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Prayers,Panchamahayagnas, four stages in Meditation

We should remember five things during prayers. They are : 1)Ask 2) Believe 3) Receive 4) Faith and 5) Giving

Jagat is made up of  Panchabhootas Prithivi,  Aapah or Varuna or Jalam,  Tejo or Agni, Vayu, and Akasa.  Samishti roopam of Panchabhootas is called PUSHKARAM.
Kanchi—Prithvi lingam,  Jambukeswaram—Varuna lingam, Tirumannamalai—Tejolingam, SriKalahasti----Vayu lingam,  Chidambaram ---Akasalingam.
Taittareeya Upanishad says:
Manifestation of Panchabottas is as follows:
Akasam from Maya, Vayu from Akasam, Agni from Vayu, Varun from Agni, Prithvi from Varun, Aushadhiyas from Prithvi, Annam from Aushadhiyas, Jeeva from Anna.
Varun is very important for all Jeevarasis or living beings. 
 Initially these were with Parabrahman. Gradually they descended to Maya or Creator and then to Brihaspati, the Lord of Buddhi.

River                  Rasi                            River                         Rasi
Ganga                  Mesha                   Reva or Narmada       Vrishabha             
Saraswati            Mithuna                 Yamuna                      Karkataka
Godavari             Simha                    Krishna                       Kanya
Kaveri                 Tula                       Bheema                      Vrischika
Raadhyasaaga      Dhanush               Tungabhadra              Makara
Sindhu                  Kumbha                Pranahita                   Meena

When Brihaspati enters that  Rasi i.e., that River, then Pushkaram of that River exists. The Pushkaram of that  River  continues as long as Brihaspati is in that Rasi.    First 12 days are Adi and last 12 days are Antya pushkaram. These are special days.

1)            Pitru Yagna:   Respecting our parents by attending to their needs and offerings for their well being. Sacrifices or Shraadhas to parents and ancestors.
2)                 Deva Yagna: Sacrifices to Gods.
3)                 Brahma yagna: sacrifices to the sages.
4)                 Bhuta Yagna: Sacrifices to the animals
5)                 Manushya Yagna: sacrifices to fellow human beings.        

There are four stages in Meditation.
1)The concentration on the logic of truth & search for truth shall lead to happiness & pure thoughts.
2) The relief and peace one gets due to the cessation of thoughts of logic of truth & search for truth.
3) To get liberation or detachment from Physical body easily with vairaagya,
4) Pure equanimity & Pure wisdom that leads to nirvana.
Pure equanimity & Pure wisdom is Nirvana.
The liberation from duality is nirvana..
Nirvana is not committing suicide. 
To murder or annihilate illusive ego is Nirvana. Leave the   egoistic & impure soul.  Merge with Eternal God the Father so as to get liberation from the cycle of death & birth. This should be the goal of life or Manava Janma. To merge with ever conscious, ever present, ever existing, ever happy, all pervading, omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient  God should be the goal of this life.  

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