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Gita Antararth Chapter 3 KarmaYoga

Om SriKrishna ParaBrahmanenamah Sri Bhagavadgita Atha Triteeyodhyaayah(3rd Chapter) Karmayogah Arjuna uvaacha:-- JyaayaseechetkarmanasteMataaBuddhirjanaardan Tatkimkarmanighoremaam NiyojayasiKesava 1 Arjun said: He Krishna, if you consider that pure wisdom is superior to Karma, then why you are entangling me in this ferocious war? Karma here implies Nishkaamakarma Yoga which means doing karma without expecting results. Karma, Bhakti, Dhyaana, and Gnaana are not independent yogas. They are interdependent. The knowledge gained from books has to be experienced, then only that knowledge is meaningful and will be fruitified. To gain that experience, war of Meditation is to be practiced. Merely reading the scriptures shall not lead us anywhere and shall not unite us with God. One should eat Banana or Mango. Reading the description of these fruits will not suffice to know the taste. vyaamisrenavaakyenaBuddhimMohayaseevame tadekamvadaNischityaYenaSreyohamaapnuyaam 2 Oh Krishna, you are confusing my intellect with conflicting speeches. Please let me know which one is better and safer for me, Karma yoga or Gnaanayoga, definitely. Dhyana, Meditation, is Nishkaamakarma. With this one will get dedication, Bhakti. Personification of Dedication is Dhyana i.e., one pointedness. The experience of this Dhyana is Gnana or Pure wisdom. Sri Bhagavan Uvaacha:-- Lokesmin dwividhaaNishthaaPuraaProktaaMayaanagha GnaanayogenaSaankhyaanaamKarmayogenaYoginaam 3 Sri Bhagavan said:- Anagha means Sinless. BrahmaVidya sinless Antahkarana. Oh sinless Arjun, on the onset of creation, I have two ways of salvation was given by me. 1)Divine union through wisdom for saankhyas, and 2) Dhyana or Meditation i.e., Nishkaama Karmayoga for Yogis. Without doing Karma or work, one will not gain knowledge. How to make Idlis, a south Indian cuisine, has to be gained practically through the ones who knows it, but not by reading books. Likewise wisdom is gained by doing Meditation, Dhyana Karma. Today if you are able to tell 17x3=51 without referring any book of tables is because of your hardwork of byhearting tables in your Primary classes. In our childhood perception will be less but memory power will be more. When we grow up memory power will be less and perception will be more. Nakarmanaamanaarambhaanaishkarmayampurushosnute Nachasannyasanaadevasiddhimsamadhigachchati 4 Without doing Karma, actions, man will not attain the actionless state of soul wisdom. Merely relinquishing Karma, no one can attain liberated state. 35 or 40 years of continuous Government service shall make you eligible to get pension. Then only one will be able to eat without doing any service. So one should do Karma and then sacrifice. Without Karma Sacrifice is useless. Even worldly knowledge i.e., commom sense also cannot be attained without doing Karma. Then how pure wisdom can be got without Meditation. Meditation is called Dhyana Karma. NahiKaschitKshanamapiJaatuTishthatyakarmakrit KaaryateHyavasahkarmaSarvahPrakrijaihGunaih 5 No one on this earth can keep quite without doing Karma even for a while. Everyone does Karma compulsarly by nature. The whole universe is made of amd working with three qualities, Satwa, Rajo, and Tamo. Soul is beyond Creation. If a Golden ring falls in a mud block it will be besmeared with mud. Likewise when soul is encompassed in Mind, Life Force, and Body, it will be smeared with Ego. It appears as though it is also yielded to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual states. If the mud is cleansed then the Golden ring shines with its original sheen. Remember the mud is not penetrating into the atoms of Golden ring here. Similarly the Mala, vikhepana, and Avarana Faults cannot penetrate into Soul. Once they are removed the soul will illuminates with its original effulgence. Even the completely realized yogi also trains the people with Kriyayoga who are longing for it. He does it for the sake of doing Nishkaamakarma but this is Karma only. So no one keeps quite without doing Karma. Nobody can be an idler forever for all the times. karmendriyaanisamayamyayaaasteManasaasmaran IndriyaardhaanvimoodhaatmaaMithyaachaarassauchyate 6 He who forcibly suppresses his senses and shall be thinking always about the objects of the senses, is a hypocrite. If one says that I will achieve eternal beatitude with Sadhana and then relinquishes it in the middle for the sake of trivial sense pleasures, then he is an hypocrite only. To wear saffron robes and behaving like a Sage is the work of hypocrite only. Evil thoughts gradually leads to evil works. So mind has to be controlled gradually with the regular practice of Kriyayoga. A suppressed spring t strikes the face with renewed strength once it is released. Similarly evil thoughts will impregnate the mind if the Sadhana is given up in the middle. The one who has reached a state of Paramahamsa with his Sadhana may or may not do Sadhana. The union with God or attaining Nirvikalpa Samadhi state is the state of Paramahansa. He is like pensioner getting beatitude pension for God. Yastwindriyaani manasaaNiyamyaarabhaterjuna karmendriyaihKarmayogamasaktassavisjishyate 7 He Arjun, he who controls his senses with the control of mind, and does Karma without expecting results in the least, that Yogi is Great. Niyatamkurukarmatwamkarmajyaayohyakarmanah SareerayaatraapichateNaprasiddhyedakarmanah 8 Oh Srjun, you do the Karma as ordained by Veda Sastras, the scriptures. It is wiser to do Karma than to become an idler otherwise even small works of body needs like calls of nature are difficult to do later. Sadhak has to do Kriyayoga Sadhana as ordained by scriptures. One may not become an accomplished Master of Kriya yoga practice. It is ok. In Sadhana, the body will be steady, stable and immovable like a Rock. That does not mean that he has sacrificed Karma or not doing any Karma. Sadhak will be working intensely with mind during Meditation. He withdraws his mind from senses and directs his subtle forces inwardly to unite with God. This is real Karma yoga. YagnaarthaatkarmanonyatralokoyamKarmabandhanah tadarthamkarmaKaunteyaMuktasangasamaachara 9 He, Arjun, normal people are bound by acts of mundane pleasures than in God related Kriya yoga karma or the Karmas that are helpful to the general public. So you follow those Karmas for the sake of them without expecting results. sahayagnaaprajaasrishtwaaPurovaachaPrajaapatih AnenaPrasavishyadhwaMeshavostwishtakaamadhuk 10 In the beginning of Creation, Brahma has created these yagnas alongwith people, and said: ‘You get multiplied with these Yagnas, now these yagnas will fulfil your desires.’ In yagnas Brahma will always be there internally. Cosmic Consciousness—thoughts—effulgence—Life force —Electrons, Protons—Molecules—Nature—Earth—Man. This is the Chain. Parabrahman has made creation consisting of men out of his Consciousness. Having been created with my inspiration, multiply with this inspiration. This is what HE has ordained. Devaanbhaavayataanena te devaabhaavayantuvah parasparamBhaavayantahSreyahparamavaapsyatha 11 With this Yagnas you propitiate the Devas, the celestial beings. They in turn will satisfy you with rains etc. This way you and Devas mutually satisfy each other by which you get great benefits. . Yogadhyaana is a superior Yagna. In this Yagna, the Sadhak will get united with several subtle forces i.e., divine Souls. They are the representatives of Parabrahman. Parabrahman will be organizing the universe through them. So for the mutual propitiation, Meditation is beneficial. These planets and stars align themselves according to our Karma at the time of Birth. ishtaanbhogaanhivoDevaadaasyanteYagnabhaavitaah tairdattaanapradaayaibhyoBhunjestenaEvasah 12 Devas, astral beings, shall provide the required fortunes after getting satisfied with the yagnas performed by the men. Having got the benefits, men should dedicate them before enjoing them lest they will be considered as thieves. Abhishekam and Panchaamritasnaanam: Earth, water, Fire, Air, and space/Ether are the Panchabhootaas(Five Electricities). This Creation is made up of with these five. Human body is also made up of with these five electricities. Aslong as these Creation exists these Panchabhootas shall exist. So they are five nectars, Pancha Amritas. Oh God, YOU have provided this Creation consisting of these five electricities. They are not above YOU. We dedicate these to YOU. To express this conception we dedicate water to him. Water represents one of the Pancha Amritas and it is easy to dedicate. Namaskar is a symbol of respect in which both the palms are joined. By joining both the palms there will not be any space left between them. This is to say, ‘nothing is mine, everything is yours.’. We pay our respects to God by doing Namaskar and sprinkle water on left, right, above and below, back and front, of our body. This is called Panchamrita Snanam, a Hindu way of showing respect to God. SriRamaPadukaPattabhishekam—SriRamaPattabhishekam Ramayati iti Raamah which means HE who will make us happy with great effulgence. Paaduka means foot wear made with wood. This Paaduka represents Moolaadharachakra. This chakra represents Prithveetatwa(Earth—smell). To dedicate this Prithveetatwa to God as a beginning of starting Sadhana by Bharata, brother of Rama, here Sadhaka, is SriRama Paduka Pattabhishekam. Here Patta means Merudanda, Spinal Cord. Abhishekam means Dedication. Sri means sacred, and Rama means beholding Great Effulgence, SriRama means beholding sacred Great Effulgence. Dedicating all the five electricities in the Merudanda, Spinal Cord, to God for the above ultimate goal, is SriRamaPattabhishekam. If you do Om chanting in Chakras with dedication, then the subtle forces in those chakras shall aid the Kriyayoga Sadhana. With the practice of KriyaYoga Sadhana, the outgoing life force from the Indriyas will not be wasted. All those outgoing forces will be directed back to Cerebrum through the Spinal Cord. Then the body of the Sadhak and the atoms in the cerebrum shall become filled with electromagnetic Energy and then the atoms will be transformed into Spiritual Elixir. Even for a small development of the Atoms in the cerebrum, 12 years of Healthy life is required. For complete transformation 10 lakhs years of Healthy life is required. Kriyayoga will make it easy for us. YagnasishtaaSivahSantoMuchyantesarvakilbishaih BhunjateTwaghamPaapaayePachamtyaatmaKaaranaat 13 The left overs of the fire offerings in Yagna are eaten by the Saints and they are freed from all sins. Those who make food only for the good of themselves shall eat sin only. Doing Kriyayoga sadhana(Yagna) and then eating food is the work of men of virtue. Life force is the devine force for Physical body. In this state where Mental intelligence force and the outgoing life force, both are integrated with physical matter, the physical lifetrons shall depend upon and food and breath. This mental intelligent life force when manifested as vibratory force in the Physical body, then it will be making continuous efforts to bring metamorphosis in the Physical lifetrons which is important. Physical body depends upon food and breath for its existence. Till the final liberation the cycle of births and deaths are inevitable. Life force mentally thrusting its Soul message to lifetrons and conveying liberation as the psalm of life. However amount of healthy principles we follow scrupulously, death is inevitable. The Great souls like Mahavatar Babaji who depend on only Cosmic Consciousness can live in the Physical body house with the strength of Yogic Force. They will be transforming their physical body frequently and remain eternally youthful. AnnaadbhavantiBhootaani ParjanyaatAnnasambhavah YagnaadbhavatiParjanyoYagnahKarmaSamudbhavah 14 KarmaBrahmodbhavamViddhiBrahmaaksharaSamudbhavam tasmaatsarvagatamBrahmaNityamYagnePratishthitam 15 Creatures are manifested from food. Food begotten from Rains, rains from Yagna, Yagna from Good Karma. This good karma is caused by Scriptures. This Scriptures came out of ParaBrahman. You should know that all pervasive Brahma is ever present in the Yagna. Living beings require Food for nourishment. This will be got from the rains. The source for matter is Agni and its effulgence, manifested from ParaBrahman only. This Prakaas i.e., energy is solidified and precipitates as rain. Paramatma means Cosmic Consciousness. Creation is Yagna. So the source for this Yagna is this Cosmic Consciousness only. Moola Prakriti is the one that is not yet visible to the naked eyes. In accordance with individual Karma, as per the directions of Parabrahman, intelligent OM vibration that are responsiblr for Creation are generated. This is called Moola Prakriti or source nature. Cosmic Consciousness is inherent in Paramatma. MoolaPrakriti is with many faceted forms, configurations, and formations of Shrishti, Creation, format is delivered out of this. Parabrahman is to be perceived in two ways. 1)Cosmic Consciousness, and 2)OM vibratory force. Cosmic Consciousness can be perceived as the dream of Parabrahman. This is a dream of Karana, sookshma, and Sthoola. This a dream of Idea, Subtle, and Physical, combined together. Physical body is a combination of Electromagnetic wave in reality. Even man also beholds the characters of Idea, Subtle, and Physical in his human dream. That is why man is said to be the replica of Parabrahman. EvamPravartitamChakramNaanuvartayateehayah AghaayurindriyaaRaamoMoghamPaarthaSaaJeevati 16 He Arjun, this way this Creation cycle has been made to rotate and who does not follow this cycle shall lead a wasteful life of a sinner and becomes sense slave. The Cosmic Consciousness enters Brahmarandhra through Medulla.and from there to Sahasrara. From Sahasrara it enters Merudanda, the spinal cord, through Agna, Visyuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhistaana, and Moolaadhara Chakras and will gradually become human consciousness. This will enter the organs through nerve centre and nerves and flow outwards and succumbed to sense pleasures. The food will take seven changes to become semen ultimately. 1)Food, 2)Blood, 3)Flesh), 4)Nerves, 5)Bones, 6)Bone marrow, and 7)Semen) Food takes 15(Fortnight)days to transform into Blood. The Blood will take 27(Asterics or stars) days to become useful blood.. This blood takes 41(Mantrasiddhi) days to transform into flesh. Flesh takes 52 (Sanskrit Alphabets)days to transform into nerves.. Nerves take 64 (Types of Arts) days to transform into Bones. Bones take 84 (Types of living veings 84 lakhs) days to transform into Bone marrow.. Bone marrow take 96 (This body is made of 96 elements or ideas as per SankhyaSastra) days to transform into Semen. Semen takes 108 (Hindu Ashtottara satanaamaavali) days to transform into Ojahsakti. With Kriyayoga Sadhana the human consciousness will be united with Cosmic Consciousness through Spinal cord. The wheel of Creation will thus be moving or manifesting through spinal cord. YastwaatmaratiRevasyaadAatmaTriptaschaMaanavah AatmanyevachaSantushtahTasyaKaaryamNaVidyate 17 He who is contented by playing through Soul, propitiating in self only, and becoming happy in Self only, then there is nothing that is to be done by such a man of soul wisdom. The consciousness of worldy man normally confined to Moolaadhara, Swadhistaana, and Manipura chakras and works as a slave to senses and their objects. The consciousness of Poets will be working through Anahata Chakra. The consciousness of Yogi who is having peace, tranquility, and steady mind shall be working through Visuddha Chakra. The yogi who has obtained a state of ATMASAKSHATKAR(self realization) or Savikalpa Samadhi shall see himself as a Vamana(Dwarf) in Kootastha. That means his Consciousness will be working through AgnaChakra. The consciousness of Yogi who has obtained Nirvikalpa Samadhi shall be working through sahasrarachakra. Naivatasyakritenaartho NaakritenehaKaschana NachaasyaSarvabhooteshuKaschidarthavyapaasrayah 18 For such a man of wisdom who obtained Nirvikalpasamadhi, there will no use by doing Karmas in this world, nor any fault will be made unto him by not doing any Karma. He has no business of interest in all the living and non living beings whatsoever. TasmaadasaktassatatamKaaryamKarmaSamaachara Aasaktohyaacharan KarmaParamaapnotiPoorushah 19 So, without expecting any results, you do your assigned karma dexterously. Man will gradually gets liberated by executing Nishkamakarma. . Life force and Mind are the tools for Physical Karma. Cleanliness, required food and worldly behaviour is Physical Karma. Meditation does not reqire Mind and life force. In fact they have to be withdrawn. Sadhak should continue to do his sadhana without expecting any fruits. karmanaivahisamsiddhiMaasthitaaJanakaadayah lokasamgrahamevaapiSampasyanKartumarhasi 20 King Janaka and several others got liberated with this Nishkamakarma. You must do karma at least to motivate the people. Here Karma means Kriyayoga Sadhana. People will get motivated and start doing Kriyayoga. YadyadaacharatiSreshtah Tattadevetarojanah SayatpramaanamKuruteLokastadanuvartate 21 Whatever Karma is followed by a distinguished people, others will follow that. The ideal of Great people will be motivation for others and followed by them. The Sadhak who got united with Parabrahman through the medium of his Sadhana will become Parabrahman only. If you get the degree of Doctor, then you are called and become Doctor only. You need not read Books of Medical Science. However for the satisfaction of the patients he will be referring Books of Medicine and narrates the paragraphs. Likewise after getting united with Paramatma, no need of doing Sadhana but does it to motivate the people. NameParthaastikartavyam TrishulokeshuKinchana naanavaaptamavaaptavyamVartaevacha Karmani 22 He Arjun, there is no work that has to be done by me in these three worlds, Physical, Astral, and Idea. There is nothing that has to be got by me or not got by me. Even then I am doing Karma. Sadhak who does sadhana to unite with Parabrahman has got nothing to do with these three worlds. Sookshma(Subtle world) jagat gets its energy fro Karana(Idea world). Sthoola(Physical)Jagat will get its energy from Subtle world. The main source of Energy for Matter is Cosmic Consciousness only. Consciousness means Mind. Electron +Intelligence=Consciousness. Mind, Energy, and Matter are three facets of Parabrahman. YadihyahamnavarteyamJatukarmanyatandritah MamavartmaanuvartanteManushyaahPaarthaSarvasah 23 He Parth, if I do not perform Karma with alacrity and caution incessantly, then great harm will happen to the universe. Because men will follow my path in all ways. The Cosmic Consciousness will be working round the clock in all the universes, souls, Bodies, Families, nations, and worlds. Man is made in the guise of God. so man has to imitate God. Utseedeyurimelokaah nakuryaamkarmachedaham SamkarasyachakartaasyaamUpahanyaamimaahPrajaah 24 Over and above, if I do not act, these people will be spoiled. Not only that, there will be hullabaloo and annihilation of universes. I would thus be instrument of ruination of men. When needless Paramatma is performing Karma, then people will by default follow his path. SaktaahKarmanyavidwaamso YathaakurvantiBhaarata Kurvaadwidwaamstathaasaktah chikeershurlokasamgraham 25 He Bhaarataa, as ignorant man does his work with strong desires, the man of wisdom should do the Karmas for the wellbeing of people. Nabuddhibhedamjanayedagnaanaamkarmasanginaam Joshayetsarvakarmaani VidwaanyuktahSamaacharan 26 The Sadhak of widom, Gnani, who is unmoved by attaining unity with Parabrahman, shall not make the minds of people subjected to delusion who perform the scriptural acts with desires. He should not make them disinterested in doing works. Not only that, the Gnani must perform all those scriptural acts with dedication along with those people without expecting any result. PrakritehKriyamaanaaniGunaih KarmaaniSarvasah AhamkaaravimoodhaatmaaKartaahamitimanyate 27 In fact all the acts are being performed due to the in born natural qualities. Gnani performs them contemplating that Parabrahman is the Karta, the doer, not him. The egoistic ignorant man feels that he is the Karta. This is the difference. tattwavittuMahaabaahoGunakarmaVibhaagayoh GunaaguneshuVartantaItiMatwaaNaSajjate 28 He the man of Great shoulders(the strong and healthy Sadhak), the knower of truth about the divisions of Gunas (attributes of Nature), and their actions— realizes that Gunas are making him to behave this way or that way, and shall not be interested in them. If a dreamer realizes that he is dreaming, then he will not be interested in the dream things and shall not be absorbed in them. Likewise the Sadhak who realizes that this whole Jagat with the subjects as the dream of Parabrahman, shall not get perturbed. He should continue his Sadhana beyond the attributes of Nature. . PrakriteGunasammoodhaah SajjanteGunakarmasu taanakritsnaVidomandaanKritsnavinnaVichaalayet 29 Influenced by qualities of Nature, people are completely attached and are more and more interested in those respective qualities and Karmas. Such half knowledged, dull headed and ignorant people should not be made to oscilate by men of wisdom. People who have just started sadhana, should not be ridiculed or slighted by the well advanced Yogis. MayisarvaaniKarmaaniSanyasyaadhyaatmachetasaa Niraaseernirmamobhootwaa yudhyaswaVigatajwarah 30 Iam the heart of everything and Iam the Parabrahman. Fix your mind on me only. Dedicate all your actions to me. Give up longing, attachment and grief. Perform the battle. Sadhak should fix his gaze on Kootastha, shed his ego, control his desires and then do Sadhana to attain beatitude. To reach Delhi from Hyderabad, car, rail or Aeroplane is required as a mode of travel. Kriya yoga is an Aeroplane way of reaching God quickly and definitely. YemematamidamNityamantishthantiMaanaavaah SraddhaavantahAnaasooyantoMuchyantepiKarmabhih 31 Those who follow my teachings with dedication without any hesitation, shall get rid of all sort of bondage. Blind man can show the path to a blind man. So get a Sadguru, noble and self realized preceptor, and get liberated from all sorrows. YetwetadabhyasooyantonaamaTishthantiMeMatam SarvagnaanVimoodhaanstaanViddhiNashthaanachetasah 32 But those who do not follow my precepts and Nishkamakarmayoga, and hate these, shall be known as gullibles, brainless and doomed. To view these panorama of the worlds, experiences in them, analysations, and for their knowledge, this intellect came into existence. Just for recognition, knowledge of matter, or for self satisfaction sake this Buddhi is not manifested. So no one should misuse it. SadrisamcheshthateSwasyaahPrakritehGnaanavaanapi prakritimyaantiBhootaaniNigrahah KimKarishyati 33 all living beings shall be doing works as per the faculty of their natures or qualities. Likewise the man of wisdom also does works as per his nature. So what conrol can do? IndriyasyendriyasyaartheRaagaDweshauVyavasthitau Tayornavasamaagachchettauhyasyaparipanthinau 34 The attractions and repulsions have been formed on the objects of the Senses. No one should be a slave of these objects, come what may. They are the strong enemies to men. The seeker of truth should never be a slave to these senses. SreyaanSwadharmoVigunahParadharmaatswanushthitaat SwadharmeNidhanamSreyahParadharmoBhayaavahah 35 It is better to follow one’s own Dharma even if it is faulty, than the Dharma of others. Even Death is the Greatest and advisable in his Dharma. Dharma of others is fearful. . Here Swadharma means Dharma of Soul. That is pure. The Soul Dharma shall lead Sadhak to Parabrahman. Paradharma means the Dharma of Indriyas, senses. this will wean away the Sadhak very far from Parabrahman and make him a slave of senses by entangling him in the cycle of bierths and deaths. Arjuna uvaacha:- AthakenaprayukteyamPaapamcharitaPoorushah anichchannapiVaarshneyaBalaadivaNiyojitah 36 Arjun said:-- Oh Krishna, in spite of not willing to do sin, then what makes the man to do sin bracingly. Man wanted to behave and live honestly. In spite of that why man is smoking, drinking liquor etc. It is because of the influence of past habits, samskaaraas. So we should cultivate good habits lest they will haunt us birth after birth. Sri Bhagavan uvaacha:- KaamaeshaKrodhaeshaRajogunaSamudbhavah MahaasanoMahaapaapmaaViddhyenamihaVairinam 37 Sri Bhagavan said:- Desire is caused by Rajo(neutral) Guna. This will transform into Anger. Desire is unsatiated however amount it maight be experienced. The most dangerous one it is. For the unlimited acts of Karma, desire is is the root cause. Know that, for liberation this desire is the enemy. DhoomenaavriyateVahniryathaadarsomalenacha YatholbenaavritoGarbhaastathaatenedamaavritam 38 Fire is covered by smoke, mirror is covered by dust, embryo is covered by womb. Likewise soul wisdom is covered by desire. AavritamGnaanametenaGnaaninoNityavairinaa KaamaroopenakaunteyadushpoorenaaNalenacha 39 He Arjun, desire is like a burning fire. That will never be extinguished. Desire is an eternal foe to a man of wisdom. The pure wisdom is covered by desire. IndriyaaniManobuddhiRasyaadhishthaanaMuchyate Etairvimohayatyesha GnaanamaavrityaDehinam 40 Senses, Mind, and Buddhi are the dwelling places for the desire. With these, desire will clothe the pure wisdom and make the man attached. TasmaattwamIndriyaanaayadauNiyamyaBharatarshabha PaapmaanamPrajahihyenamGnaanaVignaanaNaasinam 41 So Arjun, make the senses as your slave in the first place. Kill this great sinner, desire, which destructs both the intellect and pure wisdom. IndriyaaniParaanyaahuh Indriyebhyah paramManah Manasastuparaabuddhih yoBuddheh Paratastusah 42 Senses are stronger in nature in comparision to Physical body, mind is stronger than senses, Buddhi is stronger than mind, and Soul is the strongest of all. EvamBuddheh ParamBuddhwaaSamstabhyaatmaanamaatmanaa JahisatrumMahaabaahoKaamaroopamDuraasadam 43 This way, know that Soul is subtler, stronger, and superior than Buddhi. After knowing, annihilate mind, senses, and Body with Buddhi. And then destroy incorrigible enemy, the Desire. If the Sadhak does kriyayoga sadhana by fixing his gaze in kootastha with indomitable will power, then his mind will not be destracted from less pleasurable senses. The Sadhak should make his goal as liberation which is superior to Buddhi. Om tat Sat iti Srimadbhavadgeetaa soopanishatsu Brahmavidyaayaam yoga Sastre Sri Krishnaarjuna samvaade Karma yogonaama Triteeyodhyaayah Aum, Tat, Sat.

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