Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gita Antararth

Jaiguru, I had writing Gita Antarartham, the inner meaning of Gita, with Kriya Yoga interpretation. This entire book is written with the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya Maharaj, Sri Yukteswar Swamiji, and Paramahansa Sri Sri Yogananda Swamiji, Swamy Sri Vivekananda and several other Great Gurus. This book is written in English, Hindi & Telugu. Telugu version is released on 02 Jun 2013 after printing.  Devotees will get blessed by just keeping this book in their Pooja Mandir. I am releasing some of the Photos of this book. Some excerpts like transliteration of 49 Maruts from Lahiri Mahasaya Maharaj, Anushtana Vedanta, Materialization and dematerialization techniques, Spl Kriya techniques, Removal of Horoscope faults in English, Hindi, and Telugu are already given in my blog. Some more will be given in future also. This book is blessed by Mahavatar Babaji during my meditations in Parangipettai, the birth place of Babaji.  Parangipettai Meditation photos are also given in my blog.
This body is completing 67 years on 22-09-2013. I wanted to impart as much as possible to the mankind before the fall of this Physical sack. I am not for money. I & my wife are benefitted by Kriya yoga. Let others all be benefitted by learning this ancient Yoga.
Pse share it with others. Learn & practice ancient Kriya Yoga.  Kill Sanchita(Past), Prarabdha(Present) & Aagaami (Future) Karma. God bless u.

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