrations of Cells. Each cell consists of innumerable vibrations of Molecules.  Each Molecule consists of innumerable vibrations of Atoms. Each Atom consists of innumerable vibrations of Electrons  Protons Neutrons Positrons and Mesons. Electrons will be rotating in their respective orbits. The wonderful lyricist and, God the Parabrahman, with unparallel incomparable and impeccable intelligence is behind all these vibrations. Thoughts Feelings and will power are existing to express these sensations. Ego encompasses all these. ATMAN is pure.Its enclosure/compound is EGO. Without  Atman Ego will not have any existence of its own. We are misleaded because of this Ego  that our body as  Atman.  

The physical body consists of internal vibrations. Internal vibrations consist of sea of cells vibrations. Cell  vibrations consist of sea of molecules vibrations. Molecule  vibrations consist of sea of Atoms vibrations. Atom vibrations consist of sea of vibrations of  Electrons Protons Neutrons Positrons and Mesons..  The Vital force or life force is the guiding force behind  these Electrons Protons Neutrons Positrons and Mesons.. This Life force is the chiefton of all manifestations, Sub-consciousness i.e., Sub-consciousness, Consciousness, Super-consciousness, Krishna-consciousness and Cosmic consciousness.  Apparemtly yhis physical body seems to be limited to one’s own height and weight.  In fact the cells that are adored and adorned with internal chemical vibrations  are the solidified manifestations of Cosmic consciousness only.  That is why this body as a matter of fact is besmeared with infinite energy and   all pervading.

The body requires  ultraviolet rays Life force Good nourishing food liquids and Fruit juices for its sustenance.  There will be eternal production of life cells within the body with thoughts and  Biological forces that are bound to the body. Sub-consciousness, Consciousness, Super-conscious ness, Krishna-consciousness and Cosmic consciousness are the most subtle consciousness vibrations. These are tied with internal body vibrations consisting of Cell, Molecule, Atom and Sub-Atom vibrations.  Our vibrations are nothing but the solidified vibrations Parabrahman only.

 Ultra violet rays  Life force Good nourishing food Fruit juices and water is required to make the cells within the body to work.  Thoughts and Biological forces work together for the production of life cells and their energies.  Sub-consciousness, Consciousness, Super-conscious ness, Krishna-consciousness will enable different chemical reactions of Cells by providing required amount of vibrations.  Solidified Cosmic Consciousness shall provide the required energy to the man of life with vibrations of all these subtle energies. So Cosmic Consciousness  is the root of all consciousnesses.  The energy from the Physical food alone cannot nourish the body but this energy mingled with  Cosmic Energy shall make the body to withstand.  One can withstand with or without Physical food for a longer time, but it falls down like a pack of cards the moment Cosmic Energy in the form of Life force is withdrawn.  Cosmic Energy is called ‘Mukhya Prana’. This ‘Mukhya Prana’ exists within the body and without. 

Mukhya Prana’ will divide itself into five airs in our body. 

1)Praanavaayu = Crystallization, 2)Apaanavaayu = Elimination, 3)Vyaanavaayu =Circulation, 4)Samaanavaayu= Assimilation),& 5) Udaanavayu=  Metabolism. 

Ordinary man thinks that his life depends upon Good food air water and light etc. When this body is subjected to incurable disease and seing its pitiable condition, then the man understands completely that Parabrahman only can  bring it back to normalcy. It is foolishness to depends only upon normal medicines and food. Man completely understands that all these things are after Parabrahman only.  Can the dead body  become alive by giving Good food air water and light etc.?

To recharge Automobile battery Electricity is required. Only distilled water is not suffice. Likewise  Cosmic Energy manifests itself into Life Force, Solid Liquid and Gaseous materials, etc in required magnitude(s) to enable the body mechanism for working.

The Mouth of the God

Medulla Oblongata is called the Mouth of the God.  Cosmic Energy enters into the man in the form of life force. The Medical Surgeon cannot operate Medulla Oblongata. The Medulla Oblongata is the centre of  Head and Spinal cord which in turn are the main centres of the life force.  The  Sahasrara in brain, Agna, vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swaadhistaana and Moolaadhara plexues draw the Life force and distribute it through their centres to the respective organs. 

Sahasraarachakra takes Life Force from Medulla Oblongata and will be stored there for further distribution.  The required amount of Life Force is  sent from Sahasraarachakra which is a reservoir of Lifeforce. That is the reason when head is struck with a big blow then stars appear in the brain. Quite a good amount of Life force is being spent in the cells of the body every moment for all works however trivial it may be. Membranes, nerves, bones, blood, thoughts, Ideas, and all sort of bodily activities require life force. This spent energy has to be regained through Kriyayogasadhana to rejuvenate the body by drawing the energy from Parabrahman failing which the functions of the body slowly decays like a  Mobile Cell Battery and at some stage the body becomes dicease proned and that leads to  a miserable life.

To improve Will power one has to learn and practice Mudras Asanas, Bandhams etc fro HATHAYOGA which has been kindly bestowed to us by our ancient Rishis.  These are all part of KRIYAYOGA SADHANA. So with the aid of Kriyayoga one develop his Physical mental and Spiriual aspects.  
Concentration is the pillar of success in any field.  Man has to concentrate on the subject he is interested. The concentration on GOD is called Meditation.  In order to attain God one has to control his breath or Mind. If breath is controlled mind will be controlled. If mind is controlled breath will be controlled.  Controlling mind is the way of wisdom. This way is difficult one.  Controlling breath is the way of Pranayama. This way is easy one.   Morning  5––6, Afternoon 11––12, Evening 5––6, and  Night 11––12 are the best timings for Meditation and shall yield good and quick results. Meditation  keeps the body mind and soul in the state of equilibrium.  

Man is a habitual dreamer. Sometimes those dreams may be  nightmares. In that dream he dreams that he is married, had three offsprings, gone for hunting, he has killed three ferocious lions, etc. The duration of that dream may be of one hour but the dreamer feels that it is of several years.  

Man is a habitual dreamer. Sometimes those dreams may be  nightmares. In that dream he dreams that he is married, had three offsprings, gone for hunting, he has killed three ferocious lions, etc. The duration of that dream may be of one hour but the dreamer feels that it is of several years. 

The dreamer is only supplying matter for all these things that are appearing in his dream. We do not get any answer if we ask ourselves as to why we are getting dreams.  If the dream is to be melt then we have to open our eyes. This JAGAT is the dream of Parabrahman. If we have to understand  and melt his dream then we have to open his EYE. That is called “THIRD EYE”. We need not go anywhere in  search of this Third Eye. That is located in Kootastha, the place between the eye brows.  With the continuous and regular practice of Kriyayoga Sadhana we can open this “THIRD EYE”. We can easily understand the dream/drama of Parabrahman.  We can get bliss. Till then we will not have satisfaction. Man cannot  withstand on physical food alone. The man can live only by combining the Cosmic Energy that comes through Medulla oblongata and physical food. Every living being is an embodiment of energy encased in a container. Our thoughts are also a form of energy.  Man is subjected to difficulties diceases and accidents and is limited by these. In fact man is Divine and unlimited Atman.  With the regular practice of Kriyayoga sadhana  he will  consciously realize that he is imperishable Atman.  The Kriyayoga sadhana is a  tool that make the man to consciously go beyond Physical Subtle and Spiritual/Karana bodies  and ultimately get united with  Parabrahman from where he has come.  

Success is to be measured by happiness yardstick. It should be measured on your ability to remain in peaceful harmony with Cosmic laws. Success is hastend or delayed by one’s Samskaras. You may be having brilliant ideas or passing inspirations but your mental habits control them. So beware and change your habits to good with Kriyayogasadhana.  Happiness to some extent depends on the happenings without. However they largely depend on the internal happiness.  Good health, constructive mind, lavish life style, to do & get desired work, are not the only real happiness but real happiness is spiritual upliftment. The internal unhappiness shall not give us external happiness. Real happiness depends on internal circumstances. Ananda is our birth right. It is the treasury of Atman. If we get that Atmanandam or self satisfaction then we are king of kings and emperor of emperors.
People who are addicted to drinking, narcotics, smoking, meat eating, etc., shall continue to live a miserable without contemplating for change by cursing their fate. They don’t do Kriyayoga sadhana for transforming themselves into good human beings first and Divine ones next.  Good or bad habits take some time for addiction. It is difficult to transform man of  Good habits into a man of bad habits and viceversa. But with effort one can be transformed into a good man.  We must not look down upon a man addicted to bad habits. We should not ridicule him. We should try to transform him with patience. 

Ananda is a mental state.  If we get a stone in the meal we should not throw that meal as bad. We should remove that stone and continue our eating that food. Likewise after leading a good life for a quite a number of years  and suddenly if the illness creeps in into our body, we should not blame God the Parabrahman.  Pray soulfully, ‘Oh God, kindly give me strength to withstand or face dicease with patience’.  If wealth is gone nothing is gone and  if health is gone then something is gone. Sacred love, sacred Ananda, Gnaan or wisdom, peace, the blissful state in Dhyana or meditation, are the ones the Kriyayogi fundamentally gets in his heart. That will gradually permeates into the nerves and give us insurmountable happiness. His blissful state shall make others also happy that are in his vicinity. Harmony means Dhyana or meditation, reading scriptures, health. Happiness and desired work.

Kriyayoga sadhana--Importance.

Every atom in the Jagat/Universe amounts to attraction and repulsion. Man is not an exception.   Sometimes we wanted to meet certain person and we will meet him one day due to attraction power in us. Ordinary Magnet attracts only Iron objects.  Likewise one will be attracted to physical things,  one will be attracted to mental things, and another one will be attracted to Spiritual things.  One should be desireful and from where he will become desireless. Without desirefulness one cannot attain desirelessness state. It is not feasible if you say all of a sudden ‘I wanted to become a Sanyasi’, the one who has left all desires. With strict discipline and Kriya yoga Sadhana only one can become a elevated yogi.  Kriyayogi who attains God can attain anything. ‘ You first enter into kingdom of God then everything will be dded unto you.’  The attraction depends upon the type of Food we take. Food is of three types, Satwik Rajasic and Tamasik.

The one who is interested physical things like Buildings, Cars, etc will attract that type of person only.  Likewise Poets attract Poets, Singers attract Singers etc. But the Kriyayoga Sadhak who resplendent with Spirituality can attract all rather he is a centre of attraction to many.

The kriyayoga sadhak, having attained self control, shall not insult others with pungent language. He does not get anger, does not lose composure and will have purity of thought.  You first win over the people in your own house then win outsiders. Please keep the people in the house peaceful, then try to keep the people outside peaceful. Try to avoid unwanted and disputed places and situations. Otherwise you willlose your mental peace.  But  physically  mentally and spiritually strong person need not get out of that place/situation if he can strong enough to face it. If a Person who loves us admonishes us then we must get out of that place without confronting him.  We must silently do some Yoga Mudras Asanas and Bandhams  and then must do Kriyayoga sadhana for some time. There is a negative Magnet in us that works through Senses as directed by them against the  tenets of Scripturs. This will deviate us from Parabrahman, the Positive Magnet. The senses will make us a slave. The senses and mind work in tandem to make us to work selfishly. It will relentlessly work for taking us from the kingdom of Atman to kingdom of selfishness in otherwords negative side.  When we meditate on OM then the attraction towards Parabrahman remains forever.  The developing developed and becoming corruptless Atman will be useful not only to the sadhak but also to the entire mankind.  With attraction towards this Atman Kriyayoga Sadhak will be able to contact the real friends at distance, distant divine Souls, ancient Rishis, Munis, Yogis etc., in his Kootastha. By doing Kriyayoga sadhana the sadhak  can visit them view them and communicate with them through his Kootastha.

You do your work, you be spend the required time with your family and friends. Whenever you are free do Kriyayoga sadhana and meditating on God without wasting a single minute.  Like a pendulum come to the centre after moving to the right or left.  Your yesterday’s meditation should be better than day before yesterday, and today’s meditation should be better than yesterday’s.  one ounce  of practice is better and more useful than one ton of theory.  Don’t waste your time, money, and health on unnecessary unwanted and ununderstandable scriptures and namesake worships.  They are useless. First of all we should get out of aattractions from the senses.  We should develop our concentration. That concentration should be diverted on Parabrahman and practice Kriyayoga Sadhana. This meditation is to be done regularly morning and evening methodically.  Utilize the God given will power, do Energisation Exercises fixing the gaze in Kootastha and make the body tensionless and healthy. One should control the breath by utilizing ‘Soham’ technique of Laya yoga. Mind is like a soiled cloth. Thoughts are like soil. The soiled white cloth which is not washed for years together will look blackish. Even if washed once or twice, it appears as though the dirt is washed out, still it remains soiled. Past birth habits and karma are the cause of our relentless thoughts.  It has to be washed with ‘Soham’ soap quite often.  With patience they have to be washed out without any despair. 
OM tecgnique is another technique of Layayoga. In this we should calmly and quietly hear the eternal sound of “OM”. By utilizing these two techniques i.e., ‘Soham’ and ‘OM’ of Layayoga we should get into SAMADHI. Sama=equal and Adhi=Parabrahman. By uniting with Parabrahman the sadhak should enjoy eternal bliss.  Life Force is the link or thread between Parabrahman and Sadhak.  That thread is to be broken with the utilization of ‘Soham’ and ‘OM’ techniques of Layayoga. Then one can get in unision with the God the father. 

Parabrahman will appear as “Third Eye’ in Kootastha during our meditation. He can make us to feel HIS presence as Sacred sound of OM, formless clear wisdom or Gnana, Divine devotion or Divine complete Love. These are His different manifestations. Sometimes we may get a feeling as though He is talking to us or He may manifests Himself as scriptures in Golden letters in Kootastha during Meditation. His manifestations may be tangible or intangible. All may not be manifestations. They be CHITKALAS or solidified thoughts. 
Will is a Dynamo that empowers us with energy. It will provide us the required ingredients for our physical mental and spiritual needs. To walk, talk, work, think etc volition is the cause.  Wish/desire corresponds to helpless mind. Desire/stronger wish pertains to strong mind. It works relentlessly for the fulfillment of the Intention/Determination somehow or the other. That may be fulfilled or may not be fulfilled.  Volition/Will power is a trait that will continue to work listlessly life time till the desire is fulfilled.   Volition/Will power is what is ruling this universe.
The just born child cries expressing her agony for the first time when the lungs are opening. This the automatic expression or replica of Volition/ Will power. When the child is growing she obeys the orders of mother in letter and spirit. This is the thoughtless replica of  Will power. When the growing child does not obey the orders of mother in letter and spirit is the   replica of  blind Will power. In this state the child obeys works which she likes not otherwise.  Speedy driving, drinking, smoking, taking narcotics etc are the   replica of  blind Will power. The worms die in the fire attracted to it blindly. Likewise becoming a slave of senses is the replica of  blind Will power.  One must train the Indriyas so that they become the slave of the Sadhak.

Two frogs accidentally fell into a very big milk utensil. They tried their level best to come out of that utensil. One of the frogs stopped its effort to come out and died.  The second frog without losing heart tried and tried and made the milk into a heap butter mass by continuous churning i.e. continuous movement and leapt  out of it safely.  One should not get despaired and lose heart. With Kriyayoga Sadhana we can develop our divine power and get back to our original home i.e., Parabrahman. 

Don’t take food hither and thither. If you go on taking food without limit then you will have to suffer from food indigestion. If you go on reading books like a freak then your intellect will not be improved but you will become  egoistic. Likewise if you change the Gurus like your clothes then you will get Spiritual indigestion. Once you get a SADGURU of your satisfaction then the search for Guru should end there. Dumb may not be able talk even after taking honsy but he can express its sweetness somehow or the other. The face of the Sadhak who has attained the state of Super consciousness will be explendent with eternal bliss. This will automatically express without his saying to the others in his vicinity.
Sat means Potentil energy of infinite magnitude. The rays of that are falling into a sphere called Tat or Maya. This Tat is God in Creation or Shree Krishna Consciousness. When the rays in Tat are refracted then they produce a sound called “OM”. This divine Sound mnifests the perishable Hari or Srushti or Creation.  The whole living and non living beings (Chara and Achara) are the integral part of that Creation only. ‘Ekam Sat Vipra bahudaa Vadanti’. Sat is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient  Sat chit and Ananda. If name and form is added to this then the perishable Creation is manifested.  Maya or delusion is the root cause of Creation which makes us to believe one as many.
Ma= not  ya= real. Maya is not real.  Matter is not real. The dream of Parabrahman is Maya. After a nightmarish dream if we open our eyes then we come out of Fear. Likewise to come out of Maya Kriyayoga Sadhana is essential. This Sadhana can be done  by man only. That is why it is fortune amongst fortunes or difficult amongst difficulties to obtain human incarnation.
Sat means Parabrahman. To reach Parabrahman we have to go from Hari to OM,  from OM to Tat , and from Tat to Sat. 

For our understading, let us call Sat in the above diagram as an effulgent lamp shedding its rays. Sat means the only Potential one.
Some  rays of  the lamp Sat only are passing through the transparent glass prism, Maya. The rays in the prism are called ‘Tat’ or Shri Krishna Consciousness.  Some rays of Sat shall pass through Tat, the glass prism. Some will not pass through.  So, Sat is in the glass prism as well as beyond this. The existance of Sat is independent where as the existance of Tat is dependant on Sat. Sat can exist with or without Tat but Tat cannot.
The rays that are refracted from the prism come out with a sound ‘ OM ’ and does the Creation which is not eternal. Due to this reason one has to say ‘Hari OM Tat Sat’ before the start of any good work.      
All living, inert and non living beings, are the part and parcel of this Creation. In fact only one exists which is eternal. That is Sat.  Sat is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. It is  Sat chit Anand. Sat is Truth Goodness and beauty. If  Name and configuration is added then Sat will be called Creation.   
Maya is the root cause of Creation. Ma means not Ya means truth. Maya is untruth.
The dream of Parabrahman is Maya. By opening his eyes man can  get rid of nightmarish dream. Maya, The dream of  ParaBrahman, God the Father, can be understood only through practice of essential KriyaYogaSadhana.
Jantoonaam narajanma dulabham.
To be born as a man is most difficult one amongst all living beings. It is the best.
One has to get into the OM from this incarnation, from OM into Krishna Consciousness/Tat, finally from Tat into the permanent abode, Parabrahman/Sat/God the father. 
Space will encompass each and everything. Solids will become liquids, liquids will become gases, gases willbecome electric rays, and finally these rays will merge into Parabrahman.
Matter is the reflection/refraction of Parabrahman only. The solids that we see are infact the solidified admixture of Atom/sub atoms only. we dream as though we broke our bones in an accident. However we find nothing when we woke up. So we must habituate ourseves sleeping in Parabrahman regularly so that we will not suffer from any misery.  The perfect Yogi illuminating with the consciousness of Parabrahman shall find this Universe, mundane sufferings or physical pleasures etc as elusive and even will not recognige them. He will reject them with fortitude. We can attain God by analysing them with Pratyaksha and Anumana Pramanas as described in the scriptures. HE can be attained or obtained  with Agama or Antargnana or Intuition. OM vibration is Parabrahman only. The whole Jagat or Universe is manifested due to OM vibration only. Maharshi Patanjali says. ‘HE can be  obtained  by meditating on OM’.  

 This OM is called Pranavanadam in scriptures. This OMKAR is Niravachinnam(Continuous), Tailadharamiva(like smooth flowing oil), Deerghaghanta (like long peal of gong), Naadavat (Sound), Avaachya (unutterable), Pranava (ever new, ever inspiring), Yatamveda (he who knows that), Vedavit (knows veda or all Truth to be known). This auspicious Sond “OM” will be emanating from all the Atoms. Wherever there is an activity OM will emanate from there. The sounds of Radio waves are not audible. They exist in the ether. They can be heard through a Radio only. Similarly OM can be heard only through Kriyayoga Dhyana.

Omkar can be chanted very longer way, medium way, or short way. OM can be chanted loudly audible way, or in Upamsu i.e., in the Visuddha Chakra in throat without opening the mouth, and or mentally within.  The most desirable is:  control the senses, go within, and then chant OM with Pratyahara(withdrawing senses) and Pranayama(controlling Life Foece) techniques.  OM is the source of all languages. Om Sound is the bridge between Human consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness. Om is all pervading. One must hear the Om Sound mentally in silence. We must not get satisfied by hearing OM once or twice. We must hear this auspicious sound continuously uninterruptedly. The advanced Yogi will experience that this OM is permeating and pervading all sides and in the whole Universe(s).  Kriyayoga sadhak  will imbibe this OM as  unparalleled intellect, eternal consciousness, and ever new bliss.
The kriyayoga sadhak who can hear OM sound in OM TECHNIQUE shall be able to feel the vibrations of Sookshmaloka(Astral fields) and Life Force in his Spinal Cord (Merudanda).  Such a Sadhak can easily be able to concentrate his mind on Physical, Astral, and Spriritual things and direct them accordingly.   
Soham and OM techniques are called Layayoga.  They are the integral part of Kriyayoga Sadhana. 
The  OM sound will sound differently in different Chakras.  In Moolaadhara chakra the OM sound will give ‘HAM” sound like a bumble bee, in Swadhistaana chakra IT sounds like Flute, in Manipura Chakra IT sounds like Veena, in Anahata chakra IT sounds like Gong bell in a temple, in Vishuddha chakra IT sounds like a flowing water stream, and in Agna chakra it sounds OM. In case the Sadhak hears the OM sound in the beginning itself then he need not bother about concentrating on other sounds. The sadhak after hearing this Pranava Sound shall find his Consciousness spreading on all sides. Then he realises that he himself is Parabrahman. Whenever one gets time one should try to hear this auspicious OM sound by sitting in silence. Hearing of OM will make us to realise that we are the Divine Atmas.  Physical wealth happiness etc are nothing before this Spiritual wealth and bliss.  As we sow so we reep. If we do Kriyayoga Sadhana sincerely then Old age problems, difficulties, munadane viscititudes shall not come near to us. 
Agama Sastra  means not the Vedas and its parts. It means Intuition or Soul perception in real sense. We must develop this intuition. The dusted glass plates can shine again if we clean the dust.  We should not make the senses filled with unnecessary wants. We should not disable them as such. We should fortify them with regular Kriyayoga Dhyana and put them into proper use. This will make us to develop our intuition with experience. However one may be intelligent some times he fauxpasses. In business transactions, in choosing desired work, in choosing correct partner in business, in choosing correct life partner in marriage, in choosing correct faculty in education, etc one may fauxpas. So partially and fully successful people should  be careful while taking decision(s). 
They should see, hear, and enquire before hand so as to make their respective professions successful. Even then one may fail now and then. The decisions taken through Agama or Intuition will never fail. So one must take decisions through Agama or Intuition and be successful in their respective lives. Parabrahman will not have any Karmendriyas/Action organs and Gnanendriyas/ Sense organs. He is running this compex universes with his Intuition only. Pray before taking any decision or starting any work. Kasturi Mrig i.e., Kasturi animal will be leaping and jumping here and there without knowing that Kasturi fragrance is emanating from its navel itself. One need not go anywhere for intuition. Sit tight and then do Kriyayoga sadhana. You will get it because it is right within you. 
One should not waste one’s own time with gossiping, too much sleep, unneceassay parties and feasts etc. Be away from narcotics, drinking, smoking and meat eating. We must do our assigned duties and studies etc. They are essential to us. The body exercises Asanas Energisation Exercises and Kriyayoga Sadhana are more essential.  You should not deviate your mind here and there with other avogations during meditation. Do meditation of with complete peace of mind. Over sensitiveness is also nervous weakness. This will lead to moodiness, peevishness and one will unnecessarily be unhappy or angry with others. It is to be controlled by controlling the senses. Separate Ego from the body and  unite the mind with Atman or Parabrahman then you will not have any dualities like misery and happiness, Heat and cold etc.  TITEEKSHA does not mean to subject the body to expose it to rain cold and heat etc. Titeeksha means endurance. We must grow beyond these by enduring. The feeling will express the experiences of senses. Sensitivity towards the things is called attachment. If the attachment is more then the sensitivity is more and vice versa. Attachment towards things will cause misery to us.
This Universe is manifested due to the vibrations of MAYA in Parabrahman. ‘Jagat mithya Brahma satyam’.  ‘na padaartham yadaartham’. Matter is not real.  Mind and matter both exists. But we should go beyond this consciousness and think further deep. As a matter of fact the solid matter which we are beholding are formed due to the mutual attraction between them at a place. Matter is lower vibrations of Maya. Mind is higher vibrations of Maya.  Wood, stone etc are also integral part of  Maya vibrations only.  Maya is part and parcel of Parabrahman. So all vibrations of Maya, lower, medium  or higher, has to be manifested within the ambit of  Parabrabrahman.  Mind is one type of vibration, and matter is another type of vibration, that’s all.
Mind only hears, Mind only sees, Mind only tastes, Mind only touches, Mind only smells, and all is done by mind.  Maya(delusion) in Macro is called Kundalinee(illusion) in Micro. Every human being consists of Kundalinee.  This is called Avidya or Ignorance. Mind, senses, and logic can analyse or tell partially only about the traits of matter (Phenomena-appearance of substances). Many a number of  times they tell wrongly about the reality (Noumenon-real substance) of matter.
For example:  Parabrahman is Infine and unlimited. But  Mind, senses, and logic will make us to believe that Parabrahman is limited to Space and Time. Likewise they(Mind, senses, and logic) make the individuals limited to their respective families or nations. The epicenter of pain is mind in reality but they(Mind, senses, and logic) make us to feel that it is of body.  They (Mind, senses, and logic) confuse us about the relation between solids liquids and gaseous matters. They (Mind, senses, and logic) confuse us about the relation between Life force, Feelings, and thoughts. They (Mind, senses, and logic) confuse us about the relation between birth and death, They (Mind, senses, and logic) confuse us about the relation between waking(Conscious), Sleeping (Sub-conscious) and Sushupti (Super-conscious) states. They (Mind, senses, and logic) make us to believe this triffle body as most important one. They (Mind, senses, and logic) make us to take selfish and bad decisions rather than good and justified ones, They (Mind, senses, and logic) make us to believe that matter is real but not the Parabrahman within and without the matter, They (Mind, senses, and logic) make us to believe that the one that is before the eyes is truth and the unseen is untruth. They are the dramas of Maya only.  All these problems arose because we have separated ourselves from the Nature due to ego within us. When we realize that we are part and parcel of Nature then we need not suffer.  The Great Souls like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Yogananda, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi etc are able to separate the physical sufferings from mind with mind control. Pains never used to pain them.
Man can find happiness by uniting with Parabrahman. He can understand the reality by segregating Maya from life and become liberated from all pains. Kriyayoga sadhan will make this possible. The modern Science make us to realize that matter is made up with electromagnetic rays and these rays are the solidified light rays.  These light rays are nothing but the vibrations of Maya which in turn is an integral part of Parabrahman. This is what our ancient Rishis say. Parabrahman is intangible to Past Present and Future tenses. HE is eternal. HE is beyond these tenses. In reality stone, the lightnings in the sky, day, night, electricity, and thoughts are all different types of the solidified thoughts only. 
Man ordinarily take decisions depending on senses and mind. They are not dependable. Decisions taken depending upon Intuition are absolutely believable. Man should not be a slave to circumstances like a chik in the yolk. One should not lead a rudderless life like an animal. The chik comes out of the shell by break-opening it and flies away freely in the nature. Likewise we should do Kriyayoga Sadhana and should unite with God. We should do Sadhana at least for 15 to 20 minutes immediately after getting up from bed.
Then only we should contemplate on daily duties. We should not while away our time with unnecessary gossiping. We should meditate on Parabrahman. We must make our lives meaningful by meditating on Parabrahman. To be born as man, to aim for liberation, and visting the Great Souls are very rarely available things. We can not get Gnana or pure wisdom by reading only scriptures that too in one life span time is impossible. Parabrahman consciousness is all knowing consciousness.  Uniting with Parabrahman will enable us to gain this all-knowing consciousness in one life-span time.

To utilize Swasa (Breath) as an Astra (weapon) is called SWASTRA. Gradually Swastra became Sastra. The one who knows how to utilize this Swasa (Breath) as an Astra (weapon) is called SWASTRI. Gradually Swastry became Sastry. I am one amongst those Sastris who knows how to utilize this Swasa (Breath) as an Astra (weapon). My name is KOWTA MARKANDEYA SASTRY. 
We should develop our intuition. Wemust must make it a habit to do each and every important work with this developed intuition.  So many people ask me, ‘if I wanted to do my work why should I make use of this intuition, why this intuition interfere in my work, how many are doing their works with this intuition, so many are doing work without making use of this intuition and becomimg wealthy,’.  But so many people doing suicides are remarkably belong to this category only i.e., doing their works without making use of intuition.
Suicidal tendency will be more amongst these people who do works without using intuition. We are infact unconsciously travelling or moving inch by inch towards death. Knowingly or unknowingly everybody is awaiting death. The KRIYAYOGI will invite the death consciously without a modicum of fear. Man will go on postponing the Kriyayoga sadhana till death thinking that he is still having life in future to do this sadhana.  Some people subjected to restlessness  will be searching for Parabrahman seeking peace. Such people are deceived by some cheats saying them or luring them that they will get them peace by showing God. They take huge amounts of money from those peace seekers. God is  not a thing or a commodity that can be bargained in the market. One has to do Sadhana in order to get into HIM. If you are suffering from stomach ache then you have to take medicine to contain it. If I take the medicine, you can not be cured of this problem.   Every one should have two aims:  (1) to know God, (2) as his off spring we must do our drama part on this earth beautifully without any flaw. God is only real and the rest everything is unreal. 
The one who is more interested in physical pleasures will not have farsightedness, and pure thoughts. He will aim for limited things only. the Kriya yoga sadhak will have ideals of getting into unision with Parabrahman, getting the pure Gnana that gives real eternal peace.  In fact the one who is away from God is the real innocent one. God like the noble person(s) who will bring such innocent ones back to HIM.
Only through Sadguru the unision with Parabrahman is sppedily feasible and possible. The eyes of Sadguru will be steady and filled with love and affection.
With control of breath and without hurting anybody with his meaningful language, his face will be shining with brightness. He will have wonderful sense of humour. His language will be simple understanding and nearer to heart. He will be very kind in words.
Always trust Sadguru. You always walk on the way directed by Sadguru.  Sadguru is the bridge between Parabrahman and Sadhak. The inherited Karma has to be experienced by us. That is not liberation. Parents will be behaving strictly with us some times. This is not the expression of autocracy or dictatorship because they are our parents. They behave such a way so as to remove our bad qualities within us. Parents have given us birth. Sadguru will give us Pure Gnana and lead us to Parabrahman. His directions may be sometimes very strict and appear to us as though those directions are detrimental to our liberty. The unision with Parabrahman is the real and eternal liberty. Yielding to physical sense pleasures is slavery temporary and unreal. The human relations with, ‘what you will give me, I have given this much to you’, attitude and love are unreal. 
Divine love is deathless, eternal, and blissful.  After entering into this Spiritual life I had realized the importance of Sadguru. We are enemies to ourselves. That we do not know. We do not learn how to sit straight. We will not spare some fixed time for God. We with impatience wanted heaven at once. We will not get God by reading scriptures, or by doing charity works, or by listening to Spiritual lectures. We will get united with God only by doing Kriyayoga Sadhana regularly morning and evening without fail.
Every human is having three bodies and three Gunas. They are Sthoola(Physical), Sookshma(subtle) and Karana(Idea) bodies,  and   Satwa(Gnana), Rajas(Energy) and Tamas(Matter) Gunas.
There are four Castes, they are:
Tamas = Ignorance.
Mixture of Tamas+Rajas= Ignorance +  workmanship (Kriyaasheel),
Rajas+Satwam = satkarma or workmanship + Gnana, and
Satwam = Gnana.
Man can belong to any one of these castes. Biological birth is not required to be included in any caste. The caste is like a designation that has to be acquired. One with determination and natural abilities can reach the goal of his will.
Kaama means desire. To lead an unskilled life within the absolute control of Physical senses is the state of Sudra Caste.
To earn wealth while controlling senses is the state of Vaisya (tradesman) caste.
Leading a life with self effort, responsibility & Satkarma (Positive work) is the state of Kshatriya Caste.
Liberty means freedom from bondage. Leading a life with liberty and preaching religious scriptures etc is the state of Brahman Caste.
Body, mind, will power, and Soul are the tools for the service of these four castes of mankind.  
Reincarnation or Punarjanma:
The part of Parabrahman only is manifested in different forms from inert body to human being.  Matter shields the real one i.e., Parabrahman. The innumerable number of manifestations or transformations that takes place from inert body to human being is expressed by Reincarnation theory or Punarjanma Siddhaant. The soul or part of Parabrahman that appears to be encased in matter— was there even when matter was not existent, and is there when it appears to be limited by matter or body, within and without.  Reincarnation theory or Punarjanma Siddhaant is beyond logic.

Kriyayoga sadhana is the only means to understand with clarity about Death and Sleep.  The self will appear as a contour in Kootastha which is called Atma Saakshaatkar. One life span is not enough to get this state of getting unision with Parabrahman. We have to cauterize all our Karmas and we should become corruptless souls. We came from our own house i.e., Parabrahman. We are staying in these temperory household called different bodies. Some day we have to go back to our parental house.  We are eternal and pure souls. We are wearing these attairs viz., impurity and ego. We have to shed these dress so as to get united with our parent i.e. Parabrahman. Parabrahman is sending this eternal and pure soul to play these mundane drama. For realizing, ‘Iam the eternal and pure soul’, we are being sent. It is something like parents sending their kids to the house(s) of  relatives to make the kids to realise the difference in love and liberty they get in their own parental house(s).  we are subjected innumerable sufferings because of succumbing to the temporary pleasures offered by senses.  We should understand the drama being played by Parabrahman and we must play our part efficiently to the complete satisfaction of HIM. 
One day or the other we have to get out of this body prison. Do Kriyayoga sadhana, and then learn to come out of this body cage at will. When God contemplated this Universe, HE manifested a part of HIS as inert one.  Afterwards HE manifested different types of beautiful Plants. different types of
living beings like birds and animals etc.  Then HE manifested human being with logical capacity in His mould who can think and do work.  Only in the incarnation of man only theAll pervading capacity of God can be understood. Only man went ahead and became Rishi or saint and could realise himself as embodiment of God in that state. Kriyayoga sadhana is the only means by which one can control one’s senses and understand that matter is unreal and Parabrahman is only real. Do good works as per Dharma, do not havy any attachment, do Kriyayoga Sadhana, come out of this mundane bondage, and be united with Parabrahman. 
The cummimgling of Physical mental and spiritual vibrations is Man.  Having no bread to eat inspite of good health is horrible.  In spite of having wealth and able to purchase bread but can not eat due to indigestion is misery.  Having good health and wealth but not having good relations and harmony with neighbourhood is also misery. Having good health wealth and logical mind but not becoming self realised and be in unision with eternal and truthful Parabrahman is really pathetic.  The work we do however trivial it may be is of God’s work. This we should always remember while doing work.  We must always do the work given by God with sincerity, love and affection. We must always do the work to the utmost satisfaction of God.  Then all the forces in the Universe shall help us to do the work with harmony.
This physical body consists of 16  Elements. We can not reproduce them. There is another subtle body in side this Physical body. It consists of 19 energies. The subtle body consists of Karana Sareer or Idea body which consists of eight energies or Tatwas.  
Space or Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are called Pancha Mahabhootaas or Five ellectricities. Satwa (Positive), Rajas (neutral), and Tamas (negative) are three Gunas or qualities. Karanasareera consists of these five electricities and three Gunas.  The 19 tatwas of Subtle body, and 16 tatwas of Physical body, both together consists of 35 tatwas. All these 35 tatwas are planned and governed by 8 tatwas of Karana Sareera.  In all karana sareera is responsible for 43 tatwas.  
Jeevatma, Karana and Subtle bodies, the Karmas accumulated in the past and present births will be responsible for obtaining the next body. Death is nothing but transmigration of Soul fro one body to another till its complete realization.
You take a transparent glass bottle. Put yellow colored water in that and seal it with cork. Consider this yellow color as Karana Sareera or Idea body.. Put this yellow coloured bottle in another big red coloured bottle and seal it with cork.  Consider this red color as Sookshma Sareera or Subtle body. Put this red coloured bottle in another big blue coloured bottle and seal it with cork.  Consider this blue color as Sthoola Sareera or  Physical body. Now put this  bottle in big water tub.  Now if you open blue color bottle, then this blue colored water  or Physical body will merge with water. The rest Red and Yellow colored waters will remain as it is.  Likewise even if this Physical body goes the remaining bodies will not fly away and merge with Parabrahman. 
It consists of 19 Tatwas. They are 1) Manas or Mind (Indriya Consciousness), 2) Buddhi or Intellect (determination), 3) Chitta or feeling (Bhavana) and Ahamkaar or Ego. Plus Five  Gnanendriyas or Sense organs—Eye, Nose, Ears, Tongue, and Skin.  Plus  Five  Karmendriyas or organs of action—Anus, Phallus or Penis, Feet, Palms, and Mouth.  Plus Five Airs—Praana vaayu (Crystallization), Apana vaayu (Elimination), Vyaana vaayu (Circulation), Samaana vaayu  (Assimilation), and Udaana vayu (Metabolism).
If Praana vaayu is not available in proper proportion to the body, then the man will be proned to  diseases like Tuberculosis.
If Vyaana vaayu is not available in proper proportion to the body, then the man will be proned to  diseases like anaemia, low or high blood pressures..

 These 19 tatwas are mutually related to 16 Tatwas of Physical body.  If body is diseased then both Gnanendriyas or Sense organs and Karmendriyas or organs of action both get affected. The related organs also get affected.
After the fall of this Physical body, Soul will go to Astral Universe. After the completion of  good Karma the Soul will take another body to fulfil his desires.

The  desire is the root cause of reincarnation. The next birth will be decided as per the mental conditions and Karma.  The roots of Physical body is located in Subtle body. Eye, Nose, Tongue, Skin, and Ears are only Physical things or cartons only. Even if they are damaged the forces in them are not destroyed.  For some the seing power in the Subtle body is damaged. For such a person if damaged physical eye is replaced with another one he can not get back his sight. To get dreams is the proof of the nature of the existence of Subtle body.
Parabrahman has sent us to the Earth as Pure Souls. Gradually we have imbibed ego and started doing works with sefishness. We stopped doing invaluable Kriyayoga Sadhana. We became lazy and whiling away our valuable time in useless gossiping. Ultimately we became impure souls and started moving farther and farther away from our parent Parabrahman from where we have come. The works we do for Parabrahman shall not bind us this Birth and Death viscious circle.  Suppose we started quarrelling amongst ourselves in a street, that means we are having a quarrelsome nature. It gets impregnated in our mind as a habit. So in this birth we will come out of the same one womb as siblings in a house and will start quarrelling from the beginning to the end of our lives.  Everybody knows that not a single penny can be taken by us or come along with us to the next birth but we will not help the poor and needy people in spite having wealth. That means we simply are interested to hear the tinkling sounds of coins. It gets engraved in our mind as a habit. So in our next birth we will be born as beggars so as to enjoy this tinkling sounds of coins.  Do works without any attachment just for the pleasure of Parabrahman thinking that this work is given to us by HIM. That is the real happiness. Students gradually reach the highst class after studying with patience one class or standard after another successfully. Likewise we should allot some time for our Kriya yoga Sadhana and learn endurance, self control, unattachment, honesty, observing silence and dutifulness. Then one day our Father will take us back with love and affection.
Death is not end to everything that we are supposed to do on this earth, Karmabhoomi. Death is not end to our births on this earth.  It is the temporary halt to the flow of life force within and without the body. It is akin to replacing of the electric bulb that is broken. Till such replacement there will not be flow of electricity in that broken bulb. 
When subtle and Karana Sareeras or bodies are superimposed with bad karma, then man will be afraid to leave this body at the time of final judgement.  He will suffer from mental pain. So he will leave this body unconsciously. When we leave this physical body, we the Jeevatmas, will be placed in different vibratory life force locations. This body will be vibrating with different vibrations with definite intelligent procedures. Man in total is a combination of the intelligence generated from the senses of Physical body, energies of Astral body, and feelings of Karana or Causal body. Normal man will be revolving around ego.  Liberation from all these three bodies is real liberation.
When the Physical body bulb is broken on this earth, then the Soul will be roaming in Astral or Subtle world.  Then that field seems to be real. When the virtuous work done by that Soul is completed, then IT comes back to this earthly abode. Then this earthly abode seems to be real.  And the Soul feels that there is no other world other than this earth. Because of the experiences gained in the subtle world, the Soul feels like enjoying them in the same way on this earth. The Soul ultimately is not satisfied with the experiences in both astral and Physical worlds. When the Soul is fully purified by shedding all the experiences in both both astral and Physical worlds with non-attachment i.e., with Vairagya, then real eternal bliss will be possible.
 We can call or meet passively or with concentration the habitants of Astral world.  One sort of evil both astral and Physical worlds and through a sort of negative trance we can We can call or contact the habitants of Astral world. It is not advisable and dangerous to contact the dwellers of Astral world with passive energy.  Yes, it is advisable and feasible to contact the dwellers of Astral world with concentrated energy. It is possible to contact  through negative trances idle, tramp souls that have committed suicides etc, those who have committed sacrilege,  and not doing further travel for evolution.  It is dangerous to invite such tramp souls as they may not go back at your command some times. They may even come into you and destroy you.  The Great souls of Astral field are attracted only to prayers that come out of heart, and advanced Kriyayogis. If you wanted to contact Good Souls then you should have patience, will power and above all intense and long duration Kriyayoga Sadhana.

The place between the eye brows is Kootastha. This is just a Radio. It is possible only through this Radio to contact and call the inhabitants of Astral world.  Sometimes we will be beholding very nearer and dearer ones in the dreams. Those dreams are nothing but our feelings and thoughts only. They may not always exactly reflect  our our feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes very nearer and dearer friends or people may try to contact us. We can contact in our dreams the nearer and dearer ones who left us on this earth and have taken rebirth and may stay far away in distant places from us.  We might send them the messages also. They can communicate with us. We can know their present locations through our intense Kriya yoga Dhyana. Heart will send some message of indication in the form of electro magnetic rays in the brain. Then the departed souls will appear as some figure in our intense Kriyayoga Dhyana. Send your love as a message to your people nearer to your heart through intense Kriyayoga Dhyana. Those messages are travelled through ether and reach your Heart nearing friends and relatives. They receive those messages and will reply them also in some form or the other.
Do Anusthaana Gayatri,  Tense & Relax, Haan Saa and OM techniques.  Do 108 Kriya Propers. Then do JYOTI Mudra three times. Behold the THIRD EYE. Go on looking into the Third Eye. Do not deviate even for a second from that Astral Eye. You can send and receive the signals or Messages through this Third eye only. This Third eye is a Radio Broadcasting Station.  Raise your hands. Concentrate on the finger tips.  Slowly turn your hands on all hands, East, West, North and South. Where the vibrations are more, turn to that side. Stay there. Find out and explore whether that Soul exists in the astral world or on the earth by taking birth. If It has taken birth then find out the location of existence.  Send a lovely Message, ‘Oh my dear, accept my real and eternal love, meet me again and again’.  Even after taking rebirth you can communicate with the Astral body of your dear ones through Third Eye. The Great Souls on this Soul can travel between Physical and Subtle Worlds as per their will. They can communicate with them as per their will.  Kriyaparavastha means Thoughtlessness state. This is a Passport to Astral world.  One should comprehend the differences between Hallucinations and Subconscious suggestions and develop  Super-consciousness state.
Karmasiddhant/ Theory of Karma: 
we are only responsible for the formation of this Physical body. Man is the reflection of Parabrahman.  Some will be displaying divine qualities.  The more we move away from Parabrahman the more we display bad qualities. Man is  the architect of his own future.  Man of virtue can not get difficulties. Even if he gets he can have endurance to withstand them. This withstanding capacity will be gifted by Parabrahman. The bad or good qualities depend upon our Karma we do. All the Karma(s) we do in the present birth will be accumulated in the sub-consciousness. The Karma(s) we did in the past birth(s) are/were accumulated in the super-consciousness. These accumulated sub-consciousness or super-consciousness Karma(s) are enscripted in seed form.  As long as the man retains ego, feelings, and attachment, the results of Karma seeds shall be following him birth after birth or death after death. That does not mean you should not do Karma. Do karma without expecting the result(s). 
 The Karma(s) we do with will power are called Purushaakaar. The Karma(s) we do with the influence of Past (Sanchita) Karma are called Habits or Samskaras. The one that reveals our internal nature is this Samskaras only. Our external nature will be influenced by Grahas (Planets), Jagat (Universe), Nationality, Family, Neighbourhood, Books, etc.  Will power does not mean ‘to do the things as you like’.  To get influenced with circumstances is not wrong but to overcome the circumstances and do good work is greatness.  A non-smoker not smoking is not a great thing, but a Smoker giving up smoking is a remarkable achievement because he could utilize his will power properly. The man who could understand the Karma Siddhant can get out of Bad Karma with incessant Kriyayoga Sadhana. After that he will be doing Karma only for Parabrahman and ultimately merges or reaches his own house i.e., Parabrahman. Most of the people will be saying ‘nobody can escape karma’. You can escape or overcome Karma by doing Kriyayoga Sadhana.  Karma is Cause and effect related.  Karma is not to be seen by eyes. What we are experiencing is the result of past Karma, happiness or misery. If we get a lottery that is because of the  past good Karma.  If you sow a seed its shoot will come out after some days. When couple cohabitates then the offspring will come after nine months. Likewise each and every thing will have its separate respective timings  for the results to come out.  Some people will be feeling very badly that they are not getting good results in spite of doing good works. Definitely one day they will yield good results. Some people will be getting good results in spite of doing bad works. That is due to the result of good work done in the past births. Today we are getting pension due to the past 30 -40 years of Government service. For the fisherman the smell of fish shall not bother him at all. He may not get sleep also without that smell. Because one is responsible for the lack of mental peace of several people in the past birth has made him to take a birth of lunatic. We will be in the same state before and after sleep. That is if you are a male before sleep the after sleep that is after waking up also you will be a male only. Death is a long sleep. What you  sow so you reap.  This life is the result of the seeds you have sown in the last birth.
The man who has lived for 100 years will have enough time to do more Kriyayoga sadhana.  He must properlu utilize his time for Sadhana. The man who has lived for 30 years will not have enough time to do more Kriyayoga sadhana. The bad karma is responsible for his shorter life. Suppose a man has done half good and half bad karma i.e., mixed karma. This does not mean that  his half body will go to Astral world and the rest will go to this earth. Till the soul is completely purified it will be shuttling between Astral and Earth fields. The soul will merge with Parabrahman after complete purification. Complete purification means the fulfillment of all desires without any balance. The Soul will enjoy its Punyafal i.e., the result of good work in Subtle world and to complete the rest of the result on the earth. Finally it will complete all its Karma, good and bad karma,  and remain in its self effulgence and merge with Parabrahman. Good karma is golden chains. Bad Karma is Iron chains. Both are attachments only. one must continue to do his Karma without aspiring for results. Student should learn education for the sake of educating himself without any other feeling. When he was learning he should not think that whether he will be able to procure a job with his education or not. If we sow a mango seed we will get mango plant, and if we sow neem seed we will get neem plant. With mango seed you will not get neem plant and vice versa. The result will depend upon the Karma we do. Diseases, unsuceesfulness in Education, and profession, beauty, ugliness, and etc are all Karma dependent. They are not Hereditary. The Soul will search for a Yoni i.e., vagina of  mother suitable to its Karma.

Success = success in previous births + the dutiful Endeavours made in this Birth.
 The man who made efforts for success in the previous births may not have made dutiful efforts in this birth. In spite of that he might be successful. It may not come directly but the success may come in a round about way. That is he may get birth in the wealthy family. Or he may suddenly get unexpected wealth.  The success may not be in each and every birth. Influenced by others sometimes we may not be doing our dutiful duties due to which human consciousness may not be same in every birth. If one wanted to get success in every birth then one has to do Kriyayoga sadhana and then improve one’s concentration and get rid of unsuccessfulness. Kriyayogi never does unjustified works.  However one may be unsuccessful, he can burn his karmas in a shorter period of time, doing Kriyayoga sadhana with his will power.  He will soon turn or move towards success.
The one who quests for Parabrahman is really intelligent. The Sadhak who could communicate with Parabrahman is successful as a man. The Gnaan or pure wisdom cannot be pushed within from without. It depends upon the receptive power, the more the receptive power the more Gnaan shall come within that too speedily. For a pure wisdom one need not gain several experiences. One can learn from others who experienced them. Nothing on this earth can please you. To understand this one need not get entangled in several happenings. Parabrahman is the author of this Life Book. It is impossible to percept this with logic. One will become mad to read and understand this life book with logic.  That is why I am telling you to do more and more Kriyayoga Sadhana and improve your Intuition abundantly. Then the sadhak can imbibe infinite knowledge ocean.
This universe or Jagat is a dream. This is what one is expected to understand. To realize this world as a dream is real wisdom. One will confront several negative trends during his sadhana. Then the sadhak should treat these negative trends as a bad dream. The sadhak or meditator should practice to confront these negative forces that are obstructing him during Sadhana.  Seeing this Creation as a solid truth, Sadhak should realize that the feelings of God has become solidified and become a Physical Creation.  With deep Intuition the Sadhak will soon realize that he is not this Physical contour. He will realize himself as a continuous flow of eternal life force consciousness.  Then his real inviduality will blossom. Misery, sorrow, dicease, and unfruitfulness etc are the results of Sacrilege.  We must come out of such transgressions.  Doing works or having feelings congenial to intuition and getting peace and tranquility is desirable and is real wisdom. We must always remember and recollect the positive force within us. We must rule our mind with discrimination.  We must not content with the trivial pleasures obtained on this earth with the intellect which is limited. We must get the Intuition which is infinitely powerful from our God the Father through Kriyayoga sadhana.
Health is of three types—good, bad, and good and bad mixed. One may be experiencing any of these three conditions in one’s life time. It is the result of  Karma of  past births + the Exercises of mental and bodily exercises like Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga we do in this birth.  If 1 is added to 2 then only it becomes 3. 
1)Some people will not have any health problems irrespective of seasons.  That means they must have done Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga sadhana in their past births. They must be continuing healthy vegetarian food habits plus  Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga sadhana in this birth also. (2) Some are born healthy but now and then they are subjected to ill health. That means they must have done Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga sadhana in their past births. They must not have continued this in this birth. So they are subjected to ill health. (3) Some are born medium healthy.  They will be weak and are subjected to ill health. That means they must not have done Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga sadhana in their past births. With will power they must be continuing healthy vegetarian food habits. It is better for him to do Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga sadhana in this present birth.
 (4) Some are born with health and ill health in equal proportions. They will be healthy for some time and for some time they will be ill healthy. That means they must do Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga sadhana and should continue healthy vegetarian food habits. (5) Some are born sick but in spite of that they live long. Only the intense attachment to life  has made him to live longer. They must do Hatha yoga and Kriyayoga sadhana and should continue healthy vegetarian food habits.
The sadhak must develop his concentration with Kriyayoga sadhana. With the devotion towards Parabrahman so developed due to this Sadhana, the Sadhak should make his Physical Astral and Idea bodies pure. And then the Sadhak should develop health and success within and merge with God the Father
Parabrahman is eternal, ever-conscious, and ever new bliss. He is beyond past, Present, and Future.  For Him everything is present tense only.  He does not have Jagrata (Conscious), Swapna (Sub-conscious), and Karana (Idea) states.  He has divided Himself into Gnata (knower), Gneyam (the One who is to be known), and Gnanam (Pure wisdom). He has created  law of relativity and Maya or delusion.  He is Omni present, Omni potent and Omniscient. He is the source of everything. He is not divisible but made Himself appear to be divisible with the medium of Maya and make this Universe or Jagat as dream. 
The reflection of Man appears in the mirror. Likewise man is the reflection of Parabrahman. The reflection in the mirror will not any individuality. Man who is the reflection of God will have individuality and will power given by Him.  HE being one wanted to become many is His Idea only not real.  To become manyis not required by HIM. If Creation is necessary then He can not become Pure and auspicious.  Why man will get dreams? We cannot get a required reply.  Likewise why Parabrahman made this Jagat or Universe?  We will not get  any reply.  Man will get dream in his Head only. The rest of the three parts of the body,i.e., chest, Waist, and legs will support and aid the head to get the dreams.  Man means not the only head. Likewise if you suppose Parabrahman is having four parts, the one part of Him is consisting of this Jagat or Universe that is manifested due to Maya. 
This Maya is limited. Maya always tries to show unlimited Parabrahman as a limited one. The one who fell into the spell of Maya will be moving away from Parabrahman and suffers. This is proportionate to the spell.  The sadhak  will be moving closer to Parabrahman proportionate to the intensity and longer time of Sadhana.  
Diceases and sufferings are all due to Maya which is an integral part of Parabrahman. The Kriyayoga Sadhak will soon realise in clear terms that this also is a delusion created by Maya.  Eshana trayam i.e. attachment to Dareshana (spouse), attachment to Putreshana (off-spring), and attachment to Dhaneshana (wealth) are to be discarded completely. The human love and attachment are unreal and temporary, and hence to be discarded. The love of God the Father is eternal and real. So always try to conjoin human consciousness with Divine love. Then that love becomes pure.  
Will power:
Will power is the special gift given by Parabrahman to us. Beasts do not have any will power.  Man cannot do any work, good or bad, without desire or contemplation.  So he himself is responsible for his good or bad life. Pure Soul is covered by tempoerary obstructions, good or bad. He can get rid of these temporary obstructions by doing Kriyayoga Sadhana and he can become a pure Soul again.  There is no substitute to hard work. The distance you are supposed to travel will not be reduced by cursing yourself or by crying. You have to walk and there is no other way. Only thing is that take rest some times and then resume your walking again. Then you can reach the destination sooner or latter.  You can not satisfy each and everybody. Do Kriyayoga Sadhana and do satisfy Parabrahman. That is only discerning thing amongst all.  Intuition is the secret education imparted by Parabrahman to the Kriyayoga Sadhak. By obeying or listening to Intuition one will not be subjected to evil and reach Parabrahman sooner or latter.  God can be found in silence only. Whenver required the Kriyayoga Sadhak must leap forward with renewed vigour and interest to do the good work. After fininshing the work he must continue his Kriyayoga sadhana.
Every kriyayoga sadhak can improve his memory through sadhana. The Conscious mind in the head will have relation with the world without through the feelings and perceptions that is/are being received by it.  Ear, nose, skin, tongue, and eye are Gnanendriyas or sense organs. The brain will receive signals through Sensor nerves and send the required commands through Motor nerves in return.  The Sub-conscious mindshall retain the experiences in general and more important ones in particular. Sub-consciousness mind will be working during sleep. Super-consciousness mind will be wxisting during deep sleep. Semi-consciousness and Super-consciousness minds both will have intuition. 
In Conscious state all the three consciousnesses i.e., Conscious, sub-conscious and Super conscious minds will be working together. In Sleeping state only sub-conscious and Super conscious minds will be working together. The conscious mind will be in sleeping state.  In deep sleep state or Samadhi (Trance) state only Super conscious mind (Adhichetana or Karana chetana) will be working. The Conscious (Jagrata) and Sub-conscious (Avachetana) minds will be in sleeping state. The experiences during Conscious state will be stored in Sub-conscious mind. This Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind is called Memory mind. The Conscious (Jagrata) mind will have the faculty of this Memory mind. The  Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind will have the faculty of Super conscious  (Adhichetana or Karana chetana) mind.

The  Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind only will not allow the fire to extinguish during sleep.  It will see that all metabolic functions of the body are being executed in a proper way without fail. The Sub-conscious (Avachetana) memory is always awake. Heart lungs and kidneys etc are voluntary organs.  The Sub-conscious (Avachetana) memory will help these voluntary organs to work even during sleep.  Not only that it will help to store the experiences that are gained during Conscious state in this  Sub-conscious (Avachetana) memory so as to utilize these memories later while working in waking state.  The Super conscious mind (Adhichetana or Karana chetana) will always be in know of the things through Intuition that are happening in Sub-conscious (Avachetana) and Conscious (Jagrata) states. The sadhak can and should train his Super conscious (Adhichetana or Karana chetana) mind to remember and recollect the  experiences of past and present lives failing which it will lose its all knowing  Intuition. Likewise we can train the Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind to remember and recollect the  experiences of  present life. We also can and should improve the constructive capacity of Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind. Otherwise Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind will lose its memory power and will become useless. We also can and should improve the constructive capacity of Conscious (Jagrata) mind. One Prince started wailing after taking intoxicated drinks that he was a pauper and pennyles forgetting his originality. After coming out of that inebriated state he remembered that he was a Prince.  This is because of his Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind and memory. 
The Super conscious mind (Adhichetana or Karana chetana) is almost Parabrahman only. Or it is nearer to God the Father. That mind will not have any suffering.  We must always memorise abd recollect the duty bound things every now and then. Do not see vice, do not hear vice, and do not talk vice.
The Conscious (Jagrata) mind will be of sullenness, crossness, ill humored, and with attachment.  When you are hungry then you feel like taking food. If it is not available you will be filled with displeasure.  The Conscious (Jagrata) mind will be always working with Gnanendriyas or sense organs. The Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind works with memory during wakefulness, and works with dreams during our sleep.  During wakefulness, the Sub-conscious (Avachetana) mind helps or counsels the Conscious (Jagrata) mind with the experiences and happenings that were accumulated in its memory. In Super-conscious  state  Intuition will be helping the Sub-conscious (Avachetana) and Conscious (Jagrata) minds.
Life is like a cinema. The light rays that are emerging from Projector are the characters that are appearing as hero, heroine, villain, character actor, comedian, elephants, Horses, and camels etc.  We feel very bad when we see the atrocities committed by the villain or get excited by the heroic deeds of Hero etc.  When we turn our looks at the Projector then neither we feel bad nor get excited because we don’t see all these figures in the light particles that are coming out of the projector. We don’t get any vibrations in our mind. Likewise we should always look at the Parabrahman projector so that we will not get perturbed by the things, good or bad, that happen from time to time. We should partake our portion of characters diligently with dedication and devotion. Then our life will be very happy.
Dreams and Visions:
The conscious mind executes its work through Gnanendriyas. In sleep the conscious mind will be unconscious state. The Sub-conscious mind shall work in both Conscious and sleeping states.  The conscious and Sub-conscious minds  both will be impregnated with man’s natural impure ego.  The super conscious mind will be illuminating with pure Intuition. This super conscious mind shall work initially with sub-conscious mind without attachment, and then work through Conscious mind. Conscious mind is the source of dreams. The sub-conscious or super-conscious minds of man can materialise a dream and can show it on sub-conscious screen during sleep. 
The life force that is withdrawn from Heart and Sensory Nerves will be partially secured in the brain. The experiences and situations encountered or gained in the past births are engraved in the grooves of Brain. The Cameraman, Director, Cinema Operator, and Projector Operator etc., are the rolls played by Sub-conscious mind. They are displayed during sleep on Sub-conscious screen. The
Conscious and super conscious thoughts are like a cinema. They are secured by Sub-conscious Cameraman in Sub-conscious mind. The situations that may happen in one’s life or elsewhere in the world in future are falsely renditioned by the Sub-conscious Projector Operator and may give false signals by human ego. To nullify this some times the Intuition itself will come forward and may reveal  them.  The dreams or renditions given by Third eye that is existing on the Kootastha, the place between the eye brows, is/are only real truths. Rest all are always may not be true. 
The Kriyayoga sadhak who could concentrate only on Parabrahman and reached this prized state can relax his body as in sleep. He can consciously create dreams and visons.
The all powerful omnipotent and omniscient super conscious mind can create visons in Conscious state. By utilizing the brain power, the sadhak who does intensive kriyayoga sadhana, can visualize the future situations through the potent of Super-conscious state.  We cannot get into deep sleep if we get incessant dreams on sub-conscious screen during sleep and will get tired soon. This problem will be mitigated by doing Kriyayoga dhyana.  We should do kriyayoga dhyana regularly morning and evening. Then we will get and must obtain the required direction as real dreams or signals through Super-conscious or Krishna Consciousness.  We must overcome the human ego which gives false direction. As a sadhak we must obtain merit.
Big flames, ocean, rivers, boats, Angels, Scriptures, Saints, Yogis, Rishis, Divine personalities, Temples, Sanctum sanctoram, flowers, pure sky, sunlights, Auroras, Moon, and self expanding in the sky are all good dreams.  It is the indication of burning of our past and present karmas and signals for elevation. Seeing Garbhagudi or sanctum sanctorum is the indication of good heights and nearing to God in Sadhana. It is also indication of getting a good spouse. Clean sky is the indication of nearing pure and auspicious Parabrahman or uninterrupted development  in Sadhana or wonderful spiritual perceptions. Flowers are the indication for obtaining pure wisdom (Suddha gnaan) and thoughts.  Kriyayoga sadhak will get good and required thoughts in correct time with his pure  will power.  Sunlights are the the indications of subtle worlds.  During intense kriyayoga sadhana appearance of abundant lights are indicative of this vison during sleep. Auroras are the replica of Cosmic light. Blue dazzling lights like worms with phosphorous indicates the sadhak is swimming in Cosmic consciousness.  Appearance of moon is the indication to the sadhak that he should correlate with the visons that appear in his kriyayoga sadhana and make vigorous efforts to go forward. Burning volcanos are the indicative of the burning of Past karmas of Sadhak.  Effulgence and Ocean are the indicative of Spritual upliftment and self realization.  To see water is the indication that the sadhak can obtain spiritual perceptions in his sadhana.  Seeing boat is the indication of the importance of Sadguru to Sadhak in order to obtain salvation. His independent efforts alone are not sufficient and are required to be aided by Sadguru.  Sadguru is the vehicle between Parabrahman and Sadhak.  Seeing Angels is the indication that Rishis, Munis, Yogis, and saints are ready to give the sadhak the required guidance from time to time in order to obtain salvation.
All these dreams and divine visons are the indications of spiritual upliftment of Sadhak of his Kriya yoga sadhana.
Life Force:
Cell division and Cell multiplication are the two things through which living beings are created for which Protoplasm is the media.  This Protoplasm is the mud and the Life force in Protoplasm is the potter. Different types of clay is required for preparing different colors of mud utensils. Likewise to create different  types of living beings, Protoplasm is also of to be different types.  Life force is subtle intelligent force.  From ant to human being this protoplasm is the basis. Take for instance Human spermatozoa and Animal Spermatozoa and examine them with a Microscope. They look alike and will be floating like Tadpoles on the protoplasm.  Creating different types of living beings with look alike spermatozoa is possible only with intelligent Life force. Oxygen is having energy only where as Life force is having both consciousness and energy.
When humans or animals cohabitates and transfer the spermatozoa, then this intelligent Life force will express itself. The off springs so formed or manifested shall behave as per their desires.  The human being is made in the mould of God the Father. He should get rid of his  Sex impulse or desires so as to get out of this birth and death viscious circle and get God-communion.  However pure he/she may be the human being cannot get out of the sex desires or urges that draw him/her to the earth.  The creative sex desire will have always thoughts like creating another specy like him/her.  To aid that creative sex desire, the intelligent Life Force will excite the sex nerves.  The woman will leave Ovum and man will leave Spermatozoa. Both will combine in the vagina of woman to become zygot.
The sex desire has to be given up with detatchment and is to be controlled with Gnana or pure wisdom. It is not advisable and feasible to suppress the sex desire. It is hypocrisy. If it is suppressed then it will multiply with renewed vigour. If it is controlled with detatchment, Kriyayoga sadhana, and pure wisdom, then it will lead to spiritualism and then to liberation. 
Take a long breath in, and retain the breath as long as you can in Kootastha, the place between eye brows on the fore head.  This is also called antah kumbhak or internal retention of breath. Like wise take a long breath out, and retain the breath out as long as you can. This is also called bahya kumbhak/keval kumbhak or external retention of breath.  Then this sex consciousness will transform into life force in the lungs. To aid this do regular Kriyayoga sadhana.  With these techniques wonderful energy will be centred around heart and lungs. The energies from all other parts of the body in general and the sex parts of the body in general are concentrated in heart and lungs. Mind will be submerged with the concentration on Parabrahman.  Spiritual thoughts will engulf the sadhak. The brain will become a spiritual magnet.  Brain will be converted into Cerebral Spiritual reservoir. All forces and energies of all parts of the body will be attracted towards the brain, Cerebral Spiritual reservoir.
The more the man is habituauted to sexual desires, the more the life force will jump towards the lower plexus or chakras i.e., manipura, swadhistaana, and moolaadhara.  Man, life force  and his human consciousness  will ultimately come to a mean, powerless, and pitiable state of life. He will be daily cursing his fate.
The more the man is habituauted to Spiritual life,  the more the life force will jump towards the higher plexus or chakras i.e., Anahata, Visuddha, Agna, and Sahasraara.  The life force and human consciousness which was deemed to be useless till now will transform into powerful Cosmic force. Human consciousness will ultimately come to a meaningful, powerful, and ever conscious Spiritual state. He will be daily burning his  past karma with regular Kriya yoga sadhana and makes his life meaningful and will/can face any situation with courage..  He will get a good wife and his life will be harmonious and meaningful. Even he will get off spring that is full of compassion happiness health and kindness etc. 

In physical lust the creativity is wasted. That leads to weakness diceases and early oldage. For obtaining good off spring we must not waste  this creativity in this creative force. We must do Kriyayoga sadhana. We must send this creative force towards the higher plexus or chakras i.e., Anahata, Visuddha, Agna, and Sahasraara. Then we shall be able to get spiritual and prodigal children.  In order to control this physical lust, we must  concentrate in Kootastha and must do long Internal retentions (Antah kumbhak) and external retentions (Baahya kumbhak).
Husband and wife should not criticise openly in front of others.  One should respect the sentiments of others.  The love is superior to the Physical strength and weaknesses. Divine love, kindness, compassion, pity, fortitude, endurance, silence, and God-communion are inomparable. Spiritual bliss and effulgence is more than 1000 sunlights.  Physical lust is like a small light in front of Blissfulness which is like sun light.  Such a Sadhak of good virtues will be triumphant in Physical and Spiritual fields.  If love is more then Physical lust will be less and vice versa. The existence of mutual love should be more in husband and wife than  the menial or animal Physical instinct. When husband and wife cohabitates with pure thoughts then the souls will enter into the yoni or vagina as per their thinking styles. If the thoughts  are pure then the Highly elevated Souls will enter into them. For this the husband and wife should plan months befoe and be in Preparedness.  They should do Kriyayoga sadhana regularly and make or transform their bodies as divine temples. This Physical lust is meant for continuing this Creation. It is not meant only for the recreation of senses. Our ancestors have obtained the knowledge from the ancient Rishis or sages. They obeyed the conditions of Nature with their will power and continued Creation by producing children.  Gradually the man has succumbed to  Physical lust and hence the present condition of  Physical Creation has taken place.
We should compare our past life and present life and then choose our present profession. Then our future life will be fruitful. We should not lead a directionless life  without any self satisfaction like a toy which has been keeyed and left.  If a man who is interested in creative Music is left to do a clerical job then how sad it is. On this stage of life drama all are actors only, Parabhrahman is the Director.  Becoming a slave and to live only according to the past Karma is tastelee and useless.  Burn your past karma with will power by doing ancient  and scientific Kriyayoga Sadhana. Reach the higher echelons of life. Get rid of all shackles of life. Get liberated from the bondage of life and get God- communion. How wonderful it is to get back to our parental home i.e. Parabrahman.  All this problems difficulties and diceases are our machinations in the past.  In fact these will help us to understand God the Father in proper perspective.  Everything is God only.  then what are you losing in fact?  We should utilize our creativity and then become successful in all fields. Unsuccessfulness or failure leads to anger and satiety or disgust.  Don’t bother about failures. Take failure and success with equanimity.  Do kriyayoga sadhana. go nearer to Parabrahman. Then we will get every justice without fail due to HIS kindness added and aided to our endeavour.
It is another divine angle of Parabrahman. It is welcome sign of inviting us through our nesarer and dearer well wishers to return to our parental abode for deinking nectar which is eternal. The friendship between two people should not be selfish.  It should be impregnated with Divine love. The man should spread the message of friendship of selfless love gradually to his family, neighbourhood, his nation, all nations, and to the whole Universe in the end. Man should learn the fragrance of this friendship to his friends and foes alike. Everything is Parabrahman. Nothing is existing other than Parabrahman. They are existing in different forms like solids, liquids, gases, men, women, animals, birds, trees, worms, and chara (which can move) and achara (which cannot move). Then why this animosity and disparity? Friendship is Universal Spiritual attraction. This mutual attraction is like an adhesive that creates relationship or bondage between two souls  with divine love. Ekam sat vipraa bahudaa vadanti. God is one.  It has become Positive and Negative duality with its intermittent Maya. It has combined Law of Infinity with the Law of relativity and then that ONE became Many.  It is making efforts to make all of us united with the tools within us viz., feelings, intelligence, and Intuition, and with the wonderful  idea of friendship. If you do not extend your hand of friendship then how you can have divine communion with the Divine lover i.e., Parabrahman? Friendship is by nature it is divine.  There should not be any hypocrisy and selfishness in friendship.  It is unimaginable how you can deceive your own friend? You be have compassion and love with your neighbours whatever or however may be their behavior.  

The traits or qualities of certain persons exist pertinent to their place and place of living. We should cultivate the habits with will power which are good, duty bound, lawful, and useful to the society. This is desirable. Men of virtue will display good qualities and men of vice will display bad qualities. This is but natural.  We must develop friendship with good people by means of Study, Discussion, Association, Friendship, and Respectful attention etc and then we must inherit their good qualities. Atma is a part and parcel of Spirit. So Atma will have the same the same qualities as that of Spirit. Human bodies are manifested in Evolutionary Pattern.  That is the reason the intellect and physical patterns of humans will be resembling some animal or the other.  If you observe the Anatomy and qualities of any human being carefully then it resembles some animal or the other. Courage, to hunt and kill animal from front side only when it is hungry is the quality of lion.  Whether it is hungry or not, if required or not, to hunt and kill animal from behind is the quality of tiger. Some people will be torturing others mentally and physically whether required or not.  To bite the opponents if sighted is the quality of Snake. Some  people will be harming others mentally and physically even though there is no fault from them. Some people will be harming others and stay peacefully like a cat even after eating killing and eating four rats.  
Some people will be leading their lives at the cost of others. They are like parasites. They behave outwardly in a very innocent manner as though they do not know anything. Cats will be outwardly looks to be neat and clean. Likewise the outward appearance of some will be very neat and clean but inwardly very much unclean. Monkeys show their intelligence by mimicking others. Likewise some will they show their intelligence in mimicking others. Monkeys are mentally very much unstable.  Some will not maintain peace even for a minute like monkeys. Some will be very timid like doves or lambs. Some will be repeatedly doing the same mistake like donkeys. Cohabitation if done more shall lead to harming the heart, brain, lessening the spermatazoan count, physical and mental health.  In spite of knowing or understanding this some will be repeatedly doing the same mistake like donkeys. Parabrahman is the reservoir of pure gnaan or wisdom. Make communion with God through Kriyayoga sadhana and then gain that reservoir of pure gnan or wisdom.

When we see some people we feel as though we have seen them somewhere at some time. It is because of the association with them in the past births. It is the same feeling when we see a monument after several years again. We must utilize our will power and present practice of Kriyayoga sadhana while choosing friendship. The friendship should be made or developed with the people of virtue having the qualities of truthfulness kindness and justice etc.  we should not make friendship with people of vice or opposed to the above. We should give value to mental beauty than physical beauty lest the life become hell. A beautiful girl ora rich lady chooses very ordinary spouse the reason being their beautiful and harmonious relationship in the last birth.  Some people will have more attachment to wealth in the last birth and hence take a lady against their will as their spouse by taking huge amount of dowry.
Humility is the place liked by Parabrahman to stay with. Ego is the barrier to pure wisdom or suddha gnan.  As you sow so you reap.  We must impartially criticize ourselves. We must do selfless service to others. We must mitigate our ignorance with will power given by God the Father. We must uproot the feelings of ‘Iam very poor, Iam very rich, Iam female, Iam male, Iam an Officer, or very mean person’ etc. We must develop more and more the feeling ‘Iam the pure soul, Iam the God’.
Third eye
Sit erect in Vajrasana, Padmasana or Sukhaasana with Gnaana Mudra. Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight. Face East or North. Get relaxed. Put your index finger in between the eye brows touching the fore head with the nailed portion index finger up side down. As you raise the finger you should go on looking at the tip of the index finger. You must fix the gaze where the tip of the index finger disappears. This is called fixing the gaze in the kootastha.  Put your gaze fixed in Kootastha.  The feet should not touch the ground directly . Sadhak should wear Cotton socks.  For better results bend your neck backwards. That is sit in super conscious level. Apply Khechari Mudra.    
Third eye
Sit erect in Vajrasana, Padmasana or Sukhaasana with Gnaana Mudra. Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight. Face East or North. Get relaxed. Put your index finger in between the eye brows touching the fore head with the nailed portion index finger up side down. As you raise the finger you should go on looking at the tip of the index finger. You must fix the gaze where the tip of the index finger disappears. This is called fixing the gaze in the kootastha.  Put your gaze fixed in Kootastha.  The feet should not touch the ground directly . Sadhak should wear Cotton socks.  For better results bend your neck backwards. That is sit in super conscious level. Apply Khechari Mudra. 

Yellow color-- OM Generator,  5 pointed Silver Star-- SAT or God beyond Creation,  and Opal Blue color--Gad in Creation or TAT or Sri Krishna Consciousness.
In Kriya yoga sadhana the sadhak will cross the barrier of human conscious -ness. This is the first step. To behold the Third Eye is the second step. Man can look upto certain limited portion with his Physical eyes.  Through this subtle Third eye in his Kootastha man can step into yellow colored OMKAR, then into the opal blue colored Sri Krishna Consciousness i.e. TAT (God in Creation), and finally into five pointed Silver star or Cosmic consciousness i.e., God beyond Creation (SAT).  The Kriya yoga sadhak can behold the whole Universe at one place as one article through this wonderful THIRD EYE.
 The yellow colored OMKAR is termed as Holy Ghost in Bible. The Opal blue colored Sri Krishna Consciousness i.e. TAT (God in Creation) is termed as Son of the Father in Bible. The five pointed Silver star or Cosmic consciousness i.e., God beyond Creation (SAT) is termed as God the Father in Bible.
The Pupil in the Physical eye is replica of the five pointed Silver star or Cosmic consciousness i.e., God beyond Creation (SAT).  Blue colored Iris is replica of the Opal blue colored Sri Krishna Consciousness i.e. TAT (God in Creation). The white around Iris is replica of the  yellow colored OMKAR.    
For an ordib=nary human being the life force will be exiting through senses. SOHAM or HAANSAA observing his own breath), OM (hearing OM) techniques are called Layayoga of Kriyayoga sadhana. Kriyayoga sadhak will control his life force, the lab dabs of Heart, and shall withdraw the currents of sense organs (Gnanendriyas) through this Layayoga techniques in Kriyayoga sadhana. The Kriyayoga sadhak will perfectly percept that this body, earth, stars and everything in this Universe(s) are controlled through this Third Eye only.   
The life force that is exiting out through the senses will change its course back to Third Eye through Kriyayoga sadhana, then it will have four types of traits or show its traits in four stages. This Sadhak should understand. 1)In First stage, the sadhak may have a feeling of something is crawling in muscles or Spinal cord, 2) In 2nd stage, the sadhak might settle in Super-conscious state and the he will have intensive blissful feelings, 3) In 3rd stage, the sadhak will have feelings of wonderful affection. He will hear OM Sound within and without through out his body and spinal cord irrespective of closing or opening of ears, 4) In 4th stage, the sadhak will behold the wonderful five pointed silver star in his Kootastha with wonderful illumination. irrespective of closing or opening of eyes. The effulgence moving forward and backward through his centre of fore head i.e. Kootastha.  Life force movement stops. Life force will be withdrawn from nerves, organs of senses (Gnanendriyas), organs of action (Karmendriyas),  and in fact from each and every cell. The electricity will go to the deep bottom and roaming in Infinity. One opal blue coloured circle will be seen in Third eye. Life force will be entering into an infinite Tunnel and spreading in the infinite space with opal blue colour. The soul will travel through this blue tunnel only.
If you behold with physical eye then the individual life force will appear to be separated from the ocean of Life Force. If you behold with Third eye then the individual life force will appear to be a part or wave of the ocean of Life Force. The Spiritual consciousness of Soul will travel into the Five pointed Silver star in the Third eye. The Spiritual consciousness of Soul will be hidden in the Five pointed Silver star in the Third eye.  It will be beholding the infinity in the Third eye. The Physical consciousness will imbibe the ego qualities in the form of of ‘I, I-ness, me, and mine’. The Physical consciousness will travel from within the Third eye into without. It will remain in the Medulla oblongata. Ego will look the things of the world i.e. matter through physical senses. The matter of this world is or are limited by contours, configurations, space, time, and magnitude etc.  when mind is withdrawn from this limited Universe then it will travel with infinite fastness firstly into Five pointed Silver star in the Third eye and then into unlimited infinitude. When mind comes out from the unlimited Third Eye, then it can see this limited Universe and that too a part of it. Third eye is like a Radio Station. You can send and receive messages to your nearer and dearer ones in all over the world through Intuition from Third Eye. Radio is required to broadcast and receive messages. Our thought vibrations too travel through space via Cosmic-Consciousness. Third Eye is required to receive these thought vibrations. We can receive the messages of all sense organs through Third Eye. We can grasp even the future incidents with Third Eye through the medium of Cause and effect theory and Intuition.  
The electro magnet rays of the senses, its businesses, signals and messages, and thoughts of each and every respective living being is inscripted in the space.  The correct thoughts that emanate from the intuition, we will be able to see their respective and prospective configurations in the Third Eye. Third Eye is a very very powerful Camera.  When we think about our nearer and dearer ones then the vibrations are manifested and they travel through the ether. Those vibrations in turn vibrate our senses accordingly. The Intuition will wide open the opal blue colored shutter and the five pointed Silver Star. The distant subtle vibrations are then manifested as a figure.   

When we wake up from sleep then we will be able to behold the panoramic view of the nature around us upto certain space. Then the three fourths (3/4 ) of eyes will open. When we we try to look at a thing deeply or clearly then only the physical eyes will be wide open. Half opened eyes will settle in Kootastha, the space between the eye brows on the fore head, shall aid us to behold at Spiritual visons. The eyes will be completely closed during sub-conscious state. The  eyes of the infants will be open and looking into the Kootastha during sleep like in Super-consciousness. When they are growing then the eyes of the infants will be completely closed during sleep. Their eyes will be turning towards Maya. The eye balls of the animals will be looking up when the die. The life force and soul consciousness will unconsciously travel through Medulla Oblongata. We must cultivate the habit of fixing the gaze in Kootastha more and more. In fact Third Eye is the reflection of Medulla oblongata. That Third eye will have strong desire of getting God-communion. Human consciousness shall lead to Cosmic consciousness. If the gaze is turned downwards through physical eyes and concentrated on Physical world then that gaze will lead to human consciousness and then to sub-consciousness. Medulla oblongata is a life force switch. That switch will send life force electricity into the eyes. This electricity is addicted to physical pleasures. It has to be trained through Kriyayoga sadhana. With more and more sadhana the downward gaze will become upaward gaze and will become steady after some intensive and longer sadhana in Kootastha. That fixed spiritual gaze will be transferred more and more to Medulla oblongata.  In fact there are no dimensions to Spiritual insight. The wonderful light we see in kootastha is in fact the reflection of the light in  Medulla oblongata. 
If our living is confined to a limited a room for several years without going out then that room will appear to be world to us. If a window of that room is opened by our captors and when we see the sky abundance then we feel the expansion of the world.  The chic in the egg feels that that is the whole world. When it breaks the shell and come out of the yolk then it will be wonderstruck with the abundance of the world. We are the human chicks. We are floating in the  Yolk of the world.  We are surrounded by Universal shell viz., earth, mars, stars, and space etc.  Kriyayoga sadhak should break open this space shell and come out  through his vigorous sadhana and should merge with God. Then he feels the smallness of this Universe. We should not content with small and petty Physical pleasures. We are not beggars. We are the divine children of God the Father.  Infiniteness is our birth right. We should not be satisfied with His small gifts like food, clothing, off-spring, and spouse etc. We must get the Giver i.e., God the Father.    

The three parts of limitless is Avyaktam or Unmanifested. This is the unseen or intangible Cosmic mind of Parabrahman. The rest one part is Vyaktam or Manifested. This is seen or tangible Physical mind. Vyaktam or Manifested can be presumed as the body of Parabrahman for our understanding sake. The idol of Vyaktam is Blue and red. Fromeach and every Pore of Blue Idol Parabrahman is giving us the life force. Or you can say that each and every  manifested space cell is impregnated with life force. First of all we should come out of or liberated from Matamoudhyam or Religious folly. We must first understand the real meaning of each and every worship and conditions of the religion lest it will be mere Idol worship or foolish conditions.
Cross indicates duality of Human Consciousness and Infinite Cosmic consciousness.  Horizontal Bar is the replica of Human Consciousness.  Vertical Bar is the replica of Infinite Cosmic Consciousness. So Cross indicates the communion of Human Consciousness and Infinite Cosmic consciousness.
Triangle represents SAT (God beyond Creation) or  God the Father, TAT (God in Creation) or  Son of the God, and OM or  Holy Ghost. It represents three qualities viz., satwa (Positive), Rajas (Neutral), and Tamo (Negative).  Life force will manifest this Physical body with these three qualities. Third eye represents the Life force. Five pointed silver star represents SAT (God beyond Creation) or God the Father. The opal blue circle around it represents TAT (God in Creation) or Son of the God. Golden Halo represents OM or  Holy Ghost.  Third eye also represents Sun.  Sun is the basis of our life. Cosmic consciousness is the basis of the existence of Sun and Sun light. The third eye consists of life force. Cosmic Energy is myriad times greater than Sun light. Cosmic Energy is immesurable.

The Sun light shall and can burn our Retina and make us blind. Where as the star which is myriad times greater than Sun light that appears in Third eye will not burn our Retina and make us blind.   This Star that appears in Third eye is the real light and the rest effulgences campared to this Star is darkness. We like Rounds and Straight lines.  Our eyes, head, fingers, and lungs etc are made in the mould of Rounds and Straight lines.  If  we extend Straight line and bend it then it becomes Round. Straight line represents Infinity. The energy from Round thing shall extend equally in all directions.  Crystal worship started due to this only.  the initial vibration of Parabrahman is  Round. That is why we keep Round things on Mandirs. The outward vibrations of Parabrahman   manifest limited things. The attractive force of Parabrahman shall take or attract all forces into IT.  Earth, Mars, Sun, and Stars etc., are all limited ones only in space time and magnitude. Each and everything in this Jagat or Universe are continuously  making all out efforts to merge with Parabrahman. The Kriyayoga Sadhak shall get God-communion sooner than all in this Universe. The fragrance of Flowers is the indication of expressing HIS existence. That is the reason the Kriya yoga sadhak who does intensive sadhana shall be getting  the fragrance of flowers during his Sadhana. it is a sort of assurance to  KRIYAYOGA SADHAK.
Tree is a initial symbol for Tree of life. The Omni potent energy of Parabrahman only is emergrd as Jeeva sakti or Life Force. That Life force will again turn as Omni potent energy of Parabrahman. The Gem Stones or Navaratnas, Stones, and Trees, are used as symbols in lieu of this. The roots of trees are symbolized by nervous system. The small roots or the expansion (branches) of big roots  of trees represents the hair of Mankind. The roots of trees are the solidified Solar Energy.  The Solar Energy is manifested out of Cosmic Energy or Energy of Parabrahman. The branches of trees indicate the solidified Solar Energy within is going without.  
The programs in a computer are independent. However each and every program should touch the CPU and then go out. Sensor & Motor nervous system of humans & animals are the solidified Solar Energy or its different forms only. This Sensor & Motor nervous system is independent like programs in a computer.  The Motor nervous system in humans are meant for getting liberated from this human bondage with the will power given by Parabrahman.

The Kriyayoga sadhak will withdraw the messges and signals that go out from the brain through Motor nervous system and the messges and signals that go into the brain through Sensor nervous system, both into his spinal cord.  These withdrawn signals or messages or currents shall send into the Cosmos through Medulla oblongata. Metals and stones are symbols for the Energy and Beauty of Parabrahman. Gem stones are symbols for the Beauty of Cosmic Energy and  Healing Force. 

To confine the unlimited Parabrahman to Stones, and Stone/Metal idols etc and get God-communion is impossible. To visit Parabrahman each and everywhere is feasible, desirable and advisable. Parabrahman is intangible. He is listless and untouchable with bare hands. One wave is not the whole ocean.  The waves and the rest everything includes is Ocean. The manifested Universe and the unmanifested Pure Consciousness combinely called Parabrahman.  We are the waves limited in an unlimited Ocean.  We must destroy faults in us. Maya is an integral part of Parabrahman.  We are impregnated with ignorance surrounded by Maya.  We must quest for Truth eternal. We must come out or liberated from this Maya. Kriyayoga sadhana is the unique way of getting communion with God the Father. We will be able to understand that Soul does not die even after Physical death and it is a part and parcel of Parabrahman. Not only that, the only thread i.e., Life Force, the only one system, and only one pure wisdom, and only one unique Karma siddhant, is managing us will be percepted by us through Kriya Yoga sadhana. Unless we understand this theory we will be in doldrums and we cannot percept wholly that the Universe is a house, we are all siblings of Parabrahman, and ultimately we have to merge with HIM. To get contentment, Peace, Security, conscious wisdom, and eternity, Kriyayoga sadhana is the only and unique scientific way.  With this Sadhana only we can perfectly understand that the only formless God is existing or stays in each and every heart. 
By birth everybody is equal. The Nation, nationality, family, social  environments, and our past karmas will definitely play a roll or influence our present life. The modern science is providing so many physical fecilities to us. It is helping us to analyze the crude and cruel act of animal sacrifice and gory act of Satisahagamanam (wife doing self-immolation after the death of husband)  etc..  All humans are equal should not be confine to only slogan.  It should be practical and experienced. We should mutually criticize each other so as to remove our faults. We must mutually learn from each other.  We should learn the things  unknown to each other mutually from each other. We should become pure and get God-communion.  We can learn several physical things from western countries.  Likewise the West can learn so many Spiritual things fro India.
If we freeze the water and leave it on the water it will float with the experiments of modern Science. That does not mean the wonderful miracles some intense Yogis display are not deemed to be false or wrong.  Jesus walked on the water. This is beyond the logic of modern science. Jesus could control Cells and vibrations of His body with his mind and therefore he could walk easily on the water.
To utilize Swasa (breath) as a Astra (weapon) is Sastra. Gradually Swastra has become Sastra. Whatever amount of water may be flowing in river Ganges, we could fill up as per the utensil we took to the river Ganga. Likewise the amount of our grasping from the scriptures is proportional to our grasping capacity.  The people who claim themselves to be great learned or the authority of scriptures in fact do not have the real practical knowledge. They are very proud of their knowledge in spite not having the practical wisdom. This not an exaggeration. The knowledge which cannot be put into practice is useless. He is an Electrical Engineer but he cannot replace a simple Fuse. Then what is the use of that knowledge? So what is the utility of those scriptures if you can not put them into practice? How a blind man can show the path to another blind man?  What is the use of describing the sweetness of a fruit without really eating it?  In spite of being very thirsty, can any one drink the whole volume of water in a 20Ltr utensil? Likewise can anyone with his limited knowledge percept the ocean of scriptures? Simply by reading the scripture and its outward meaning, can anyone understand Sri Bhagavadgita, Brahmasutra Bhashyams, Upanishads, and Patanjali Yoga sutras etc.  In fact one should study bit by bit,  grasp it, and meditate on that great scriptures.  Banana is sweet, Goa is sweet, and Mango is weet, but their sweetness is of different types. Those who have eaten them can understand the difference in sweetness.  Likewise some people by heart the scriptures and illustrate some verses now and then without understanding them. It is akin to describing the sweetness of a fruit without actually eating it. To understand the truth there are only two ways:  1) Human Intelligence. (2) Intuition.  Human Intelligence depends upon senses and hence  limited. We see a rope in the light dark corner of a room and presume falsely that it is a snake. We see smoke on the hill and feel falsely that it is fire. These are some of the examples for delusion which indicates  that all  Appearances/Phenomenons may not be true. In fact real truth (Noumenon) comes out as Intuition. If we merge Soul with Parabrahman through Kriyayoga sadhana then Intuition will be developed.  This gnan or pure wisdom is real one. This is beyond logic, reliable, and truthful.  The experiments of a scientist are all limited to matter only without.  The experiments of a Kriyayoga sadhak will be going from within to without. The meditation we do about Parabrahman is unlimited one.  This is not someone’s blind faith.  Calm reason, Calm feeling, and Kriyayoga Meditation, combined together is Intuition.
After the completion of yuga or yeon the Creation will be withdrawn. The Prabrahman only remains.  Parabrahman do not have beginning and ending. Parabrahman expressed Himself as intelligent vibration or Omkaram.  This Omkaram is stated as Cosmic Intelligent Vibration. This Om is  Cosmic Energy. Solids, liquids, gases, Electrons, Energy, and different forms etc are manifested through Cosmic Intelligence. These have got beginning and ending. The Cosmic Intelligence is expressing Its Cosmic Vibrations in different forms i.e., matter, life, human consciousness etc. In Parabrahman, Seeing, Seer and Seen, all three are one and only. Hence there will not be any vibration in Parabrahman.  The vibrations are three types, Idea or Karana, Astral or Sookshma, and Physical or Sthoola.  These three will not be there in Parabrahman.  Thought,  Energy, and matter etc., are different types of vibrations.
The matter in Creation is manifested through the vibration of Parabrahman. Parabrahman has manifested Himself as Creator, Creative Energy, and Creation. Cosmic Intelligence is manifested as Cosmic Intelligent Energy. See the figure below:

The first sphere is SAT.  Presume that It is effulgent light. Sat means Omnipotent. Its rays are falling in another sphere TAT (Maya).  Presume that it is a transparent  glass prism.  Only some rays of Sat only will be falling into Tat.  Sat will be there in Tat as well as beyond Tat.  Sat exists with without Tat but Tat can not exists without Sat. Third sphere is OM. This is the cause of existence of Creation. This is the reflection/refraction of Tat. For any product  that is visible to the naked eye to come out the Sound will come initially.  This is called the Hari or Creation.  The rays in Tat when reflected/refracted then the Creation that is not permanent or destroyable shall come out with Om sound.  All living beings are integral part of Creation. Only one thing exists which is Sat. It is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. Sat,Chit, and Ananda. Truth Goodness and Beauty.  If Name and Form or Configuration is added to Sat,Chit, and Ananda, then it becomes this world which is destroyable that is not eternal.

The Maya which appears in many Avatars is the cause of this Creation. MA= not, Ya= real. So Maya is not real.  Matter is not real. The dream of Parabrahman is Maya.  When we open our Physical eyes then we will get out of nightmarish Dream we have been dreaming till last moment. Likewise to come out of this Maya, the dream of Parabrahman, Kriyayoga sadhana is essential.  This is feasible and possible only in Human incarnation only. The human incarnation is the most superior incarnation. Sat means Parabrahman. To get communion with God, man has to travel from Hari to Sabda Brahma OM, from OM to TAT, and from Tat to SAT.  that is the reason one has to start any auspicious work with Hari Om Tat Sat.  that means one has to travel from destroyable and temporary Hari to indestructible eternal Sat. 
The Maya that emanates from Parabrahman will be expressed in three ways. 1) Ideational or Causal Universe: These are the Ideas that touches vibratory force or matter. 2)Finer forces of Subtle or Astral Universe: This is the conglomeration of Electricity, Attraction, Magnetism, Electrons, and Life force. These are beyond the senses. 3) Material Universe: These are the  Grosser forces. Ether, Gas, Fire, Water, Earth, solids, liquids, gases, Electrons, and Energy.  The Ideational or Causal Universe possesses the Blue Print of Finer forces of Subtle or Astral Universe. The Finer forces of Subtle or Astral Universe possesses the Blue Print of Material Universe.  The Material Universe is tangible. The Ideational or Causal Universe and Finer forces of Subtle or Astral Universe, both are intangible. 
To obtain the powers is not the yard stick for God-communion. Even if you get the power of controlling the whole world, it is not the phenomenon or proof for God-communion.  The Kriyayoga sadhakas shall consider all powers other than getting God-communion as trivial ones and gave them up.  The each and evry ever new bliss and the immediate remedies that occur in his mind for the difficulties, physical, astral, and Causal, he is encountering, is the indication about the existence of God that the sadhak obtains during his Sadhana.
Vibrations means the movements or frquecies. This Universe is manifested as Vibrations only. The each and every atom, and life, in this Universe contains few or more vibrations. Rate of vibration will be and may be different. Some may vibrate just for a second, minute, and hour etc. The difference in these vibrations is this wonderful Universe. 
Sun is making the members of his Solar family i.e., Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn etc, to revove around hin in their respective orbits.  The ego in us is making us to revolve around it, and is making us to forget our own house, God the Father. It is keeping us at a distance from Parabrahman.
When we meet some people, or in their vicinity, then we get either negative or Positive vibrations.  If the contacted person is of good nature, we get Positive vibrations or else negative vibrations.  When two strangers meet then mustual love should exist between them. 
The negative and restless vibrations will be emanating from a sick person.  We must serve them. But we should not be in touch with them always whether required or not. Our mind also will be filled with useless thoughts of sickness, restlessness, and despair.  We get perturbed with fear even if we get a small dicease. 
Some people will be generating disinterest, despair, fear, and worry phobia. Some people will be generating ego, high handedness, arrogancy, and ill-humor etc... Some people will be generating cruelty, and Jealosy etc.  From some kindness charity and love vibrations will be emanating. We get respect devotion and love when we contact such people.  

Vibrations will be emanating  from colors.  Some will be attracting and some will not. That is the reason the more boiled and color faded food and food products will not attract us. 
We may be getting different vibrations, positive or negative, from different persons living in the same Apartment. They will have definite influence on us.  Kriyayogasadhak only can withstand them.  We should improve our logic and analysing capacity of our thoughts with the aid of Kriyayoga sadhana.  To invest capital in business by believing the words of somebody and get cheated, not getting the right partner in marriage, and not getting the required faculty in education etc., are some of the myriads of problems one has to face in our life if we do not do Kriyayoga sadhana.  In this  world there is a possibility of  getting cheated at one place or the other. Bacteria may live for few moments. But it experiences everything. Our 100 years of life is equal to a moment of Parabrahman. It may not be equal to even a fraction of His closing and opening eyes. We are just like Bacteria only.  So one should do Kriyayoga sadhana without wasting any more time  and become a Divine Soul.
 The food also is of three types as per the nature of people.  They are Satwik, Rajasik, and Tamasik foods.
 We should think carefully before taking our food. Our behavioural pattern is proportional to the type of food we take. Pure satwilk food will purify the mind. The pure mind will lead to attainment of Parabrahman.  That is why satwik food is highly desirable.
Foods that increase the longevity, body strength, health, happiness, propitiation; liquids or savouries like milk, jaggery, fruit juices; Oily foods like edible oils, butter, and ghee etc.; the foods that increases Ojas; substantial foods; mild foods that increase satwik qualities,  are liked by Satwik people, the pure or near pure minded people.
Foods that are bitter, Pungent, more hot, that causes thirst, unhappiness, and that disturb mind, are dearer to Raajasic people. 
Foods that are not boiled properly, essenceless, the foods that give bad smell, the food that was cooked one night before, insipid, rotten, and leftover food, the foods that are not given to God before eating, and impure, are dearer to Taamasic people.
The food taken by the man will be transformed into three changes by the Fire in the stomach, Jatharaagni.
1) Sthoola (Solid) portion will be transformed into stool and urine,
2) The middle liquid portions will be turned into fluid, blood, and seven dhaatus, and
3) the last and final air part will be formed into mind.
Mind is like a magnet. That attracts rusted as well as good nails.  Thoughts are food to mind.  Some thoughts we will be receiving and some we will be sending out.  If the nearer and dearer are good ones then we will get positive vibrations or good thoughts. If the nearer and dearer are bad ones then we get negative vibrations or bad thoughts.   
If we rub or scrub the whole body with scrubbing powder and take bath, then Life force will be doubled in the body.  If we warm the water by keeping it in the Sun and then take bath, it is good for health.  We must improve our self control. We should develop friendship with good people. We should eat less or correct limited quantity food that should contain more fruits. We must do Energisation exercises regularly morning and evening. Each and every human being will have attachment to something or the other.  We must divert attachment more and more towards God the Father.

As per our desire to do a work independently with the help of others in a scientific, standard procedure is called Business. To give a speech, to run a spiritual institute or organisation, to earn wealth, or to sell any article etc., business principles are to be put in use.  In initial stages the business is started with self only but latter on the help of others are also required when the business is progressing by degrees.  In spite of help required from others, helpers or associates are however skilfull and good they may be, the management should notbe handed over to them solely and wholly. If Business associates are not having dexterity, then they should be made to undergo training to run that company skillfully. Be careful about the cheats who tells words besmeared with honey, and pose as though they are having dexterity and in fact they are not skilfull.  Observe them carefully, employ the honest and skilfull people in spite of paying more.  People who are lazy physically and mentally should never be included in the company. Never give loans to friends and relatives however dearer and nearer to you. Always be frank and forthright in your business style.  None of the employee or business associate should not cross the limits and take undue advantage of cutting nasty jokes. Ok, good and tolerable humour which does not hurt anybody can be allowed. Always have secret surveillance on the employees or business associates. They should not know about this. You can exonerate small mistakes of theirs upto certain extent. If their mistakes are detrimental to the company then they should be warned beforehand. If their mistakes are beyond exoneration, then they should be removed from their duties forthwith ven though they are your nearer and dearer friends and relatives. Learn to take the employees or Business associates with the help of Intuition.
Satyam brooyaat Priyam Brooyaat Priyamcha naanrutam Brooyaat
Na Brooyaat Satyamapriyam etat dharmah sanatanah
One should speak the truth, truth should be spoken tenderly, even if  spoken tendely but untruth should not be spoken. This is our ancient Dharma. 
Once upon a time one sage was doing penance. One bandit is running after a  businessman.  The bandit wanted to kill the businessman and take his wealth. The businessman took shelter by climbing the tree and hiding in the branches.  He requested the sage not to reveal his location to the bandit. But the sage showed  the place to the bandit when asked thinking that he should not tell untruth. When the sage leaves his body, he goes to hell. He was told by Yama, the Lord of Death, that one can tell untruth to save the life.
Will power
Even though   they wanted to transform themselves some people can not change from bad to good because of their past karma and past samskaras or habits.  That is the reason some people by birth will have anger, diceases, fear pshychosis, to get pleasure by hurting others, take everything seriously, take everything lightly, and moody,  doubt or suspicious nature, to admire everything in Creation, Devotion, and have compassions to all living creatures  etc.
The man will not be convicted if he changes his decision in the last moment and do not execute it. Due to anger even if somebody wanted to kill the opponent, he will not be called as murderer and he will not be sentenced. Likewise if we do regular Kriyayoga sadhana with the will power given by God, then we can change our destiny. If we do not utilize this boon viz., will power given by God, then the past Samskaras or habits will make us a toy and play with us. Physical and metal lazyness will spoil our memory first and then wholly destroy us later. That is the reason the people with weak memory, should do the things, however trivial they may be, immediately without any complacency. This way they can avoid great dangers that may be in the offing.  The friendship, good or bad, will show its influence on us. So it is wise to be in the company of good friends.  The more and more attachment to physical pleasures is the root cause of our misery.  Everybody will have moha or attachment on something or the other. This is called Ragya in Sanskrit. But the attachment on Parabrahman is essential and wise. This is called Vairagya i.e., unique attachment. The one who is having Vairagya is called Varagi or Viragi.  We should have Vairagya i.e., unique attachment on God the Father and should improve it with will power. We should become Viragi. The whole food is tasty but is interrupted by one small stone that came in it. We should remove it and should proceed further in enjoying the tasty food without blaming the whole food as such. So we should develop the habit of admiring the flora and fauna in Nature  without blaming the gutters. Don’t look at them. 
Not enduring the happiness of someone else is jealousy. Try to get that happiness with endeavour.  For correcting them only we criticize or admonish our Friend, spouse, and children etc. The criticism should not hurt them. It should be dearer to them. That does not mean that we should flatter them even if they are wrong. People don’t like criticism from others but they don’t mind to criticize others.  Remember that one we showing our index finger to others for criticizing, three fingers are pointing towards us and one thumb finger will be pointing upwards indicating that God is witnessing everything.  In married life it may not be compatable to adjust with each other in spite of several severe efforts then it is better to depart as friends. Spirituality is a must in married life lest there will not be mutual adjustment.
‘This is mine, these are my relatives, friends, and children. Iam male, Iam male, Iam female, Iam more superior to you etc.,’, this attitude is ego.  Ego is entangled with physical things. This surrounds the pure Soul and appears to be changing or camouflaging its real Tatwa or purity.   Spark is the part of big fire. Likewise Soul is the part and parcel of Spirit. Soul is Microcosm or vyashti and Spirit is Macrocosm or Samishti. Soul is eternal as Spirit is. Soul is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. Sat Chit and Ananda.  Soul is Vyashtatma i.e., Microcosm. Soul is by itself pure.  When Soul is taking the form of Karana (Causal), Sookshma (Astral), and Sthoola (Physical) then those duties are  superimposed on It.  This is called Ego.

We have to understand and recognize the Physical, Astral, and Causal consciousnesses with respect to their influences on us. In Conscious state, the ego is confined or limited to physical dharma or duties with physical or worldly consciousness.  In Sub-conscious state, the ego is confined or limited to some worldly consciousness and some sense consciousness as well. At the same time it will have complete attachment to sleeping consciousness.  The relationship or link of Conscious and sub-conscious states is unbreakable.  That is the reason when we wake up we are able to describe the dream(s) we dreamt in the sleep. In fact complete and perfect unconscious state does not exist at all. The Consciousness may be in Restive state. SOUL  does not have unconscious state. When ego is in sleeping or sub-conscious state, consciousness sheds its cloth or physical senses i.e. Gnanendriyas (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing).  In spite of this sub-conscious state shall not lose its INTUITION. With the power of this Intuition Sleeping consciousness shall carry out its work or duty through the forces of Gnanendriyas (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing). The astral Gnanendriyas are the counterparts of Physical Gnanendriyas.  Whatever happened in Physical state, a gist of it or them shall appear as dreams in sleeping state. In sleeping state also we enjoy the taste of Ice Cream, see Cinema, or  smell fragrance of flowers etc., as being done in the  waking or conscious state.  When the ego gets into Semi super conscious state, it experiences wonderful peace. Here the human consciousness enjoys and experiences its natural and real divine silence, peace, and Ananda or Joy. 
The man in Conscious state is subjected more and more restlessness, the reason being Human Ego and Physical senses.  The sleeping state or sub-consciousness is an admixture of peace and restlessness. Here the Human Ego will be in the sleeping state.  The super-consciousness is the abode of pure peace. Here the Human Ego will be in complete sleeping state. Semi super conscious state or deep sleep stae is one step below super-consciousness. That is the reason we get peace in Semi super conscious state. The human ego in waking state will be linked with Memory in sub-conscious state. And in Super conscious state, human ego will be linked with manifested or unmanifested internal peace. 
The mind in Conscious state will be in waking state. The Sub-conscious and  Super conscious minds both will be sleeping state. But with intense concentration, the sadhak can make Sub-conscious or Super conscious mind predominant.  

The Sub-conscious mind will be predominant in poets.  The conscious mind will be predominant in business people.  In ordinary human beings the physical mind will be limited to physical consciousness and only physical desires. The consciousness of ordinary human being will be able to follow one consciousness at  one time. That is if he is in Sub-conscious state, his consciousness will be confined to sleeping only.  it will completely forgets its physical body. That means conscious and super conscious minds both will be in sleeping state during Sub-conscious or sleeping state. That is the reason the ordinary man who is not doing Kriyayoga sadhana, shall soon forgets the things in sub-conscious and deep sleep (semi super-conscious) states. Primary, secondary, and higher education are all part and parcel of Education only.  Likewise conscious, sub-conscious, deep sleep (semi super-conscious), and super-conscious states, are all are part and parcel of Sri Krishna conscious state.  We should obtain the superior Sri Krishna consciousness with Kriyayoga sadhana. Yogis work with superior Sri Krishna consciousness. 
Yogis can create different states on their own. For example when we are angry, the eyes will become wide opened and the face will display that anger.  So we can put our face and eyes accordingly and then can display that anger.  During our sleep, our eyes will look downwards. A perfect Yogi can put his eyes down and soon get into sleeping state. In waking state eyes will open up and look straight. A perfect Yogi can open his eyes and can stay longer time in Conscious state. After the fall of this physical body, or in Super-conscious state the eye will be looking up. A perfect Yogi can look up and can obtain those states very easily. We should do Kriyayoga sadhana, get into Super-conscious state, and enjoy the blissful state.
Ego, Soul, Spirit

Spirit is eternal, ever new, ever youthful, ever conscious, and ever blissful.  Spirit is Omnipotent, Omni present, and Omniscient. Ocean is macrocosm or Samishti, the water molecules are microcosm or Vyashti.  The Cosmic energy from Parabrahman flows from IT to Individual to illuminate the Senses. Then the Cosmic energy will be transformed into human energy. The senses with human consciousness will show this unreal world. They cannot lead us to God communion. If we can divert our mind from human consciousness to Cosmic consciousness,  then it lead us to God communion. 
Ego and Soul are same in general but different in particular.  Illiterate person is also a human being and literate person is also a human being. Good person is also a human being and bad person is also a human being.  The differences is in their respective individualities. In fact Ego is pseudo Soul.  If ‘I, I-ness’ is shed then Ego will be transformed into Soul and will illuminate with self effulgence. Ego is confined to body consciousness. Ego is confined to  limits like,  ‘Iam she, Iam he, I belong to certain religion, my nationality is so and so’ etc..  Cosmic consciousness is beyond the limits. The limited and confined human consciousness is to be made unlimited with Kriyayoga sadhana which  should be our aim.  The consciousness of sadhak who is bestowed with self realisation will be revolving around Sri Krishna Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.  In those states the knots in the chakras will be removed and will be liberated.
The knots in the Chakras will make the soul limited to Body consciousness. The Sadhak should liberate this limited consciousness from Spinal cord. The sadhak will experience happiness in Creation and also beyond Creation during Semi Sri krishna Consciousness state. The sadhak will experience his firm existence in each and every atom in Creation during Sri krishna Consciousness state. The sadhak will experience his firm existence in Creation and also beyond Creation  during Cosmic Consciousness state. This  feeling is unparallel. As a matter of fact we will neber be in unconscious state. We may be sleeping or may be taking rest but consciousness will always be awake because we are not body,  we are the consciousness personified. Iam sleeping, Iam eating, Iam writing, Iam running, and Iam walking etc, in all these works ‘I’ I is common. Soul is this common “I” which is eternal.  After we wake up from sleep, this ‘I’ or Soul consciousness is the cause of knowing about our work we have done.

1)Cosmic Consciousness—This is the most superior state. In this state the sadhak feels his existence in Creation and beyond Creation. He firmly feels his  existence in each and every atom. This is called Sat or Father. We understand our all pervading existence.
2) Sri krishna Consciousness or kootastha chaitanya—This is one step below Cosmic Consciousness in descending order. In this state the sadhak  firmly feels his  existence in each and every atom.   
3)Semi Srikrishna Consciousness— This is one step below Srikrishna Consciousness in descending order. In this state the sadhak experiences joy in Creation and beyond Creation. In this state the sadhak does not feel his  existence in each and every atom.  
4) Soul Consciousness— This is one step below Semi Srikrishna Consciousness in descending order. This is the initial or very first stage of Soul confining to Body consciousness. This is beyond senses. This is called Super Consciousness.
5) Body Consciousness (Ego) — This is one step below Soul Consciousness in descending order. This gradually descends or transforms into Sub conscious -ness, consciousness, and Attachment to Senses or sense consciousness.  
Senses are covered by delusion or Maya. We have to come out of this Maya. We cannot do sadhana with bent Spinal cord.  Every one should do Kriyayoga sadhana and get self realization. The effulgence of Parabrahman is existing behind our darkness of closed eyes.  The Kriyayoga sadhak will expand it i.e., consciousness expansion with his Sadhana. There is no need to sacrifice this body for this.
We should make this body as partner into this consciousness expansion. The sadhak should experience his consciousness expansion in sky, ether, and other thought process feelings.  One animal is born and we also have born, what is the difference? Animal cannot do Meditation and merge with God. Only human being can do sadhana. so we must do Kriyayoga sadhana regularly with disciplinary zeal both morning and evening. We should not be slave to senses and mind. We should control both i.e., senses and mind. Fixing the gaze in Kootastha, the place between eye brows, consciously able to steady the restless heart, and consciously able to steady the restless breathetc., are  some of the symptoms of nearing to God communion. Blind man can not show path to another blind man.  One should learn and do Kriyayoga sadhana with an experienced, practical, and advanced Kriya yogi.  Sub-conscious mind blindly follows conscious mind.  If our conscious mind is not O.K. then our Sub-conscious mind also will not be alright. This not O.K. sub-conscious mind shall make the conscious  mind to lose its balance of taking correct decisions. It cannot give useful guidance to conscious mind.  So we must train our Conscious mind correctly and rightfully so that the sub-conscious mind does not lose its discitionary power(s).   This sub-conscious mind will in turn make the conscious mind to act in a proper way.  Sub-conscious mind is Automatic or default mind. Sub-conscious mind reproduces and repeats the experiences of Concious mind in letter and spirit without any forgetfulness.  In the absence of Sub-conscious mind we have to start each and every day afresh. Then there will not be any  Development or progress in us. We will be like animals. That is the reason we should not allow lazyness, indiscipline, disrespect, complacency, not doing Kriyayoga sadhana, and over talking etc., to take place in sub-conscious mind because these bad habits only will harm us through Conscious mind. 
Mind will be in restless state during Conscious state.  Conscious mind will always revolve around breath, heart, and senses etc.  You can create your own world in sub conscious state.  Mind and Breath will be steady in Super-conscious state. The eyes will be stable.  During sleep you will be God, You will forget your body weight, your nation, your nationality, caste, designation, and gender etc. When you wake up you will again step into this limited world.  Your eyes will clearly indicate your state. The postion of  your eyes will indicate or change according your state of mind. In conscious state your eyes will be wide open and your look will be straight. The eyes will fall down in sub-conscious state. The eyes will be looking up in the sky during super conscious state. All these three states, Conscious, subconscious, and superconscious, should be in your control and it is wonderful.  When you wish, you be in Conscious state with eyes open, or in subconscious state with eyes closing down i.e., in sleeping state forgetting this world. Or in superconscious state with eyes looking up in the sky. Then you can forget these Conscious, and subconscious  both states. You can be with God Father and enjoy the bliss.

 Maa= not, ya= real. Maya means unreal. Matter is not real.  Parabrahman who is the embodiment of eternal joy, has manifested Maya and through this  this world with His Ananda tatwa i.e., eternal joy. Maya is an integral part of Parabrahman. In Macro level it is called Maya or delusion, and in Micro level it is called Kundalinee or illusion. Each and every human being is having Kundalinee. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi says ‘who am I’ i.e., you first know youself. That means if you can awaken your kundalinee , then you can understand Maya in the whole Universe.  If you find Hydrogen & Oxygen in one molecule of water then the whole water body contains same Hydrogen & Oxygen.
We and Parabrahman are one and the same. When we fully realize this the we will not be befooled by Maya. After dreaming nightmarish dream if we open our physical eyes  then that dream will disappear.  Likewise if we open the eye of Parabrahman which is in KOOTASTHA, the place between eye brows, then this Maya, dream of Parabrahman, will disappear.
Some people say there is no word called ‘Bad’ in this world. This is not proper.  People say, ‘Everything is myth  and of attraction and repulsion of Mind only’.  Behind each and every joyful experience there will be inherent misery also.  Good and bad are not our creation.  Jealousy, hatred, anger, and greediness etc., are not our creation. We are simply following them, and falling into pores of miseries. After experiencing them we should become prudent, and then should discard bad and follow good with discrimination.  To discard fully the sense desires is real purity and shall lead to liberation. Parabrahman can destroy the Maya within a fraction of second. The law maker should not be a law breaker. Likewise how Parabrahman, the introducer of Maya, can destroy his own drama. Parabrahman knows love or attachment is very stronger one. He attracts with love all his loved ones. He helps the Sadhak who loves Him. There is no need of Maya to the sadhak who loves Him. Love on God shall destroy the bad within us. When there is an advent of Jealousy, hatred, anger, and greediness etc., within us then we should immediately understand that these are the machinations of Maya and should immediately make efforts to give them up totally. We should firmly make efforts to unseed or uproot them. We must intensify our Kriyayoga sadhana. Whenever I get any physical illness, I intensify my Kriyayoga sadhana.
On 10/03 2014 I had a big cricket sized boil in  Medulla centre. And in addition to this boil I had a boil on either side of this big cricket sized boil. Later on I had come to know it was  Carbuncle. Those boils also made me to dangerous situation. Sabda (Ear-hearing, Sparsa (Skin-touch), Roopa (Eye- seeing), Rasa (Tongue- taste), and Gandha (Nose-smell) are the five Tanmatras i.e., forces of sense organs. When man is dying all these Tanmatras are withdrawn or lose its powers in the order, Gandha, Rasa, Roopa, Sparsa, and Sabda.   We should not lose heart till the last breath. We should utilize the will power given by God. With that we must do Kriyayoga sadhana and again come back to normal state. I used to tense Medulla centre and continued my sadhana with complete faith. Gradually I became normal on 17/04/2014. I had not used many medicines also. I was saved by life force only.  Nothing else can save us except life force.  

Even if we wanted to move our little finger, life force is the root csse. Generally we make a big mistake of losing our faith on life force during our sickness.  We forget its wonderful value.  The reason for Chronic diseases is  paralysing the Life force.  Losing faith on life force shall retard or close the incoming life force door.  If life force is within then it is LIFE, if it is without then it is simply air. Lakhs of Volts of life force is flowing within our body. We can have contacts with life force  without  in two ways.(1) Imagination or Auto suggestion and (2) Will power. Parabrahman with his own consciousness or energy is making the atoms in this Universe together.  We should use will power enjoin our own consciousness with Parabraman. We will run the ship with Radio. Likewise we are running this body ship through the Cosmic energy that we receive through Medulla oblongata. Will power is the thread or link that enjoin the life force to the body.  We have life force enough for thousands of years in our body.  But to lose faith on life force even for trivial ill health problems is the main reason for our suffering. Once we say ‘Iam tired’, then our consciousness i.e., mind will be weakened. If we say, ‘Oh my God, Iam unable to tolerate this physical suffering, death only is the remedy for this’, then we are as good as dead only   and he will die also. The whole universe is manifested  with the will power of God the Father.
Buddha, Oath
By sitting in this hole of banyan tree Iam taking oath: Without  knowing the aim of this life, without obtaining self- realization, let the bones of this body be ossified, I will not get up from this lotus posture.  With will power this oath was taken by Gautama. He became enlightened and became Buddha. That sort of will power is the energy of Parabrahman. 
Temptations may be good or bad. Man should not yield to impulsive tendencies and lead their respective lives. One should think peacefully before work. One may get temptation, it is not wrong but it should be controlled. You should not be a slave to temptations but they should be your slave.  In fact luck and fate does not exist. The whole Universe is formed due to cause and effect theory.  For every effect there will be a cause behind it. For all our works we are doing today our past karma is the reason behind them. The past karma is the reason behind happiness or unhappiness today. Happiness or unhappiness may be there for some minutes, hours, weeks, months, or years.  The results of that karma may be karma of past life or past of this life. I know in one context, one Sanskrit veda Pandit wanted to marry a MBA girl, daughter of  a purohit.  She rejected his proposal saying that she prefers a IT employee to old fashioned Sanskrit veda Pandit forgetting that she is a daughter of Purohit. Not only that she has insulted him so much so that he came to me very much worried. I consoled him and sent him away.  Later on she married a software Engineer. That fellow is a Sadist. Now they are separated. The insinuation meted out to Sanskrit veda Pandit is the cause of her present predicament.
Parabrahman is not partial. Impartial Prabrahman will not present happiness to some and unhappiness to some.   As you sow so you reap. The deeds, good or bad, done by us in the past is the cause of our present distresses like dicease, poverty, and mental misery etc.  For our happiness and wealth of today, the past good deeds are the reason behind them. We should burn our past Karma with Kriyayoga sadhana.  we are not to be ruled by our past bad karma.  We should not forget the fact, ‘Iam the son of the God’.  We must firmly decide to do good. We may be facing some viscititudes now and then, but our firm will should not be weakened and become a sinner.

Hope is the eternal leading light to the Soul that transmigrate in darkness from one body or container to another one for many incarnations.  Hope is generated from Intuition.  At one time or the other it will make us to remember God, our permanent abode. If we utilize the hope in a proper way by doing regular Kriyayoga Sadhana to remember the God forgotten by us, then Faith i.e., Intuition in man will be progressed.  Faith does not demand witness and proof. This work will be done, come what may. This sort of faith  is the faith on his  will power and Cosmic energy of Parabrahman. Belief is one step below Faith.  It may be real or may be unreal. That means Belief cannot withstand trial of Truth. We should subject this belief to face the trial or test so as to understand the veracity of truth and its nature. Then it becomes  Constructive belief. Sadhak with his incessant Kriyayoga sadhana, shall get back his Intuition which is already inherent.  Then he becomes more selfish and he alone wanted to get into the kingdom of God all by himself and none else.

Love exists from compassion. Compassion is generated from all pervading eternal Cosmic consciousness.  The Sadhak who has attained the Super conscious state, can make his consciousness to spread in all sides that includes the aspiring devotees. He can feel, understand, or experience their problems. Then he will have zeal to help others. I wanted that each and every aspirant should experience this self realization like me. That is the reason I had  contemplated and constructed a Kriyayoga Dhyanamandir and am imparting the Kriyayoga wisdom of our ancient Rishis to the needed souls. 
Once a vedic scholar has told one fisherman that by writing ‘OM’ on the right palm, one can walk and float on the water by looking at it.  After some days that fisherman says thanks to the Scholar. On enquiry he said, ‘Because of your kindness, I could walk and float on the water by heeding to your advice of writing OM on right palm and looking at it. Now a days  I am catching big fish also by going deep into the sea.’  After the same scholar could not walk on water because of lack of Faith on his own advice. So Faith is very important.
Paramatma has expressed Himself as eternal vibrator, Pure Wisdom, Embodiment of Peace, and eternal Joy.  Earth, water, Fire, Gas, Firmament, Man, animal, bird, and worms etc are different varieties of vibrations only. solids, liquids, and gases, etc are also different varieties of vibrations only.There may be differences in their respective vibrations. Consciousness is nothing but intelligent vibrations only. Matter is the vibrations of electrons. Electrons are the different varieties of conscious vibrative replicas of Parabrahman only. Cosmic energy is the vibrative Cosmic intelligence. Cosmic intelligence vibrations is the matter. Parabrahman has expressed Himself as Cosmic intelligence vibration in the mind of man.
Vibration is the moving energy. With required consciousness that energy is adjusting itself to live in this Universe. If vibrations are not intelligent this Universe could have been formed as a lump of clay, air, or water, and this world could not have been fit for living. This sort of beautiful flowers, tasty fruits, birds, animals, rivers, oceans, and lastly these men would not have been existing. All this energy is the unique and unparallel intelligence of Parabrahman which is running this Universe. Parabrahman is Truth (Satyam- embodiment of Truth)), Goodness (Shivam- giver of life force), and Beauty (Sundaram). We may be confused and distressed by dualities like hunger-food, health-sickness, literate-illiterate, wealth-poverty, and light-darkness etc.  Even then His Creation is unparallel.
Establish Parabrahman in you. Do feel and work each and everything for God. The eater is Paramatma. Food is Paramatma. Understand that today’s food is paramatma and tomorrow’s stool is also Paramatma. Do everywork for God. Then you will fully percept that everything is Parabrahman only. Yadava has reached the highest spiritual state i.e., Srikrishna.  We do not bother about Krishna in Epic. We should do Kriyayoga sadhana, the path shown by Srikrishna, and reach the state of Srikrishna. Follow his precepts and Truth.
 I and my practices only are correct is dogmatism. This will not make the man to progress further. Vulture will cry ferociously. Its sight  always revolves around the meat it wanted to grab. The man who thinks he is intelligent and is talking intelligently, his mind may be on his feelings but his consciousness will always revolve around his body and senses. The attachment to worldly matters will lead us to sense attachment more and more. Man should concentrate more and more on peace immediately after the fulfillment of sense pleasures. Once the Physical vail is removed from the mind, then the matters pertinent to Physical sense pleasures are eradicated. Then the value of Soul will be elucidiated to the Sadhak. Peace does not mean Physical and mental complacency or laziness. To step into the wisdom light of Divine Kingdom from ignorance we should completely remove our Physical and mental complacency or laziness. If God becomes lazy for fraction of second, then all these planets, celestial bodies in the galaxies would collide each other and there will be chaos. We are made in the mould of God, we should not be lazy. We must learn and make it a habit to live only for Him at all times. You sleep but sleep with HIS consciousness. Then every second of our life will not go waste. We must stop the movements or motions in the body with our will power. The physical movements or motions in the body will stop the Spiritual thoughts. Creation means displacement. There is a man without motion behind our dreams with motions. Likewise there is motionless Parabrahman behind motionful Creation.
 Even if you sit motionless, you cannot stop the motionful thoughts. You can stop these movenents or vibrations with your strong will power only. your fundamental duty is to withdraw fully the Physical energy and consciousness into the spinal cord.  Tense and relax your body 4 or 5 times or if necessary more number of times. Physical body is the knot(s) of Consciousness and matter. To liberate pure soul from the body cage, firstly we should remove the energy knot i.e., consciousness on the membranes and muscles. This energy and consciousness is the cause of our feeling the body weight when we jump. Don’t meditate lying stupine on the cot or mat. Then simply you will get into sleep as per your normal habit. Sit and meditate. The energy and consciousness liberated from the membranes and muscles, will be withdrawn into spinal cord and will be impregnated with divine energy and consciousness. The body will be in the state of equanimity and peace. In this madding crowd you should be yourself lest you will not get success. One must maintain Unity in diversity and diversity in Unity. Maintain and execute your physical duties with peace and steadiness without duality. Develop your Sprituality.
Tense your head and relax, Close and tense your eyes and relax, tense your head and relax, tense your thighs and relax, tense your calves and relax, tense your portion above navel and relax, and tense your portion below navel and relax. Now slowly inhale, and slowly exhale. Now meditate.
When the Kriyayoga sadhak withdraws his consciousness from the physical body then he immediately enters into Sub-conscious state. Then he may experience dreams that are induced by Conscious state, hallucinations, somnambulism, and dreams of Super-conscious state etc. Visions are different from these. Soul through its Intuition that is utilized for the body activities with life force in Sub-conscious state may show or display real visions on the Sub-conscious screen. Soul through its Intuition may indicate the future incidents as visions. The required energy for this is to be got from heart and to be released in Conscious state by the sadhak. Sleep will give rest to the membranes and muscles. Sub-conscious mind and ego together combinedly can create the dream(s) with past experiences.
Life force
 Life force is very powerful energy. It only gives energy to all sense organs. Electricity cannot create a bulb. But the life force in spermatazoan or simply sperm and ovum combine together and then create a human body. Life force is the root cause of all sense vibrations. We cannot utilize a stone for food. Some elements in it may appear in our food. But there is vast difference in the vibrations between the matter in the human body and stone. There is no compatabilty between these two vibrations. But there is compatability in the vibrations of vegitable, water, air, and humany body vibrations. Hence the human body will be able to absorb the rays of these things immediately.

The initial manifestation of Life force  is rays. The other matters viz., air(s), chemicals, salts, Minerals, are other manifestations of Life force. Paramatma has given us four different types of vibrations viz., solids, airs, liquids, and energy. The most subtle one amongst these is energy. The unparalled intelligence is of Paramatma. Intelligent Cosmic Vibration of Parabrahman is the cause of this manifestation of Parabrahman. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are the different manifestions of those Intelligent Cosmic Vibration of Parabrahman. All these are in fact rays only.  X-rays, electricity, ultra violet and Infrared rays are rays only. Solid means solidified liquid water only. Solidified gas is water. Gas is Solidified rays. Solidified rays is electricity. Solidified electricity is energy. Solid means physical vibrations of energy. Liquid means liquid energy. Air means air energy. All are different vibrations of energy only. Matter is energy only.  

Clairaudience means the ability to hear sounds from distant places. The intense concentration of Mind on Ear sense organ and Intuition combinely will enable this Clairaudience. Clairvoyance means the ability to behold scenerirs from distant places. The intense concentration of Mind on Eye sense organ and Intuition combinely will enable this Clairvoyance. Man can intensify the mind power with concentration and enjoin with Intuition so that he can make his sense organs very powerful. 
Kriyayoga sadhak can view the Great Gurus, yogis, Munis, and Rishis, and sages, on his mirror mind through his sadhana. Clirvoyance is not detrimental to his this the consciousness of the Kriyayoga sadhak will leave the physical cosmos and enter into the Kingdom of God. The sadhak in Sub-consciousness may get unwanted visions and sceneries and may disturb him.
The sadhak should divert his consciousness and life force from physical senses.  Then he should withdraw his consciousness and life force from sub-consciousness. The scenes and figures that may appear like cineme in sub-consciousness will stop appearing. The life force is required upto Astral world. Life force is not required in Causal world. Then the sadhak will enter into the Spiritual world which is real. My beloved Guru Paramahamsa Sri Yogananda Swami has just entered into Swamihood. That was the year 1915. It was the time of first world war. My Guru was meditating in his small room in Garpar road, Kolkata. His consciousness was transferred into the consciousness of Captain of war ship. Canon bullet has destroyed that warship. Several sailors including Samy fell into the Ocean. With great difficulty they swam to the bank. One bullet pierced through the heart of  Swamy. Swamy fell down.  His whole body became numb. Meanwhile that whole dream swept away. ‘Paramatma—I am alive or dead’, Swamy murmered. ‘This whole affair is the dream of Parabrahman, life and death are the dances of different light rays only, get up my dear son, behold your dreamless Father’, Swami heard thus.
When mind is working in Conscious state, ego orders senses, membranes, and muscles to work. At that time mind will work as reservoir of memory. During our sleep sub-conscious mind works. Subconscious mind works as memory reservoir during waking state, and in sleeping state it works for dreams and peace providing deep sleep. Dreamless peaceful deep sleep is called semi superconscious state. If man can consciously retain his dreamless subconscious state even after getting up from sleep, then state is called Superconscious state. Pure Soul expresses its superconscious state through Intuition. Subconscious and superconscious states are behind Conscious state. Ego will cover the Soul and works for the pleasure of senses. 
Superconsciousness and Intuition both are one and the same. Intuition comes directly from the Soul. It is not corrupt, contaminated, and beyond logic. Logic is confined and limited to senses.Intuition is beyond logic. The energy withdrawn from senses and muscles shall enter the brain. This energy and Intuition together combinely may display or paint some true experiences as visions. The Soul can create semi visions by utilizing Conscious state, Subconscious state, and Superconscious states all three together. A vision will take us partially to conscious state or subconscious state. Hence vision may be partially true or untrue.  Visions that appear only in superconscious state are real. Delusions are in general are the experiences of subconscious state. They are the impediments to our true spiritual visions. Visions are created consciously and are not inculcated in sleep.
When the ego in the conscious state gets into sub-conscious sleeping state then the energy will be liberated from restful Indriyas and this life cinema of comedy or tragedy will also gets into sub-conscious sleeping state. This liberated energy and life cinema combine together and become a dream.  Then we will see nightmarish cinema(s) in Conscious or waking state. Some cinema(s)simply we visualise.  We will then see a new dream of experiences so gained in sub-conscious state. The Soul in superconscious state with its Intuition can visualise some incidents of future or past lives and drop them into subconscious state. They can appear to us in day or night, eyes opened or closed. The yogi who does incessant intensive kriyayoga dhyana or meditation can visualise this Creation as Cosmic dream. These will be like visions only. Dreams are not consciously created, they happen in sleep. Semi-super consciousness or super consciousness dreams are created by us in sleep and are truths in general. Hallucinations that happen in subconscious state are far from truth. Somnambulism is also a part of hallucinations only.
During the trance in unconscious state the physical body will be inert and without and in semi subconscious or semi superconscious state within. We will experience these dreams that happen in semi subconscious or semi super conscious states and peace within. In unconscious state the physical body will be inert and there may be intelligence or may not be intelligence within.  When this physical body is falling down during our last momemts there may not be intelligence or may not be intelligence within.  
Gnanavatar Swami Sri Yukteswar was really a man of liberty. He was never used to be afraid of anybody. One day a Magistrate came to his ashram. He was very strict and straight forward and man of rules & regulations. Seeing the Magistrate Swamiji did not get up from his seat to offer him seat. That Magistrate felt it as a sheer insult. The Magistrate started Spiritual discussion with Swami Sri Yukteswar and got defeated. Then he became very angry and with raised voice he said, ‘do you know I had passed M.A. in distinction’.  Swamiji with a deep voice and steadfastness said, ‘Mr. Magistrate, this was not your court room. This is my Ashramam. And from this it is evident that your educational career was not very colourful. Anyhow University degree is quite inferior to Veda Vidya. Yogis shall not come in 10s and 100s like Graduates and post Graduates.’  Having heard this the Magistrate addressed Swamiji as ‘Divine Magistrate’ and begged him to take him as a disciples. On another occasion Swami Sri Yukteswar talked and discussed about ‘Automobiles’,a strange subject in those days that too for a Swamiji, with a an Automobile Engineer and stunned everybody. There is not a subject which is not known to  Gnanavatar.
The egoistic mind that depends upon physical senses cannot hear sounds from distant places or behold scenes from distant places with its limited energy. The things that are confined and limited to physical senses can only be percepted by the ego and can be painted on the human conscious mind plate. Once the ego is removed then the mind will effulge like a pure Soul. Intuition or superconsciousness can display the things that may happen immediately or future incidents as visions with or without closed eyes. The power of Intuition will utilize the life force that is withdrawn from the senses and can able to show a special dream or or worldly affair on the human conscious mind screen at any time, and  anywhere, in Conscious state as a true vision, or as a dream in subconscious state.  Illusionary worldly affairs is being painted by Parabrahman with His faculty of Maya with the admixture of human consciousness and life. The Intuition or superconsciousness that works along with Cosmic Energy, the concentrated life force in the brain that was withdrawn from senses during Kriyayoga sadhana, and egoless pure Soul are the cause of real dream.  The concentrated life force in the brain that was withdrawn from senses during sleep, the blind egoistic mind, and human consciousness together will manifest dreams with wrong signals.  Hence the egoless pure consciousness that was incurred due to kriyayogasadhana, and the concentrated life force in the brain that was withdrawn from senses during Kriyayoga sadhana only can manifest true dreams.
In all states, Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious, energy plays the real role. This Universe or Jagat is manifested due to Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Energy.  If we can control our consciousness, then we also can manifest the things just like our Father.
The consciousness, the energy that is released from the senses, and the ideas all combine together to be manifested as dreams. Idea is the film. Electricity is the released energy from senses. Ego is the Projector. Subconsciousness is the cinema screen. The Electricity that is the released energy from senses is inscripted or engraved in the brain.  The film namely the experiences will touch the brain cells.  We will see that on Silver screen i.e., Subconsciousness through the Ego Projector. Medulla oblongata is the Projector booth. So when a man is dreaming then the energy that is released from his senses will be inscripted in his brain. The ego projector will make that energy and its ego consciousness to flow into brain cells from him and convert into a film viz., experiences. We will see those on subconscious screen.
Somnambulism -- Hypnosis  
Somnambulism means the man walks in unconscious state without his knowledge. This is very dangerous.

In hypnosis the other party will put your subconscious mind in his control and then direct your conscious mind as per his whims. This will be there temporarly for some time.  But if you are under complete control of the Hypnotizer then he will make your subconscious mind to surrender to him and through that  he will control your conscious mind.  You will lose your mental liberty. He will and can make you to act as per his order(s).  It is not advisable to to make your conscious mind to be controlled by subconscious mind this way evry now and then and some times it is dangerous also. The yogis of India says that it is not desirable to lose mental liberty.
Black magic is also a part and parcel of hypnosis. In this through the disembodied souls the conscious mind and subconscious mind will be controlled and make them amenable to them. Tramp souls will always exist in ether.  They are always in search of lazy mentality people. They express themselves through these lazy minded people. That is the reason one should not keep the mind lazy as it is dangerous. Meditation is not keeping the mind empty or blank. In Meditation the sadhak consciously utilizes his will power and concentrated thought on life force and through this he will make huge efforts to control his restless and wasteful thoughts so that he can meditate on God incessantly.
There are two techniques called Haan saa and OM which come under Laya yoga. Laya yoga is a part of Kriya yoga. With these techniques and kindness of his Sadguru, the sadhak can safely reach his goal of communion with God. The correct Pranayama techniques given by Guru shall hasten his desireless desire of reaching God the Father. Practicing these Gurugiven techniques  is not  mental blankness. The blissful state of superconsciousness cannot be attained by mental blankness.  Sadhak should make all efforts to make use of his mental energy and life force for meditating on God.
Sages  and yogis use a technique to hear the distant voices which is far beyond the ordinary clairvoyance. At that time Parmahamsa Sri Yogananda was in SriRampore Ashram. Sri Yuktesear Swamiji was to come by 9 o clock train to SriRampore from Kolkota.  He told Dijen and Yogananda by appearing in Astral form one day before that he was not coming by 9 o clock train as written earlier but coming by 10 o clock train. For recognizing him he said one small boy with a silver jug would be coming before him. I will be in the same dress in which I appeared to you now. Yogananda could see the astral figure and message of Swami Sri Yukteswar but his friend Dijen could not. When Sri Yogananda told Dijen about this astral message of he could not trust him saying that he did not see and got the message from Swami Sri Yukteswar. Later it becomes true. Sri Yukteswar told Dijen that ‘I sent telepathic message to both of you, Yogananda could get it but you could not get it’.
Divine Healing
Dicease is something like man has bought and brought it himself. There is no manifestation of dicease in the Creation of God. The root cause of mental or physical paralysis or disability is the seed bowed by us in the past birth(s) mentally.  The transgression or violation of the principles and conditions of nature in the past or present births is the reason behind these diceases. They are caused undoubtedly due to our own human faults only.  God created us to live happily. We have started violating his principles and are getting miseries and diceases wantonly. 

After having lead the life happily for 50 long years and to suffer with a dicease that is not responding to any medicine, what is the reason? Perhaps you might have forgotten Parabrahman with a notion of pride that you will be untouched by any dicease.  Suppose after 50years of healthy life you have fallen sick for 2 or 3 years. This is because of losing faith on your will power and might have yielded to despair. Once you have decided firmly that you will not be cured then the mind and body will be adjusted to your attitude accordingly. Transgressing the conditions of Nature certain physical diceases occur.  Cold, skin diceases, and fever etc are physical diceases. Transgressing the conditions of mind certain mental diceases occur.  Fear, anger, worry, greed, temptation, moodiness, and losing self control etc are mental diceases. Transgressing the conditions of causal mind or spirituality  certain spiritual diceases occur. Forgetting Parabrahman is the root cause of Physical, mental, and spiritual diceases.  Do kriyayoga sadhana and be nearer to God. Then we be get rid of all problems, Physical, mental, and spiritual, automatically.
Soul is pure. Mind is not timeless. Awareness is timeless. Putting to work know the Parabrahman who is timeless as timeless can be reached by timeless only. Body and mind are born subject to time. The conditions and principles of pure Soul are strict, divine, and can not be deviated.  Even an iota or modicum of principles and conditions of Soul cannot be violated. Physical goals may be deviated this way or that way. The war between equanimity and inequanimity is the cause for diceases.  Knowingly or unknowingly if we strike a stone wall then we will be injured. Stone wall itself will come forward and strike us. Peaceful deeds of ours will make us to have communion with God who is peace personified. They give us peace and happiness.  

We must install Parabrahman on the thrown of our heart permanently so as to be sickless, physically, astrally, and spiritually. It is feasible and possible only through Kriyayoga sadhana. parabrahman has undoubtedly has given energy to some herbs and minerals to make our bodies healthy.  But the medicines prescribed by the Doctors can work upto some limit to cure sickness. However advanced it may be, the modern Health science cannot cure physical, mental, and spiritual diseases.  
If we pray Parbrahman whole heartedly with body, mind, and Soul, he will definitely come to us. He will remove your sickness. For this Kriyayoga sadhana is very much essential. Health is not the symptom of strength. Body may be strong but he may not have health.  So do kriyayoga sadhana so that you can consciously send the life force to the affected organ to recover or rejuvenate again.
Always be cheerful and happy. You should have a strong idea to help others spiritually, then you will be mentally very happy, and to such people ever energetic Cosmic energy will continue to flow through medulla oblongata that will enter into the body later. Man should not live by wholly depending upon Physical food. One must practice Kriyayoga sadhana. We should more and more depend upon Cosmic energy that will continue to flow through medulla oblongata.  We should with strong will power should draw Cosmic energy  that is surrounding us within and without through medulla oblongata. Man with his strong will power can make the disease, failure, and ignorance etc,. to flee from him.  
 Body, mind, and Soul are three windows. Health, happiness, and pure wisdom are three different rays. The perfect light of God will make these rays to come through these three windows. They will inculcate Health, mental equilibrium, and Soul Intuition to the man. That is the reason  the man is made in the mould of God.  Man is having the will power presented by God. By using this,  ‘You can fall into darkness or light’. Man is the architect of his own future.  We are guided by ‘Karma Siddhant’ i.e., the doctrine of Karma. Good fortune or bad luck, both are with us only. We must open these three doors always for the perfect light of God to flow in. Opening of these three windows for the light of God is called Divine Healings.  If we don’t open these three windows then diseases will come in. Knowingly or unknowingly if they are closed, awaken now, open them now. To forget the existence of Soul and not seeking ITS guidance through Kriyayoga sadhana is a Spiritual disease.

 Divine healings
To forget the Soul which exists in ourselves is a Spiritual disease. Restlesness, not having peace, indiscipline, unequanimity, uncompassion, disliking meditation, and postponement of meditation etc are Spiritual diseases. Maintaining balance of karmas, moderation in meditation and physical exercises are Spiritual remedies. Excess of exercises make us to have more attachment to physical karma and does not allow us to do meditation. Excess of meditation make us lazy and does not allow us to do physical exercises. Hence maintaining balance is very much desirable. Following the cleanliness and live healthly is necessary.  To sit in right posture is very much required. We must do the process of breath in a proper way. Spiritual and physical exercises are needed. That means Mudras, Bandhams, and Energisation exercises given by Paramahamsa Sri Yogananda must be done. It is very much imperative to improve our self control. Control of breath is essential. Control of senses is essential. Developing Intuition is needed. To bring back the life force that is wastefully exiting out of Mooladhara chakra by doing Kriyayoga sadhana and direct it to go through the Sushumna subtle nadi of spinal cord is very much needed.  To get into Samadhi, extatic communion with God the Father is very much essential.
Mental healings
Ignorance, not having good companionship, improper understanding of circumstances and matters, bad karma, wrong pedigree, and wrong nature etc are some of the causes that lead to mental disurbances or problems.  This in turn lead to fear,  yielding to wants, doubtful nature, jealousy, worrisome, hatred, gossiping, loss of memory, forgetfulness, curt conversation, suspicious nature, not believing anybody, physical and mental lazyness, hurt talking, favouring somebody foolishly, meaningless orgument, and not doing self-analysis, etc are the mental diseases. For this concentration, self-control, good endurance, will power, and selfless self-analysis, etc are mental healings.  Do Kriyayoga sadhana, morning and evening, regularly with dedication. Then gradually all physical and mental problems will be mitigated. I do energisation exercises and Kriyayoga sadhana regularly even if I am not well. I am much benefitted by this.   
Physical Healings
The weakful flow of life force is the main cause of physical diseases. Lack of self control, losing sperm, not doing physical exercises, not having control over food,  not eating healthy food, lack of mental weakness,nd  not following correct meditation procedures etc are the causes behind physical diseases. The practice of Giving up attachmet to physical senses and breathing Cosmic energy shall make us to ameliorate from physical diseases. Do practice of doing long breaths in and breaths out with will power. Concentrate on the affected part and send the life force there. The affected part will become healthy.
The exercises that we do with Instruments and dumbbelss etc will make our consciousness to be concentrated more on the instruments than the benefits. Always the doer of these exercises will be thinking on completion of these exercises so that he can take coffee or tea. The consciousness of the doer of muscular exercises will be always on his formation of muscles than the benefits.  Energy will take the back seat. In mental exercises the doer can send the life force with will power to the part/organ which is affected or on which the person is exercising. This can be done by the normal as well as bed ridden sick person also by using mental imagination. The people who wantred to improve or develop their concentration must do this mental healing exercises.  One must do energisation exercises given by Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda. In this each every part must be tensed and relaxed. The effected part or organ must be concentrated and then with will power the Cosmic energy is to be sent there.  Remember that disease causes misery and no one can save us except God the Father. If wealth is lost nothing is lost as we can regain it. If health is lost something is lost as lots of our happiness is lost. If we do not get God communion then everything is lost. The transgression of cleanliness and health principles is the root cause of diseases.
The vibrations that occur to the restless mind through the nerves is the root cause of nervousness.  This is very complicated and harmful disease though apparently appears to be ordinary one.  No work can be contemplated and done with satisfaction if you are nervous and mentally weak. You cannot go deep in Meditation. You can not get peace and pure wisdom or Suddha Gnan. In fact nervousness is major impediment to all works within and without. It is detrimental to Physical, Astral/mental, and Spiritual goals.  Brain is the dynamo in the body factory.  That brain sends through the tubes or wires called nerves, the required energy to different parts/organs of the body factory.  These nerves will aid or help like machines to the seing, hearing, touch, taste, smelling powers, blood circulation, metabolism, breathing process, and even the thoughts.  If electric wires are destroyed then they can be replaced with new wires but in case of these nerves it is not like that.  Hence one should protect his body temple with utmost care.  We should manufacture superior things, Physical, mental, and Spiritual, from this sacred body temple.

Too much of thinking about the successfulness, making use of senses more than the requirement, bad habits of eating i.e., over eating, under eating, and eating improper food etc., over sex indulgence,  long term fear psychosis, hatred, dissatisfaction, worry, not doing physical exercises, and living in places where there is no air, light, and water,  not having physical and mental cleanliness, are some of the causes of nervousness. One should not make friendship with people of orgumentative and finding fault with others.  Remember that fear, worry, and anger will destroy us completely. Incessant fear lead to heart diseases. Worry, and anger will destroy our brain and other parts of our body physically and mentally. They will destroy our skilfulness. Worry, and anger are both sisters. Think peacefully then you will find solution for each and every problem. 
Long term chronic physical or mental anxieties shall become impediments to Sensory-Motor Mechanism consisting of the Sensory or afferent nerves and the Motor or efficient nerves and also to harmony of life force that flows through senses.  If 2000 volts electricity is sent through a 230 volts bulb, it will break. Likewise if we excite the sensitive nervous system, they will lose harmony and behave abnormally.
Man should not depend more and more on physical things. This will lead to mental destruction or degradation. This will make the chemicals in the body detrimental to health.  This will weaken the life force flow and spermatazoan.  Remember that whenever you are angry you are sprinkling poison in the body. That will burn the nerves. 
When the people are playing dramas or rendering speeches, they suffer from fear psychosis. They cannot render properly.  Speakers and players should act or give speeches before small audience first preferably their own relations in the house or elsewhere. When finally they have to act or give speech on the stage, then they should think that that hall is empty.  Before all this they must do kriyayoga sadhana and request/pray their Great Gurus and God to help them.
Fear of Death
Only due to ignorance man is afraid of death. That is obstructing and paralysing our good thoughts and deeds.  Death is a boon or another new chance given to us by God. Death is like a full stop to the despaired life of the present one. Do live  the present one fearlessly in the thoughts of God i.e., thinking about Him.  Then future will be automatically good. Death is natural phenomenon. It is an eternal road to peace and happiness. Do kriyayoga sadhana and understand this truth.  

Choosing the spouse or life partner  
 When we are choosing our life partner the following things come into consideration. They are: 1) Physical attraction, 2)Physical beauty, 3) unity of minds, 4) profession, 5)Morality, 6) Nature  or Character, 7) Feelings, 8) Physical greediness, 9) Social status, and 10) Call of the Soul or Intuition. 
Choosing the spouse or life partner  
 When we are choosing our life partner the following things come into consideration. They are: 1) Physical attraction, 2)Physical beauty, 3) unity of minds, 4) profession, 5)Morality, 6) Nature  or Character, 7) Feelings, 8) Physical greediness, 9) Social status, and 10) Call of the Soul or Intuition.

Some people become life partners due to unity of mental feelings. When there is dearth or these feelings are diminished, then the conflicts starts due to disharmony. “I like my wife because our feelings meet’, says somebody. She likes my Cricket or my music. Some say, “We both are of same profession.  She is Doctor, I am also Doctor”. So we married because of this professional harmony.  Even though the physical beauty plays very important role in marriage institution but mental beautyness is more important than physical beauty.  Purity of thoughts, sweetness in conversation, pure wisdom, eternal incessant pure love are the qualities of a pure Soul.  This sort of people easily attracts each other mutually like a magnet and become life partners. 
Some people marry wealthy widow or widower, or a poor partner, as per their necessities. This sort of marriages with commercial attitudes and necessities shall not last long.  They mutually abuse each other saying, ‘You married me due to my wealth’.  People who married poor partners abuse each other saying, ‘Don’t spend too much money, you don’t know the value of money because you came from a poor family’.  This way they lose peace of mind.  Some people marry for social status. For example a well educated man may marry a lady who is very less educated but a  Government Minister.  Later they cannot adjust and live a discontented life.  Some people yielding to too much of excitement and emotions and marry the partner in an aeroplane, submarines, in parachutes in the air. This is for seing their names in the head lines in the next day news papers.  Some school going children marry by seing the cinemas. This is due to infatuation.  They see or meet ferocious incidents in their lives and later they depart from each other.
 The reason behind all these marriages is due to the urge of sense pleasures.   One should not succumb to  physical beauty and attractions only. mental beauty is more important than physical beauty.  Moral conduct, honesty, and spiritually inclined people are to be chosen as life partner.  That sort of people mutually understands each other and lead a happy married life.  Such type of partners, if both are of the same profession, earn very good name in their respective professions. But one should take care of not having jealousy over one another. One should not criticize each other after marriage. They should discuss their weaknesses with love and affection and adjust each other. Then the mutual love will grow or develop and they lead a very  happy and contented life.

One should do Kriyayoga sadhana before marriage and through the sadhana one should pray God for a right and understanding life partner. Even after marriage one should do kriyayoga sadhana and through that medium he should pray God for right direction in taking right decision for each and every thing, small or big. For a successful life the unity of souls is very important.  For spiritual progress one should always have to control the restless mind. With peaceful mind, effort, and discipline, both husband and wife do meditation together whenever possible, if not possible they should do individually. This will remove the difference of opinions, if any, between the partners. Then they will be quite successful in life.
They should set right all problems, social, financial, or otherwise, with mutual discussions.
Husband and wife, both should adorn themselves properly to attract each other mutually. In fact for a successful life a lady plays major role. The lady endures many viscititudes or ups and downs, and adjust with her husband with love, affection, and compassion etc., as far as possible. She thinks and owns that the happiness of her husband is her own. Such a lady is really adorable. Such a lady make use of her these good qualities for the progress of Spirituality. In nthat way she not only becomes remarkable but also become a roll model or ideal for others.
When there are no strings or conditions, then that married life will be pure, pious, and wonderful.  The unity of divine Souls is more important than the unity of lustful selves. ‘Oh, God, give me a very good life partner’, one should pray like this at least for six months through Kriyayoga sadhana before marriage. After all happy married life is real Paradise on the earth lest it is a living Hell. 
Without divinity, the marriage cannot make us peaceful and happy. Lust, intelligence, wealth, culture, the physical attraction, and physical beauty etc., cannot make the marriage happy. The love must be divine. It is imperative to make the marriage bondage divine with Kriyayoga sadhana. the unity of Soul and Spirit is the real marriage.  That is the reason the Great Souls like Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, Vivekananda elk have given up this physical marriage and married the real Soul mate Spirit. Some have grown their hair also long and married the Spirit. All individual Souls are negative, Spirit only is Positive. All Souls are female, Spirit only is Male. The male and females eligible for marriage should be illumined with incorrupted love, purity, and  piousness. The lady eligible for marriage should be like a dog with faithfulness, like an elephant with intelligence, pure and affectionate like a dove that is always attached to the house,  like a nightingale with sweet voice.  The gentleman eligible for marriage should be like a lion with strength and courage, like a dog with faithfulness, like an elephant with intelligence, pure and affectionate like a dove that is always attached to the house,  like a nightingale with sweet voice. In fact there is a saying as described. Habits play a major role in our life.
Physical wants -- Meditation
Habits play a major role in our lives.that is the reason some meditate, some cannot do even if they wanted to do meditation, and some don’t even think about it.  Worldly people cannot come to meditation line in spite of trying. Some even though in the company of  worldly people but pursue wonderful Spiritual path.  This is all due to the role played by habits.  Habits are like machines that save our God given will power. Human consciousness increases our worldly wants. Not only present and past  lives’ habits but also physical attachment and ego are the causes for disinclination towards meditation.  We should overcome worldly sense desires and ego with Cosmic consciousness. We have to uproot sense desires and ego and do not have attachment.  That does not mean we should forget our duty towards family. All should be detached.  If you lose something you need not worry about it. It will be returned to you with the grace of God in due course.  You must have cheated others and earned in your previous births.  That you have lost now in this birth as per doctrine of Karma.  Don’t get contented, and don’t get discontented. Everything is yours, and all are not yours. Don’t get disheartened if someone dear to you departs. Life is like water. Man is like a boat. Boat can be in the water, but water should not be in the water.  You are in the worldly things since many lives. Man should grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. You enter into the kingdom of God, then everything will be added unto you.   
Kriyayoga meditation
The sadhak who is addicted to Kriyayoga sadhana wants to do more and more sadhana and wanted to get God communion.  Beware of ego during Sadhana which always tries to show its face. If the breathing process is done with sound then that is the indication of ego is showing its ugly face. This is described as blowing  of conch shells in Sri Bhagacad Gita.  Conch shell is replica for ego and worldly affairs. That disturbs the steady state of sadhak and will deprive him of blissfulness that he is to get during Kriya yoga sadhana. Kriyayosadhan helps to open the closed doors of Spinal cord and brain.  The Kriya yoga sadhana brings the  eternal Cosmic energy in the ether and Cosmos into the sadhak as electricity. Kriyayoga sadhana is like a switch that brings divine energy into the body when it is on.  Even after sadhana, the sadhak has to protect the  concentration he gained during sadhana. One should not waste their time in gossiping, restlessness, and unnecessary thoughts after finishing sadhana and lose concentration he gained during sadhana.


Pratyksha Pramanam or Direct proof is dependent on physical senses. Anumana Pramanam or indirect proof depends on idea(s).  ‘Agama’ comes directly from the God and is reliable.  This is what the Great sage Patanjali says. The meaning of Agama (Intuition) is not scriptures as told by some learned. It is not giving a compatable meaning. ‘Vedani apaurusheyaani’ means Scriptures are not written by somebody. They have directly from God during meditation to the sadhak.  One can do meditation and find out the veracity of the scriptures.  A cheat also can write a book and may say that this has come directly from the God.  We can find out how far it is real by doing meditation on that.  Agama (Intuition) is beyond logic, and beyond sense perception.  Agama (Intuition) is gained by meditating on OM. OM  meditation will interiorize the mind. 

In Upanishads, Om is described as niravachchinnam (continuous), Tailadhaaramiva (like the smooth-flowing oil), deerghaghantamiva (like a continuous sound coming from big temple bell), hinaadavat (sound), avaachyam (beyond uttering),  Pranavam (bestower of ever new interest), yastam veda sa vedavit ( the one who has heard it is the real knower of truth). From every conscious atom and electron, this OM sound is eternally emeanting. Each and every atom and space consists this OM sound. Every will have sound, Consciousness, and energy. Ex: if you utter ‘Srinivasa’, then it must contain sound, Consciousness, and energy.  OM sound with its unlimited upper and lower octaves cannot be heard by normal ear. It cannot be uttered with normal mouth.  With intense Kriyayoga sadhana the sadhak will shed the sounds of physical body without.  Later he sheds the sounds of heart, and other organs within gradually.  Then he starts hearing the bumble bee (Bhramar) sound in Mooladhara, flute sound in Swadhistana, veena sound in Manipura, Temple bell sound in Anahata, stream flowing sound in Visuddha chakras within, and sheds them.  Then he hears the auspicious sound of OM in Kootastha, the place between the eye brows on the forehead.  He concentrates and meditate on this sound OM.  He will tastes the ever new bliss, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic love, Cosmic effulgence, and Cosmic energy.  He will fully understands these are the different infinite dimensions of God the Father.
A thing or things have happened several times by fluke or chance after your telling. When a cat has crossed the road and you saw it and a bad event occurred as told by  somebody.  This is just a superstition. Don’t compare this with Intuition which is not a superstition and comes directly from the Soul.

 The energy that goes out through the paasage of spinal cord is called Kundalinee. This outgoing energy that goes through Mooladhara chakra at the base of the seat. This looks like a snake. It will have entrance into sex nerves. By directing this energy into the brain temporarily does not make this Kundalinee awakened. One should learn kriya from an experienced Kriyayo yogi or a Sadguru. One should first vibrate the Mooladharachakra with this Kriya yoga practice  so that he will be able to send this awakened kundalinee life force permanently into the brain. But that must be done with a systematic practice of Kriyayoga sadhana regularly morning and evening failing which his kundalinee will not be awakened and even if it awakened it will be coming back to its sleeping state.  The life force will be exiting out through Mooladharachakra in the spinal cord. With wonderful metaphysical process, this Mooladharachakra is to be awakened with Kriyayoga sadhana.  then only the sadhak will be able to control the lust. There is no way other than this kriyayoga sadhana.  the suppressed spring will come back with renewed force once it is released. Likewise the suppressed lust will show its mettle with renewed vigour and troubles the Kriya yoga sadhak.  The people who wanted to have spiritual progress has to awaken this kundalinee and give the necessary direction for going into the brain through medulla oblongata.  During cohabitation the kundalinee life force of the man will merge with kundalinee life force of the woman. Due to this there will be loss of spermatazoan. This further leads to the loss of life force.
Kundalinee snake
Snake is used as symbol of Kundalinee energy. If you use this energy properly that will help you lest it will destroy you. Consciousness and energy both have to be given direction through spinal cord. It has to be sent to the brain through the medulla oblongata. Through that we should make contact with Cosmos.  This is meta physical process.  Electricity has a symbol. Likewise our ancient saints  have symbolized kundalinee as a snake.  Snake has energy as well as poison. Electricity is having energy and poison.  Here poison means bad. Poison can be utilised for killing somebody as well as a medicine also. That is to say this energy and poison can be utilized in a good way or bad way.  Likewise the awakened kundalinee energy does wonders. It will make the sadhak to have communion with God the Father. The snake that is raised or resting on its tail is the sybol of energy personified.  Likewise the awakened Kundalinee snake is the energy personified. Some Rishis tie their hair on the head like a snake. Even the hair on the Lord Siva in Hindu mythology is shown like this. This symbolizes their communion with Spirit.  The kriyayoga sadhak  with his sadhana controls his sense organs. He withdraws energy from the sense organs and sends that widrawn energy into the spinal cord. That energy is given direction by the sadhak. He guides that energy through Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agna, and Sahasrara chakras, and finally exit through Brahmarandhra into Cosmos. 


Near the Mooladharachakra, in the vicinity of ass, the coiled passage in spinal cord  is called  the Kundalinee passage or gate way of life force. The Cosmic energy enters into Sahasrachakra through medulla oblongata, and from there it exits as life force through Agna, Visuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhistana, Mooladhara, Kundalinee passage, and from there withouthe to Cosmos through Kundalinee passage. This life force is called sleeping kundalinee life force. This kundalinee passage makes use of this subtle electricity or life force for physical sense organs and to excite the sex nerves for spermatazoan to flow into them.  This sleeping kundalinee awakens the ego and raises lust and creates more and more attachment to the physical wants and world. It will make us to forget our divinity. Man is made in the mould of God. It will make us to forget that we are the sons of the God.
Everyday we must regularly do Kriyayoga sadhana and awaken the life force in the sleeping Kundalinee.  We must change its direction instead of downwards towards Mooladhara and out but towards Sahasrara and out into Cosmos.  The sadhak through his sadhana must come to a state where he realise himself as Soul itself. That is real successful life.  At the time Soul leaving this body, life force exit out of the spinal cord of this body unconsciously.  In the case of Kriyayoga sadhak, the life force exit out through the Sushumna subtle body of his spinal cord consciously into the Cosmos.    Always remember that if you do not use electricity without precautions or proper care, then it will harm you. Similarly the life force in kundalini passage   is not by itself harmful. Proper sadhana will make the kundalinee to remove our attachment to senses, over indulgence in sex, and liberate us.  Those lazy persons who do not do Kriyayoga sadhana, will be attached more and more to senses, and sense pleasures.  In fact lazy persons will not be happy physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Success in business, innovations, inventions, music, poetry, and writing etc are all God given gifts only. Do kriyayoga sadhana and step into the kingdom of God, then whatever good is wanted will be added unto you.  
Inner Sound
 Kundalinee power is like a snake. Its tail will be up in the Chakras or plexus, and its head will be down of spinal cord. It will be in a sleeping state. It must be awakened with kriyayoga sadhana. all these chakras in spinal cord  and head are having Physiological relationship. From these chakras subtle life force is distributed to different organs. Every chakra is having a different colour, taste, some rays or petals, and sound.
Mooladharachakra is having four rays, Swadhistana chakra is having six rays, Manipurachakra is having ten rays, Anahatachakra is having Twelve rays, Visuddhachakra is having Sixteen rays, Agnachakra is having two rays, and Sahasrarachakra is having thousand rays. The leaves of trees will be looking down during night which is a symbol for their sleep. Likewise the rays of chakras for a normal man will be looking down as their kundalinee is not at all awakened. For a sadhak who is doing Kriyayoga sadhana, his chakras’ rays will be looking up depending upon his intensity and regularity of Sadhana. if the awakened kundalinee touches Mooladhara, its rays will be energised and hence look up. So as the the rays of other chakras.  His brain will be atuned to divine vibratory OM sound.  Awakened chakra means Kundalinee has touched that chakra, made the chakra energised, and hence the rays of that chakra are looking up.
The awakened Mooladhara chakra tranmits a sound of bumble bee. Then it tastes like fruit juice. It will display yellow colour. Mooladhara chakra is called Sahadeva chakra.
The awakened Swadhistana chakra tranmits a sound of  auspicious flute. It tastes little bitter. It will display white colour. Swadhistana chakra is called Nakula chakra. 
The awakened Manipura chakra tranmits a sound of  Veena. It tastes bitter. It will display red colour. Manipura chakra is called Arjuna chakra. 
The awakened Anahata chakra tranmits a sound of Temple Bell. It tastes Sour. It will display Blue colour. Anahata chakra is called Bheema chakra.
The awakened Visuddha chakra tranmits a sound of flowing stream. It tastes too much bitter.  It will display milky white cloud colour. Visuddha chakra is called Yudhistir chakra. 
The awakened Agna chakra tranmits divine OM sound.  It will display wonderful white cloud colour. Agna chakra is called Sri Krishna chakra.
The awakened Sahasrara chakra is Paramatma Chakra. It is Sadhak’s  personification of  Kriyayoga sadhana. The mind which is so far the slave to senses and sense pleasures, now firmly turns to steady, determined, wonderful, and divine Spiritual path firmly without any second thoughts.  It will enable the sadhak to hear the sounds of electrons, protons, and auspicious  OM.  The life force which is so far aiding the worldly mind, and senses, will become steady. Now it will be centred around Sahasrara Chakra only.  The brain will become or transformed into a divine Radio.  The sadhak will be able to hear Rishis, sages, saints, and divine Souls.  Each and every atom and sub atom in the Cosmos is musical instrument and emits divine music.  We cannot hear Radio sounds and programmes without Radio. Likewise unless the Kundalinee is awakeed we cannot hear these divine sounds. The divine sounds cannot be heard with physical ego.
Kundalinee  Sex energy
Some of them wrote  as given below:
 ‘Kundalinee is like a coiled snake sleeping at the base or ass. If we awaken it, it will bite us and kill us.’.   ‘it is a sex energy’.
All of them wrote without any experience. Some are born with weak nervous system.  Their thoughts are centred around sex thouhts only. For some sex and sex thoughts are aversion.  Morality means to confront and eradicate vice. Those who like sex and sex thoughts only do meditation in unscientific manner. They will be attracted to unlimited sexual urge.  Such people runs to Guruji,  and say, ‘Guruji, my kundalinee is awakened’.  On hearing this Guru will say, ‘Very good, no need to do further meditation.’  Such people are ignorant. To describe Kundalinee energy as sex energy is nothing but sacrilege.  
The sadhak who does Kriyayoga sadhana will always have his thoughts concentrated on spiritual experiences that happen in Spinal cord and Sahasrara Chakra. Even the man who is addicted to sexual thoughts also can change and transforms his thoughts to Spirituality by doing Kriyayoga sadhana. The energy that reaches the Sahasrara chakra can make us to win everything.

Do  OM chanting in Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agna –ve, Agna +ve, and Sahasrara chakras in ascending and descending orders as many number of times as possible. Enjoy the bliss.
Parabrahman is the internal energy, meaning, and definition of matter.  First you read your Soul or self. This is called Swadhyayam. The meaning of Bhagavan Ramana maharshi’s, ‘Who am I’, is this only.  In Samisti or Macro it is Maya, in Vyashti or micro it is Kundalinee. If one drop of water consisits Hydrogen and Oxygen, then whole Ocean consists Hydrogen and Oxygen only.  You need not test the Ocean of water. If you wanted to understand matter you are utilising your limited intelligence. But the unlimited Parabrahman cannot be known by limited intelligence. He can be known only by Intuitional guidance through Kriyayoga sadhana.  With this sadhana only you will get blissfulness and Cosmic consciousness.  Cosmic consciousness is all pervading. Obtaining this is real religion.  

Third eye
This nature is made up of three gunas viz., Satwa, Rajas, and Tamo, and Pancha Mahabhutas viz., Akasa, Vayu, Agni, Varuna, and Prithvi. The mixing of these pancha mahabhootas and three gunas in different proportions made this Universe or Jagat. Man will be enjoying or experiencing Satwa, Rajas, and Tamo through these pancha mahabhootas. When he realises the reality of these nature and form, then he will search for liberation from these.

Satwa is peaceful and blemishless. Lazyness, and sleep, drowsiness,  and sloth are the qualities of Tamo guna.  Rajasa guna is restless and takes active role  like a catalyst for work. 
The mind that is running about here and there and everywhere  has to be steadied in meditation first, fixing  his gaze in Kootastha. With this he will percept the influence of the vibrations of Pancha Mahabootas (Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) and their effect on the human nature. Mirror can reflect the physical contours, configurations, or figures. Mirror cannot reflect the mind or intelligence which are not visible to the naked eye.  Human body is like a temple. It is abode for both forces, virtue or vice.  The man who turns into a Kriyayoga sadhak is really intelligent. Third eye exists in the Kootastha, the place between eye brows on the forehead.  We can view the Physical, Astral/subtle, and Karana/Idea traits, and its related vibrations in this Kootastha.  We can have a panoramic view of the life and history of present, past, and future living beings and Cosmos in this Kootastha. This is called Divine Vison.  The sadhak whose divine eye or third eye in kootastha is opened need not depend upon Astrology, Stone, and Rdrakshas etc. Kriyayoga sadhak  need not do any other Pooja or worship.
Reading books will increase ego in the man but will not enable the man to know about Parabrahman or will give an entry pass into the kingdom of God.  The Great Souls could have God communion only through the opening of this Third Eye due to intensive incessant Meditation.  They could write wonderful scriptures only through this Third Eye. Unless you eat a mango you cannot understand its sweetness. Likewise God has to be and can be experienced practically only through Kriyayoga sadhana. Reading scriptures will not enable you to get near to Him.  The one who has not got the things practically and not experienced them practically describe more about them. He is called Kavi or Poet. He does not and cannot see and hear the wonderness of God the Father.
Pancha Mahabhootas  Five Electricities
The manifestations of Pancha Mahabhootas along with three Gunas will have their effects on the formation of humans, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The changes can be understood by Kriyayoga sadhak only. In Sadhana the experiences of the sadhak regarding taste, sound, and color he is getting can decide which Chakra has been touched or reached by Kundalinee. That decides that  particular chakra is awakened due to his Sadhana.
Mooladhara chakra is replica for Prithvee (Earth) Tatwa. When Kundalinee touches this Chakra, then his breathing process will be about 30” long—from lungs to body without where the process ends—through nostrils without touching the nostrils.  The sadhak will behold four angled yellow coloured figure in Kootastha, and gets sweet juice taste in the throat.  Not only that attachement to sweet juice taste increases. For a serious and sincere sadhak, this Prithvee Vibratory state continues for 20 minutes.
Swadhistana chakra is replica for Varuna (Water) Tatwa. When Kundalinee touches this Chakra, then his breathing process will be about 10” long— from the beginning of nostrils.  The sadhak will behold White Half-moon figure in Kootastha, and gets little bit bitter taste in the throat.  Not only that attachement to little bit bitter taste increases. For a serious and sincere sadhak, this Varuna Vibratory state continues for 16 minutes.
Manipura chakra is replica for Agni (Fire) Tatwa. When Kundalinee touches this Chakra, then his breathing process will be about 10” long— from the upper side of nostrils.  The sadhak will behold red Triangular figure in Kootastha, and gets bitter taste in the throat.  Not only that attachement to bitter taste increases. For a serious and sincere sadhak, this Agni Vibratory state continues for 20 minutes.
Anahata chakra is replica for Vayu (Air) Tatwa. When Kundalinee touches this Chakra, then his breathing process will be about 20” long—from the sides of nostrils. The sadhak will behold palpitating blue colour ball figure in Kootastha, and gets sour taste in the throat.  Not only that attachement to sour taste increases. For a serious and sincere sadhak, this Vayu Vibratory state continues for 8 minutes.  
Visuddha chakra is replica for Akasa (Space) Tatwa. When Kundalinee touches this Chakra, then his breathing process will be through nostrils freely without any obstruction. The sadhak will behold Smoke color checkered with Luminous specks of light figure in Kootastha, and gets too much bitter taste in the throat.  Not only that attachement to too much bitter taste increases. For a serious and sincere sadhak, this Akasa Vibratory state continues for 4 minutes.   
The vibrations of these Panchamahabhootas are eternal. These will not be destroyed completely during deluge or Pralayam. During deluge these vibrations will be deposited in the Parabrahman. They will be manifested again during Creation. The Maya in Macro is individualized Kundalinee. The individualized Kundalinee is called Soul or Vyastatma. The steady reflection of moon in the lake will not be seen due to the clouds. Likewise the steady Parabrahman/Soul is covered by cloud like thoughts of Maya. Then that Maya covered Soul or Vyastatma is called Jeevatma. This Maya nature or Maya Prakriti is called Aparaprakriti.  The Real Pure Soul is called Para Prakriti. Real Soul is in fact unaffected.  The reflection of moon in the lake appears to be disturbed or moving due to the movement of waves in the lake but the real moon is steady and unmoving. Likewise Parabrahman is pure but He seems to be restless due to the cover of Maya. The sadhak should get rid of worldly affairs with his intense sadhana and enter into his eternal residence i.e., Parabrahman.
The bird habituated to cage cannot fly away for liberty at large in the sky  and comes or returns to the cage again.  Likewise the sadhak comes back to this bondaged world again after some sadhana. Even the Great Sadhaks also hesitate for a while before seeking for complete liberation from this body cage.  

1) Anushtaana Gayatri:
Gayantam traayate iti Gayatri.
The more one chants Gayatri the more one gets protection.
Na Maataa Paradaivam na Gayatri Para Mantram.
There is no substitue for mother and no other Mantra is a substitute for Gayatri Mantra.
Om Bhoorbhuvassuvaha tatsavitarenyam
Bhargodevasya Dheemahi Dheeyoyonah Prachodayat.
Om= ParaBrahman, Bhooh= embodiment of Pranava, Bhuvaha= eradicates sorrow, Suvaha= embodiment of happiness, Tat=with that, Savituhu=Effulgence, Devasya=of God, Varenyam=the best and greatest, Bhargaha=that effulgence which is the destroyer of our sins, Dheemahi=we pray, Yaha=which, Naha=our(s), Dhiyaha=intellect, Prachodayaat=Provoke.
Oh ParaBrahman, You are the embodiment of Pranava, You are the eradicator of sorrow, You are the embodiment of Happiness, we pray that effulgence of God, the best and greatest, which is the destroyer of our sins, so as to enhance our intellect for doing good deeds.  

Poorakam=  Inhalation, breath in.
Antah kumbhakam= Retention of Breath in Kootastha, the space between the eye brows.
Rechakam= exhalation, Breath out.
Baahyakumbhakam= Retention of Breath outside the body.
Poorakam+ Antah kumbhakam+ Rechakam Baahya kumbhakam= one Hamsa.
Take a long breath in slowly while chanting Gayatri Mantra.---Poorakam,
Retain the breath in Kootastha. Chant Gayatri Mantra while retaining it in Kootastha---Antah kumbhakam Take a long breath out slowly while chanting Gayatri Mantra-----Rechakam
Retain the breath in outside the body--- Baahya kumbhakam. .
Poorakam, Antah kumbhakam and Rechakam should be of equal space.  There is no condition for Baahya kumbhakam.
Sit erect in Vajrasana, Padmasana or Sukhaasana with Gnaana Mudra. Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight. Face East or North. Get relaxed. Put your gaze fixed in Kootastha. 
Do 108 Hamsas chanting Gayatri Mantra mentally. 
Now exhale the breath completely  exhibiting with ‘’ HA HAAAAA’’ sound.
Now do meditation by fixing the gaze in kootastha in Khechari Mudra. 
 14) SOHAM Kriya  
Sit erect in Vajrasana, Padmasana or Sukhaasana with Gnaana Mudra. Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight. Face East or North. Get relaxed. Put your gaze fixed in Kootastha. 
Now you visualize as though the breath in is coming through Moolaadhara, and going upto Kootastha through Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agna negative and Agna positive Chakras in the Spinal cord. Similarly in return the breath out is  through Agna positive, Agna negative, Visuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhistaana, and through Moolaadhara to outside the body.
During breath in say mentally ‘’SO’’ along with the breath. After breath in retain the breath in Kootastha. While retaining the breath in Kootastha your gaze and mind should remain fixed in Kootastha. During first breath in only repeat first breath in only retain it as per your capacity with effort in Kootastha. In the next consecutive breaths-in do not put any effort to retain in kootastha. Let it go by itself. 
During breath out say mentally ‘’HAM’’ along with the breath. After breath out retain the breath outside the body as long as possible. During first breath out only repeat first breath out only retain it outside the body as per your capacity with effort..  In the next consecutive breaths-out do not put any effort to retain it outside the body  Let it come by itself. 
The breath should come by itself and go by itself. While coming in say mentally ‘’SO’’, The breath should go by itself and go by itself. While going out say mentally ‘’Ham’’.
Your Mind and gaze should follow the breath in and breath out. If the breath in comes upto a particular Chakra, say Visuddha, then  Your Mind and gaze should be there. Likewise when breathout goes upto a particular Chakra, say Swadhistana, then  Your Mind and gaze should be fixed there only.
While observing the breath in and breath out like this at some point of time your mind will be interiorized and slips into Samadhi. Enjoy this Samadhi, the union with ParaBrahman, God the father.
3) Listening OMKAR
Sit erect in Vajrasana, Padmasana or Sukhaasana with Gnaana Mudra. Press top of index finger with top of thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight. Face East or North. Get relaxed. Put your gaze fixed in Kootastha. 
Do this Kriya in Khechari Mudra.
 Close your both the Years, both the nostrils, both the lips with the fingers of  both the hands. This is called YONI MUDRA.
Now  take a very long breath in slowly without any interruption saying  mentally ‘’OM’’. Retain it with effort in Kootastha as long as you can.  
Now  take a very long breath out slowly without any interruption saying  mentally ‘’OM’’. Retain it with effort outside the body as long as you can.    
 During these breaths-in and breaths-out try to listen the sacred sound of ‘’OM’’ with rapt attention. Now cease all other activities. Merge with OM. Slip into Samadhi,  the union with ParaBrahman, God the father.

Death is not the end of matter or vibrations. The candle will  be extinguishing after completion of burning. That does not mean the fat in the candle was evaporated into the ether. Only the matter in that candle has transformed into another gaseous form. Matter will not get destroyed or disappear. Life force is having consciousness and energy both.  Matter is nothing but sleeping consciousness and energy both. Sun and sun rays can not be separated. Sun rays express the existence of Sun. Matter expresses life force. Matter and  life force both are inseperable.  
The waves of the Ocean have to be ultimately merged into its source i.e., Ocean itself. Some waves may last long for longer time than other waves.  All waves express that ocean only.  Likewise Sun, Moon, all planets, Universes, milky way of galaxies, all express Parabrahman only.  

Ordinary death is nothing but a thing that has executed its role completely to express Parabrahman.  Child death indicates that that body or force is not in a position to express Parabrahman fully and hence left that body  for a suitable role elsewhere.   Rose may be spreading its fragrance, intelligent children may appear to be healthy, but they are suddenly separated from us. Accidental death or sudden death indicates that that state has been created suitable to that being for experiencing its Karma as such. Surf is small compared to wave, wave is small in comparison to Ocean, and we are all small before Parabrahman.
Life is not confined or limited to time, form, and space. It is not dependent upon physical matter. It is not dependent upon life force and food. The Great souls like Mahavatar Babaji are the examples for this. 
Even in the dead body, life force in some other form will remain in the body. The heart of hen secured in the quarantine or some chemicals can live longer than the one on the earth. The crocodile can live for 600 plus years. The tortoise can live for 1000 plus lives normally for 60 plus years. Some worms live for 60 plus hours. Life is like a banjara or nomide. It will appear at one time and does not appear next time. It is like flowing river. Ordinarily man is afraid of death.  It is a boon to sadhaks. It is a vehicle that takes from lower state to higher state.  The sadhak who has understood the goal of life in the present life after doing Kriya yoga sadhana, the liberated sadhak from body attachment, realises that he is not the body, he is the soul. He is liberated from the slavery of body cage. That is why we, the humans on this earth, should more and more depend upon internal energy. We should learn how to get out of this body attachment. We are here to get out of here.
Matter  Paramatma
Organic and inorganic matters are both one and the same, difference is in the manifestations of life force, electrons, and protons etc.  Nothing is dying in fact. Even the atoms in the dead body also will be vibrating with life. The atoms in the stone, gem stones, metals and earth etc., also will be vibrating with life. The Ice slab, water, and water vapour all contain Hydrogen and Oxygen only. The paramatma within and without is one and the same. Not only that matter and Paramatma is one and the same at the end because matter is nothing but manifestation(s) of Parabrahman only.  Life force will be sleeping in the inert matter, will be dreaming in the fragrant flowers, will be energy in the beasts, and appear as consciousness in man with variety of feelings.  
The body consists of Karana (Idea), Sookshma (Subtle), and Sthoola (Physical) sareeras or bodies.  Death is only for Sthoola (Physical) sareera or body only. Karana (Idea), and  Sookshma (Subtle) sareeras or bodies both together will be changing the container i.e.,  Sthoola (Physical) sareera or body, till the completion of Karma on this earth and merge with its source i.e., Parabrahman from where it (Soul or Jeevatma) has come.  We can behold a limited scenery on this earth with this physical eye. We cannot see the things like bones, nerves, and blood etc in the body. If we can open the third eye on or in the Kootastha with Kriya yoga sadhana, then we can see the particles of a stone or any matter within and without vividly.  Death is a boon to Kriyayoga sadhak. It is a stepping stone for progress to the sadhak. It is another opportunity given to the sadhak to develop himself.
 The senses will not be in control for a man who does not do Kriya yoga sadhana. such a person will go deep into a dark sleep after death. After waking up from that sleep he will get into another body container. Kriya yoga sadhak will open his third eye with his sadhana. he will behold a wonderful attractive effulgent sphere before leaving and after leaving this physical body. Instead of deep darkness, he will witness illuminated lights. He will give up his limited physical cage body.  He will pierce through the lost paradise.  That is called Hiranyaloka. That will not disappear soon. In that Hiranyaloka everything converse with silence. There roses will communicate with Souls. There the Souls will be spreading fragrance of flowers.  Ageing will not bother the Souls. The Souls can change their forms as per their whims.  The transformations in their contours will not be rubbed on them bracingly. Bacteria, hunger and thirst, selifish desires, heartaches, sex desires, pains, dangers, bones, skeletons, and skulls, and the pangs or sorrows at the time of separation from the dear ones, etc., will not be there in Hiranyaloka.

The Souls in Hiranyaloka will not be covered with bones and flesh. Even if they strike some solid walls etc., they will not get hurt. There the Souls, and Oceans etc will be in harmony. The Souls will utilise the light rays as vehicles for travelling. The Souls here will live with complete bliss. They are not dependent upon Oxygen. They reside in that loka as long as they wish. Here the Souls will have mutual love.  The people dependent on Oxygen, light rays, and normal food cannot stay in this tender atmosphere.  Here there will not be dualities like day and night, happiness and unhappiness etc.  They live solely on self effulgence. People who mastered Life force control, thoughtless state, and Kriyaparavastha state, only can stay with or without this body in this airless Hiranyaloka.  

Man is a spiritual animal with discernment. The beastly traits of man can be observed in the childhood of man. The child does urination, go for stools, but will be playing in them like animals.  In some, they will have beastly mentality even after they grow up.  Using harsh words, creating problems to the others unnecessarily, and some will not go for schools for learning etc.,  are beastly qualities only.
Man should not live depending only on his intelligence. The intellect of man depends on senses and hence limited and confined.  Man should depend more and more on intuition and he should develop it. Intuition is bestowed by pure Soul or Parabrahman. It is fully truthful and trustworthy. Intuition is beyond logic.  Kriyayoga sadhana must be learnt through Sadguru or expert kriyayoga sadhak.  Children should not be advised to go on utter the lessons repeatedly to remember them. Instead they should be advised to understand and remember the lessons. They should be advised, taught, and practice Kriyayoga. That will develop concentration and intuition in them and make them good citizens useful to the society, nation, and world.  Soul need not be taught anything special separately. Soul is omniscient. What is needed is to link our human consciousness with Intuition through Kriyayoga dhyana.   We may be of the view that we are inventing new innovations. It is all false.  Remember everything is Parabrahman only. If you can make a continuous contact with God through Kriyayoga dhyana, then you yourself are God, You and God the Father are one and the same. You will be everything. You will be omniscient. This is what our ancient Rishis did, and the present Great yogis are doing.  

Children should be taught as to how to sit erect with straight Spinal cord. They must be taught to sit and walk like that. Spirituality has to be taught from childhood and make it a habit as normal as like taking food and washing face etc.  Children must be taught communion with God is the only goal of life.  They must be taught to do Kriyayoga dhyana at least one hour in the morning and evening. They must be advised to play out door games like volley ball, foot ball, and cricket etc that give more exercise to physical body.  They must be advised to play in door games like chess, and words building that give more mental exercise. They must be taught how to respect elders and to converse with love and affection.
Immediately after joining the educational institute you can get knowledge or education.  You will not get job also. One should study or read for 15 to 20 years so as to become an Engineer, Doctor, or lawyer etc.    Immediately after the start of Kriyayoga sadhana we may not get results. If we do this sadhana for 15 to 20 years, we definitely get into God communion. The normal education may help us in this birth to secure a good job but will not help us to have God communion. Spiritual education and Kriyayoga dhyana will not only help us to have a God communion but also secure a good job also. Apart from this our next lives also will be secured.   
Ordinary life  -- Necessity of God  
We should lead life in an ordinary, and simple way, by remembering, memorizing, and murmuring the name of God always.  Soul is pure, auspicious, and ever new eternal bliss.  Sadhak should not forget the beatitude of Soul under any circumstances, good or bad.  We should be in desireless state.  It does not mean we should lose our righteous  happiness. The greatest wish is to have communion with God. That can fulfil all our desires. It will give complete satisfaction and bliss.
There may be tons or wads of currency notes in the bank. What is the use of that currency when it is not ours.  Paramatma is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. What is use of reading about him in scriptures.What is the use of that Parmatma to us when we cannot have direct communion with Him.  We cannot reach God by reading scriptures, or with these limited senses and human intellect.  We can have apparent view or analysis of matter with these limited senses and human intellect. Intuition earned with Kriyayoga sadhana can only eneable us to have knowledge of matter within and without directly. God can be got through pure love and that love should be 100% not even 1% less.  
Who is Paramatma? What is Paramatma?

People ask, ‘Have you seen God’. Parabrahman is not a myth but It is reality.  God is reality is an absolute truth. Yes, I have seen God, I had communicated with Him. You also can communicate with Him and see Him. This is possible only through Kriyayoga sadhana. The sadhana should be intensive and longer. Several people will be describing about God without any practical and direct experience. They are all castles in the air. They are nothing but created stories. They are not and cannot be truth. Hydrogen and Oxygen combines together to form Water. This you can say without any doubt. There are two things in this Universe or Jagat. One is Energy, and the other one is Intelligence. There is difference between Energy and Intelligence. Electricity is an Energy. That should be kept in a bulb. The one that helps the Energy to be kept in the Bulb is Intelligence.  There is nothing in this world without Intelligence. Every element is having intelligence. Human body is a combination of several elements like Gold, silver, copper, and Iron etc.  these elements are ordinarily available in the market. They must contain the intelligence that should be useful to the humans lest they are nothing but inert objects only. Even that makes the humans holding them inert. Where from this intelligence comes?  There should be a factory that should be able to make these living beings like worms, birds, animals, and humans to live in their respective orbits.  That factory belongs to Paramatma. The products that are manifested out of that factory will be having their respective existence harmoniously. Had there been no such Factory of Parabrahman there will not be seasons that come systematically, and there will not be food to extinguish hunger. Parabrahman is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient factory. 
The universe(s), and the things in this Universe are moving intheir respective orbits only due to the unique intelligence of Parabrahman. Not only that the earth, and we on the earth are moving in our respective orbits only due to the unique intelligence of Parabrahman. We get unparalled bliss in Kriya yoga dhyana is the proof of the existence of God the Father.
Man is a combination of physical, astral, and spiritual things.  We must protect our physical health with physical exercises and yoga asanas.  We must improve our mental health through concentration. With mental health, our physical health will be improved. We must do Kriyayoga sadhana. With this the concentration on any other thing will be diverted to God.  Concentration on  God only is called meditation. The meditation will improve us physically, mentally, and spiritually.  God will definitely fulfil our righteous demands or wants.
Life is the combination of waves of electrons, atoms, Protoplasm, energy, and  consciousness.  Life is a disciplined and organised way of motion.  That motion is what this flowers, stones, earth, and human. Human body is nothing but soul surrounded by the combination of electrons, Life force, and intelligence.

Rebirth or Punarjanma
Punarjanama or rebirth means the developmental tranformation for the sake of living beings in particular and humans in general.   Body is temporary, and the Soul is eternal. This self is not dying, it is only changing its form. Transformation is but natural. We are not drinking yesterday’s water today because it leads to diceases. Stagnant water stinks. In this Jagat change is essential. That is the development  or road to evolution.  Human body is the manifestation of Parabrhman only. Our existence is tied to this and in this world only.
Physical body is solidified physical energy only. Energy will not be subjected to dicease. Dicease is a delusion. Saying, ‘delusion’, is not enough. We dream as though we struck our head with a stone wall and experiencing pain in that dream.  When we wake up we laugh away at that pain. Kriyayoga sadhana has to be done. God communion has to be got.  Then we will realise that Physical body is solidified physical energy only.  We will percept this body and God through consciousness only.  Death is not the last journey. It is the ladder to development or progress.  Death is a solace  or succour to this body tired with dicease and assorted mundane problems. After taking rest for a while in the form of death, our desires will swell with renewed vigour.  Then Jeevatma will take the shelter of another body to fulfil its desires. Till the purification of the self, taking the shelter of another body is imperative.
Each and every thought is eternal. Each and every word or sound is eternal. Each and every thought, word,  or sound, is the manifestation of God. Thoughts are secretive or Gopyam in Sanskrit. Each and every man or woman gets Thoughts. They cannot be counted. For the sake of  saying, ‘16000 thoughts’ , they say.  Each and every thought which is secretive or gopyam  is called GOPICA.  So each and every gopica is the manifestation of God the Father. Bhagavan Sri Krishna is Parabrahman only. Sivam means the one who is having life force. The one who is not having life force is Savam i.e., dead body. Dead body cannot have thoughts. For Sivam only, the thoughts occur. There must be Parabrahman or Sri Krishna behind each and every gopica or thought.  So Sri Krishna is having 16000 Gopicas means He is behind each and every thought.  This is the inner meaning. Soul playing with this body will become imprisoned in that.  So one has to practice Kriyayoga sadhana to grow beyond this nature.  Mental development is comparatively superior to physical development.  Soul is pure.  It naturally evolves physically, mentally, and Spiritually, and ultimately reaches its own house God the Father. This is called evolution.
One  silk worm will be transformed into butterfly. The weaver takes silk threads from the worm by putting it in boiling water and will not allow it to become a butterfly.  Likewise before giving good results we disturb our sadhana.  This results in diceases, fear, and ignorance etc.  we are doing work before thinking. Parabrahman has given enough energy. The sadhak should not have any other thought, till the sadhana gives the required results.  Mind should rule the body. Body should be a slave to the mind.  We should change our mind from dicease consciousness to health consciousness. The Rajasa, and Tamasa foods, and habits that are harmful to our body should be discarded. ‘Iam sick, Iam the patient’, this sort of negative thoughts and tendencies should be mitigated from the mind.  ‘I will not be cured of this dicease’, this sort of negative thoughts and tendencies should not be bowed in the subconscious mind. That means, ‘I should not be cured of this dicease’,  this type of strong seeds we are bowing in our subconscious mind before hand.  We should bow, ‘Iam the son of God, Iam healthy’, sort of strong positive thoughts and tendencies should be bowed in the subconscious mind.
Parakayapravesh (Transfer of Soul)
Rebirth  or Punarjanma means transmigration of Soul from one body to another body. The body atoms also will transfer from physical to Spiritual side alon with mind.  Punarjanma means giving up bondy bondage. In Kriyayoga sadhana, the life force of the Sadhak will liberate from this mundane bondage. Then we can understand that we need not depend upon this life force even though so far it in this physical body.

Punarjanma is not to be pertained to this physical body after its fall only. We should have rebirth in this body that too in this birth or life only. That is called Parakaya pravesh. We dream unconsciously in sleep.  We will be having several rebirths in dream(s). in kriyayoga sadhana the sadhak consciously get into another higher spiritual state.  He will shed this physical body. That is also rebirth only.  In this pure and sacred India so many Great Souls in the past, and in present have stayed in a room 10’ in side the earth covered by earth for days together and came out alive without a scratch.  Some Great Souls lived and living without taking any food, whatsoever.  All these are rebirths only.  The Great soul(s) like Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya have in the past left their Soul(s) and lived in another body for some period of time and returned to original body of theirs.  This is called Punarjanma or Parakaya pravesh. The bird habituated to stay in doors in a cage confined to its walls, will return to the cage even if left free to roam at large in the nature.  It will be afraid to live at large.  Likewise in meditation also sadhak feels, ‘Iam slipping into infinity, and may not return to this physical body’.  The sadhak will be afraid like this. The man is in fact made in the mould of God. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. 
Don’t be afraid. Have communion with God. Then only you will understand the beautiful nature of life.  Till then this mundane life is full of misery only.  This body is habituated to human consciousness.  Kootastha, the place between the eye brows on the fore head is abode to Sri Krishna consciousness. If the child persists and cries for the presence of mother, definitely she will be hugged by his/her mother.  Likewise if we meditate for Paramatma intensely for a longer time in kootastha then God will definitely come to us.  Sadhak can fulfil any experience in his kootastha dhyana or meditation. Death experience, the experiences gained by Great Souls, and everything else can be got through Kriyayoga dhyana.

Three minds
Paramatma gave us Conscious mind first.  This is limited and confined. He also gave us subconscious mind. This is a memory reservoir. He gave us Superconscious mind also.
We can remember a thing or fact for some time. Gradually we forget them. The important things as per priority are inscripted in the memory reservoir of  subconscious mind. 
In super conscious mind small and big events, irrespective of their importance, are inscripted in this superconscious mind. At the time of leaving this physical body, Jeeva or human will have a panaromic view of all the things, events, or incidents, big or small, he did is shown by this superconscious mind. Before departing this physical body whatever  events Jeeva or human feels important and concentrates on them, that will decide his life and habits of next birth.  There will not be any limit to the egoistic thoughts.  You will be existing in each and every thought of that.  Improve your superconscious mind by doing Kriyayoga sadhan. Replace, and implant good thoughts in your superconscious mind and develop it.  You can recollect yours thoughts fully at 60 years’ age.  You can improve your thoughts by doing Kriya yoga sadhana and develop superconscious mind.  There is no age limit to develop your divine superconscious mind.  This  divine superconscious mind remembers each and every thought with minutewst detail.  Thoughts, good or bad, are eternal. They are inscripted in the ether eternally.
In our day to day life, subconscious mind helps us in saving our time by its memory. Ex: If we keep our articles of daily requirement in an order then we need not waste time to get them at the needed time.  Hereditary habits and customs are made for this only.  We should test the veracity of those habits and customs before we put them to use lest our time will be wasted for this unnecessarily. Some will be reciting the verses of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamams and Lalita Sahasranamams without understanding their meaning. In stead we must do Kriyayoga sadhana which is useful in many ways.

Fear is a mental weakness. But for a man of   whimsical behaviour fear is a medicine. Ex: When a man is driving a vehicle very speedily then others will try to instill fear in his mind to drive slowly and cautiously.  Fear is like a magnet.  Magnet attracts iron filings. Likewise fear will fear us more and more if we are attracted to it.   Fear destroys our  creativity, mental progress, contemplation power, courage, will power, and the intention to come out of dangers. It destroys our mental peace and spoils our heart, nervous system, and brain. It clouds our intuition.
Success, and failure, both deeply implanted into our subconscious, conscious, and superconscious minds. We must weed them out completely lest they pester us life after life.  These habits will be bite us at appropriate or convenient times.  That is why however they may try some people will not be successful.   

When  dicease takes place in the body  or when we come across a danger, we should not make it more with fear. With God given will power, ‘Come what may, I will be alright’, one should weed out the fear out of the mind with determination.  One should develop courage with Kriyayoga dhyana. One should keep away the people who feeds timidity in you.  You must discard the people  who say, ‘Oh God, this is a very dangerous, incurable, and expensive’.  We must make friendship with people who are spiritually advanced.  
This diabetes  or T.B. are hereditary diceases. Ordinary physician will say like this.  The spiritual man will say, ‘Physically and automatically one will not get dicease from others. Diceases are not hereditary.  The soul without physical body  is attracted to this family.’   Indiscipline,  carelessness, not following health principles, and not doing meditation etc are the root cause of diceases. We have to completely mitigate these bad qualities lest in the present the body will be subjected to diceases however strong that body may be.  Just because some time ago that dicease struck you that does not mean it will strike you again. Always think that past is past, and bygones are bygones. Don’t be afraid, fear rhe fear. 
Don’t be afraid of death. It is a solace or succour to the tiresome body, the body tired of dicease(s).  Take a long breath slowly and steadily. Keep it some time. Again exhale it slowly and steadily. Keep it some time. Do it 15 to 20 times. Then the fear will go.  

We did not do our home work properly in the past birth with discipline. This is the root cause of our skilllessness. Kriyayoga sadhana is the only way to rectify those mistakes.


   Nonvioiolence, truth, non stealing, celibacy, not expecting anything 
   from others,
    Cleanliness of body &mind, contentment, Reading religious books,      
    total surrender to God,
3) AASANA---- firm sitting posture,

4) PRAANAAYAAMA--- control over breath,

5) PRATYAAHAARA--   Withdrawal of  business of senses,

6) DHAARANA---            Concentration on one thing,

7) DHYAANA----        Incessant concentration on GOD only,

     Giving up all forms of GOD, merging with GOD the FATHER.

     DHARANA, DHYAANA & SAMADHI together are called 

    Meditation starts with seed and ultimately it becomes 
That means you first meditate on God, merge with Him and 
become God yourself.
Likewise  my Sadguru Sri Yoganada Swami was burning with God so he has become an illuminated sage. 
   Na tasya rogo na zaraa na mrityu praaptasya yogaagnimayam sareeram.    
Shedding mortality, ageing and disease, the person doing
 meditation shall be burning with Yoga fire.  Beatitude is 
obtained by  people  who do meditation 
 and turn his mind inwards not outwards.   

Gayatri Mantra
Gaayantam traayate iti gaayatri.
The more one chants Gayatri the more one gets protection.
Na maataa paradaivam na Gaayatree paramantram.
There is no substitute for mother. Likewise no other Mantra is a substitute for Gayatri Mantra.
Ohm Bhoorbhuvassuvaha
Tat savitarvarenyam
Bhargodevasya dheemahi
Dheeyoyonah prachodayaat.
Ohm = Brahma,                 Bhooh = embodiment of Pranava,
Bhuvaha = eradicates sorrow,  Swaha = embodiment of Happiness,   tat = (with) that ,    savituhu = effulgence,  Devasya = of God,    Varenyam =  the best & greatest,  Bhargaha = that effulgence which is the destroyer of our sins,  Dheemahi =  we pray,    yaha = which, naha = our(s), dhiyaha = intellect, prachodayaat = provoke. 
Oh Brahma, you are the embodiment of Pranava, You are the eradicator of sorrow, you are the embodiment of happines, we pray that  effulgence of God, the best & greatest, which is the destroyer of our sins, so as to enhance our intellect for doing good deeds.

 Peace, wealth
To get peace, health, and wealth, Kriyayoga sadhana is only helpful. The sadhana should be started from the early childhood. The body addicted to lazyness shall not allow, and help to do sadhana latter.  The peace and bliss we get during sadhana indicates that God has listned to our prayers.  Everybody wanted success only. Some people  make efforts for success. Some people make relentless efforts till they become successful. One should not give up efforts in the middle. With incessant efforts one may become a good Engineer, Lawyer, Educationist, Scientist, and Yogi. One should not have feeling of helplessness like ‘Iam useless, I cannot do this work, Iam male, Iam female’. This comes under ego. Also, ‘Iam of higher caste, lower caste, Iam an Officer, and Iam handsome etc.,’, come under ego.  We are the children of God. Let us be like that. Let us do Kriyayoga dhyana and earn beatitude. That  is real peace.
Reading scriptures
 It is better to do reading scriptures after meditation. Good spiritual books viz., Sri Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and scriptures, should be read slowly with understanding.  Even the students should read their class books slowly with understanding. Books should not be read like a novel.  Stars will be influencing planets. Planets and human bodies are subjected to attractions and repulsions. Hence stars will be influencing human bodies.  Destructive, and degenerative thoughts of a man are as such because he is attracted to already existing such vice atmosphere in the ether. The remedy for this is to do kriyas more and more. 
We should understand that our consciousness is running our atoms in us.  We should not live in mental narrowness. We should not give room to poisonous things like despair, disinterest, and dissatisfaction etc. We  should take correct decisions by self analysis with self confidence. Take the help and shelter of Sadguru for spiritual uplift. Don’t do things with ignorance.

Change or transformation is a must and natural phenomenon. Each and every atom in the Creation is subjected to change.  The corrupted Souls are taking birth on this earth pertinent to their respective karma. The corrupted Soul is called Jeeva. The jeevas live on this earth as per their respective karma, amuse their respective relatives on this earth for some time, and when time comes they depart from this earth for getting into another container. The ego impregnates the Jeeva during its stay in the mother’s yoni. The ego displays its existence after coming out of yoni at different stages like childhood, youthfulness, and old age etc. till the soul departs from the body. Mind will recognise the changes in the body. Because of the transformations in the body, ego recognises the changes in the mind. There is a pure and changeless Soul behind these mind and ego. The man of divine Soul desires the ever new and ever youthfulness of this pure and changeless Soul only. 
‘Iam eating, Iam drinking, Iam sleeping, Iam seeing  and Iam talking etc.,’, in all these works “I” is common.  That ‘I’ which is common to all ‘I’s is the ever conscious, ever existing, ever blissful Soul.  ‘I, I-ness’ is the ego. All dualities, happiness unhappiness, health ill health, and wealth poverty etc., are happening due to the ego. Ego is the root cause of all dualities. Ego is the root cause of all feelings. Feelings lead to attachment. That does not mean you should endure everything like a stone. While thinking for a remedy, we should do Kriyayoga sadhana so as to be unaffected and uninfluenced by these dualities.  Ageing is only to the body, not to the mind. While observing the changes surrounding us the mind cannot be ever youthful. There will be a transformation in the mind also. That is the reason the thoughts and feelings will be changing as per the age.  The man of ignorance or spirituallu undeveloped man may not understand or recognise the unchangeable existence of pure Soul. But he may recognise the reflection of Soul i.e., ego which is nothing but pseudo soul. This relative ego is also eternal as long as this earth exists. This will be with the jeeva birth after birth, and death after death. But that pseudo soul will not carry the memories of his life after the fall of physical body.  If the machine is dead, the man who made it need not die.  Likewise after the fall of this physical body ego will not die.
When man is physically and mentally tired then rest is required for rejuvenation. We have to tense and relax each and every part. Then each and every part  of physical body will get energised.  In deep sleep mind energy is unconsciously withdrawn fron motor and sensor nerves.
Heart, lungs, and other organs get complete rest through kriyayoga dhyana, and with that the body gets rejuvenated. Body attachment is the main reason behind fear of death. We take birth to accomplish our karma.  We must fix our gaze in kootastha and practice our sleep with half closed eyes. That will lead us to Samadhi state, the ecstatic  reunion with God the Father.
Death ––  different states
The birth and death of cells within the body is continuous process. When life force is withdrawn from these three i.e., 1) Spinal cord, 2)Cerebrum, and 3)Medulla oblongata, then it is called death.  Stoppage of breath and pulse, the hardening of membranes, muscles, organs, and cells is not death. Spinal cord is tree of life.  Its roots are hair in the head. Its branches are afferent-sensor and efferent-motor nerves. All parts of the body are connected through these nerves.  Life force in the Spinal cord i.e., tree of life is concentrated in Medulla oblongata. If any danger occurs to Medulla oblongata , then death is inevitable. In trees life force will not be concentrated at one place like Medulla oblongata in humans.  It will be decentralised and will be in all branches. That is the reason we can plant the branches and can get the same type of plants from them.  We cannot cut a hand or leg and cannot obtain the same clan by planting them like tree branches.
Reasons for death
The motor nerves gets paralysed and lose its vibrations, and muscular paralysis are main reason for death.  Nose, skin, tongue, ear, and eye are sensory organs. The sensory nerves not sending their signals from their respective sensory organs  to brain also causes death. When man is dying he gradually loses smell, taste, sight, touch, and lastly sound.
Death experience
 Ever body must have experienced the sleeping of legs or hands.  At that time blood will not be flowing into that part(s). That part is as good as dead only. You cannot even move that part a bit. One can look at other things till the death of optical nerves.  You can experience the painless consciousness in the spinal cord for some time like in deep sleep. When a part or organ is paralysed  that part cannot experience pain or pleasure if it comes into contact with any object, solid, liquid, or gaseous. Likewise the dying portions like legs, hands, lower abdomen, liver, upper abdomen and stomach, heart, and brain will not cause pain to the dying man.  Only the dying lungs will pain the dying man.  Breathlessness is very painful. In fact it is a mental problem or pain. Life force gradually be withdrawn from muscles, heart, and senses. The withdrawn life force will be secured in Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agna, And Sahasrara chakras.  The Soul leaving the Physical body, and stepping into Astral field temporarily is called death.  Hearing  about devils or goblins from those who do not have any practical experience,  people are afraid.  Likewise people are unnecessarly become panicky about death hearing from inexperienced people. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi experienced death when he was alive.  I myself had death experience three times during my life. I went into coma three times. Death is like long sleep. I had written the above with my personal experience with death.
Death is a long sleep. Birth, existence, development, difficulties, losses, and death etc.,are all the dream of Parabrahman.  Our dreams make us to forget the dream of Parabrahman.  Ordinary people consider the death as fearful ferocious mental and physical incident.  The sadhaks who experienced beatitude through intensive Kriya yoga sadhana will behold death as a  wonderful metaphysical experience.   
This body is made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons etc.. In death the destructing or dilapitating flesh, liquids, and energy will be metamorphosed into dust and light. Energy and everything in the Creation is the consciousness or thought of Paramatman.  Hence, breath, working of heart, blood circulation, digestion, all dualities, and even death, all are works pertain to mind. God has manifested the above in human consciousness.
Some people even though wanted change but cannot change their bad habits. But with incessant efforts, and by being in the company of good people, they can change themselves with will power.  Otherwise difficulties, diceases, and loans etc will haunt us birth after birth.  The main reason for failure is not utilizing the will power given by God the Father with renewed vigour. We can move or shake this world with God given will power. Will power only link the life force to this inert body.  We have millions of volts of life force current in our body which is enough to live for several thousands’ years. If anything adverse happens then we are forgetting and discarding that will power. One should never say, ‘Iam tired’. The man who does not utilise his will power to reach his cherished goal is as good as dead. That man is equal to an inert matter. One should be triumphant over pain that he may encounter at the time of death. He must come back to life again and continue his Kriyayoga sadhana. This should be his spirit.
Unnecessary, unwanted, and meaningless ideas should not be rubbed on the children. We should not try to change the children by force.  The prayers without devotion, tasteless, and not having heart type of old prayers were
disliked by Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda.  Elders used to respect his prayers prayed with soul. Learn Kriyayoga sadhana and make children to learn that.  You do that sadhana along with children. Take decisions with the will power earned with this sadhana which is highly desirable.

Food and health are directly related. Food and mind are directly related. The intelligence is hidden in man and food atoms. Intelligence will influence definitely the mind and atoms in the brain. Life force freely to the people who takes Green vegetables, salads, and nuts. This is healthy. More boiled and fried foods will lose energy and hence not healthy.
Your senses will work according to the type of food you take. If you take saatwik food like milk and fruits the senses will be cool and peaceful. If you take Rajasic food like meat etc then you will be restless and prone to anger. If you take tamasic food then you will be proned to sleep and ignorance.
The vibrations of fear, pain, anger, and helplessness of the animal killed is inscripted in non-vegetarian food. Life force will not flow freely in the people who takes this food. This not healthy. The mind also will not be pleasant in these people.

Kriyayoga sadhana

If mind is always concentrated on physical things then attachment becomes more. We must meditate on God the Father. In meditation, the doer of meditation, the goal of meditation i.e., God communion, and meditation, all three should become one.  Brain is the reservoir of life force.  When a strong blow strikes the head then stars will appear in the brain.  These stars are the lightnings of life force only.
The movement or vibrations of membranes, muscles, heart, lungs, Diaphragm, kidneys, Cellular Metabolism, blood circulation, for the works of sensory and motor nerves, for the chemical changes in blood etc., for thoughts, feelings, and desires,  for all these quite a lot of life force will be spent through kundalinee passage.  The battery in Mobile phone is to be charged quite often lest it will be as good as dead only and will not be useful to us. Likewise the spent kundalinee life force has to be replaced or replenished through Kriya yoga sadhana lest the body becomes tired and ageing will take place sooner than latter. Awakening kundalinee is imperative to rejuvenate the body, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We must do sadhana regularly morning and evening. With this we must unite feeling centre i.e., heart, and logic centre i.e., mind both to become united.  With this you must send or transmits your love to God and you must get His love and energy in return. 
Wealth is required. If we utilise it in proper way it will be beneficial to us lest it will cause listless harm.  Wealth is not everything. Sadhana is superior to everything.  In fact wealth means energy. Real energy and superior energy is Kriyayoga sadhana only.
Soul and Spirit both are one and the same. Ocean and wave of Ocean are same. Individualized Spirit is Soul. Likewise individualized Ocean is wave.  If we can make contact with our pure Soul it is as good as having contact with Spirit because Soul is part of Spirit as wave is part of ocean.
If we find there is Diabetes in one sample blood drop then there is Diabetes in whole blood. By controlling life force we will have communion with our Pure Soul.  This is called Pranayama technique.  ‘Neti, Neti’ that means to give up everything understanding that Iam not the body, mind, Intellect, ego, and feeling. This is called Gnana marga technique. This is theoretical and hence difficult. 
‘Aham Brahmasmi’ i.e., Iam the God.  ‘sarvam khalu idam Brahma’ i.e., the whole universe is filled with Brahma only. Hence onced should not say, ‘Iam nothing’. 
Gnanavatar (embodiment of pur wisdom) sri yukteswara Swami used to go to Sri Dabhru Bhallav for learning Sri Bhagavad Gita. The art of teaching of Sri Dabhru Bhallav is unique. His wards has to read and recite each every Sloka or verse at least for 4 to 5 times, and then the ward has to meditate on that Sloka at least for 30 minutes. After that Guru Sri Dabhru Bhallav used to guve his commentary on that.  Again the ward has to meditate on that commentary for 30 minutes. Sacred books have to be read bit by bit and understand them. Then one will be able to get God communion. Reading many number of books is unimportant, how much you have understood from those books is important.  One may be a book worm but he might not have grasped and learnt anything practically from those books. Too much of reading books creates ego. The purpose of sacred books is to get God communion.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to say, ‘I pity those illiterate and ignorant people, I love the self realised illiterate person, I consider those literate but not got self realisation sort of people as good as a blade of grass, I ask these so called learned people about  self realisation and make them to know and understand about their Spiritual poverty, but I love, respect, and admire the learned and self realised people’.  
 Firstly we should do Kriyayoga sadhana and get self realisation. After that we should read scriptures and sacred books so that they can be better understood. You cannot learn driving by reading books. You should read, and then practically learnt from an experienced driver. Years of reading  scriptures and sacred books will not be equal to one hour Kriyayoga sadhana. Don’t be satisfied about the description of a sweet fruit, just eat it.
Ordinary man  Yogi

Ordinary feels that he is doing all works and do things with ego. He continues to spend his life with such ego. Kriyayogi feels that everything righteous is done by God only and Iam His tool.  He continues to spend his life with such humility and devotion. Ordinary man needs wealth. With or without wealth he feels insecurity.  Yogi may also need wealth but does not depend on wealth only. With or without wealth yogi feels secured.  Worldly or Spiritual works are to be done with strict business principles truthfully lest life will be miserable.  Without making proper arrangements, one should not call 1000 people for Annadanam i.e., for giving food, and shall not be able to feed them properly is wrong even though the act may be good. Indisciplined and unintelligent people do like this without proper thinking. One should not utilise Spirituality for development of Business is not proper.
Whether you eat in golden plate or ordinary plate, it is one and the same. You will eat the food in that but not the plate itself.  Plate will not extinguish our hunger. It is the food that puts off our appetite. We should not waste time on unwanted pomp and show. We should utilise and save more and more time for doing Kriyayoga sadhana.
Liberate from the desires lest you have to take birth again and again on this earth to fulfil those desires.  Do kriyayoga sadhana. learn Pranayama techniques.  Be triumphant over desires. Paramatma will talk to you through this dhyana only.  The more you get peace and bliss in the Dhyana, the more you will be nearer to Parabrahman. Not only that do works with God consciousness.  Consider and view each and every work as the work of God.  Do the works happily and whole heartedly.

Great Yogis

Completely liberated yogis are known as Maha Yogis.  Those completely liberated yogis take births on this earth only due to pity on the mankind. They take birth anchored to God. In fact those maha yogis can manifest on this earth without entering into any yoni.  They need not make any effort to get into the kingdom of God as they already and are always anchored to God.  They do not have any balance of Karma. As such they are not confined to this birth and death cycle like ordinary people. They can come and depart as per their wish. They do work only for the pleasure of God and for the spiritual progress of mankind.  They may obtain death in ordinary way or they may merge their body with God the Father as per their wish. They are liberated before and after death. As such they need not be liberated again.  They are the roll models for sadhaks.  Bierth and death cannot be rubbed on them forcibly. Birth occurs only when there is a balance of Karma.  Hence there should not be any karma, good or bad, lest it leads to rebirth.  
It is advisable to give food to the hungry. It is better to teach the hungry as to how to earn that food. It is still better to teach others as to how to grow mentally.  It is the best to advise others to learn Kriyayoga sadhana by showing or leading them to Kriyayoga Sadgurus. Because by this they will be able to enter into kingdom of God.
We can do sadhana three hours after taking food. Kriyayoga sadhana should be done intensively and for longer time. Getting peace and bliss is the successfulness of Sadhana. one should not get up immediately after sadhana and watch Tele Vision etc. One should enjoy the results of sadhana for a while. We should not do time confined meditation.  Habits, good or bad, takes eight years’ time to get implanted in the humans.  So we must do Kriyayoga sadhana for eight years continuously.  Then it  becomes a habit which is good.
Sadhak,  in his superconscious state, beholds  or observes Paramatman as a word, auspicious OM sound, ever new blissful effulgence, and love. This is known as Savikalpa Samadhi.  This Cosmos or Jagat will be manifesting from auspicious OM sound as water bubles is observed by the sadhak. This is known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Upa= vicinity,      Nayanam=eye.
Upanayanam means the eye in the vicinity of God. That means third eye in Kootastha, the eye between the eye brows on the forehead. We will not step into the kingdom of God till that third eye is opened. To be able to open that third eye through Kriyayoga sadhana is real Bhakti yoga. Kriyayoga sadhana is Karma yoga.

Thread ceremony (Yagnopaveeta dhaarana)

Yat gnaatwaa muktim pradaati iti Yagnam. That means by knowing which we get liberated that is known as Yagnam. We must do Dharana i.e., concentration on God in kootastham. Liberation comes only by approaching God.  Upa means vicinity, veetam means to wear. So to wear a sacred thread in the vicinity of God and do concentration on God in kootastham for liberation is called Yagnopaveeta dhaarana.  That means taking a sacred oath, ‘I will do intensive Kriyayoga sadhana for liberation’, by wearing a sacred thread, is known as Yagnopaveeta dhaarana. 

During thread ceremony the sadhak wears Panchasikha that is he tonsures his head but keeps small and short clusters of hairs at five different places on his head. These five clusters are replicas of five Pancha Mahabhootas viz., Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The sadhak will take a oath, ‘I will do this Kriya yoga yagna with these Pancha Mahabhootas as witnesses’.  He will take this oath in front of Fire for his liberation. 
Aapastambha sootra
Asamgo sabdo sareero sparsascha mahaan suchih
Parabrahman is limbless, soundless, touchless or intangible, qualityless, subtlest among subtle, beyond logic, Unique, and Pure.
Aapah = water. Mundane existence is like water. Life force is the basis of Mundane existence.  Life force is like a thread (sootra) that links or stiches or ties this inert body with Parabrahman.  We must do Kriya yoga sadhana and control life force.  This is called Pranayama. The life force controlled by Pranayama will in turn make this restless mind still or steady. That is a stepping stone to liberation. To get liberation by controlling the life force through Kriyayoga sadhana is Aapastambha Sootra.

Rahasyam (Secret)
The secret (Rahasyam) behind liberation is Kriyayoga sadhana.
Ra= not, hasyam= silly. Rahasyam means it is not silly but serious business.  That means Kriyayoga sadhana is not closing eyes and simply sitting quite. It is a business of very serious nature for the sadhak to have God communion. It is not a secret to be told in the ears.

                              OM Sri Yonanda Guru Parabrahmanenamah.

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