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Kundalini, Creation & Kriyayoga

First of all what is Kundalini?
The individualized maya or illusion is called Kundalini. The collective maya or delusion is called Maya. One is differentiation and another is integration.
This kundalini is Sitama in Ramayana, Draupadi in Mahabharata & Sri Padmavati in  Tirupati (a famous temple town in South India) Sri Venkateswara Swami charitra.
Esoteric knowledge is written in symbolic language in Hindu Mythologies so that it can be carried to future generations where someone will definitely ask the real meaning behind it. In Mahabharat Draupadi is married to five husbands. In real sense Draupadi is Kundalini and Five husbands are five chakras viz., Mooladhara(Sahadeva), Swadhisthana(Nakula), Manipura(Arjuna), Anahata(Bhim), Visuddha( Yudhisthira), Agna chakra (Sri Krishna) & Sahasrara chakra(Parabrahman). So with meditation processes Draupadi (Kundalini) is made to cross the five chakras and then reaches Agna Chakra. Crossing these five chakras is marrying five husbands. After crossing five chakras, the poison i.e.,desire (Kama /Duryodhana)), Anger(Krodha/dussasana),Greediness (Lobha/Karna),
Delusion(Moha/Sakuni), Defection& Pride(Mada/salya) & envy &Jealosy (Matsarya/Kripacharya)shall be removed from the Sadhaka. This is akin to removing the poison from the serpent by Srikrishna and is called Kaleeya Mardanam. The the Sadhaka merges with Paramatman in Sahasrara chakra and becomes Paramatma Himself.       

Before talking about Kundalini let us first discuss briefly about the chakras or plexuses in our body. In our body there exists  seven chakras from the base of the spine to Sahasrara on the top of the head. They are
1) Mooladhara chakra or coccy geal plexus: this exists at the base of the spine i.e., in the anus,
2) Swadhisthana chakra or Sacral plexus: this exists 2 ½” above mooladhara chakra, behind the phallus and in the astral spinal chord,
3) Manipura Chakra (Lumbar plexus): this exists 10” above Swadhisthana chakra or Sacral plexus, behind the navel and in the astral spinal chord,
4) Anahata Chakra (Dorsal plexus): this exists behind heart and in the astral spinal chord,
5) Visuddha chakra (Cervical plexus): this exists in the throat of the astral spinal chord,
6) Agna chakra in kutastha: this exists in the place between the eye brows
7) Sahasrara in Brahmarandhram: this exists in the middle of the top of the head.

This kundalini is nothing but 3 ½ turns coiled serpent like sleeping outgoing life force in the anus with its hood or head beneath the  Mooladhara chakra or coccy geal plexus and tail will be in up in the chakras.
That is the reason in Shiva temples the rotations (Parikrama) will be  made 3 ½ turns around the temple. One should start from left side, comes up to the outlet from where the Abhishekam(ablutions) water will be coming. One should not cross that outlet and should return in opposite way up to outlet. This way 3 ½ turns around the temple shall be made.   
Earth(Prithvi), water, Agni(fire), Vayu(Air) & akasa(space) are the five electricities. These are  responsible for creation.  Each electricity represents one tatwa.
There are 72,000 subtle sookshma nadis are there in our body. Out of these 72,000 subtle nadis 3 nadis are very important.  They are Ida, Pingala & Sushumna. Ida is on the left side of the spinal chord, Pingala is on the right side of the spinal chord and Sushumna is in the middle of the Spinal chord. Ida is negative, Pingala is positive and Sushumna is Neutral. 
All three nadis viz., Ida , Pingala  and Sushumna start fro Mooladhara chakra and travel together upto Kootastha, the space between Eye brows. From kootastha only extends up to Sahasrara.
The goal of the sadhaka ( the man who does meditation) in his sadhana (meditating practice) is to bring the hood of the kundalini to Sahasrara chakra through Sushumna situated in between Ida and Pingala. While doing sadhana the tail of Kundalini  automatically shifts to chakras below. That is when the hood reaches head or Sahasrara chakra, the tail will reach Mooladharachakra.
Mooladhara chakra represents Prithvi tatwa which in turn represents gandha or smell. The one who does not do meditation is in sudra sthiti or caste. Sudra sthiti is ignorance state. He is in Kaliyuga having dark heart. Till he starts meditation he will be having 100% doubt about the existence of God.
 Once he starts meditation the sleeping coiled Kundalini starts raising up and its hood reaches Mooladhara chakra. Then he becomes Kshatriya or warrior caste. He is in still in Kaliyuga but having propelled heart. His doubt will then become 80%. He will start getting doubt ridden samadhis. Here he gets Savitarka Sampragnata Samadhi. Kundalini is like a sepent i.e., Sesha in Sanskrit. Mooladhara is on this serpent. ADRI means Mountain. So this is called Seshadri in Tirupathi. Each Chakra is having Rays, colour, taste & some vibratory sound. Here Sadhaka gets sweet juice taste, finds 4 rays, bumble bee sound & sees yellow colour.
During meditation The rays or petals will be  energized and will be upwards. For a non meditating man, the petals of sleeping kundalini will be down wards.
The raising or awakened kundalini moves towards Swadhisthana chakra.  
Swadhisthaana chakra represents Varuna or water tatwa which in turn represents Rasa or taste. He realizes the importance of meditation. He becomes Dwija i.e., twice born. He enters Dwaparayuga and will have steady heart. His doubt will then become 60%.  Here he gets Savichara Sampragnata or salokya Samadhi. Here he hears the auspicious sound of Flute. Veda means to hear.  So this is called Vedadri in Tirupathi.  Here Sadhaka gets sweet juice taste, finds 6 rays & white cloud colour.
The raising or awakened kundalini moves towards Manipura chakra.
Manipura chakra represents Agni or Fire tatwa which in turn represents Roopam or seeing.  He becomes Vipra. He enters Tretayuga and will have devouted heart. His doubt will then become 40%.  Here he gets Sananda Sampragnata or saameepya Samadhi. Here he hears the  sound of Veena.  Here sadhaka becomes Gnaana(ga) roodha. So this is called Garudadri in Tirupathi.  Here Sadhaka gets bitter juice taste, finds 10 rays & red colour.
The raising or awakened kundalini moves towards Anahata chakra.
Anahata chakra represents Vayu or Air tatwa which in turn represents sparsha or Touch.  He becomes Brahman. . He enters Satyayuga and will have clear heart. His doubt will then become 20%.  Here he gets Sasmita Sampragnata or saayujya Samadhi. Here he hears the  sound of Church bell.  Here sadhaka becomes light like air. So this is called Anjanadri in Tirupathi. Anjaneya is the sun of Air God. So this Adri is named after Him.  Here Sadhaka gets sour taste, finds 12 rays & blue colour.
The raising or awakened kundalini moves towards Visuddha chakra.
Visuddha chakra represents akasa or ether tatwa which in turn represents shabda or Sound. He will have no doubt about the existence of God. Here he gets Asampragnata or doubtless or saguna or saaroopya Samadhi. Here he hears the  sound of stream.  Here sadhaka becomes free like a Bull or vrishabha.. So this is called Vrishabhadri in Tirupathi.  Here Sadhaka gets sour very very bitter like kaalakuta vish(poison) taste, finds 16 rays & white (cloud) colour.
The raising or awakened kundalini moves towards Agna-ve chakra. From there the raising or awakened kundalini moves towards Agna positive  chakra or Kutastha, the space between Eye brows.
Agna positive chakra represents Srikrishna. Here he gets Savikalpa Samadhi. He sees the  great(Maha) effulgence(Bharat).  Here sadhaka   finds 2 rays & great (Maha) effulgence(Bharat). Sadhaka gets Savikalpa Samadhi. That means as long as sadhaka is in meditation he is with God, the Parabrahman. Sadhaka is only one step behind the nirvikalpa Samadhi. Hence this is called Venkatadri in Tirupati.
From there the raising or awakened kundalini moves towards Sahasrara chakra in the middle on the top of the head.
Here sadhaka gets Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Sadhaka merges with God, the Parabrahman. The sadhaka becomes God. He reaches Narayanadri. Narayana means all pervading.

One needs food when one is hungry. Likewise for proper balance of body, mind and soul, editation is essential. Meditation is desirable to each and every one irrespective of caste, creed & race, male or female, boy, girl, man, woman, young or old. No expenditure, pomp and show, ablutions etc are not required.  To utilize swasa(breath) as astra (weapon) is Swaastra. It became Sastra. For meditation the investment is our breath only. 
At the time of birth, we bring as per our Prarabdha karma bring those many breaths in and breaths out. One breath in and breath out is called Hansa. After the completion of those Hansas the soul leaves the body. So by controlling breath we will be able to extend our life, we will be healthy and we will be young and energetic. 
We should have a separate room or some place, sit erect, face east or north before starting meditation. Allot some time say 15 or 20minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Follow the path ordained by an enlightened Guru or institutions like YSS/SRF etc. for meditation. 
While doing meditation/sadhana the awakened kundalini should raise neither through left side Ida nor through right Pingala but through centre Sushumna nadi only. If not the sadhaka might be getting some contrary results. Sushumna is a bridge your breath has to go through to reach Sahasrara. Don’t go left Ida side or right Pingala side.
The  breathing should be slow and long. The posture should be straight and erect. Otherwise the breath will take Ida path or pingala path deviating from Sushumna path.  One need not worry about this. No one will become mad by this. The ancient sages of wisdom would not have introduced the sadhana if it is wrong.  If an equation goes wrong we should try again & again to correct it.  Similarly if the deviation occurs correct it by adjusting the posture.
When awakened kundalini raises,  it  must go through Sushumna only. The sadhaka  gets the desired results automatically. If not the sadhaka must immediately understand it and adjust his posture so that kundalini passes through sushumna only.  While kundalini is passing through Mooladhara chakra, one feels happiness, divine wisdom & vision. His will power or Ichchashakti increases. If any contrary result is coming the sadhaka must adjust his posture to get the required result.
Similarly while passing through swadhisthana, the senses will come in the control of Sadhaka. His anger etc will vanish. His Kriya shakti or power of organs of action increases.
In Manipura Sadhaka gets self control. He gets power of wisdom or Gnaana shakti increases.
In Anahata chakra, root power or Beeja shakti increases. On set of unconditioned pure love starts.
In visuddha he gets peace & quietitude. So he will be blessed by Adishakti primordial power.
In Agna chakra or Kutastha he will be blessed by Parashakti or God in creation. He will be blessed with clairvoyance.
In Sahasrara he will be liberated from Jagat sansar and becomes one with  God the Father.         

For yoga sadhana control of mind is essential. In fact the steady mind is required. Until and unless you do Karma you cannot get Gnaana i.e., wisdom. Meditation is Karma only. It is called Nishkamakarma meaning doing one’s duty without expecting the fruits of the Karma.  To understand this, say someone has dug a well to quench the thirst of passers by. He should not tell each and everybody sice he has dug a well he will be blessed. Suppose 2 or 3 children playing near by that well fell into that and lost their precious lives, then will he take the responsibility.
   The wavering Mind can be controlled either by Gnaana or by Dhyaanaa or meditation. Concentration on any object is concentration. The concentration on God is meditation.
In the childhood when we were studying we used to think that the parents are unnecessarily preventing us from playing and compelling us to study. Sometimes we used to think what is the use of this equation in real life? When we grow up we realize that studying equations etc is not a wastage. They have applicability in real life.  We allot this much of time say 10 to 15 hours a day and after studious efforts of 15 to 20 years’ studying one will become a Doctor, Engineer, Economist or Scientistetc. What for this efforts? It is for living happily in future. Similarly  Meditation is not simply closing eyes and wasting time. Through meditation several things will be revealed unto you. Meditation will take care of future incarnations. We are MAA NAVA Jaati or Mankind.  Maa means not Vava means new. That means YOU were there, YOU are here and YOU will be there. It is because energy can neither be destroyed nor can be created, only one form of energy can become another form of energy. You are Ram now, in the next incarnation you may become George.
To control the mind , controlling the life force or Pranashakti is required. Oxygen or Pranavayu is different from life force or Pranashakti. Oxygen is having energy only. Life force or Pranashakti is having enrgy as well as awareness. Mind and breath are the two sides of the same coin.  Controlling the breath is called Pranayama. Ancient sage Patanjali introduced Ashtanga yoga.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga :
1. Yama - social and moral restraints
2. Niyama - personal discipline in action and conduct
3. Asanas - postures of Hatha yoga
4. Pranayama - breathing techniques to control breath
5. Pratyahara - sense withdrawal from outside world and refocusing attention within the body
6. Dharana - mental concentration to develop one pointed mind
7. Dhyana - meditation
8. Samadhi – enlightenment

The up going currents through sushumna are cool currents. These are SOMA.  Down going currents are warm currents. This is Agni. So while doing Kriya we are giving Ahutis of Cool currents i.e., Soma into Agni. The sound Haaa is the Beejamantra of Shiva and the sound eeee is the Beejamantra of Shakti. Sushumna will be getting purified  with these sounds i.e.,haa and eee while doing Kriya. With the purification of Sushumna the darkness in the chakras will be removed. That is the driving away of ignorance of man due to indulgence in sense pleasure. Then you will hear the highest Mantra i.e., OM.  This is called veda vidhi.  Veda means hearing. Vidhi means duty. So preparing for hearing of OM is your Veda  vidhi This is what is described in Chapter4 29th verse in Gita. Appane Juhwati praanam, praanepaanam tathaapare, praanaapaana gateerudhwaa praanaayaana paraayanaaha. To offer as sacrifice the incoming breath of Prana in the outgoing breath of apana and vice versa is real Yagna. 
From Mooladhara in the anus to Agnaa positive in the Kootasha (the place between the eye brows)  two  Rasis at the rate one Rasi on each side of the Chakra exist.
In Kriyayoga, the meditator or sadhaka rotates the life force in these 12 Rasis from Mooladhara to Kootastha and Kootastha to Mooladhara.   
So doing he visualizes Soul Sun (aatma surya) in the 12 Rasis that are existing on either side of the Spinal chord (Merudanda). 
The movement of Sun in 12 constellations or Rasis amounts to a period of one year. As such the Kriya yogi for each rotation he completes or burns one year Karma. Burning of Karma is very fast in Kriya yoga like covering a long distance through an aeroplane. That is why Kriyayoga is an aeroplane way of burning Karma.
Kriyayoga consists of 1) Hathayoga (Energisation exercises) 2)Layayoga (Haun saa)  3) Karmayoga (Service) 4) Mantrayoga &5) Rajayoga (praanayama techniques).
 No one  is a toy in the hands of  his/her past is the meaning of his planetary position at the time of his birth. Meditation is a tool  with which he can overcome his past Karma. One should get rid of each and every bondage is the purpose of  Kriyayoga.

Creation--- evolution of Man

The whole finite animated & inanimated Universe has been manifested by Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient & all pervading Spirit through Maya. Maya without Spirit does not exist at all  but not vice versa as Sun rays do not exist with out Sun but not vice versa. So Maya is responsible for creation and for this Maya requires the presence of Spirit. Maya without Spirit is insentient or immobile like a immobile fan without electricity. Like a Head master in a school, mere presence of Spirit disciplines the Maya.
While talking you cannot talk and vice versa. Similarly for the yogi who is aware of the all pervasivenes   of Spirit cannot apprehend Maya. And for ordinary man (Bhogi), who is in Maya cannot apprehend Spirit behind Maya. That is what is shown as Shree Ram(Spirit/Paramatma), behind him Sita(Maya/prakriti) and behind her Lakshmana( Sadhaka). Until and unless Maya or veil is removed, the sadhaka cannot find Shree Ram(Spirit/Paramatma). Maya is energy. Maya is neither male nor female. Maya comprises three qualities. They are Satwa(positive), Rajas(Neutral) & Tamas (negative). If all the three qualities are active then it is called Avidya. If only one quality is predominant then the creation is not possible.  Earth with certain mixed qualities is used for making pots, toys etc. Similarly Maya with 3  Qualities active is utilized for creation.  So Avidya with all the three qualities  active  is the root cause of creation. This is called moola prakriti, moola agnaanam, primordial ignorance or nature.
One part of Spirit is Maya or God in creation. The rest of the three parts is Spirit or Father beyond creation.
This universe is made of Five electricities or five vibratory elements or Panchamahabhutaas. They are ether (Akasa), air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water(Varuna) & Earth (Prithvi).  The potential of Spirit to create these 5 vibratory elements is called SATTA of Spirit. Parabrahman, Paramatma, God the Father, Brahman are one and the same.
The Satta (Potential Energy)  in Spirit  is called Suddha Satwa Maya.  Avidya with its three qualities (Gunas) activating got the power of Creation with the presence of Paramatma.  This resulted in the birth of Vibratory Sound OHM and Ether (Akasa). From this Vibratory Sound OHM and Ether (Akasa) came out the other vibratory elements viz., Air,Fire,Water & Earth.  the magnetic objects like Iron nails get magnetized due the presence of a magnetic field of a natural magnet. Similarly these insentient elements viz., air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water(Varuna) & Earth (Prithvi) due to the presence of Parabrahma first into ether and from there to these other four elements.
These five elements or five electicities or panchamahabhutaas, are respectively having five attributes called Pancha Tanmatras. They are Ether(Sabda/sound), Air (Sparsa/touch), Fire (Roopa/seeing), Water(Rasa/taste) & Earth(gandha/smell).
When a Generator is working, sound is created. Likewise when Cosmic Generator is working the very first sound that came out is OHM. This is the trumpet (Sound) in Bible. So ohm is the Creator of the Creation practically).  This Ohm is called AdiShakti.
These five vibratory elements along with its three qualities predominant is Avidya and is called Karana sareera or Causal Body. These primordial elements are also called apancheekrita or untreated  vibratory elements.

        Sat (God beyond Creation) Paramaathma
Tat (srikrishna Consciousness) God in Creation (Parashakti)
                  Avidya or Ignorance (Trigunaas)
                   Karana Sareera or Causal body

Out of these satwa guna predominant apancheekrita or untreated  vibratory elements, half of the portion lead to formation of untreated Sense organs (Gnanendriyas) i.e., ear, skin, eye, tongue & Nose. The rest half lead to untreated Antahkarana.  In this satwa(Positive) guna predominant  ether entered Parabraman.  Air/Vayu lead to manifestation of mind, Fire/Agni  lead to Buddhi or discriminative intelligence, water lead to Chitta or feeling which is not stable and earth lead to ego or ahamkar.
    satwa guna predominant apancheekrita or untreated  vibratory elements
  untreated                                                untreated
Antahkarana    Reigning God                       Sense organs      Reigning God
½ Aakaasha
Paramathma Consciousness
½ Aakaasha
Wavering mind


½ Agni
Determining intellect
½ Agni

½ Water
Wavering chitta


½ Water


½ Earth

½ Earth

Aswini Devatas

From ½ of Rajoguna or neutral dominated untreated/Untainted five vibratory elements: came out  organs of action or karmendriyas. Ether (talking power mouth), Air (skilled Hands), Fire (locomotion power feet), Water (elimination anus) & earth(procreation Phallus).
From rest of ½ of Rajoguna or neutral dominated untreated/ Untainted five vibratory elements came out five Pranas. They are Prana for crystallizing occupying heart from ether, apana for elimination occupying anus from air, vyana for circulating occupying whole body from Fire, udana for metabolizing occupying throat from water, Samana for assimilating occupying navel from earth.
   Rajoguna or neutral dominated untreated/ Untainted five vibratory elements
½ of Rajoguna or neutral dominated untreated/               ½ of Rajoguna or neutral dominated untreated/      
Untainted five vibratory elements:                                      Untainted five vibratory elements:
vibratory element
Action organ
Reigning God
vibratory element
Five pranas
Reigning God
½ Aakaasha
½ Aakaasha

Skilled Hands

½ Agni

½ Agni

½ Water

½ Water

½ Earth

½ Earth


SUBTLE CREATION or Astral or Sukshma sareer:  Subtle creation consists of Antahkarana(4), Sense organs (5), action organs(5) and pranas(5)  totaling 19 elements.
Sense organs (5)
Action organs(5)
=Ninteen elements.

Treated/tainted/tangible elements: God divided each untainted Tamoguna(negative)  element into 2 parts. He has divided one of the 2 parts into four parts. So ½ divided by 4 becomes 1/8.
Now ½ of  untreated tamo guna (negative) ether is  mixed with 1/8 of untreated tamo guna (negative) of air, 1/8th fire, 1/8th water & 1/8th earth elements became tainted ether. 
Similarly ½ of  untreated tamo guna (negative) air, mixed with 1/8th ether, 1/8th fire, 1/8th water & 1/8th earth elements became tainted Air.
½ of  untreated tamo guna (negative) fire, mixed with 1/8th ether, 1/8th air, 1/8th water & 1/8th earth elements became tainted Fire.
½ of  untreated tamo guna (negative) water, mixed with 1/8th ether, 1/8th fire, 1/8th Air & 1/8th earth elements became tainted water.
½ of  untreated tamo guna (negative) earth, mixed with 1/8th   ether, 1/8th fire, 1/8th air  elements became tainted earth.

Tainted five electricities


In untreated Panchabhootas each vibratory element is having one attribute only. That is untreated ether is having sound only, air is having touch, fire is having seeing only roopa, water is having taste and earth is having smell only.
In pancheekrita or treated Panchabhootas, each one inherits the quality of the preceding one from where it came out. As such
Treated ether consists of sound, treated Air came out from treated ether so it consists of sound & touch,  treated fire came out from treated air so it consists of sound, touch & roopa, treated water came out from treated fire so it consists of sound, touch, roopa & taste, and treated earth came out from treated water so it consists of sound, touch, roopa, taste & smell.
Each & every charachara i.e., movable & immovable thing came out of this treated or pancheekrita five vibratory elements.

½ of  treated or pancheekrita ether consists of Paramaatma,

1/8th of rest of treated or pancheekrita ether+1/8th of  treated or pancheekrita vayu consists of Macro Manas,
1/8th of  treated or pancheekrita ether+1/8th of  treated or pancheekrita fire consists of Macro Intellect or Buddhi,
1/8th of  treated or pancheekrita ether+1/8th of  treated or pancheekrita water consists of Macro chitta or feeling,
1/8th of  treated or pancheekrita ether+1/8th of  treated or pancheekrita earth consists of Macro ego or ahamkaar.
The above 4 excluding paramatma are called tainted or sthoola antahkarana.
½ of  treated or Pancheekrita Ether(Akaasha) consists of Paramaatma

1/8 treated Akaasha
1/8 treated Earth
Treated Macro Ego
1/8 treated Akaasha
1/8 treated Water
Treated Macro Chittamu
1/8 treated Akaasha
1/8 treated Agni
Treated Macro Intellect
1/8 treated Akaasha
1/8 treated Vaayu
Treated Macro Mind

½ tainted Air is Macro vyana, the rest 1/8th tainted Air+1/8th portion of tainted ether is samana,  the rest 1/8th  tainted Air+1/8th portion of tainted fire is udana, the rest 1/8th tainted Air+1/8th portion of tainted water is prana, and the rest 1/8th  tainted Air+1/8th portion of tainted earth is apana.  These five airs or vayus are sthoola or physical vayus.
½ of  treated or Pancheekrita Air is Macro Vyana

1/8 treated Vyana
1/8 treated Akaasha
Treated Macro Samana
1/8 treated Vyana
1/8 treated fire
Treated Macro udana
1/8 treated Vyana
1/8 treated water
Treated Macro prana
1/8 treated Vyana
1/8 treated earth
Treated Macro apana

½ tainted Fire is  Macro eye,

The rest 1/8th tainted fire+1/8th portion of tainted air  is skin
the rest 1/8th tainted fire+1/8th portion of tainted ether is ear,, the rest 1/8th tainted Air+1/8th portion of tainted water is Tongue, and the rest 1/8th tainted Air+1/8th portion of tainted earth is Nose.  These five   are sthoola or physical sense organs.
½ of  treated or Pancheekrita Fire is Macro eye.

1/8 treated Agni
1/8 treated Akaasha
Treated macro ear
1/8 treated Agni
1/8 treated Vaayu
Treated macro skin
1/8 treated Agni
1/8 treated water
Treated macro Tongue
1/8 treated Agni
1/8 treated earth
Treated macro Nose

½ tainted Water is Macro taste,
The rest of ½ tainted Water+1/8 th of ether is Macro sound,
The rest of 1/8tainted Water+1/8 th of air is Macro touch,
The rest of 1/8tainted Water+1/8 th of fire is Macro roopa or seeing,
The rest of 1/8 tainted Water+1/8 th of earth is Macro smell.
These are called sthoola or physical tanmatras. These are powers.
½ of  treated or Pancheekrita Water  is Macro Taste

1/8 treated Water
1/8 treated Akaasha
Treated macro shabda
1/8 treated Water
1/8 treated Vaayu
Treated macro Sparsha
1/8 treated Water
1/8 treated Agni
Treated macro Roopa
1/8 treated Water
1/8 treated earth
Treated macro Gandha

½ of tainted earth is  macro Phallus,
The rest of 1/8th of tainted earth + 1/8th portion of ether is Macro mouth,
The rest of 1/8th of tainted earth + 1/8th portion of air is Macro hands,
The rest of 1/8th of tainted earth + 1/8th portion of fire is Macro feet, 
The rest of 1/8th of tainted earth + 1/8th portion of water is Macro anus.
These are called sthoola or physical organs of action.
½ of  treated or Pancheekrita earth is Macro Phallus.

1/8 treated earth
1/8 treated Akaasha
Treated macro mouth
1/8 treated earth
1/8 treated Vaayu
Treated macro hands
1/8 treated earth
1/8 treated Agni
Treated macro feet
1/8 treated earth
1/8 treated water
Treated macro anus

So antahkarana(4) + Sense organs(5) + organs of action(5) + tanmatraas(5) + Pranas (5) these 24 elements together constitutes Physical creation.
Generator(shrishtikarta or working Brahma not parabrahman), Operator (Vishnu) & destructor (Maheswara) i.e., God maintains these three worlds or creations, causal, Astral & Physical in its form of Trinity is called GOD.
Sense organs(5)
organs of action(5)
Pranas (5)
Total 24

Parabrahman or Paramatma or Spirit is the first male. HE contains Paraprakriti i.e., Primordial Power. Paraprakriti is Radha. Each and every soul which appears to be separate is Paramatma only.
Sat means ever existing, Chit means ever conscious and Ananda means ever happy.  Birth comes due to Karma.  Planets align themselves as per the Karma at the time of birth.  Then the astral body enters the female vagina and will become the cause of physical body. Death means the separation of Physical and subtle bodies due to the completion of Prabdhakarma which is the root cause of birth.
If man can consciously separate the soul from the body when he is alive, then death cannot cause any pain or misery. But to reach this state incessant and disciplined meditation is required. With the grace of sadguru the sadhaka or meditator shall be able to cleanse the spinal chord consisting of Mooladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anaahata, visuddha and agna chakras. By cleansing so, the sadhana shall excite or exemplify or awaken the natural  Kundalini shakti.
When Kundalini awakens it will lead to (1) appearance of third eye or Jyoti Darshan (2) hearing of OMKAR & (3) Trance vibration. The awakened Kundalini shall rotate in the chakras(plexuses) and reach the brain. Then the sadhaka or meditator becomes divine.
Kriyayoga consists of mahamudra, Kriya  Jyotimudra, Haun saw & Om techniques. 
Mahamudra will be quite useful in correcting and magnifying  the spinal chord. With controlled diet and in healthy state, the energy and mental changes or maturity  that one gets in one whole year, can be got by the sadhaka with one Kriya that rotates the life force from mooladhara to Agna and from Agna chakra to Mooladhara chakra.
There are 72,000 subtle nadis in our body out of which three subtle nadis viz., Ida,Pingala & Sushumna are very important.  Ida is on the left side of the spinal chord. Pingala is on the right side of the the spinal chord. Sushumna is in the middle of the spinal chord. Ida,Pingala & Sushumna start from mooladhara and travel up to Kootastha, the space between eye brows. Jyoti mudra is useful in obtaining the appearance of Third eye or jyoti darshan when we concentrate on kootastha.
Hatha yoga means the union of ida or surya nadi & Pingala or Chandra nadi. This is also called the union of Prana vayu & apana vayu. There will be Pranayama techniques, Postures, Bandhams & mudras in Hatha yoga by which the body is kept healthy.
  Yama, Niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana & Samadhi of Ashtaanga yoga are the main things or 8 limbs in Rajayoga. With these disciplines heart vibrations, nerve vibrations, mind and life force will be automatically controlled.
The sounds or chantings in Mantra yoga are useful for the union of soul and spirit.
To concentrate completely on one and only one thing is called Layayoga.
In one of the techniques of Kriyayoga, mind will be united or merged into OM sabda. Japa or chanting of mantra is also included in Kriya yoga. So Kriyayoga is the essence of all Yogas.
That means it is a combination of certain Body exercises of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, dharana & meditation techniques of Rajayoga, essence of Layayoga and Japayoga.
 The negativity or darkness that is dormant in the Chakras due to the effects of position of planets and stars shall be released or removed and lead to the way of positivity with the practice of Kriyayoga.
There are three knots or Granthis in our spinal chord.  They are Brahma Grandhi, Vishnu Grandhi & Rudra Grandhi.
Brahma Grandhi is spread from mooladhara to Manipura. This Grandhi is related Physical aspects of Human relations.  
Vishnu Grandhi is spread from Manipura to Pitutary gland. This Grandhi makes the organs of senses to indulge in physical things.  As such mind shall not get the experience of God.
Rudra grandhi is spread from Pitutary gland to medulla.  The concentration on this gland shall witness the God in Kutastha, the place between eye brows.    
The formlessness in the jibe of man can be made known with the practice of Kriyayoga.
By practicing Kriyayoga, one can get rid of nervous weaknss, lassitude, tiredness, anger, grief, fear, untimely death. He will be able to have a perception of divinity.
In kriyayoga, one will be able to make the spinal chord into an Antenna.  The energy that is being dissipated through the chakras will be made to recycle it and make it to reach sahasraara chakra through Sushumna nadi. 
Aapasthambha sutra    
Varnashramaashcha .swakarmanishthaaha
Pretya karmaphalam anubhooyatataha Seshena visishta desajatikularoopaayuhusruti vrutta
vitta sukhamedhaso janma pratipadyante

 The Brahmins who are well versed in vedakarmas and Brahmacharees who maintain celibacy, shall reborn with remaining sanchita or residual karma, after finishing most of their karma in subtle lokas or sukshmalokas, with good education, beauty /handsomeness, longevity, wealth,good intellect, caste and happiness.
Praanaayaamau deheddoshaan
Dhaaranaabhischa kilibhisham
Pratyaahaarena sansargaan
Dhyaanenaan eeswaraan gunaan…………manu
One should burn the faults/dross  of chitta like attachment & hatred with Praanaayaama, one’s sins with dhaarana or concentration, the attributes of senses with pratyaahaara, traits of aneeswara i.e., the attributes that do not belong to Soul like greediness etc with meditation.
So one should do srauta and smaarta karmas as ordained by Vedas.
Srauta means fire ceremonies, smaarta means abhisheka or oblations etc.

Meditation shall indicate us the presence or existence  of God in two ways.
1)    Each and every atom in our body feels the limitless or unlimited happiness. 
2)    HIS incessant guiding in each and every difficulty of us.
There are four stages in Meditation.
1)The concentration on the logic of truth & search for truth shall lead to happiness & pure thoughts.
2) The relief and peace one gets due to the cessation of thoughts of logic of truth & search for truth.
3) To get liberation or detachment from Physical body easily with vairaagya,
4) Pure equanimity & Pure wisdom that leads to nirvana.
Pure equanimity & Pure wisdom is Nirvana.
The liberation from duality is nirvana..
Nirvana is not committing suicide. 
To murder or annihilate illusive ego is Nirvana. Leave the   egoistic & impure soul.  Merge with Eternal God the Father so as to get liberation from the cycle of death & birth. This should be the goal of life or Manava Janma. To merge with ever conscious, ever present, ever existing, ever happy, all pervading, omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient  God should be the goal of this life.

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