Monday, 18 March 2013

Gita Antararth in English & Telugu

Jaiguru, I am a Kriyayogi. With d guidance given by our Great Gurus viz., Bhagavan SriKrishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Yogavatar  Lahiri Mahasaya, Gnanavatar Sri Yukteswara Swamiji and Premavatar Paramahansa Sri Yogananda Swamiji, during meditation,  I had written the following books:1) Shristi Janma  Sadhana in Hindi & Telugu, 2) Creation Incarnation Sadhana in English, 3) Krishna Kriya Kaivalya Samadhi Sarva Roga Nivarinee kriyas in English, Hindi & Telugu, 4) Jyotishya, Vastu, Rudraksh, Crystal, Navaratnas, Kundalinee Kriza in English & Telugu, 5) Kriyas for Kriyas for Samadhi and Removal of diseases DVD in English, Hindi & Telugu. All these books deal with 1) burning of Karma practically, 2) several techniques including Materialization & de materialization of body, 3) removal of Horoscope faults like Kalasarpa Dosha, GuruDosha, Kuja Dosha etc.
Pse remember these are not commercial ventures. I am not after money.
I am writing Gita Antarartham, the inner meaning of Gita, with Kriya Yoga interpretation. This entire book is written with the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya Maharaj, Sri Yukteswar Swamiji, and Paramahansa Sri Sri Yogananda Swamiji, Swamy Sri Vivekananda and several other Great Gurus. I had just completed this book  in English & Telugu. They are yet to be published. Now I am writing this book in Hindi.
Readers are requested to order for the book by sending Rs.200/- on line to KM Sastry, SBI, Defence colony, Secunderabad, IFS code SBIN0008025,SB Account No. 10591477916 Micr No. 500002042
Pse send ur postal address with contact nos. so as to send by courier.


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