Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gita antharaarth

Jaiguru,                     Hyderabad, 16/10/2012
Our esoteric knowledge is written by our Great Rishis in symbolic language. With d guidance given by our Great Gurus during meditation, I had written GITA ANTHARATH, the inner spiritual meaning of Gita in Kriya Yoga way, in Telugu. It is a complete book. ‘ na bhooto na bhavishyati’.
We had given it for printing. It will be released in a couple of months. Interested readers r requested to reserve their copy in advance as d copies are limited. The cost of the book will be around Rs.300/-.
This book deals with 1) burning of Karma practically, 2) several techniques including Materialization & de materialization of body, 3) removal of faults like Kalasarpa Dosha, GuruDosha, Kuja Dosha etc.
Now Iam writing this book in English & Hindi also.
Pse remember this is not a commercial venture. I am not after money. On 22/09/2012 this body has completed 66 years on this earth.  Let God give me d strength to serve d people through Kriyayoga propagation till this body lasts.
Seeking ur divine blessings in this regard.
Interested People r requested to contact:
Dhyanamandir, Ramalayam St, DN76, Devinagar,RK Puram Gate,  Hyderabad 500056, Andhra Pradesh, India.
 PH; 09440364947, 09440364945     
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