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kriyayogasadhana--SriVishnuSahasranamam in English Prose

                             Kriyayogasadhana—Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam
Ohm Sri Yognanda Guru Parabrahmanenamah 
Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam means eulogizing Paramaatma(God the father) in different names. To attain God there are only two ways. 1) to make the unsteady life force steady, or 2) to make the unsteady mind steady. If the mind is made steady then the unsteady life force becomes steady and vice versa. Both are complementary to each other.  Life force and mind are the two sides of the same coin.
To make the unsteady life force steady is called Pranayamam. It is easier method to Saadhakas.
To make the unsteady mind steady is called wisdom process. It is difficult process.
By meditating on  Paramatma with several names make the unsteady mind steady.attainment of God will be easier.

Sat means potent one. The rays of Sat(the bulb) are falling into the Glass sphere called Maya. The rays in the Sphere are called ‘TAT’.  When these rays are refracted through this TAT sphere then one Sound OHM is produced. This vibratory OHM is the cause of Creation(Srushti) called HARI.  i.e.,. the one which gets destroyed. The whole mankind is a part nd parcel of that Creation only.
One only exists. That is SAT. That is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. If name and configuration is added to this, then it becomes Hari/Creation that gets destroyed. Maya is the root cause of Creation which appears to be many in forms.
Maa= not  Yaa= real, so Maya is not real. So particle can never be real.
Maya is the dream of Paramatma, God the father. A man who is shivering with fear due to a nightmarish dream can get rid of it by opening his physical eyes. By opening the third eye with the help of Kriya yoga sadhana man can come out of Maya, the dream of Paramatma. This is possible only during the life time of man’s incarnation, Manavajanma. Incarnation of man is the best amongst all other incarnations viz., beast, bird etc. 
Sat means Paramatma, God the father. One has to reach the vibrating Ohm from Hari(creation), then he has to enter Tat, the God in Creation or the vibrationless Ohm. Then he has to merge with SAT, God the father.
Let us suppose that SAT is a light incandescence. The second one is TAT, a spherical Glass  cube. Some rays only of the SAT will enter into Tat. So SAT exists in TAT and also exists beyond TAT. Without SAT the existence of TAT does not arise.  The third one OHM is nothing but vibrating TAT only. This  OHM sound produces the Creation i.e., Hari which gets  destructed. 
That is why any good work will be started with ‘Hari Ohm Tat Sat’.  that means we have to start frm Hari and reach SAT.
Each and every name is one root word, Beeja mantra. That root word will illuminate the related Chakra, plexus. It is my endeavor to make the meditating Sadhak understand the names that vibrates/illuminates the pertinent chakra.  
The Bhagavat Gita starts with ‘Dharmakshetre kurukshetre’ sloka/verse. Kshetre kshetre Dharma kuru—you must do Dharma in each and every Chakra/plexus. So one must vibrate each and every Chakra so as to drive out the darkness out of it. This makes the Chakra to glow with its effulgence. Then the meditating sadhak will get pure wisdom. He will be nearing God, the father.
Sri Vishnu means Pramatma, God the father. Sahasranaamam means thousand names. With these names the sadhak should vibrate his Chakras, illuminate them, steady his mind, and then merge with SAT. for that only this wonderful SriVishnu Sahasranamam is intended for.
The nine names in the first verse of SriVishnu Sahasranamam vibrates the first chakra, Mooladharachakra.  That means the vibration starts with the first Chakra.
There are about 72,000 subtle nadis exist in our body. Amongst them three subtle nadis viz., Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna subtle nadis are very important. These three subtle nadis exist in our Spinal cord, Merudanda. Ida subtle nadi exists on the left side of the Spinal cord. Pingala subtle nadi exists on the right side of the Spinal cord. Sushumna subtle nadi exists in the middle of the Ida and Pingala in the Spinal cord.
There are SEVEN CHAKRAS/PLEXUS in our SPINAL CORD, MERUDANDA. These Chakras and Subtle nadis are not visible to the naked eye. MOOLADHAARA CHAKRA that exists at the anus  is the FIRST chakra. 2 ½ knuckles above the nailed portion of the index finger  exists SWADHISTAANA CHAKRA. This 2nd Chakra located at the anterior of Urinary centre. In the spinal cord the THIRD CHAKRA viz., MANIPURA CHAKRA exists behind navel. In the vicinity of Heart exists the FOURTH CHAKRA ANAHATA CHAKRA. The FIFTH CHAKRA VISUDDHA CHAKRA exists in the gullet. AGNAA NEGATIVE CHAKRA exists in the Medulla Centre.  AGNAA POSITIVE CHAKRA exists in the place between the eyebrows on the forehead, KOOTASTHA. This Agnaa negative and positive chakras together are called AGNAA CHAKRA. This SIXTH CHAKRA is the only bipolar chakra having negative and positive chakras. Rest of the six chakras are unipolar chakras, no positive or negative polarity. Underneath the BRAHMARANDHRA, top of the middle of the head exists SAHASRARA, the last and SEVENTH CHAKRA.    
Moolaadhara, Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agnaa, and Sahasrara is the ascending order.
Moolaadhara, Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agnaa negative, agnaa positive  and Sahasrara is the ASCENDING ORDER.
Sahasrara, Agnaa positive, Agnaa negative, Visuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhistaana, and Moolaadhara is the DESCENDING ORDER.
BRAHMA GRANTHI is spread upto Moolaadhara, Swadhistaana, and  Manipura. This is called Kurukshetra. Rigveda time period.  
RUDRA GRANTHI is spread upto Manipura, Anahata, and  Visuddha. This is called Kurukshetra-Dharmakshetra, Yajurveda time period.
VISHNU GRANTHI is spread upto Visuddha, Agnaa negative, agnaa positive  and Sahasrara. This is called  Dharmakshetra, Samaveda time period.
While chanting the names of Sri Vishnu sahasranamam some times two or three Chakras vibrate in ascending or descending order. The destruction of Brahma. Rudr or Vishnu Granthi also can be observed. After the destruction of that Granthi,  the destruction of that Granthi will be fortified. Granthi destruction plays a pivotal role in KRIYAYOGASADHANA.  
Kriyayoga is cummingling of 1) Hatha Yoga(energisation exercises), 2) Layayoga( SO Ham and ohm techniques), 3) karmayoga(service), 4)Mantrayoga(Beejaakshara chanting in Chakras), and 5)Rajayoga(Pranayama techniques). Kriyayoga is an aeroplane way of reaching God.
Each and every name of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam is a root word, Beejamantra. 
Face east or north. Make your spinal cord straight and erect. Neck should be straight. Sit in Vajrasan, Padmasan(lotus posture) or Sukhasan. Apply gnaanamudra or linga mudra. Relax a bit. Put your abdomen in, chest up. Sit like a lion. Fix your gaze in kootastha. Apply khechri mudra. Now chant these Mantrs or names of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam.
1)viswam vishnuh vashatkaarah bhootabhavyabhavatprabhuh bhootakrud bhaavah bhootaatma bhootabhaavanah 
Viswam(the body of the meditating saadhak) vishnuh(pervading the whole body) vashatkaarah(sacrifice) bhootabhavyabhavatprabhuh(the lord of past, present and future)  bhootakrud(Creator) bhaavah (pure concept) bhootaatma(the soul of all beings) bhootabhaavanah (cause of all beings)
All these nine names vibrate Moolaadharachakra.
2)pootaatmaa paramaatma cha muktaanaam pramaagatih avyayah purushah saakshee kshetragnah akshara eva cha
Pootaatmaa(pure soul) paramaatma(sat) cha muktaanaam pramaagatih(the ultimate goal of meditating sadhakas) avyayah(cannot be destroyed) purushah(the first and foremost)  saakshee(the witnessee) kshetragnah(knower of this body) akshara( not destroyable)  eva cha
All these eight names vibrate Moolaadharachakra.  
3)yogah yogavidaamnetaa pradhaanapurusheswarah naarasimhavapuh shreeman keshavah purushottamah
Yogah(can be attained through kriyayoga) yogavidaamnetaa(the leader of meditating sadhakas) pradhaanapurusheswarah(the lord of Maya and Jeeva) naarasimhavapuh(meditating sadhaka is not man but lion) shreeman(giver of energy) keshavah(the destroyer of inner and outer foes) purushottamah (the first and foremost)
All these seven  names vibrate Manipurachakra.
4)sarvah sharvah sivah sthaanuh bhootaadih nidhiravyayah sambhavah bhaavanah bhartaa prabhavah prabhuh eeswarah
Sarvah(He is all) sharvah(pure) sivah(auspicious) sthaanuh(strong like a rock) bhootaadih(cause of beings) nidhiravyayah(not diminishing prosperity)  sambhavah(incarnation) bhaavanah(giver of righteous wnts) bhartaa(endurer) prabhavah(the cause of five electricities—ether, air, fire, water, and earth) prabhuh(lord) eeswarah(his sight itself is like a arrow)
All these twelve  names vibrate Manipurachakra.
5)swayambhooh shambhuh aadityah pushkaraakshah mahaaswanah anaadinidhanah  dhaataa vidhaataa dhaaturuttamah
Swayambhooh(self effulgent) shambhuh(giver of purity) aadityah(sun) pushkaraakshah(lotus eyed—not entangled with life i.e.,samsaara—lotus will not get rotten in spite of dwelling in water) mahaaswanah(Ohmkar is His breath) anaadinidhanah(formless) dhaataa(cause of all living and non-living)) vidhaataa(author of principles)dhaaturuttamah(subtlest)
All these nine  names vibrate Manipurachakra.
6)aprameyah hrusheekesah padmanaabhah amaraprabhu viswakarmaa manuh twashtaa sthavishtah sthavirodhruvah 
Aprameyah(not describable) hrusheekesah(king of senses) padmanaabhah(centre of wisdom) amaraprabhu(decayless king) viswakarmaa(Creator) manuh(Manu) twashtaa(the one who mixes panchamahaabhootaas)  sthavishtah(greatest amongst the great) sthavirodhruvah( ancient and motionless)
All these nine  names vibrate Anahata and Manipurachakra gradually in descending order. It will help in the destruction of Brahma Granthi.
7)agraahyah shashvatah krushnah lohitaakshah pratardanah prabhootah trikakubdhaama pavitram mangalamparam 
Agraahyah(cannot be grasped) shashvatah(eternal) krushnah(attracts the beings) lohitaakshah(punish the vice through Law of Karma) pratardanah(cause of destruction) prabhootah(blemishless) trikakubdhaama(supporter of three worlds—physical, subtle, and causal) pavitram(cause of purity) mangalamparam(highly auspicious)
All these nine  names vibrate Anahata and Manipurachakra gradually in descending order. It will help in the destruction of Brahma Granthi.
8)eesaanah praanadah praanah jyeshtah shreshtah prajaapatih hiranyagarbhah bhoogarbhah maadhavah madhusoodanah
Eesaanah(ability to do administration) praanadah(root cause of all beings) praanah(life force) jyeshtah(the first and foremost one) shreshtah(the most desirable one) prajaapatih(Creator) hiranyagarbhah(stomach for the Cosmos) bhoogarbhah(protector of erth) maadhavah(the witness)  madhusoodanah (destroyer of wants of meditating sadhak)
All these ten  names vibrate Manipurachakra gradually in descending order. It will help in the destruction of Brahma Granthi. 
9)eeswarah vikramee dhanvee medhaavee vikramah kramah anuttamah duraagharshah krutagnah krutih aatmavaan
Eeswarah(all powerful) vikramee(totally courageous) dhanvee(wearing spinal cord as bow) medhaavee (all knowing)vikramah(exemplary discipline) kramah(disciplined) anuttamah(unparalleled) duraagharshah(all powerful) krutagnah(all knowing) krutih(rewarder of good karma) aatmavaan(self established)
All these eleven names vibrate visuddhachakra.
10)suresah saranam sarma viswaretaah prajaabhavah ahah samvatsarah vyaalah pratyayah sarvadarsanah 
Suresah(God of Gods) saranam(shelterer to all) sarma(beatitude) viswaretaah(seed of Cosmos) prajaabhavah(root of all beings) ahah(effulgence) samvatsarah(time) vyaalah(intangible) pratyayah(pure wisdom) sarvadarsanah(all seing)
All these ten names vibrate visuddhachakra.
11) ajah sarveswarah siddhah siddhih sarvaadih achyutah vrushaakapih ameyaatmaa sarvayogavinissrutah
Ajah(unborn) sarveswarah(lord) siddhah(accomplished) siddhih(personification of bliss) sarvaadih(primal cause) achyutah(eternally pure) vrushaakapih(the steady mind) ameyaatmaa(infinite form) sarvayogavinissrutah( fully liberated)
All these twelve names vibrate visuddhachakra.  
12)vasuh vasumanaah satyah samaatmaa sasmitah samah amoghah pundareekaakshah vrushakarmaa vrushaakrutih
Vasuh(essence of all things) vasumanaah(the supreme pure mind) satyah(truth) samaatmaa(equal bearing in all things) sasmitah(adorable) samah(equal) amoghah(eternal requirement) pundareekaakshah(dweller of hearts) vrushakarmaa(the supreme worker of righteousness) vrushaakrutih (the Great form)  
vasuh vasumanaah  amoghah vibrate Moolaadharachakra.  
satyah samaatmaa sasmitah samah vibrate Swaadhishtaanachakra.
pundareekaakshah vrushakarmaa vrushaakrutih vibrate Manipurchakra.
13)rudrah bahusirah babhruh viswayonih suchisravah amrutah saaswatasthaanuh varaarohah mahaatapaah
Rudrah(destroyer of sorrow) bahusirah(omniscient) babhruh(king) viswayonih(root cause of Cosmos) suchisravah(of divine names)  amrutah(decayless) saaswatasthaanuh(changeless) varaarohah(glorious goal) mahaatapaah(of great austerity)
All these nine names vibrate anahatachakra.  
14)sarvagah sarvavidbhaanuh vishvaksenah janaardhanah vedah vedavit avyamgah vedaamgah vedavit kavih
Sarvagah(all pervading) sarvavidbhaanuh(effulgent and omniscient) vishvaksenah(the Almighty) janaardhanah(giver of bliss) vedah(the Vedas) vedavit(knower of Vedas) avyamgah(all perfect) vedaamgah(Vedas are his limbs)  vedavit(knower of Vedas) kavih(seer)
All these ten names vibrate Visuddhachakra.    
15)lokaadhyakshah suraadhyakshah dharmaadhyakshah krutaakrutah chaturaatmaa chaturvyoohah chaturdrashtrah chaturbhujah
Lokaadhyakshah(president of Cosmos) suraadhyakshah(President of Gods) dharmaadhyakshah(President of righteousness) krutaakrutah(Creator and creation) chaturaatmaa(existing in all states—conscious, sub conscious,and super conscious)  chaturvyoohah(root cause of all these states) chaturdrashtrah(having skilful wisdom tooth) chaturbhujah(skilful arms fit for meditation)
All these eight names vibrate Manipurachakra.
16)bhraajishnuh bhojanam bhoktaa sahishnuh jagadaadijah anaghah vijayah jetaa viswayonih punarvasuh
Bhraajishnuh(self effulgent) bhojanam(food) bhoktaa(the eater) sahishnuh(endurance) jagadaadijah(Creator) anaghah(blemishless) vijayah(victor) jetaa(eternal victor) viswayonih(cause of Cosmos) punarvasuh(eternal dweller of hearts)
All these ten names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
17)upendrah vaamanah praamsuh amoghah shuchih oorjitah ateendrah samgrahah sargah dhrutaatmaa niyamah yamah  
Upendrah(nearer to senses—mind) vaamanah(the superior mind) praamsuh(unique) amoghah(purposeful) shuchih(eternally pure) oorjitah(omnipotent) ateendrah(beyond the senses) samgrahah(holder unto Himself) sargah(Creation) dhrutaatmaa(self-supporter) niyamah(self employer)yamah(administrator)
 All these twelve names vibrate Visuddhachakra. 
18)vedyah vaidyah sadaayogee veerahaa maadhavah madhuh ateendriyah mahaamayah mahotsaahah mahaabalah
Vedyah(the only one who is to be known) vaidyah(doctor) sadaayogee(eternal yogi) veerahaa(destroyer of bad qualities in the meditating Sadhak) maadhavah(lord of wisdom) madhuh(sweet beatitude) ateendriyah(beyond senses) mahaamayah(the greatest Maya) mahotsaahah(always interesting) mahaabalah(all powerful)
All these ten names vibrate Visuddhachakra. 
19)mahaabuddhih mahaaveeryah mahaasaktih mahaadyatih anirdesyavapuh sreemaan ameyaatmaa mahaadridhruk
Mahaabuddhih(Omniscient) mahaaveeryah(all powerful) mahaasaktih(all mighty) mahaadyatih(self effulgent) anirdesyavapuh(not describable)  sreemaan(pure minded) ameyaatmaa(the Greatest Soul) mahaadridhruk(all powerful)
All these eight names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
20) maheshvaasah maheebhartaa sreenivaasah sataamgatih aniruddhah suraanandah govindah govidaampatih 
Maheshvaasah(wielder of the Great spinal cord) maheebhartaa(the bearer of the earth) sreenivaasah(auspicious dweller) sataamgatih(the goal of meditating sadhaks) aniruddhah(wanted by all) suraanandah(giver of joy to all Devatas) govindah(the protector of senses of meditating sadhaks) govidaampatih(lord of meditating sadhaks)
All these eight names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
21)mareechih damanah hamsah suparnah bhujagottamah hiranyanaabhah sutapaah padmanaabhah prajaapatih
Mareechih(effulgent) damanah(destroyer of vice) hamsah(Ham—My, saha—almighty) suparnah(of beautiful petals in chakras)  bhujagottamah(senses are the snakes, Kundalinee power is like a snake only, Almighty is shown as reclining on five hooded snake resembling the controller of infinite wants) hiranyanaabhah(centre of wisdom) sutapaah(of good penance) padmanaabhah(with lotus navel, lotus even though in water does not get rotten,similarly man in water like samsara i.e., life should not be affected by ups downs in his life.) prajaapatih(the lord of living beings)
All these nine names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
22)amrutyuh sarvadruk simhah samghaataa sandhimaan sthirah ajah durmarshanah saastaa visrutaatmaa suraarihaa
Amrutyuh(deathless) sarvadruk(all seing) simhah(author of destroyer) samghaataa(of mutual relationship) sandhimaan(embodiment of bliss) sthirah(stable) ajah(Creator) durmarshanah(cannot be won) saastaa(dictator) visrutaatmaa(soul of Vedas) suraarihaa(destroyer of vice)
Amrutyuh vibrates Moolaadharachakra.
sarvadruk simhah vibrate Anahatachakra. Useful for the destruction of Brahmagranthi.  
samghaataa sandhimaan sthirah ajah durmarshanah saastaa visrutaatmaa suraarihaa vibrate Visuddhachakra.   Useful for the destruction of Rudragranthi.
23)guruh gurutamah dhaama satyah satyaparaakramah nimishah animishah sragvee vaachaspatirudaaragheeh 
Guruh(the first Guru) gurutamah(the Greatest Guru) dhaama(the goal of the sadhakas) satyah(truth)satyaparaakramah(the dynamic truth) nimishah(closed eyes of Yogi) animishah(opened eyes of Yogi) sragvee(wearer of divine Rosaline)   vaachaspatirudaaragheeh(wisdom lord of eloquence)
These nine names vibrate Visuddhachakra)
24)agraneeh graamaneeh sreemaan nyaayah sameeranah sahasramoordhaa viswaatmaa sahasraakshah sahasrapaat  
Agraneeh(the guide) graamaneeh(leader) sreemaan(pure mind) nyaayah(syllogism) sameeranah(judge) sahasramoordhaa(promoter of syllogism) viswaatmaa(soul of Cosmos) sahasraakshah(all seing) sahasrapaat(all mighty)
These ten names vibrate Visuddhachakra. Helpful in destruction of Brahma and Rudra Granthis.
25)aavartanah nivruttaatmaa samvrutah sampradarsanah ahahsamvartakah vahnih anilah dharaneedharah  
Aavartanah(unseen dynamism behind time mchine) nivruttaatmaa(stable) samvrutah(not seen externally) sampradarsanah(destroyer of ego) ahahsamvartakah(sun) vahnih(fire) anilah(vital air) dharaneedharah(bearer of the earth)
These nine names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
26)suprasaadah prasannaatma viswadhrug viswabhuk vibhuh satkartaa satkrutah saadhuh jahnuh naaraayanah narah
Suprasaadah(supreme grace) prasannaatma(blissful) viswadhrug(helper to Cosmos) viswabhuk(all consuming) vibhuh(infinite) satkartaa(follower of Dharma) satkrutah(eulogized by righteous) saadhuh(benign) jahnuh(leader) naaraayanah(all pervading) narah(the guide)
These eleven names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
27)asamkheyah aprameyaatmaa vishishtah shishtakrut suchih siddhaardhah siddhidah siddhisaadhanah
Asamkheyah(infine forms) aprameyaatmaa(incomprehensible Self) vishishtah(unique) shishtakrut(protector of righteous) suchih(eternally pure) siddhaardhah(accomplished) siddhidah(bestower of Siddhis) siddhisaadhanah(way to beatitude)
asamkheyah aprameyaatmaa vibrate Moolaadharachakra.
vishishtah shishtakrut suchih vibrate Visuddhachakra.
siddhaardhah siddhidah siddhisaadhanah vibrate anahatachakra. Helpful for the destruction of Brahmagranthi.
28)vrushaahee vrushabhah vishnuh vrushaparvaa vrushodarah vardhanah vardhamaanah viviktah srutisaagarah
Vrushaahee(administrator of Dharma) vrushabhah(giver of Grace)    vishnuh(all pervading) vrushaparvaa (ultimate destination) vrushodarah(kind stomach) vardhanah(giver of food to living beings) vardhamaanah(ever-waxing) viviktah(unmoved) srutisaagarah(basis of Vedas)
These nine names vibrate Moolaadharachakra.
29)subhujah durdharah vaagmee mahendrah vasudah vasuh naikaroopah bruhadroopah sipivishtah prakaasanah
Subhujah(skilful) durdharah(mgnitudeless) vaagmee(Glorified) mahendrah(the great mind) vasudah(giver of prosperity) vasuh(indweller) naikaroopah(myriads of forms) bruhadroopah(of universal form) sipivishtah(giver of effulgence to Sun) prakaasanah(effulgence)
These ten names vibrate Manirachakra.
30)ojastejodyutidharah  prakaasaatmaa prataapanah riddhah spashtaaksharah  mantrah  chandraamsuh  bhaaskaradyutih 
ojastejodyutidharah(possessor of truth Goodness and Beauty) prakaasaatmaa(self effulgent) prataapanah(omnipotent) riddhah(all prosperous) spashtaaksharah(ohmkar) mantrah(sacred Ohm) chandraamsuh(cool effulgence) bhaaskaradyutih(beyond the effulgence of Sun)
ojastejodyutidharah vibrates moolaadhaara Swaadhistaana Manipura and anahata chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Brahmagrandhi.
prataapanah riddhah spashtaaksharah  mantrah  chandraamsuh  bhaaskaradyutih vibrate Anahatachakra.
31)amrutaamsoodbhavah bhaanuh sasabinduh sureswarah aoushadham jagatassetuh satyadharmaparaakramah
Amrutaamsoodbhavah(destructionless) bhaanuh(self effulgent) sasabinduh(cool force) sureswarah(lord of Devatas) aoushadham(medicine for all sorrows) jagatassetuh(the bridge between Cosmos/man and Parbrahman) satyadharmaparaakramah(Champion of Satya and Dharma)
Amrutaamsoodbhavah vibrates moolaadhaara Swaadhistaana Manipura anahata and Visuddha chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Brahma and Rudra grandhis.
bhaanuh sasabinduh sureswarah aoushadham jagatassetuh satyadharmaparaakramah vibrate Visuddhachakra. Fortifies the destruction of  Rudra grandhi.
32)bhootabhavyabhavannaayah paavanah analah kaamahaa kaamakrut kaantah kamah kaamapradah prabhuh
Bhootabhavyabhavannaayah(lord of past, present and future)  paavanah(life force) analah(primary life force) kaamahaa(annihilator of wants of Sadhaka and giver of liberation) kaamakrut(giver of righteous wants to sadhakas) kaantah(personification of beauty) kamah(dearer to all) kaamapradah(giver of righteous wants to sadhakas)  prabhuh(lord of living beings).
These ten names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
33)yugaadikrut yugaavartah naikamaayah mahaasanah adrusyah vyaktaroopah sahasrajit anantajit 
Yugaadikrut(creator of Aeons/yugas) yugaavartah(administrator of yugas) naikamaayah(infinite energy) mahaasanah(Great swallower) adrusyah(incomprehensible) vyaktaroopah(tangible to sadhakas) sahasrajit(victorious over thousands of vice) anantajit(eternal victor)
These eight names gradually vibrates anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order. Helpful in destruction of Brahmagrandhi.
34)ishtah visishtah sishteshtah sikhandee nahushah vrushah krodhahaa krodhakrutkartaa viswavaahuh maheedharah
Ishtah(repository of love) visishtah(unique) sishteshtah(lover of sadhakas) sikhandee(neutral) nahushah(who binds creatures with Maya) vrushah(embodiment of righteousness) krodhahaa(destroyer of anger) krodhakrutkartaa(destroyer of vice) viswavaahuh(infinite energy) maheedharah(supporter of earth)
These ten names vibrate Manipurachakra.
35)achyutah prathitah praanah praanadah vaasavaanujah apaamnidhih adhistaanam apramattah pratishtitah
Achyutah(intangible) prathitah(the immanent) praanah(sustainer) praanadah(cause of energy) vaasavaanujah(brother of mind) apaamnidhih(ocean) adhistaanam(root cause) apramattah(always alert) pratishtitah(self sufficient)
These nine names vibrate Swadhistanachakra.
36)skamdah skamdadharah dhuryavaradah vaayuvaahanah vaasudevah bruhadbhaanuh aadidevah puramdarah
Skamdah(the self control of meditating sadhakas) skamdadharah(the bearer of self control)  dhuryah(bearer of everything)varadah(bestower of boons) vaayuvaahanah(represents seven primal airs)  vaasudevah(Krishna) bruhadbhaanuh(big sun) aadidevah(chief cause) puramdarah(the indweller of physical subtle and idea bodies).
skamdah skamdadharah dhuryavaradah vibrate Swadhistaanachakra.
 vaayuvaahanah vaasudevah vibrate Manipurachakra.
bruhadbhaanuh aadidevah puramdarah vibrate Anahatachakra.
 37)asokah taaranah taarah soorah saurih janeswarah anukoolah sataavartah padmee padmanimekshanah
Asokah(destroyer of sorrows) taaranah(the one who enables the sadhaka to cross the ups and downs in life) taarah(protector) soorah(courageous) saurih(all mighty) janeswarah(lord of beings) anukoolah(supporter of meditating sadhakas) sataavartah(of having myriads of incarnations) padmee(like a lotus in water, he is not entangled in the life of Creation)  padmanimekshanah(who looks at life with indifference)
These ten names vibrate Anahatachakra.
38)padmanaabhah aravindaakshah padmagarbhah sareerabhrut  mahardhih riddhah vruddhaatma mahaakshah garudadhvajah
Padmanaabhah(with  navel of wisdom) aravindaakshah(having eye of wisdom) padmagarbhah(not having a heart that entangles in the life) sareerabhrut (who maintains the body)mahardhih(wonderful effulgence) riddhah(all pervading) vruddhaatma(the ancient) mahaakshah(all seing) garudadhvajah(transcendent)
These ten names vibrate Visuddhachakra.  
39)atulah sarabhah bheemah samayagnah havirharih sarvalakshanalakshanyah lakshmeevaan samitimjayah
Atulah(unparallel) sarabhah(self effulgent) bheemah(ferocious) samayagnah(knower of the time) havirharih(the swallower of Havis of yagnas) sarvalakshanalakshanyah(can be attained with pure wisdom) lakshmeevaan(all powerful) samitimjayah(eternally victorious) 
These eight names vibrate Anahatachakra.
40)viksharah rohitah maargah hetuh daamodarah sahah maheedharah mahaabhaagah vegavaan amitaasanah
Viksharah(imperishable) rohitah(fish cannot get rotten in spite of being in water, likewise even though He is the cause of Maya but will not be entangled with Maya) maargah(the guide) hetuh(root cause of Creation) daamodarah(Parabrahman) sahah(bearer of everything) maheedharah(energy giver to the Earth) mahaabhaagah(eternally prosperous) vegavaan(the swiftest) amitaasanah(limitless swallower)
These ten names vibrate Anahatachakra.
41)udbhavah kshobhanah devah sreegarbhah parameswarah karanam kaaranam kartaa vikartaa gahanah guhah
Udbhavah(root cause) kshobhanah(destroyer of vice) devah(effigent consciousness) sreegarbhah(pious heart) parameswarah(Parabrahman) karanam(instrumental cause) kaaranam(material cause) kartaa(the doer) vikartaa(Creator) gahanah(attaining God is not an ordinary business) guhah(covered with Maya)
These eleven names vibrate Visuddhachakra.  
42)vyavasaayah vyavasthaanah samsthaanah sthaanadah dhruvah parirdhih paramaspashtah tushtah pushtah subhekshanah
Vyavasaayah(cultivator) vyavasthaanah(basis) samsthaanah(place for everything) sthaanadah(giving shelter to Sadhakas) dhruvah(steadfast) parirdhih(most glorious) paramaspashtah(absolutely vivid)) tushtah(eternally blissful) pushtah(eternally contented) subhekshanah(auspicious glance)
These ten names vibrate Anahatachakra.
43)raamah viraamah virajah maargah neyah nayah anayah veerah saktimataamsreshtah dharmah dharmaviduttamah
Raamah(eternal beatitude) viraamah(highest repose) virajah(wantless) maargah(way to immortality) neyah(guide) nayah(leader) anayah(unparallel)  veerah(unique warrior) saktimataamsreshtah(mightiest amongst mighty) dharmah(embodiment of Dharma) dharmaviduttamah(seer of Dharma)
raamah viraamah virajah vibrate Visuddha Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Brahma and Rudra grandhi. 
maargah neyah nayah anayah veerah saktimataamsreshtah dharmah dharmaviduttamah vibrate  Manipura chakra. Helpful in fortifying the destruction of Brahma  grandhi.
44)vaikunthah purushah praanah pranaadah pranavah pruthuh hiranyagarbhah satrughnah vyaaptah vaayuh adhokshjah
Vaikunthah(cause of Creation by admixing panchamahabhootaas) purushah(purifier) praanah(life force) pranaadah(cause of Creation and destruction) pranavah(Ohmkar) pruthuh(all percolating) hiranyagarbhah(Creator) satrughnah(destructor of vice) vyaaptah(all pervading) vaayuh(giver of life force) adhokshjah(giver of water—life force)
These eleven names vibrate Manipurachakra. 
45)rituh sudarsanah kaalah parameshtee parigrahah ugrah samvatsarah dakshah visraamah viswadakshinah
Rituh(lord of seasons) sudarsanah(sahasraarachakra) kaalah(time) parameshtee(centre of infinite glory)parigrahah(extinguisher of negative forces of Sadhaka) ugrah(the terrible) samvatsarah(time) dakshah(able) visraamah(solace to Sadhakas) viswadakshinah(the Greatest)
These ten names vibrate anahatachakra. Helpful in the destruction of Brahma Grandhi.
46)vistaarah sthaavarah sthaanuh pramaanam beejamavyayam arthah anarthah mahaakosah mahaabhogah mahaadhanah
Vistaarah(infinitely spreaded) sthaavarah sthaanuh(strong and motionless) pramaanam(way to pure wisdom) beejamavyayam(immutable seed) arthah(meaning) anarthah(full) mahaakosah(Great-sheathed) mahaabhogah(Great enjoyer) mahaadhanah(all powerful)
These nine names vibrate Visuddhachakra.
47)anirvinnah sthavishtah abhooh dharmayoopah mahaamakhah nakshatranemih nakshatree kshamah kshaamah smeehanah
Anirvinnah(not hateful)  sthavishtah(total) abhooh(birthless) dharmayoopah(essence of Dharma) mahaamakhah(Great Yagna) nakshatranemih(centre of Asterism) nakshatree(Moon) kshamah(endurance) kshaamah(exists in deluge also) smeehanah(well wisher of Sadhakas)
These ten names vibrate Visuddha and Anahata Chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.
48)yagnah eejyah mahejyah kratuh satram sataam gatih sarvadarsee vimuktaatmaa sarvagnah gnaanamuttamam
Yagnah(sacrifice) eejyah(who can be addressed through Kriyayoga meditation)  mahejyah(highly adorable) kratuh(kriyayogasadhana) satram(shelter for all) sataamgatih(goal of sadhakas) sarvadarsee(all knowing) vimuktaatmaa(eternally liberated) sarvagnah(omniscient) gnaanamuttamam (the highest wisdom)
These ten names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura Chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.  
49)subratah sumukhah sookshmah sughoshah sukhadah suhrut manoharah jitakrodhah veerabaahuh vidaaranah  
Subratah(pure) sumukhah(of enchanting kindness) sookshmah(subtle) sughoshah(auspicious Ohm) sukhadah(giver of happiness to sadhakas) suhrut(auspicious friend to Sadhakas) manoharah(embodiment of beauty) jitakrodhah(conquerer of anger)  veerabaahuh(the mighty) vidaaranah(destroyer of vice)
These ten names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura Chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.
50)swaapanah swavasah vyaapee naikaatmaa naikakarmakrut vatsarah vatsalah vatsee ratnagarbhah dhaneswarah
Swaapanah(wonderful intoxication) swavasah(self controller) vyaapee(all pervading) naikaatmaa(soul infinite) naikakarmakrut(doer of myriads of actions) vatsarah(Parabrahman) vatsalah(affectionate) vatsee(father of Cosmos) ratnagarbhah(heart of wisdom) dhaneswarah(all mighty)
These ten names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura Chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.
51)dharmagup dharmakrut dharmee sat asat ksharam aksharam avignaataa sahasraamsu vidhaataa krutalakshanah
Dharmagup(protector of Dharma) dharmakrut(doer of Dharma) dharmee(protector of Dharma) sat(God the father) asat(Cosmos) ksharam(the one that gets destroyed) aksharam(eternal) avignaataa(beyond logic) sahasraamsu(thousand petalled) vidhaataa(Brahma, the Generator) krutalakshanah(author of Vedas)
These eleven names vibrate Visuddha and then Manipura Chakras. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.
52)gamastinebhih satwasthah simhah bhootamaheswarah aadidevah mahaadevah devesah devabhrudguruh
Gamastinebhih(effulgent consciousness) satwasthah(of sattwic quality) simhah(lion—controller of  sperm) bhootamaheswarah(lord of beings) aadidevah(the primal lord) mahaadevah(the Great God) devesah(lord of Devatas) devabhrudguruh(Preceptor to Indra)
These eight names vibrate   Manipura Swadhistaana and Moolaadhaara Chakras. Helpful in the destruction of Brahma Grandhi. 
53)uttarah gopatih goptaa gnaanagamyah puraatanah sareerabhootabrut bhoktaa kapeendrah bhooridakshinah
Uttarah(the Greatest of the Greatest) gopatih(king of senses) goptaa(protector of beings) gnaanagamyah(goal of wisdom) puraatanah(the body of Jeeva is His) sareerabhootabrut(nurturer of body of Jeeva) bhoktaa(the swallower) kapeendrah(the sadhak who does Kriyayogasadhana with Khecharimudra) bhooridakshinah(the giver of righteous wants to sadhak)
These nine names vibrate  Visuddha and then  Manipura Chakras. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.   
54)somapah amrutapah somah purujit purusttamah vinayah jayah satyasandhah daasaarhah saatwataam patih
Somapah(who drinks divine drink) amrutapah(deathless) somah(the moon) purujit(the conqueror of internal foes of Sadhak)  purusttamah(the Great Purusha) vinayah(real leader) jayah(victor) satyasandhah(the follower of truth) daasaarhah(the recipient of offerings) saatwataam patih(the lord of saattwics)
These ten names vibrate   Manipura Chakra.   
55)jeevah vinayitaasakshee mukundah amitavikramah ambonidhih anantaatmaa mahodadhisayah antakah
Jeevah((self) vinayitaasakshee(witness to humility) mukundah(giver of liberty) amitavikramah(exemplary discipline) ambonidhih(ocean) anantaatmaa(soul infinite) mahodadhisayah(resting on ocean of wisdom) antakah(Lord Yama)
These eight names vibrate   Manipura Chakra.
56)ajah mahaarhah swabhaavyah jitaamitrah promodanah anandah nandanah nandah satyadharmaa trivikramah 
Ajah(birthless) mahaarhah(eligible for great honour) swabhaavyah(causeless) jitaamitrah(who makes the sadhak to win internal and external foes) promodanah(eternally blissful) anandah(pure bliss) nandanah(giver of bliss) nandah(liberated from worldly things) satyadharmaa(the Great eternal Dharma) trivikramah(the victor of three worlds—physical, subtle, and Idea)
These ten names vibrate   Manipura Chakra.
57)maharshih kapilaachaaryah krutagnah medinepatih tripadah tridasaadhyakshah mahaasrumgah krutaantakrut
maharshih kapilaachaaryah(maharshih kapilaachaarya) krutagnah(the supporter of kriyayogasadhana) medinepatih(the supporter of earth) tripadah(the steps of three worlds—physical, subtle, and Idea) tridasaadhyakshah(the head of three worlds—physical, subtle, and Idea) mahaasrumgah(the Great one) krutaantakrut(controller of Maya)
These seven names vibrate Visuddha and Anahata chakras gradually in descending order. Helpful for the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.
58)mahaavaraahah govindah sushenah kanakaamgadee guhyah gabheerah gahanah guptah chakragadaadharah
Mahaavaraahah(the Great way) govindah(the lord of Senses) sushenah(good army) kanakaamgadee(golden girdle—Omkaar) guhyah(Kriyayogasadhana) gabheerah(beyond measure) gahanah(intangible) guptah(incomprehensible)  chakragadaadharah(bearer of Sahasraarachakra)
These nine names vibrate Visuddha and Anahata chakras gradually in descending order. Helpful for the destruction of Rudra Grandhi.  
59)Vedhaah swaangah ajitah krushnah drudhah samkarshanochyutah varunah vaarunah vrukshah pushkaraakshah mahaamanaah 
Vedhaah(Creator) swaangah(Instrunental, material and efficient cause) ajitah(the invincible) krushnah(Krishna) drudhah(the firm) samkarshanochyutah(changeless) varunah(water God) vaarunah(Cosmic consciousness) vrukshah(Cosmic tree) pushkaraakshah(all pervading) mahaamanaah(extraordinary countenance)
These eleven names vibrate Mooladharachakra.
60)bhagavaan bhagahaa aanandee vanamaalee halaayudhah aadityah jyotiraadityah sahishnuh gatisattamah
Bhagavaan(Parabrahman) bhagahaa(destroyer during deluge) aanandee(embodiment of Ananda) vanamaalee(wearer of Vyjyantimala garland) halaayudhah(Balaram, the brother of SriKrishna) aadityah(Sun) jyotiraadityah(effulgence in Sun) sahishnuh(endures everything) gatisattamah(the final goal of Kriyayoga sadhakas)
These nine names vibrate Anahata and Manipura chakras gradually in descending order. Helpful for the destruction of Brahma Grandhi.
61) sudhanvaa khndaparasuh daarunah dravinapradah divahspruk sarvadrugvyaasah vaachaspatirayonijah
Sudhanvaa(with a straightened spinal cord) khndaparasuh(wearer of wisdom axe) daarunah(merciless to unrighteous)  dravinapradah(bestower of prosperity to devotees) divahspruk(spread ll over ether) sarvadrugvyaasah(omniscient sage Vyasa) vaachaspatirayonijah(birthless seer)    
These seven names vibrate Anahata and Manipura chakras gradually in descending order. Helpful for the destruction of Brahma Grandhi.
62)trisaamaa saamagah saama nirvaanam bheshajam bhishak samnyaasakrut samah saantah nishtaa saantih paraayanam
Trisaamaa(adorable in all the three Vedas) saamagah(the song of Samaveda) saama(Samaveda) nirvaanam(goal of wisdom) bheshajam(destroyer of sorrow in life) bhishak(divine Doctor) samnyaasakrut(President of relinquishers) samah(silence) saantah(peaceful) nishtaa(abide by law of Karma)  saantih(peace) paraayanam(ultimate goal).
These twelve names vibrate Manipurachakra.
63)subhaangah saantidah srashtaa kumudah kuvalesayah gohitah gopatih goptaa vrushabhaakshah vrushapriyah
Subhaangah(with auspicious limbs) saantidah(giver of peace) srashtaa(Creator) kumudah(make the life enjoyable) kuvalesayah(resting on five hooded Sesha nag, Snake) gohitah(well wisher of senses) gopatih(the lord of senses—mind) goptaa(not tangible to Maya) vrushabhaakshah(protector of Dharma) vrushapriyah(supporter of Dharma)
These ten names vibrate Mooladharachakra.
64)anivartee nivruttaatmaa samksheptaa kshemakrut sivah sreevatsavakshaah sreevaasah sreepatih sreemataamvarah
anivartee (firm)nivruttaatmaa(not entangled in His Creation)   samksheptaa(in-dweller) kshemakrut (good to sadhakas)   sivah(auspicious) sreevatsavakshaah(with auspicious chest) sreevaasah(auspicious dweller) sreepatih(husband of auspiciousness) sreemataamvarah(boon to auspicious minds)  
These nine names vibrate Manipurachakra.
65)sreedah sreesah sreenivaasah sreenidhih sreevibhaavanah sreedharah sreekarah sreyah sreemaan lokatrayaasayah  
Sreedah(giver of auspiciousness to Sadhakas) sreesah(lord of auspiciousness) sreenivaasah(abode of auspiciousness) sreenidhih(Treasure-house) sreevibhaavanah(distributor of auspiciousness to Sadhakas) sreedharah(bearer of auspiciousness) sreekarah(doer of auspiciousness) sreyah(giver of liberation to Sadhakas) sreemaan(uspiciousmind) lokatrayaasayah(shelter of three worlds—physical, subtle, and Idea)
These ten names vibrate Manipurachakra.
66)swakshah swamgah sataanandah nandih jyotirganeswarah vijitaatmaa vidheyaatmaa satkeertih chinnsamsayah
Swakshah(of beautiful eyes) swamgah(of beautiful limbs) sataanandah(of infinite bliss) nandih(of infinite bliss) jyotirganeswarah(lord of effulgences) vijitaatmaa(victor of senses) vidheyaatmaa(subservient to Sadhakas) satkeertih(pure Glory) chinnsamsayah(doubtful)
These nine names vibrate Manipurachakra.
67)udeernah sarvataschakshuh aneesah saaswatasthirah bhoosayah bhooshanah bhootih visokah sokanaasanah
Udeernah(the Great Transcendent) sarvataschakshuh(eyes on all sides) aneesah(paramount) saaswatasthirah(always stable) bhoosayah(basis to earth) bhooshanah(jewel to Cosmos) bhootih(pure existence) visokah(sorrowless) sokanaasanah(destroyer of sorrow)
These nine names vibrate Manipurachakra.
68)archishmaan architah kumbhah visuddhaatmaa visodhanah aniruddhah apratirathah pradyumnah amitavikramah
Archishmaan(the effulgent) architah(adorable) kumbhah(primordial pitcher) visuddhaatmaa(pure soul) visodhanah(purifier—destructor) aniruddhah(subtlest) apratirathah(the Unvanquished) pradyumnah(prosperous) amitavikramah(omnipotent).
 These nine names vibrate Anhatachakra.
69)kaalaneminihaa veerah saurih soorajaneswarah trilokaatmaa trilokesah kesavah kesihaa harih
Kaalaneminihaa(like a kriyayogasadhak who does meditation beyond time) veerah(valiant victor) saurih(warrior) soorajaneswarah(lord of the valiant)  trilokaatmaa(soul of three worlds—physical, astral, and Idea) trilokesah(lord of three worlds) kesavah(destroyer of inner and outer enemies of  Sadhaka) kesihaa(killer of tamo guna in Sadhaka) harih(destroyer of  sorrows of Samsara, life)
These nine names vibrate Anhatachakra. 
70)kaamadevah kamapaalah kaamee kaantah krutaagamah anirdesyavapuh vishnuh veerah anantah dhananjayah
Kaamadevah(righteous lust)  kamapaalah(executor of righteous lust) kaamee(contented) kaantah(limitless beauty) krutaagamah(author of Vedas) anirdesyavapuh(beyond description) vishnuh(all pervading) veerah(warrior) anantah(infinite) dhananjayah(Arjuna—the meditating Sadhak)
kaamadevah kamapaalah kaamee kaantah krutaagamah anirdesyavapuh vibrate Manipurachakra.
vishnuh veerah anantah dhananjayah vibrate Anahatachakra.  
71)brahmanyah brahmakrut brahmaa brahma brahmavivardhanah brahmavit braahmanah brahmee brahmagnah braahmanapriyah
Brahmanyah(patron of Brahman) brahmakrut(author of Brahman) brahmaa(Creator) brahma(Creator) brahmavivardhanah(patron of Brahmans) brahmavit(knower of Brahman) braahmanah(Brahman) brahmee(Creator) brahmagnah(knower of Brahman) braahmanapriyah(affectionate to Brahmans)
These ten names vibrate Viuddha Anaahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra and Brahma Grandhis.
72)mahaakramah mahaakarmaa mahaatejaah mahoragah mahaakratuh mahaayajwaa mahaayagnah mahaahavih
Mahaakramah(exemplary discipline) mahaakarmaa(the doer of Great Karmas) mahaatejaah(Great resplendence) mahoragah(the Great serpent) mahaakratuh(the Great Yagna—Kriyayogasadhana) mahaayajwaa(the doer of Great yagnas—Pranayama techniques) mahaayagnah(the Great Yagna—Kriyayogasadhana) mahaahavih(the Great oblation).
These eight names vibrate Anaahata chakra.
73)stavyah stavapriyah stotram stutih stotaa ranapriyah poornah poorayitaa punyah punyakeertih anaamayah
Stavyah(the eulogized) stavapriyah(propitiated by prayer) stotram(the Hymn) stutih(eulogy) stotaa(the adorable) ranapriyah(affectionate to kriyayogasadhana warriors) poornah(accomplished) poorayitaa(executor of righteous wants of sadhakas) punyah(pure) punyakeertih(Holy fame) anaamayah(nameless)
These eleven names vibrate Anaahata chakra.
74)manojanah teerthakarah vasuretaa vasupradah vasupradah vaasudevah vasuh vasumanaah havih
Manojanah(deep thinking) teerthakarah(giver of wisdom) vasuretaa(golden essence) vasupradah(giver of liberation to Sadhakas) vasupradah(giver of liberation to Sadhakas) vaasudevah(Krishna) vasuh(in-dweller) vasumanaah(all pervading) havih(Oblations)
These nine names vibrate Anaahata chakra.
75)sadgatih satkrutih sattaa sadbhootih satparaayanah soorasenah yadusreshtah sannivaasah muyaamanah
Sadgatih(Good destination) satkrutih(doers of Good deeds) sattaa(mighty) sadbhootih(of eternal Glories) satparaayanah(the ultimate goal of sadhakas)  soorasenah(Great Army) yadusreshtah(Krishna) sannivaasah(abode of Sat) muyaamanah(surrounded by Sadhaks)
These nine names vibrate Anaahata chakra.
76)bhootavaasah vaasudevah sarvaasunilayah analah darpahaa darpadah duptah durdharah aparaajitah
Bhootavaasah(abode for beings) vaasudevah(the one who controlled Maya) sarvaasunilayah(shelter for all beings) analah(infinite Glory and fame) darpahaa(killer of ego in the sadhaka) darpadah(pride of sadhakas) duptah(of infinite intoxication of beatitude) durdharah(beyond description) aparaajitah(unvanquished)
These nine names vibrate Anaahata chakra.
77)viswamoortih mahaamoortih deeptamoortih amoortimaan anekamoortih avyaktah satamoortih sataananah
Viswamoortih(of universal form) mahaamoortih(the Great form) deeptamoortih(effulgent form) amoortimaan(formless) anekamoortih(infinite forms) avyaktah(unmanifested) satamoortih(of myriads of form) sataananah(countenance to Kriyayogasadhakas)
These eight names vibrate Manipura chakra.
78)ekah naikah savah kah kim yat tat padamanuttamam lokabandhuh lokanaathah maadhavah bhaktavatsalah
Ekah(Unique) naikah (infinite)savah(Somayagna—chanting Omkar) kah(supreme beatitude) kim(discussion of the sadhakas is about Him only)  yat(colossus)  tat(that is He only) padamanuttamam(the Supreme state) lokabandhuh(dearer to all) lokanaathah(lord of all) maadhavah(supporter of Earth) bhaktavatsalah(affectionate to Kriyayogasadhakas).
These twelve names vibrate Manipurachakra.
79)suvarnavarnah hemaangah varaangah chandanaamgadee veerahaa vishamah soonyah ghrutaasee achalah chalah
Suvarnavarnah(of Golden complexion) hemaangah(of beautiful limbs) varaangah(of wonderful limbs) chandanaamgadee(of limbs besmeared with sandalwood) veerahaa(destroyer of vice) vishamah(unparallel) soonyah(subtlest) ghrutaasee(wantless) achalah(unmoved) chalah(moved)
These ten names vibrate Manipurachakra.
80)amaanee manadah manyah lokaswaamee trilokadhruk sumedhaa medhajah dhanyah satyamedhah dharaadharah
Amaanee(extremely modest) manadah(giver of respect) manyah(the respectable) lokaswaamee(lord of Cosmos) trilokadhruk(lord of three worlds—physical, Astral, and Idea) sumedhaa(Great wisdom) medhajah(pure intellect) dhanyah(the Fortunate) satyamedhah(wonderful wisdom) dharaadharah(supporter of Earth)
These ten names vibrate Anahatachakra.
81)tejovrushah dhrutidharah sarvasaastrabhrutaamvarah pragrahah nigrahah vyagrah naikasrungah gadaagrajah
Tejovrushah(wonderful effulgence) dhrutidharah(wonderful effulgence) sarvasaastrabhrutaamvarah (Great wrrior) pragrahah(the taker of prayers of sadhakas) nigrahah(of definite grasping power) vyagrah(executor of righteous wants of sadhakas) naikasrungah(of infinite consciousness) gadaagrajah(can be attained through correct chanting of root words or Beeja Mantras in the chakras).
These eight names vibrate Viuddha Anaahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra and Brahma Grandhis.  
82)chaturmoortih chaturbaahuh chaturvyoohah chaturgatih chaturaatmaa chaturbhaavah chaturvedavit ekapaat
Chaturmoortih(embodiment of Jaagrata(waking), Avachetana(sub conscious), adhichetana(super conscious) and tureeya)  chaturbaahuh(mano/mind, buddhi/intellect, chitta/feeling and ahamkaara/ego) chaturvyoohah(four-fold manifestations—jagrata swapna sushupti and tureeya) chaturgatih(the ultimate goal of four varnas-Asramas—baaly, yavvana, kaumara and vaanaprastha) chaturaatmaa(four inner tools—mano/mind, buddhi/intellect, chitta/feeling and ahamkaara/ego)chaturbhaavah(the existence of soul in four aspirations—dharma, artha, kaama and moksha) chaturvedavit(knower of four Vedas) ekapaat(centre of Cosmos)
These eight names vibrate  Anaahata chakra.
83)samaavartah nivruttaatmaa durjayah duratikramah durlabhah durgamah durgah duraavaasah duraarihaa
Samaavartah(the efficient revolver of life) nivruttaatmaa(unconcerned about the life) durjayah(not conquerable at all) duratikramah(can not be accessible)  durlabhah(can not be attainable) durgamah(not accessible) durgah(ardous to the wicked) duraavaasah(not easy to get a place in His heart) duraarihaa(destroyer of vice).
These nine names vibrate Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra and Brahma Grandhi.
84)subhangah lokasaaramgah sutantuh tantuvardhanah indrakarmaa krutakarmaa krutaagamah
Subhangah(of auspicious limbs) lokasaaramgah(attainable through Ohm chanting) sutantuh(beautifully expanded) tantuvardhanah(father to all) indrakarmaa(performer of wonderful karmas) krutakarmaa(of accomplished deeds) krutaagamah(author of Vedas).  
These eight names vibrate Visuddha Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of Rudra and Brahma Grandhi.  
85)udbhavah sundarah sundah ratnanaabhah sulochanah arkah vaajasanah srumgee jayantah sarvavignayee  
Udbhavah(ultimate goal) sundarah(supremely beautiful) sundah(the compaasionate) ratnanaabhah(centre of wisdom) sulochanah(intoxicating eyes) arkah(Sun) vaajasanah(giver of food) srumgee(every is He only) jayantah(victorious) sarvavignayee(all knowing)
These ten names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Brahma Grandhi.
86)suvarnabinduh akshobhyah sarvavaageeswarah mahaahlaadah mahaagartah mahaabhootah mahaanidhih
Suvarnabinduh(of Golden limbs) akshobhyah(unmoved) sarvavaageeswarah(wonderful eloquence) mahaahlaadah(giver of Great bliss) mahaagartah(the Great abyss) mahaabhootah(the Great Being) mahaanidhih(the Great abode).
These seven names vibrte Manipurachakra.  
87)kumudah kundarah kundah parjanyah paavanah anilah amrutaasah amrutavapuh sarvagnah sarvatomukhah
Kumudah(enjoyer of the Earth) kundarah(percolates the Physical) kundah(beautiful) parjanyah(clouds) paavanah(pious) anilah(consciousness) amrutaasah(desirer of immortality) amrutavapuh(embodiment of immortality) sarvagnah(omniscient) sarvatomukhah(multifaceted).
These ten names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Brahma Grandhi.  
88)sulabhah suvratah siddhah satrujit satrutaapanah nyaghrodhah udumbarah aswatthah chaanooraandhranishoodanah
Sulabhah(easily attainable to Kriyayoga sadhaks) suvratah(of virtuous vows) siddhah(absolute perfection) satrujit(victor of Kriyayoga sadhaks) satrutaapanah(scorcherer of enemies of Kriyayoga sadhaks) nyaghrodhah(tree of immortality) udumbarahone transcending space) aswatthah(tree of life) chaanooraandhranishoodanah(SriKrishna)
These nine names vibrate  Anahata chakra.
89)sahsraarchih saptajihvah saptaithaah saptavaahanah amoortih anaghah achintyah bhayakrut bhayanaasanah
Sahsraarchih(sahasraarachakra) saptajihvah(seven tongued fire) saptaithaah(seven tongued fire) saptavaahanah( seven horsed Sun) amoortih(formless) anaghah(the immaculate) achintyah(beyond human consciousness) bhayakrut(frightens the vice) bhayanaasanah(destroyer of fear in Sadhakas)
These nine names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Brahma Grandhi.   
90)anuh bruhat krusah sthoolah gunabhrut nirgunah mahaan adhrutah swadhrutah swaasthah praagwasah vamsavardhanah
Anuh(the subtlest) bruhat(the Greatest) krusah(Delicate) sthoolah(the Grossest) gunabhrut(tangible) nirgunah(intangible) mahaan(the Greatest soul) adhrutah(baseless) swadhrutah(self supported) swaasthah(of effulgent face) praagwasah(the most ancient) vamsavardhanah(the progenitor)
These twelve names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Brahma Grandhi. 
91)bhaarabhrut kathitah yogee yogeesah sarvakaamadah aasramah sramanah kshaamah suparnah vaayuvaahanah 
Bhaarabhrut(Bearer of Universe) kathitah(one glorified in the Vedas) yogee(the Greatest yogi) yogeesah(lord of Yogis) sarvakaamadah(fulfiller of desires) aasramah(shelter) sramanah(chastiser of worldly people) kshaamah(the destructor)  suparnah(the Golden life) vaayuvaahanah(commander of winds)
These twelve names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Brahma Grandhi.
92)dhanurdharah dhanurvedah dandah damayitaa damah aparaajitah sarvasahah niyamtaa niyamah yamah
Dhanurdharah(wearer of meditating spinal cord) dhanurvedah(He makes the sadhak how to use the spinal cord for meditation) dandah (meditating spinal cord) damayitaa(organizer) damah(victor) aparaajitah(undefeated) sarvasahah(bearer of everything) niyamtaa(lord of everything) niyamah(appointing authority of everything) yamah(deathless)
These ten names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Brahma Grandhi.
93)satwavaan saatwikah satyah satyadharmaparaayanah abhipraayah priyaarhah priyakrut preetivardhanah 
Satwavaan(limitless valor)  saatwikah(limitless saattwik) satyah(truth) satyadharmaparaayanah (abode for truth and Righteousness) abhipraayah(goal of saadhaks) priyaarhah(eligible for goal of saadhaks) priyakrut(benefactor) preetivardhanah(the developer of joy in Saadhakaas)
These eight names vibrate  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Brahma Grandhi.
94)vihaayasagatih jyotih suruchih hutabhuk vibhuh ravih virochanah sooryah savitaa ravilochanah 
Vihaayasagatih(traverse of sky) jyotih(self effulgent) suruchih(Good want) hutabhuk(inviter of Oblations) vibhuh(all encompassing) ravih(Sun) virochanah(variegated splendor) sooryah(Sun) savitaa(cause of Cosmos) ravilochanah(the Sun has His eyes)
These ten names vibrate  Anahata chakra.
95)anantah hutabhuk bhoktaa sukhadah naikajah agrajah anirvinnah sadaamarshee lokaadhishtaanam adbhutah
Anantah(infinite) hutabhuk(inviter of Oblations) bhoktaa(experience) sukhadah(bestower of bliss) naikajah(infinite) agrajah(brother of brothers) anirvinnah(the undejected) sadaamarshee(eternally compassionate)  lokaadhishtaanam(Cause of all worlds) adbhutah(the wonder)
These ten names vibrate  Anahata chakra.
96)sanaat sanaatanatamah kapilah kapih avyayah swastidah swastikrut swasti swastibhuk swastidakshinah
Sanaat(eternal) sanaatanatamah(good formless) kapilah(centre of wisdom) kapih(Sun) avyayah(the immutable) swastidah(presenter of good blessings) swastikrut(executor of Good Actions) swasti(Auspiciousness) swastibhuk(dweller in auspiciousness) swastidakshinah(giver of auspiciousness)
These ten names vibrate Visuddha  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Brahma Grandhi.
97)araudrah kundalee chakree vikramee oorjitasaasanah sbdaatigah sabdasahah sisirah sarvareekah
Araudrah(devoid of negativities) kundalee(controller of Kundalinee power) chakree(sahasraarachakra) vikramee(valor)  oorjitasaasanah(the Mighty Commander) sbdaatigah(beyond description) sabdasahah(goal of Vedas) sisirah(cool shelter for worldly people) sarvareekah (creator of darkness—Maya)
These nine names vibrate Visuddha chakra.  
98)akroorah pesalah dakshah dakshinah kshaminaamvarah vidwattamah veetabhayah punyasravanakeertanah
Akroorah(never cruel) pesalah(very tender) dakshah(dexterous) dakshinah(giver of charities) kshaminaamvarah(patience personified) vidwattamah(wisdom personified) veetabhayah(fearless) punyasravanakeertanah(hearing and singing His Glory only makes the devotee immersed in ecstacy)

These eight names vibrate Visuddha  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Brahma Grandhi.
99)uttaaranah duskrutihaa punyah duswapnanaasanah veerahaa rakshanah santah jeevanah paryavasthitah
Uttaaranah(protector) duskrutihaa(killer of sins) punyah(auspicious) duswapnanaasanah(destroyer of bad dreams) veerahaa(killer of vice) rakshanah(protector) santah(embodiment of Dharma) jeevanah(our Life) paryavasthitah(all pervading)
These nine names vibrate Visuddha  Anahata and Manipura chakras in descending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Brahma Grandhi.
100)anantaroopah anantasree jitamanyuh bhayaapahah chaturasrah gabheeraatmaa videesah vyaadisah disah
 Anantaroopah(of Infinite forms) anantasree(infinite strength) jitamanyuh(conqueror of Anger) bhayaapahah(annihilator fear of life) chaturasrah(wonderful Judge) gabheeraatmaa(limitless depth) videesah(giver of fruits of Karma) vyaadisah(unparallel Commander) disah(Guru preceptor).
These nine names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.
101)anaadih bhoorbhuvah lakshmeeh suveerah ruchiraangadah jananah janajanmaadih bheemah bheemaparaakramah
Anaadih(beginingless)  bhoorbhuvah(Kriyasakti, Action power) lakshmeeh(giver of Energy to Cosmos) suveerah(Good warrior) ruchiraangadah(of beautiful limbs) jananah(father of the Cosmos) janajanmaadih(cause of Jeevaas, living beings) bheemah(ferocious) bheemaparaakramah(ferocious valor)
These nine names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.
102)aadhaaranilayah dhaataa pushpahaasah prajaagarah oordhwagah satpathaachaarah praanadah pranavah panah
Aadhaaranilayah(basis for everything, living and non-living) dhaataa(controller of everything, living and non-living) pushpahaasah(blooming like a blossom)  prajaagarah(eternally alert) oordhwagah(the Ascendent) satpathaachaarah(virtuous conduct) praanadah(giver of life force) pranavah(Ohmkaar)
These nine names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.
103)pramaanam praananilayah praanabhrut praanajeevanah tatwam tatwavit ekaatmaa janmamrutyujaraatigah  
Pramaanam(way to pure wisdom) praananilayah(abode of life force) praanabhrut(abode of life force) praanajeevanah(abode of life force) tatwam(That is Him only) tatwavit(abode of pure wisdom) ekaatmaa(universal soul) janmamrutyujaraatigah(beyond modifications)
These eight names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.
104)bhoorbhuvah swastaruh taarah savitaa prapitamahah yagnah yagnapatih yajwaa yagnaamgah yagnavaahanah
Bhoorbhuvahswastaruh(the primal tree for all the three worlds—physical, astral, and Idea) taarah(eternal star)  savitaa(eternal Father of the Cosmos) prapitamahah(Grand Father) yagnah(yagna) yagnapatih(lord of Yagna, sacrifice) yajwaa(doer of Yagna) yagnaamgah(limbs of Yagna) yagnavaahanah(Yagna accomplisher) 
These nine names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.
105)yagnabhrut yagnakrut yagnee yagnabhuk yagnasaadhanah yagnaamtakrut yagnaguhyam annam annaadah evacha   
Yagnabhrut(protector of Yagna) yagnakrut(Creator of Yagnas) yagnee(enjoyer of Yagna) yagnabhuk(eater of Oblations) yagnasaadhanah(materials in Yagna) yagnaamtakrut(the doer of Yagnas) yagnaguhyam(the secret of Yagna) annam(Food) annaadah(eater of Food) evacha
These nine names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.
106)aatmayonih swayamjaatah vaikhaanah saamagaayanah devakeenandanah srashtaa kshiteesah paapanaasanah
Aatmayonih(material cause) swayamjaatah(self born) vaikhaanah(supreme wisdom) saamagaayanah(singer of Saamaveda) devakeenandanah(Krishna) srashtaa(Creator) kshiteesah(life supporter of the Earth) paapanaasanah(the annihilator of Sadhak’s sins).
These eight names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.
107)samkhabhrut nandakee chakree saamgadhanvaa gadaadharah rathaangapanih akshobhyah sarvapraharanaayudhah
Samkhabhrut(wearer of Paanchajanya conch shell—maker of Creation with PanchaMahabhootaas) nandakee(destroyer of Ignornce) chakree(wearer of Sahasraarachakra) saamgadhanvaa(the spinal cord of meditating Yogi) gadaadharah(wearer of divine mace Kaumodakee) rathaangapanih(having the limbs and body fit for Kriyayogasadhana) akshobhyah(imperturbable) sarvapraharanaayudhah(the supreme conqueror)
These eight names vibrate Visuddha and Agna chakras in ascending order gradually. Helpful in the destruction of  Rudra and Vishnu Grandhi.

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